SQA Processes. How to Test complete application?

Is there any standard procedure to test the application as a whole? Or How can I test complete application right from the requirement gathering?

Here are the broad steps to test the application: These are the standard SQA processes to be followed in any application testing.

  •  Marketing Requirements

 Review of the Objectives set for the Last Released Build
Objectives remaining to be completed are carried forward for the next release.

  • Branching for the development cycle
  • Objectives settings for the Major and customized releases

Target Date planned for the Releases and decision on the entire Project schedule that is required to achieve these target dates.

  • A Detailed Project Plan and the release of design Specifications

This includes the decision on Design Specifications (Products), review of the design specs and development schedule. This involves QA during the phase of review.

  • QA – Develop Test Plan based on Design Specifications

Test Plan: This is a top-level document that talks about how the product is going to be tested
This includes Objectives, Methodology adopted while testing, Features to be tested and not to be tested, risk criteria, testing schedule, cross-platform support and the resource allocation for testing.

Feature Test Plan: This document talks about how the testing is going to be carried out for each type of testing.

  • QA – Functional Test Specifications

This document includes technical details (Software requirements) required prior to the testing. It is important from the tester’s point of view to understand and plan the technical resources prior to the testing.

Application Development: Considering the product features, the tester has to make ready his/her own test suit.

  • QA – Writing of Test Cases (CM)

– Smoke (BVT) test cases
– Sanity Test cases
– Regression Test Cases
– Extended Test Cases
– Negative Test Cases

  • Development – Goes on Module by Module.
  • Installers Binding and Building

– Installers are built around the individual product.
– Release Engg is responsible for releasing the Builds.
– Release Engg collects fresh/developed code from the developer’s initially/module wise.
– Installers have to take care of jar files updating, registry entries, and additional software installations.

  • Build Procedure :

– A build includes Installers of the available products – multiple platforms.
– For each build, one or 2 CDs are made/build the same are pushed to Pune/Chennai based on the priority.
– Each product build is received in the form of zip files under http://pun-qaftp/ftproot/QA-Builds ( Pune-Specific). The procedure goes along for Chennai. San Jose QA picks up builds from Nexus ( Build Specific Server )
– The same zip files need to be unzipped to get the desired installer and the same is put at Pun_fps1/QA/Builds folder. ( Pune-Specific)

  • QA – Testing :

– Smoke Test (BVT) to check basic features of the product.
– Smoke Test results have to be posted on http://Chaquita which is an official site for posting Smoke
– Test results and to share the basic testing information.
– Prepare Smoke Test procedure.

  • QA – Extensive testing :

– Testing of new features
– Document review
– Cross-platform testing
– Stress testing and memory leakage testing.

  • QA- Bug Reporting :

– Use of Trackweb’s “Soffront” as the Bug Tracking tool.
– Further FET (Fixed Effectiveness testing) of the filed bugs.
– Exception study and verification.

  • Development – Code freeze :

No more new features are added at this point.

  • QA – Testing :

Candidate Builds and regression testing.

  • QA- Media Verification :

CDs are cut for the released products and the product is installed using those CDs and it takes place in San Jose.

  • The decision to release the product :

A review meeting to analyze the performance of the product, which is set and the same is compared with the objectives set.

  • Post-release Scenario :

One branch is kept for the post release modification and hence the product testing.
A post release review meeting to decide upon the objectives for the next release.


#1 sachin

hi can u tell me how to determine? the number of test cases to be written.

#2 Pradeep Soundararajan


I think I can help you. For every given application you must write 3 test cases which always finds as many important problems, quickly and provides quality related information to help the management take decisions.

If you are on a project where your manager is not aware of what testing is all about, you might want to write thousands of them to impress him, execute a few, find a few bugs ( that dance before you ) and map it to a test case.

If you are a bit lucky to get a manager who is aware that, the number of test cases is not important but information about the quality, you live longer as a tester.

If that’s too technical, here is something that you might like to answer:

You buy a mobile phone and you find that it disconnects a call after ever minute and you are annoyed and call up the company support number to report this problem and you get a reply: “Our testers have already 1983498348 test cases and we have no time to execute the ones that are already existing and we can’t take buy your idea” , would you or your manager enjoy that moment and say, “Wow! you have 1983498348 test cases for this phone”?

#3 saravanan

Hai i am saravanan from coimbatore..i am working as a software test engineer for last 1 year..i attended one interview in that they asked me how many test case u can develop for one day…i dont to answer that question…tell me what can i say..

#4 Vijay

Hi Saravanan,
Let me tell you first that Test case is not measured on the basis of quantity but on quality.

You should give preference to write the quality test cases not the number. I am using word ‘quality’ means in those test cases most of the application get covered. Then you can think of writing ‘enhancement to product’ test cases.

And also important thing as mentioned by Pradeep in above response, ‘there is no use of writing million test cases if you are not able to execute them’!

So answer to your question is simple, “I will try to write the test cases that will cover all the modules and the product”.

#5 balu

what are hte documents we have to maintain form the (as a tester) stating the testing to end of testing

#6 Vijay

@ Balu – A good question from QA perspective. Maintaining documents depends on your role in project. As you are talking about ‘tester’, Here is the list of documnets to be maintained from project start to end:
1) Test plan
2) Acceptance criteria
3) Test design specification – specifies how a feature or group of features will be tested
4) Test case specification
5) Test procedure
6) Test script: all about getting started, description of each test
7) Test summary and Test log

#7 sricharan

Please tell me different test metrics

#8 Manoj

Some times there is no sign off from the client of dociuments and writing the test cases on the same. How it is possible to update the test cases everytime if changes are going continue in SRS?

#9 Vijay

@ sricharan – Test metrics are the measures of the quality of the product and used to take action immediately on the quality affecting areas.
Various Test metrics includes:
Quality of written code
Number of defects and Test effectiveness
Testing time
Development time
Quality of product determined from defects
Testing cost in terms of resources and money
Cost per defect
Development cost

@ Manoj – The ideal solution is Freeze the requirements.
But this is not possible as many times client requirements goes on changing due to some circumstances an dour product must satisfy those requirements. Speaking specifically about the test cases we can maintain a traceability matrix which will show the dependent modules or the functionality dependency matrix which can be used to modify the test cases only for the affected modules.

#10 Alex

It depends on your application and your requirements. The most dependable outcome will be to come up with a path that will show the real outcome of your goals. They you can proceed to have a good solid understanding of how many test cases you need. Please go to this testing forum site http://www.softestclub.com
It has some other formulars that you can use also. Thanks

#11 gopi.k

plz tell me how you are going to test in protocol testing. like sip and voip . what is procedure to follow give some ex.

#12 Mega

How to test an application using QTP.

#13 Sandeep


I would like to know what would be the appropriate answer for the follwing interview question

“What would be your test approach for testing an “Air conditioner” or “Cofee machine” or “Mobile Handset” etc.

#14 venkatesh

Send me some of the datadriven automation framework, if possible send them with script

thanx n regards,

#15 venkatesh


what are all the contents of test execution report.

#16 Chandu

Hi Sandeep,

This is a sure shot question in any testing interview.

The interviewer may even ask you to test a tennis ball, a pen or anything thats on his table.

I have an answer for this….

To test anything, we can consider three points:

1. Look n Feel
2. Functionality and
3. performance.

look n feel is how does the object look, its color shape ,evrything counts.

When it comes to functionality, is that object performing its basic functionality r not, is what we test
(for ex: basic functionality of a pen is to write whereas a ball’s functionality is to bounce back when it hits the ground)

Finally performance… this is all about how that object performs in long run. that is if its keep on working, how does the object perform.

I hope this is how we can give an answer for such kinda questions.. coz, even i was asked the same question in an interview and the interviewer seems to be pleased with that answer and thats the reason, I am now a software test engineer..

Anyways, all the best buddy…

#17 madhan

what is QA responsibilities ………

#18 madhan

they are doing
Quality assurance process

#19 thaole093

My name is Thao. I’m come from Vietnam.
I alway surf this website, but my English is not very good.
Uhm, can you explain what’s “Smoke Testing mean???

#20 Vijay

Hi Thao, You may want to check out the latest post on smoke and sanity testing to clear your doubts:


#21 thaole093

Thanks you so much,
I will check it

#22 Abhijit M

Can anybody please guide me to answer how we can give Test Estimate. (If My manager comes to me and ask for the estimate for the work which is assigned to me and I am comfortable testing that)

#23 Beena


#24 Subramanya Bhat

Hi Viji,
Iam working for Software company for last two Years.
Problem facing while selecting automation tool (Ex. QTP, SilTest, WinRunner) for application testing and also after selection what problem we generally face while doing automation.

#25 Praji

Hi vijay,

My role is Test Engineer in our company. Now im asked to take care of whole QA and QC activities. Pl help me out to proof my self.
can u explain the following quries:
What is Acceptance criteria?
What’s the difference between Acceptance Test case and System Test case?

Thanks in Advance :-)

#26 Krishna

Hi Friends,
I am very new to Automation Testing and we are using Test Complete tool and here my problem is ” i want to test the each values in Quick Reports(Active Reports) using Test Complete tools” how? but i know manually how to test the reports. and in our application we are giving inputs from front end screen and then generate reports.

#27 Deepika A.J

Does anyone know how to do performance test in Test Complete… how is it different from load runner… what is the diference between Run Project suit, Run Project and Run Script.

Thanks & Regards
Deepika A.J

#28 VIJI


#29 VIJI


#30 Chandrakant

Hi all

#31 Chandrakant


We are going proper way but,I want to say somthing
If we know basic concepts of testing it is OK for small project but how would you do that testing for large project,

In small company we have no enough time for testing ,writing test cases, executre them and I think hole project is assigned to single tester, he did not find taht much time for testing hole application in that situation quality is not maitained properly … so tell me solution “How to mentain good quality of product?”

#32 Rahul

@ Chandrakant
very simple to maintain good quality…
for client project —-refer bible i mean to say test cases 1000 times we will achieve that..
for appliation(product )project–know all possible outcome of the product under test and document all use case and carry down ur testing..

#33 Vinayak

VIJI : What is test scenario ?

ANS : TEST SCENARIO is nothing but “what to test in TEST ITEM”.

DEFINITION : A set of test cases that ensure that the business process flows are tested from end to end. They may be independent tests or a series of tests that follow each other, each dependent on the output of the previous one.

For Example :
Test Scenario – User Login
Test Condition – User name max length is 8 chars and
password must not be greater than 8 char’s and it should be
Test Case – 1.Enter valid username & password.
2.Enter Invalid username & valid password
3.Enter valid username & invalid password
4.Enter invalid username & password

#34 sundar

i am doing manual testing for one website application. already i had prepared test case report and bugtracking report. now i need to perform functional test for the application. so can u send one model of the functional test report.if u send it it is very helpful to me.

my mail id : sunaruna84@gmail.com

#35 Bharti

hi all

i am a manual tester having to yr exp. now i want to learn automation . plz suggest me good testing institute in Bangalore.

#36 Darshit

Hi, All

Can anyone give me a nice idea to create testplan (execute tests) on release day. I mean acceptance test plan or say release test plan.

I am doing manual testing (web application) and I have more than 1000 tests which i can’t run in 1 day. Can anyone guide to built release plan ?

#37 Hakeem


Can anyone give me the difference between smoke and sanity testing.

#38 mushtaq

i want to develop a QA manual for my company? can any body give suggetions?

#39 sameedha

hi this is sam i would like to ask u, that nw i m in 10std and i want to become an software engineer and i wannt to know how much salary i would get monthly

#40 Bidyut


i want to know how to do load testing manualy?How could you know how many times delay your application,so that u can use load testing?

#41 Hiral

hi , i m fresher in software testing , in my company there is no process for testing and i m the only tester ..

i dont understand , where to start software testing process ?

#42 SK

Could you please help me to complete below assignment.

“An engineering college wants to automate their examination activities to speed up their work and maintain high-end accuracy of information. A brief overview of the proposed system is given below:

The proposed examination system is consisting of 8 semesters spread across 9 branches (assume your own branch names) and spans over a period of 4 years. Each student belongs to a branch and must register for a minimum of 6 courses but not exceed 8 courses maximum. The scoring pattern for each course is given as below:

Maximum marks for each course: 100
Pass: 35%
Distinction: 70% and above
First class: =>60% and 50% and =35% and

#43 SK

Maximum marks for each course: 100
Pass: 35%
Distinction: 70% and above
First class: =>60% and 50% and =35% and

#44 Sayali

what r the steps to run all the scripts in qtp9.2.
give the proper steps for that.

#45 Sayali

can u give me the notes for qtp9.2.

#46 nitin

Hi friends this is Nitin from pune..
Actually i want to learn basics of manual testing which websites or E-Books should i prefer to learn atleast basics in coming 10 days..plz asssist me..thankx

#47 Anam

can any body guide me about tools or softwares for performance and functionality testing.
i m new in QA field… kindly help me…
and tell me the how i perform my job best for my organization ???????
what are SQA responsibilities….

Thanks in Advance. :)

#48 Manikandan


I got a interview question, There are some 1000 test cases all these test cases have to be executed on the same day itself what is your approach to do testing?

#49 amit

hi i have just started my carrier(4 months) as a software test engineer. my company telling me to do only exploration testing but because of that i am unable to learn tester skills,responsibilities,documentation. please sujjest me what should i do?

#50 Abrar Tararr

Hi all…
i m doing manual testing of web applications in a pvt company for 2,3 months. Unfortunately i have no senior to guide me…
I need some practical test scenarios & Test cases (for guidance purpose).
would any of you like to help me? plzz send me some test cases on the following id…i’ll be vry thankful…

#51 tirumala

hi frnds , i am entering into the QA world within a week ,
can u suggest me ,what the basic criteria or idea should i have.
suggest me

#52 rajesh godhaniya

hi all,
i m new in qc plz help me for new opening for related my field.

#53 Experience Tester

@ Sachin hi can u tell me how to determine? the number of test cases to be written.

It depends on the requirement and the scenarios, each company follows their own standard, there is not definite umber like 3 or 4, each requirement can have multiple scenario, and each of that scenario can have multiple test cases.
In simple words A requirement is need of customer, scenario is nothing but a way in which the end user can interact with product/application, the test case is how to test that identified interaction.

#54 vicky

i was asked “Sprint” walkthrough and “QA Process” walkthrough ………. I believe i answered both correctly , But some one could please answer them here.?

#55 Dhairya Dave

I have below specific questions :

1. What could be the Test case length and depth for a single test case ?

2. How many cases we can cover into a single case ?

3. Can we set a specific max time throughout the project to restrict the test case length ?

4. Do we have any industry standards to limit test case length as per the time or coverage ?

I know all questions looks similar but please provide answers of individual, as all have different perspective.

Thanks in advance..!!

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