System Testing Vs End-To-End Testing: Which One is Better to Opt?

System Testing Vs End-to-End Testing

Overview of System Testing and End-to-end testing:

End-to-end testing and system testing always go hand in hand, but even an experienced test professional can get confused about the vast benefits that each offer and choose only one.

In this article, we will try to debate between End-to-end testing and System testing. In order to understand the difference between that, we will first understand what are the different stages that any developing product goes through. 

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What is Globalization Testing (A Complete Guide)

Globalization Testing

What is Globalization Testing: A Guide to Its Types, Checklists and Testing Approach

Globalization testing aims at ensuring if the product is stable in terms of both its functionalities as well as representation of data in spite of varying cultures/locales.

With the rapidly developing interaction between people, cultures, and countries through the growth of international trade, the demand for globalized software products has increased tremendously in the market. And, at this point, Globalization testing comes into the picture.

As we progress in this tutorial, we will learn more about the basics of globalized software and globalization testing along with its need, importance, advantages, types and also get to know how this testing should be done.

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How to Use Tours to Ensure Complete and Thorough Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing Tours Whittaker

This tutorial will give you a complete in-depth look at the Exploratory Testing Tours specified by James Whittaker which in turn would help to ensure complete and thorough exploratory testing.

Exploratory Testing Tours: How to Ensure a High-Quality Software Product using Exploratory Test Tours

Exploratory testing is not a testing methodology. Rather, it is an approach to quality verification. The procedure of exploratory testing execution resembles the discovery and investigation of any software product.

During exploratory testing, a QA specialist examines a product, designs tests, executes test cases, and analyzes the test results simultaneously.

In comparison to traditional testing, an exploratory checking approach helps to detect more software bugs due to untypical scenarios.

But few people are sure that during exploratory testing, QA specialists can miss the core functionality of the product and leave it without verification.

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SalesForce Testing Beginner’s Guide

SalesForce Testing

Here is an in-depth tutorial on salesforce testing. It will tell you how to perform SalesForce testing along with its benefits and other features in simple terms for your easy understanding. We will also learn why it is the perfect choice for organizations globally.

Introduction to SalesForce Testing: is one of the most widely used Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. It was founded by Marc Benioff and is currently headquartered in San Francisco, US.

The primary purpose of a CRM tool is to sustain the relationship of an organization with its customers once the product is delivered to customers. Over time, along with providing CRM services, SalesForce also offered cloud storage as well, thereby reducing the hassle of maintaining physical servers for data storage of web applications.

Also, cloud-based storage does not require a user to install any additional hardware or software for using the application. It allows organizations to reduce the development cost and build applications within a short time frame.

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Sample Template for Acceptance Test Report with Examples

Sample Template for Acceptance Test Report

Overview of Acceptance Test Report (Part-III):

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In our previous tutorial on “Acceptance Testing Documentation with Real-Time Scenarios,” we discussed the Acceptance Test plan.

In this tutorial, we will take an in-depth look at reporting of Acceptance Test Status, Acceptance Test Summary, and Sign-Off.

Some generic templates are included in this tutorial to enhance your understanding in a better way. We will also hover over the concept of Acceptance Testing in Agile and Acceptance Test-Driven Development.

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Acceptance Testing Documentation with Real-Time Scenarios

Acceptance Testing Documentation

Documentation of Acceptance Testing (Part- II):

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This tutorial is the continuation of our previous tutorial where we discussed what is Acceptance testing, when it has to be done, who does it, its importance, types, process, impact on different teams, etc.

Documents play a very important role in Acceptance Testing and any issues with regards to the document have a huge negative impact. When a proper check is not exercised, then it may even lead to the Failure of the Product.

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