14 BEST FREE Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online [2023 LIST]

This is an in-depth review of the Best Free Anime Websites. Select Anime Streaming Sites from this list to watch Anime Online:

Having a hard time finding your favorite anime to watch online?

Well, you are not alone. Hardcore fans of anime outside their home in Japan often find it challenging to stumble upon the anime they would like to watch because it simply isn’t available in their region.

If you are even remotely aware of the loyal fan-base that anime has garnered over the years, then you can assume how disappointing it is to not have the opportunity to watch anime online.

Top Free Anime Websites


Anime Sites To Watch Free Anime

Fortunately, the advent of the Internet and the introduction of giant streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime have made accessibility to this crucial piece of popular culture much more convenient than before.

Anime shows were once only available to the Japanese audience, or available in small episodic spurts on prime time television. These have now found homes on global anime streaming sites that bring the anime-watching experience to many fans across the world in their rawest form.

Popular shows like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are now easily accessible in their uncensored form on a plethora of anime streaming sites.

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In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best anime websites online, which harbor a huge gallery of popular and highly revered anime shows in their unbridled form. We will acquaint you with both paid and free anime websites to satiate your hunger for a quality anime viewing experience.

What is Anime and Why is it so popular?

It is typical of sceptics to dismiss the universal appeal of anime as just over-enthusiastic fanboying over hyper-violent cartoons. This cannot be further from the truth. Anime is usually a term given to any form of an animated product that comes out of the Japanese Animation Industry.

The animation distinguishes itself from its western counterpart, by focusing more on vibrant, hyper-energetic characters, and relatively dark, often violent, and mature storylines.

Say, anime is not only for kids and enjoys a far wider fan base within the young male adult demographic. It is so popular that we can see its influences in many big-budget Hollywood blockbusters like the Matrix and Pacific Rim.

Expert Advice: The anime sites you would most prefer would depend on the kind of anime they are serving you. Take note of the region you belong to as some sites won’t be accessible or won’t have the show you are looking for in your country. Most free anime sites are jam-packed with almost all kinds of anime shows, both new and old, but they might not be legal to watch in your country.

Although we will make you privy to such sites, we implore you to only watch anime legally. This will support the creators behind this art-form.

Fact Check: As you can see from the study below, Anime witnesses a colossal demand in USA outside of Japan. Other countries like Philippines, Mexico, France, and Brazil are also not far behind.

Anime witnesses

[image source]   

FAQs About Anime Sites

Q #1) Is watching Anime online for free legal?

Answer: It depends on the website. There are websites that hold official licenses to stream anime shows online legally and provide their audiences the pleasure to watch them for free. However, there are also sites that do not have the licenses to stream these shows on their platform. Although there might not be any legal repercussions to watch free anime on such sites, they are still illegal.

Q #2) Is streaming Anime online better than watching it on Television?

Answer: Absolutely! First of all, you are not limited to following a precise schedule to catch your favorite show on time. With streaming, you get to watch anime online whenever you desire. Second, television might contain a lot of censorship, which streaming sites completely do away with for a better viewing experience.

Q #3) Should I watch Anime in its Subbed or Dubbed form?

Answer: This completely depends on your personal preference. We prefer the subbed version because it captures the originally intended emotion of the characters, which is often missing in the dubbed versions. Plus, most anime streaming sites might not have dubbed versions of your favorite anime, so subbed becomes your only option.

This article is for general information and educational purposes only. SoftwareTestingHelp.com does not own, promote, host, operate, resell, or distribute any of these tools or services. This page may contain unverified listings. We are not certain if they hold legal licenses to distribute the content as we do not verify the legality of each app/service in all regions. Your own due diligence is required before using any of these tools or services. The end-user shall be solely responsible for accessing the content.

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Attention: Protect your online privacy with a good VPN

Free anime websites offer the content of various genres such as drama, horror, thriller, etc. To keep yourself safe, we suggest you use VPN solutions like NordVPN or IPVanish.

#1) NordVPN

NordVPN is the best VPN solution for speed as well as security. It follows a strict no-logs policy and provides uninterrupted streaming. It has more than 5100 VPN servers in 60 countries. It masks your IP, provides double protection, and blocks ads & malware. The price of NordVPN starts at $3.30 per month for a 2-year plan.

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#2) IPVanish

IPVanish provides VPN encryption that can keep you secure even when using public Wi-Fi. It can prevent deep packet inspection. It offers unmetered device connections and access to censored media. It has servers in more than 75 locations to provide the facility of accessing the geo-blocked content. The price starts at $4.00 per month.

List Of Best Anime Websites To Watch Anime Online

Here is a list of popular Anime Sites:

  1. 9anime.to
  2. Amazon Anime
  3. Crunchyroll.com
  4. Funimation
  5. Gogoanime.io
  6. AnimeFreak
  7. Chia-Anime
  8. AnimeDao
  9. Tubi TV
  10. Soul Anime
  11. Anime Planet
  12. Hulu
  13. AnimeLab
  14. Netflix

Comparing Some of the Best Anime Streaming Sites

NameBest ForRegionsFree TrialRatingsPrice
9AnimeFree Old and New Anime StreamingAll major regionsNone4/5Free
Amazon AnimeOnline Marketplace for Anime related content.All major regionsOne month free trial5/5Watch shows for free with a Prime subscription of $139/year
CrunchyrollAnime and Manga store for fans180+ countries14 Day free trial 5/5$7.99/$9.99
FunimationPremium original anime contentUnited States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand 14 DAY free trial5/5$5.99(per month), $7.99 (per month), $99.99 (per year)
GogoanimeFree Anime StreamingAll Major reasonsNone3.5/5 Free
AnimeFreakFree Streaming of Anime OnlineAll major regionsNone3/5Free

Detailed review:

#1) 9Animetv.to

Best for free old and new anime streaming.


The first thing you will notice when you make your way into 9Anime is its sleek and catchy interface. It makes the fact quite apparent that it is indeed a place to watch anime online for free.

Complementing the sleek interface is the website’s comprehensive navigation system. You can easily find your favorite anime with the help of quick filters. The titles are all categorized alphabetically as well, thus making the process all the easier.

It doesn’t take a while for new releases to get uploaded on the platform. You will find the latest episode on the anime site, right after it has already aired in Japan. The only problem we found with the site was the slow loading time.


  • Clean and catchy interface
  • Comprehensive navigation
  • Quick filter
  • Language change
  • Dark and light mode

Verdict: Apart from the slow loading speed, there is not much else to complain about on this free anime website. With easy navigation and accessibility to newly released episodes, 9Anime is indeed one of the best free anime websites available online today.

Region: All major regions around the globe.

Price: Free Anime

Website: 9animetv.to

#2) Amazon Anime

Best for its anime-related content in online marketplaces.

Amazon Anime

You can find almost anything on Amazon. So it only makes sense that you’ll find Anime here as well. Amazon’s prime video, in particular, is a great place to stream a variety of Anime, both new and old. Shows like Made in the Abyss, Grand Blue, and Pokémon can be found in HD quality.

You will find shows that are both subbed and dubbed as per your preference. Each Anime title comes with its own descriptor that details key information about the Anime. The X-Ray feature will let you refer to cast info while you are streaming a show.

You can always pick a stream right from where you left off and at the end of your watch, you can rate the show or movie as well.


  • Massive catalogue of Anime in all genres.
  • Subbed and dubbed titles are available.
  • Shop for Anime merchandise.
  • 1 month free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

Verdict: Amazon is a great place to start your search for quality anime shows and movies. You will find both physical copies to own and digital prints to stream online. The streaming library isn’t huge, but whatever titles they have are really good and are considered some of the best shows worldwide.

Region: All major regions across the country.

Price: Watch shows for free with a Prime subscription of $139/year.

#3) Crunchyroll

Best for Anime and Manga store for fans.


Crunchyroll has been one of the oldest players in the anime streaming game. It is almost synonymous with the anime and manga culture in the west and is single-handedly responsible for bringing this piece of popular culture to the western audience.

It possesses licenses to some of the most popular anime and manga properties. Apart from being a source for both manga and anime, it also provides fans with a store that offers exciting anime merchandise as well as the latest information on their favorite anime properties.


  • Premium Manga and Anime offering platform
  • Anime blog
  • Store for exclusive anime merchandise
  • Exclusive licenses to some of the most popular anime properties.

Verdict: Crunchyroll is the flag bearer of anime streaming and has been so for quite a while. Its clean interface, affordable pricing, and an overall interactive platform is a joy for hardcore anime fans out there.

Region: 180+ countries

Price: 14-day free trial, $7.99/$9.99

Website: Crunchyroll

#4) Funimation

Best for premium original anime content.


After Crunchyroll, if there is any other platform that has done a lot to bring anime to a wider audience, then it has to be Funimation. Even before it was a streaming platform, the company was responsible for syndicating some of the best anime like Dragon Ball Z, Beyblade, and Pokémon in the west.

Today the platform boasts of around 13000 plus hours of original content. It is decorated with a zany interface that takes you wherever you want to go. The anime titles are also categorized appropriately so anyone can find what they are looking for.

The site offers robust streaming speeds, devoid of any annoying buffering. It is home to some of the latest anime being produced in Japan at the moment.


  • High-Resolution original content
  • Anime and Manga store
  • Home to anime games and merchandise

Verdict: Funimation is the go-to anime streaming platform for many western anime fans. The streaming quality is top-notch, and the price is affordable. It is definitely worth trying for its exclusive anime titles alone.

Region: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

Price: $5.99 (per month), $7.99 (per month), $99.99 (a year)

Website: Funimation

#5) Gogoanime.so

Best for free anime streaming.


GOGO ANIME is yet another free anime website that offers a fantastic anime viewing experience to the frugal among us. The platform is sleek to look at, and even more convenient to navigate through. It is home to almost all new and old anime properties known to anime fans.

The latest anime releases immediately find their way onto this platform without delay. The anime titles are conveniently organized according to alphabets, year and month of release, and popularity. You will quickly know which anime is trending and why.

Gogoanime despite being free, does not assault its users with annoying adware. The only issue we had with it was the slow loading time, which can be taken care of if your network is a tad bit faster.


  • Clean and catchy interface
  • Comprehensive navigation
  • Quick filter
  • Immediate release of the latest anime titles
  • Anime community

Verdict: GOGO ANIME wins hearts with its extremely simple interface and collection of some of the best anime titles online in some of the best qualities available. It is extremely free to use and will satisfy all kinds of anime fans.

Region: Almost all regions

Price: Free

Website: Gogoanime.so

#6) AnimeFreak

Best for free streaming of anime online.


AnimeFreak is yet another free anime site that brings all kinds of anime titles to those who want it for absolutely no charge to your pocket. Although it leaves much to be desired in the interface department, it is still a serviceable platform to find good quality anime videos online.

Apart from heralding the announcement of new anime titles when they are released, there is not much else on the site. You do however get to choose from multiple source options when a particular source isn’t functioning.


  • Latest anime title release
  • Available in high 1080P resolution
  • Anime community
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Choose from multiple source points

Verdict: AnimeFreak is for the austere anime fans who demand nothing more than a platform to watch free anime online. It serves this purpose very well.

Regions: Almost all major reasons

Price: Free

Website: AnimeFreak

#7) Chia-Anime

Best for free Anime, Manga, and Soundtrack list.


As free anime sites go, Chia-Anime goes a little further in satisfying the anime fan. Not only does it provide fans with a free platform to stream good quality anime and read clean manga titles, but it also provides users with anime soundtracks as well.

As far as the interface goes, it is easy on the eyes and comprehensive to navigate through. The site does, however, deal with snail-paced loading speed. You will find all the latest anime titles you want here.


  • Easy navigation
  • Catchy interface
  • Home to latest and old manga, anime, and soundtracks
  • Navigate by genre

Verdict: Chia-Anime is for die-hard anime fans, who are deeply entrenched in the anime culture. It offers way more than just visual content in the form of soundtracks and manga titles. Definitely worth it for anime loyalists.

Regions: Almost all regions.

Price: Free Anime

Website: Chia-Anime

#8) TubiTV

Best for free streaming of anime, TV shows, and Movies.


TubiTV provides users with an intuitive online platform that enables them to watch a huge gallery of content, which also includes Anime. It is a 100% free streaming service that supports itself through ad revenue.

The platform works spectacularly across all known devices and provides quality content in high resolution. As far as the platforms anime collection goes, it is not as abundant as other platforms on this list. It still has a magnificent gallery dedicated to some of the best anime to come out of Japan.

From Attack on Titan to Naruto, there is a lot to gain for fans of anime here.


  • Clean User Interface
  • Parental control
  • Closed captions
  • 40000 titles

Verdict: TubiTV provides users with an immaculate streaming platform that makes the on-demand streaming of anime very simple. Definitely worth checking out for fans of anime.

Region: United States, Mexico, Canada, and Australia

Price: Free Anime Website

Website: TubiTV

#9) SoulAnime

Best for free anime streaming.


Don’t be too distracted by SoulAnime’s garish looking interface. It is still a great platform to watch anime online for free. It has almost all the titles you could hope to see in a lifetime and mirrors all the best aspects of free anime platforms operating online today.

As a free anime site, it is easy to navigate, does not assault you with unnecessary adware, and offers content in high resolution. You can filter out anime on the basis of genre or alphabets to land on a title that you might enjoy.


  • List categorization
  • Access to subbed and dubbed anime
  • Genre-based organization

Verdict: SoulAnime is pretty unpleasant to look at and this might turn some people off. However, it is still a good platform to watch anime online for free every now and then. It is simple to navigate through and offers all kinds of old and new anime to enjoy.

Region: All regions

Price: Free Anime Website

Website: SoulAnime

#10) AnimePlanet

Best for free access to a huge list of anime and manga titles.


Now here is a platform that partners with paid platforms like Crunchyroll and Hulu to bring over 49000 titles to its users absolutely free. The platform allows you to seamlessly browse through a huge anime and manga collection and provides an intuitive and interactive experience that makes anime and manga consumption all the more fun.

Apart from the obvious, it is also a great platform to build and keep in touch with a community of loyal anime fans like yourself. The platform provides you access to forums, character ranking platforms, etc. to add to your experience.


  • Free access to a plethora of anime and manga titles
  • Anime forums
  • Discord chat
  • Custom list
  • Anime news

Verdict: AnimePlanet is one of the best anime sites out there. It is phenomenally interactive while being sophisticated and intuitive in its functioning. Plus, it is absolutely free.

Region: Available globally

Price: Free Anime Website

Website: AnimePlanet

#11) Hulu

Best for premium quality anime content.


Hulu is known for having one of the largest streaming galleries of content among premium content platforms online. Suffice to say, it is also home to some of the best anime titles too. With Hulu, you get to play anime on any device you own, iPhone, Tablet, or laptop, it doesn’t matter.

It holds licenses to great titles coming from some of the most reputed anime studios in Japan. If recent rumours are to be believed, there are also plans to include more anime titles as the current year comes to a close.


  • Offline streaming
  • Compatible across all devices
  • Screen recording

Verdict: Having a Hulu subscription can give you access to not only some great movie and television content, but also access to some great episodes of Anime. It is relatively cheaper and offers a hassle-free, fast streaming experience of high-resolution videos.

Region: United States and Japan.

Price: 1 month free, $5.99/ month

Website: Hulu

#12) Netflix

Best for exclusive anime titles.


Netflix is a streaming giant. Of course, it would find a way to bring a plethora of great anime content to its users all over the world, and it does just that. It is now an exclusive home for anime titans like Death Note and Kaguya Sama. You get both subbed and dubbed versions of the latest and new anime in high quality here.


  • Access to Subbed and Dubbed titles
  • Choose between multiple resolution options
  • Clean and sleek interface

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Verdict: As premium sites go, nothing gets better than Netflix itself. You can subscribe today for free and experience the delight of watching anime on this popular platform.

Region: Globally Available

Price: 30 Days free, $7.99-$9.99 per month

Website: Netflix 

#13) AnimeDao

Best for free and fast Anime streaming.


AnimeDao is yet another free anime streaming platform that emphasizes on creating a community of online anime fans by offering easy access to free and latest anime content regularly. It is easy to navigate, has a reasonably clean interface, and possesses loading speeds that are not typical of such free sites.

The anime titles are also organized efficiently to avoid any confusion in finding your title. You can find both dubbed and subbed versions of anime here.


  • Clean Interface
  • Access to the latest titles
  • High-resolution videos
  • List categorization
  • Multiple source options to choose from

Verdict: While not perfect, AnimeDao does offer a platform that makes access to anime free around the globe. It is easy to use and will help you find any title you desire of the highest quality possible.

Region: All regions

Price: Free Anime

Website: AnimeDao

#14) AnimeLab

Best for anime content exclusive to Australia and New Zealand.


Here is a platform that was tailor-made to satiate anime fans residing in Australia and New-Zealand. The platform provides access to every known anime title to anime fans in its unbridled form. From My Hero Academia to Demon Slayer, the platform has it all.

It can also work across multiple devices with high resolution. It is also very easy on the eyes and extremely easy to navigate through.


  • High-Resolution Anime Content
  • Huge Gallery of Subbed and Dubbed Anime Content

Verdict: AnimeLab is an easy to use and affordable platform for anime fans residing in Australia and New Zealand. Definitely worth a subscription.

Region: Australia and New Zealand

Price: $7.99 AUD

Website: AnimeLab


This is an exciting time to be an anime fan. Anime has never been as accessible as it is today. Anybody can now enjoy their favorite show uncensored from the comfort of their own homes whenever they like.

As for our recommendations, if you are looking for a fast anime streaming website with a huge collection of both old and new anime titles, then opt for Funimation or Crunchyroll if you don’t mind paying a small subscription fee.

If you are frugal with money, then there are great free options like 9Anime and Gogoanime that will satisfy your hunger for good anime without burdening your pockets.

We hope you enjoyed this comparison and review of popular Anime Websites. For more such reviews, use the search box in the top right corner of this page.

Research Process:

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  • Total Anime Website’s researched: 30
  • Total Anime Website’s shortlisted: 13
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