TOP 15 Best Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold in 2023

This tutorial briefs all about the best dividend stocks to buy & hold in order to expect the highest returns in dividend payouts.

Dividend stocks are company stocks that you can invest in to earn regular payments (usually quarterly) given in the form of stocks and not cash which is the case with ordinary stocks. The company you invest in guarantees that it will pay dividends in the form of stocks on a specified date.

The dividend paid out obviously depends on the number of shares you have with that company. Therefore, after the date, the total number of shares/stocks you have invested in that particular company increases by the total paid dividend stocks.

They are effective for investors targeting guaranteed regular passive income at times of uncertainty and low interest. That doesn’t mean that the company cannot decide to eliminate the dividend or reduce the percentage dividend payout, but most companies guarantee them since they use them to attract investments. This way, they differ from bonds.

Best Dividend Stocks – A Complete Review

Best Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold

This tutorial discusses the top dividend stocks you can invest in to earn the most dividends.

Market Trends: Preferred shareholders receive larger dividends than common shareholders in good times. They also obtained minimal dividend cuts during bad economic times of the company. Companies can also decide to pay special dividends, which are often larger than regular dividend payments.

Dividend stocks can also be paid in cash. Investors can decide to reinvest them into the same company after payment. They are, however, used by many investors to earn regular passive income. Their returns are taxed if reinvested unless in a tax-advantaged account like an IRA account. Investments can be affected by volatility, policy changes, and tax.

Dividend stocks are used by many investors as a way to earn passive income without having to sell the stocks held with a company. They also generate a steady income in cash payments (to be paid as a share of company profit) like other stocks. Best of all is that they can be traded on the open and secondary market and have the potential to increase in value (price).

The dividends to be paid are agreed upon at a general meeting for stakeholders’ attendance. The payout rate depends on the company’s profits, dividend policy, and other things. The dividend paid is reported in company financial records. This can be calculated from annual net income minus net retained earnings.

High-yield dividend stocks paid out weekly or monthly can increase your earnings from stock investments very quickly if you can learn the trick of reinvesting dividend stocks.

Tips to Select the Best Dividend Stocks for Passive Income

Research the strength of the company and its business when deciding what top dividend stocks to buy. This includes business model, demand, management, financial strength, etc. You will need to look at the company’s data and information as well as analyses of its future prospects.

You can get an economist’s or financial advisor’s opinion on the company’s ability to generate free cash flow. This flow impacts the company’s long-term potential to pay dividends. The metric is obtained by subtracting expenditure from operating cash flow. You should also have a clue about the company’s annual earnings and debts.

Consider the yield when choosing the best dividend stock for passive income. Yield is the annual income paid per year divided by the share price.

Understand the times when some dividends perform better because the companies are operating in certain businesses that perform well following certain trends.

Look at the payout ratio or the proportion of earnings paid as dividends. A lower ratio indicates that dividend payments are stable.

Before arriving at the best weekly, biweekly, or best monthly dividend stocks, make sure to research the history of dividend growth and how dividend payouts have increased over time.

In addition to deciding the best dividend stocks to buy now, decide on how much to invest. This can be based on risk tolerance, income needs, and other factors.

Finally, consider diversifying your dividend strategy, for instance, in addition to investing in dividend stock companies, consider investing in mutual funds that pay dividends or dividend ETFs. The former comes at a higher cost but are keen to choose company stocks that pay well or have a good history of paying dividends.

ETFs are less costly because they track an index.

Why and How to Invest in Dividend Stocks

High-dividend stocks can be a source of regular income, can be reinvested to compound the interest, and can increase your investment returns on top of the stock’s value increase. They can also serve as alternatives to bonds in the case of long-established dividend stocks.

For companies, paying out dividend stocks increases investments and boosts stock value and price. It also demonstrates that the company is in good financial health. Some companies, especially new ones, do not pay because they reinvest their capital.

Step #1: Do your research as per the above tips when deciding which best dividend stocks to buy now. Decide which high-dividend stocks best fit your investment goals and strategy.

Step #2: Open a brokerage account. Research a broker to buy and trade the stocks through. Most dividend stocks are bought and sold through brokers, although certain people can get them directly from issuing companies.

Step #3: Define an investing strategy. Decide if you want to reinvest to compound interest, check if there are automated re-investments, or decide how to save cash earned if no automated reinvestment, diversify dividend stock strategy, or simply use earned payment as an income.

Step #4: Decide the amount to invest.

FAQs on High Dividend Stocks

Q #1) What stocks pay the highest dividends?

Answer: T AT & T, Xerox, IBM, Chevron, Lumen Technologies, Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc, AGNC Investment Corp, and Arbor ABR are some of the highest-paying dividend stocks.

Other companies with a record of paying the highest in terms of dividends include Lowe, Realty Income, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Verizon, and others. They are some of the best dividend stocks of all time.

Q #2) What is a dividend stock?

Answer: This is a payment to shareholders that comprises additional shares as payment for stock held instead of cash. The payment is made as a fraction or percentage of each share held. Investors so paid can then reinvest their shares for profit or sell them like any other ordinary shares.

Q #3) Are dividend stocks a good buy?

Answer: Like any other investment, it depends on the stock you invest in. Some are worth it, others are not. Nevertheless, dividend stocks have outperformed the S&P 500 with less volatility.

Most people regard them as great investment options because they provide two sources of return, a regular income from dividends and capital appreciation on the stock price.

Q #4) How to make $1,000 a month in dividends?

Answer: One needs to invest in stocks that generate 2% in annual yield to generate $12,000 per year or $1,000 per month of dividend payments. That comes to about $600,000 in upfront investment.

Q #5) Can you get rich on dividends?

Answer: Yes, depending on which dividend stocks one invests in, it is possible to generate riches from dividend investments. You need to familiarize yourself with popular as well as high-paying dividend stock lists and practice perfecting them.

You definitely need to be an experienced investor to identify an effective investment strategy and generate substantial riches from the investments, although it isn’t a must. Beginners may need to spend some time on art.

Q #6) Do you get taxed on dividends?

Answer: In the United States, income from dividends is taxable. A form 1099-DIV is given by the company for incomes greater than $10 or more from a single company. The income is also to be reported by the owners on Schedule B of the Federal tax return if and when it is more than $1,500.

Qualified dividends also are charged on their own tax table which was 20% in 2022. However, in some cases, income from dividends is exempt from tax. This is so for some securities and some mutual funds. Individuals with lower income may also pay 0% tax on qualified dividends.

Q #7) What is the fastest way to grow dividend income?

Answer: Dividend reinvestment in stocks that pay weekly dividends (in the form of stocks) is one of the fastest ways to grow your dividend income.

By searching for companies that pay weekly dividends, meaning they pay 52 times a year and then reinvesting the paid dividend stocks, you can increase your overall dividend income quickly since the reinvested stocks also become available. Therefore, your stock in the company grows with the dividends paid out.

Q #8) How much dividends do $1 million dollars make?

Answer: You would earn approximately $40,000 per year on a stock that generates a dividend yield of 4% per year. Ideally, it should pay between $30,000 to $50,000 per year as dividend income. However, this may not be very much for a lavish lifestyle but a frugal one.

You can explore more opportunities in dividend stocks paid regularly (weekly, biweekly, or monthly), invest in those companies, and reinvest the paid dividend stocks when they are paid. This can earn you more than the $40,000 income a year from the $1 million dollar investment in stocks.

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List of the Best Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold

Choose from the list of the top dividend stocks to invest in:

  1. Lumen Technologies Inc. (LUMN)
  2. AT&T Inc.
  3.  Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc
  4. AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC)
  5. Arbor Realty Trust, Inc (ABR)
  6. Lowe’s (LOW)
  7. Realty Income (O)
  8. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)
  9. Target
  10. Verizon Communications Inc.
  11. Phillip Morris International (PM)
  12. Merck (MRK)
  13. Best Buy Co Inc (BBY)
  14. Chevron (CVX)
  15. Brown & Brown

Comparison Table of Highest Dividend Stocks

Name of stock company RevenueDividend yield range in 5 yearsPayout ratioPrice of share
LUMN$18.52 billion4.93% to 17.79%50.91%$5.89
AT&T Inc$168.9 billion7.16% (quarterly)57.87%$18.89
Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc$132.70 billion4.81%38.25%$39.96
AGNC-$1.698 billion.14.30%. -48.09%$9.23
ABR$604.60 million8.14%87.70%$14.01

Detailed Reviews:

#1) Lumen Technologies Inc. (LUMN)


Lumen technology company empowers businesses through integrated applications, data, infrastructure, cloud connectivity, collaborative and networking technologies, edge computing, voice, and communication technologies and services. This best dividend stock of all time deals with solutions from 25+ other technology companies.

Headquarters: Monroe, Louisiana, United States.

Locations: United States – Atlanta, Chesterfield, Chicago, Denver, El Segundo, Fort Worth, Herndon, Irvine, and Miami.

Products and Services: Communications include calling services, contact centers, next-gen voice, and unified communications. Edge computing includes DDOS mitigation, managed firewall services, web application firewalls, networking services, PaaS, IaaS, and perspectives.

Hybrid IT and cloud include cloud connect, dynamic connections, network storage, disaster recovery, managed hosting, regional data centers, private and public cloud, etc.

Managed and professional services such as managed hosting, security, data analytics, design and transition, and SAP solutions. Networking services such as software-defined networking, cloud connectivity, Ethernet, private lines, etc. Internet security, firewalls, ransom assessment, training, and enhanced cyber security.

Revenue: $18.52 billion
Net Income: $2.02 billion
Free Cash Flow: $2.47 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 4.93% to 17.79%
Payout Ratio: 50.91%
Price of Share: $5.89

Website: Lumen Technologies Inc.

#2) AT&T Inc.


AT&T telecommunications, media, and technology company provide phone and wireless communications and services. It mainly services corporate, public service, and businesses as well as direct clients.

The company also provides wireless devices and connectivity, fiber internet and data bundles, internet equipment, TV and other services, and smart technology devices such as smart watches, in-car WiFi, and smart home and office.

The other line of products includes accessories such as headphones, cases, chargers, screen protectors, TV and internet accessories, gaming gadgets, speakers, and home and office accessories.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas, United States.

Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, North Sydney); Austria (Schwechat, Wien); Belgium (Namur, Ixelles).

Founded: 5 October 1983
Number of Employees: 203,000

Products and Services: Cellphones, Wireless devices and services, Satellite and DirectTV devices and services, prepaid mobile plans, connectivity; home phones devices, lines, and services; Internet, TV, and wireless bundles; smart technology like smartwatches, devices, in-car WiFi, and smart homes; accessories.

Revenue: 168.9 billion
Net Income: $20.04 billion
Free Cash Flow: $13.09 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: (paid quarterly). Current: 7.16%
Payout Ratio: 57.87%
Price of Share: $18.89

Website: AT&T Inc.

#3) Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc


Walgreens Boots Alliance is an integrated healthcare, pharmacy, and retail company. The U.S. retail pharmacy segment sells prescription and non-prescription drugs through thousands of drugstores.

The international segment provides health and beauty products through thousands of retail stores as well as wholesale services. The US healthcare segment offers healthcare platforms and programs together with partners.

The company also has a beauty brand with thousands of outlets internationally. It also has a global portfolio of investments in healthcare. It provides services in 13,000 locations in the United States, as well as 9 other countries, and has 325,000 team members.

Headquarters: Deerfield, Illinois, United States.

Locations: 13,000 locations in the US; United Kingdom (Duffield, Derbyshire); Ireland; Italy; Norway; Netherlands; Thailand; and Indonesia.

Founded: 2014
Employees: 325,000+

Products and Services: Retail prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical drugs and healthcare services, pharmaceutical wholesale, beauty products, healthcare programs and platforms, and investment portfolio.

Revenue: $132.70 billion
Net Income: $4.337 billion
Free Cash Flow: $2.165 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: (paid quarterly): Current: 4.81%
Payout Ratio: 38.25%
Price of Share: $39.96

Website: Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc

#4) AGNC Investment Corp (AGNC)


AGNC Investment Corp. is a real estate investment trust or REIT that invests in residential mortgage-backed securities on a leveraged basis. A U.S. government-sponsored enterprise and agency do guarantee the principal and interest payments for the securities and collateralized mortgage obligations the company invests in.

However, the company also invests in other residential and commercial mortgage and mortgage-related securities whose interest and principal payments are not so guaranteed. The company pays dividends on a monthly basis

Headquarters: Bethesda, Maryland, United States.
Locations: Maryland, United States
Founded: 2008
Employees: 51-200
Products and Services: Residential and commercial mortgage-related securities
Revenue: -$1.698 billion
Net Income: -$1.778 billion
Free Cash Flow: $1.295 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 14.30%.
Payout Ratio: -48.09%.
Price of Share: $9.23

Website: AGNC

#5) Arbor Realty Trust, Inc (ABR)


Arbor offers loans and financial products to serve multifamily financial needs, including for seniors housing and healthcare, capital financing through mezzanine or preferred equity loan programs, rental portfolio financing, FHA loans, and green financing.

Other types of loans and financing include commercial mortgage-backed securities, mortgage financing for properties located in strong markets, small loans to enhance portfolios and investments, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multi-family loans.

Headquarters: Ovington Boulevard, Suite 900 Uniondale, New York.

Locations: (United States – Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Conshohocken, Dallas, Edmond, Inglewood Cliffs, Indiana, Manhattan Beach, Miami, New York, Newport Beach, San Diego, San Francisco, and Tonawanda).
Founded: 2003
Employees: 501 – 1,000

Products and Services: Multi-family and single-family financing for portfolio enhancement, mortgage financing, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans, FHA loans, financing for senior housing or health, financing for rental portfolios, etc.

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Revenue: $604.60 million
Net Income: $341.96 million
Free Cash Flow: $1.028 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: (Quarterly) Current: 8.14%.
Payout Ratio: 87.70%
Price of Share: $14.01

Website: Arbor

#6) Lowe’s (LOW)


Lowe’s is an online home improvement and hardware store where people can shop for appliances and electronics, clothing; automotive accessories, parts, tools, and hardware; boating equipment, fishing gear, parts, electronics, and accessories; books; and building supplies.

It operates over 2,200 stores across the United States and Canada but has operations in other countries as well. It also sells sporting equipment, wear, and accessories; plumbing equipment, fittings, and parts; personal care and grooming gadgets and products; outdoor furniture, equipment, and accessories; etc.

It also offers home services such as independent installations, contractors, and financing options.

Headquarters: Mooresville, North Carolina, United States.
Locations: Canada (Boucherville, Quebec), United States, India, Mexico
Founded: 1921
Employees: 10,000+

Products and Services: Selling home improvement items, equipment, and tools; hardware; and related services such as installations.

Revenue: $95.39 billion
Net Income: $8.42 billion
Free Cash Flow: $7.51 billion
Dividend Yield: 1.77%
Payout Ratio: 25.81%
Price Per Share: $208.40

Website: Lowe’s

#7) Realty Income (O)

Realty Income

The S&P 500 company invests in United States real estate REITs and pays dividends monthly. It invests in properties owned by industry-leading commercial clients under long-term lease agreements. It has issued dividends 629 times each month and has recorded a dividend increase of 117 times since becoming public in 1994.

The assets invested are obtained through acquisitions. It also collaborates with real estate developers to acquire, expand, develop, and reposition current assets.

The company continually monitors its portfolio and manages its assets actively to maintain occupancy, build relationships with clients, and optimize returns. It also offers building services, equipment, and accessories to clients.

Headquarters: San Diego, California, United States.
Locations: United States (San Diego, Phoenix, and Atlanta), London U.K.
Founded: 1969
Employees: 201-500

Products and Services: Real estate property REITS, acquisitions, asset management, development, and client services.

Revenue: $3.140 billion
Net Income: $646.18 billion
Free Cash Flow: $2.285 billion
Dividend Yield: 4.22%
Payout Ratio: 265.2%
Dividend Payout Frequency: Monthly
Price Per Share: $64.42

Website: Realty Income

#8) Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Johnson and Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a pharmaceuticals company involved in innovation and the making of medicine and drugs in consumer health; pharmaceuticals products in immunology, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, and pulmonary hypertension, as well as in infectious diseases, vaccines, neuroscience, and oncology; and MedTech in orthopedics, surgery, vision, and interventions.

The company leverages new technologies, innovations, and knowledge to produce and manufacture pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. The company also partners with 50,000 suppliers for the distribution of drugs and medical innovations. It also provides health and wellness information, for instance on its website.

Headquarters: New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States.

Locations: United States (New Brunswick, Raritan New Jersey, Jacksonville, Lancaster, and Piscataway), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Canada (Woodlawn), Australia (Chippendale), Austria (Wien), Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Beerse and Brussel) and others. Other locations are South Holland Netherlands and West Bengal in India.

It offers products and services across 60 countries.

Founded: 1886
Employees: 140,000+

Products and Services: Healthcare, medical devices and diagnostics, pharmaceuticals including drugs, and consumer products.

Revenue: $96.0 billion
Net Income: $19.16 billion
Free Cash Flow: $17.74 billion
Dividend Yield: 1.90%
Payout Ratio: 60.13%
Dividend Payout Frequency: Quarterly
Price Per Share: $174.86

Website: Johnson & Johnson

#9) Target


Target general merchandise retailer runs close to 2,000 stores across all 50 US states and the District of Columbia where it sells clothing, apparel, and accessories such as toys and pet items under its own line of 45+ brands (keeps on adding) and third-party brands.

Some of the brands under which it sells products include A New Day for women apparel, All in Motion, Art Class, Auden, Ava & Viv, Boots & Barkley, Brightroom, Bullseye’s Playground, Casaluna, Cat & Jack, Cloud Island, among many.

Its line of products also includes decor, bedding, lounge and sleepwear, shoes, shelters, sleeping bags, bags, backpacks, laundry detergent, bakery, ice cream, food, housewares, kitchenware, etc.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.
Locations: 50 states including Minnesota, Vermont, Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, etc.
Founded: 1962
Employees: 400,000+

Products and Services: General merchandise such as clothing, fashion, household items and equipment, food, pet items, shoes, bags, etc. Pick up and delivery service.

Revenue: $107.86 billion
Net Income: $4.224 billion
Free Cash Flow: $427 million
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 2.41%
Payout Ratio: 40.58%
Price of Share: $163.89

Website: Target

#10) Verizon Communications Inc.


Verizon telecommunication and network company provides technology products and services including 5G Internet, 4G Lite Internet, fiber optics, multi-access edge compute, broadband and fiber, managed security, smart cities solutions such as lighting and energy, informing and entertaining technology and devices/equipment, among other things.

Other products and services include broadband, fiber, the Internet of Things, and Managed Security services.

Verizon was one of the first U.S.-based companies to offer fiber-to-home services. It provides 100% fiber-optic network and DVR communication technologies. It also provides mobile phone plans, mobile devices, home services, enterprise solutions, Verizon Connect, and solutions for partners and the public sector.

Headquarters: New York, United States
Locations: United States and 185 other countries.
Founded: 1983
Employees: 118,400+

Products and Services: 5G Internet, LTE Internet, billing and account management, Fios Internet, Fios TV, mobile phones, home telephone, networks, etc.

Revenue: 135.65 billion
Net Income: 19.29 billion
Free Cash Flow: $10.88 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 6.74%
Payout Ratio: 55.54%
Price of Share: $38.16

Website: Verizon Communications Inc.

#11) Phillip Morris International (PM)

Phillip Morris International

Phillip Morris International provides smoke-free products meant to replace ordinary cigarettes that have tar. These replacements or alternatives deliver nicotine without combustion. They are suitable for those who want to continue smoking but remove the health suffering and diseases related to ordinary cigarettes.

These products include heated tobacco which does not burn the tobacco. It uses an electronically controlled heater. Others include vape products, nicotine pouches, and e-vapors that contain nicotine. The latter works by heating an e-liquid containing nicotine.

Headquarters: Rhodanie, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Locations: United States (New York, Toronto, ); London, England; Zapopan, Mexico; Neuchatel, Lausanne, Switzerland; Tartu Maamte Tallinn, Estonia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Rome, Italy; and seven other countries.

Founded: 2008
Employee: 77,000+
Products and Services: Heated tobacco, vape products, nicotine pouches, and e-vapors.
Revenue: $31.71 billion
Net Income: $8.74 billion
Free Cash Flow: $10.72 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 5.28%
Payout Ratio: 89.10%
Price of Share: $95.16

Website: Phillip Morris International

#12) Merck (MRK)


Merck develops medicines and vaccines for humans and animals and has 130 years of experience. The biopharmaceutical company relies on research and development and specializes in medicine and vaccines for both the prevention and treatment of human and animal diseases.

It also bases its discovery and manufacturing on a patient-first ideology, respect for people, ethics and integrity, innovations, and scientific excellence.

It specializes in oncology, vaccines, infectious diseases, COVID-19, cardio-metabolic disorders, discovery, and development. It also has a branch of animal health that manufactures and markets a range of veterinary medicines and services.

Headquarters: Rahway, New Jersey, United States.

Locations: United States (Boston and Cambridge in Massachusetts, Kenilworth and Rahway in New Jersey, South San Francisco in California, etc.). London, U.K.; Tokyo; Beijing; Africa; Asia; Oceania, etc.

Founded: 1891
Employees: 168,000+
Products and Services: Medicine and vaccines. Veterinary medicine and services.
Revenue: $58.97 billion
Net Income: $15.26 billion
Free Cash Flow: $15.25 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 2.66%
Payout Ratio: 45.25%
Price of Share: $103.81

Website: Merck

#13) Best Buy Co Inc (BBY)

Best Buy

Best Buy is an online store that provides a wide range of items, equipment, and products. These are categorized into cameras and related equipment, sound, wearable technology, small appliances, printers and home office equipment and devices, computers, smart home, and security and WiFi equipment and devices.

Other categories include toys, games, collectibles, movies, electric transportation, health, fitness, and personal care. It also sells video games and consoles, gaming PCs, tablets and readers, VR devices, cell phones, and major appliances, among others.

Headquarters: Richfield, Minnesota
Locations: United States (Richfield); Canada (Burnaby, Vancouver), and United Kingdom (London).
Founded: 1966
Employees: 10,000+
Products and Services: Selling technology products, appliances, and hardware across various industries.
Revenue: $49.25 billion
Net Income: $1.772 billion
Free Cash Flow: $824 million
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 4.77%
Payout Ratio: 41.48%
Price of Share: $70.03

Website: Best Buy Co Inc.

#14) Chevron (CVX)


Chevron is an oil, gas, energy, and chemicals company that provides related administrative, financial, management, and technological support. It is engaged in the exploration, development, and production of crude oil and natural gas; processing, liquification, transportation, and re-gasification.

They are also involved in the transportation, handling, and storage of crude oil as it is exported through pipelines and moves from one plant to another. This makes it one of the highest dividend stocks to invest in and hold.

The other subsidiary is engaged in the refining of petroleum products, marketing of crude oil and refined products and lubricants, transportation of crude oil and refined products, and the manufacturing and marketing of petrochemicals.

Headquarters: San Ramon, California, United States.
Locations: Canyon Road, United States, Texas United States, Canada, China, Angola, Brazil, Bangladesh, Canada, Cambodia, Australia, etc.
Founded: 1879
Employees: 10,000+
Products and Services: Oil, gas, and chemicals manufacturing, processing, refining, and marketing.
Revenue: $227.06 billion
Net Income: $34.17 billion
Free Cash Flow: $36.69 billion
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 5.80%
Payout Ratio: 31.67%
Price of Share: $184.09

#15) Brown & Brown

Brown & Brown

Brown & Brown is an insurance agent and broker that serves all types of companies, including complex multinationals, as well as governments, general businesses, individuals, trade associations, and families.

It connects customers with insurance companies and then earns revenues from insurance companies and directs client fees. Its stocks and assets are not exposed to underwriting risks.

The company generates more than half of its revenue from the retail segment. It generates a fourth of the revenue from the national program segment. This segment provides professional liability coverage among other things.

Other lines of operation include national programs where it offers program management expertise for insurance carrier partners. The company also provides third-party claims administration and ancillary services.

Headquarters: Daytona Beach, Florida, United States.
Locations: United States (Virginia, Oregon, New Hampshire, and others). Plus other 450+ locations globally.
Founded: 1939
Employees: 12,023+

Products and Services: Insurance for property, casualty, and employee benefits. Other areas include cyber liability, worker compensation, surety bonds, risk control services, employer stop loss, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, voluntary benefits, etc.

Revenue: $3.409 billion
Net Income: 628.32 million
Free Cash Flow: 871.60 million
Dividend Yield Range in 5 years: 0.75%
Payout Ratio: 18.44%
Price of Share: $56.39

Website: Brown & Brown


This tutorial discusses the best dividend stocks to buy and hold and expects the highest returns in dividend payouts. Most of them pay quarterly. It is in order to expect payout ratios of between 10 to 100% although a few return a negative value when there is a loss.

We discussed some of the best and highest paying dividend stocks that have a history of paying well. This year, Phillip Morris International, Arbor Realty Trust Inc, Lumen Technologies, and AT &T returned some of the best rates from 50% to about 90%. Among the many other highest dividend stocks, these are the best dividend stocks to buy and hold.

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Research process:

  • Companies Listed for Review: 30
  • Companies Reviewed: 15
  • Time Taken to Review: 2 days
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