Top Software Testing Trends To Follow in 2019

Software Testing Trends 2019

Get Ready to Check the Impressive Software Testing Trends in 2019:

Learn what trends would critically affect you and how to help yourself ready for the game from this informative article.

Nowadays, we witness enormous changes in the technological advancements as the world is becoming digitalized.

The year 2019 too will mark the continuation of tremendous changes in technology and digital transformation, thereby requiring the organizations to constantly innovate and reinvent themselves.

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Top 13 Software Testing Conferences in 2019 (The Best QA Events)

Software Testing Conferences

Top premier QA Software Testing Conferences, Events and Workshops you should consider to attend in 2019:

When you are asked for a nomination to participate in QA Software testing Conference, what all questions appear in your mind? –

  • Will attending conference really benefit in my day to day activities?
  • Will it be 4-day boring sessions like all our theoretical training where we listen with just our eyes open and mind somewhere else :)
  • Will it be fun?
  • Will I find any growth opportunities?

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4 Things That Should Be on Tester’s Radar in 2017 – Happy New Year 2017!

Happy new year 2017

2016 is the year of India’s newest demonetization, Selenium3 and snow in Hyderabad. No, the last part isn’t true, but one can hope, right? And hope is exactly what New Year brings us; a treasure chest, an unwrapped present, a blank slate, a new mystery novel, a new beginning. You can make what you want of it!

STH is back with our tradition of highlighting a few areas that we think would be prominent in the coming year.

Last year, we predicted that cloud based platforms, agile, crowd sourcing and mobile testing as some of the ‘going-to-be-prominent’ trends of QA and I am sure you have experienced a palpable shift in these areas. Changes in the IT world aren’t usually drastic, so not much has changed since the last year, but

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