DevOps Testing Tutorial: How DevOps will Impact QA Testing?

How DevOps will Impact QA

DevOps Testing Tutorial: A recent RightScale survey has found that 54% of the companies have adopted DevOps and the interest around DevOps is increasing rapidly.

In this article, we will learn how this new Software Development methodology will impact QA and how the QA function as a whole should evolve to embrace this change.

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In this article, we will learn more about DevOps and how it will impact QA and its functions.

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Mutual Comprehension in Testing: The Key for Delivering a Quality Software

Mutual Comprehension in Testing

Role of Mutual Comprehension in Software Testing for delivering Quality Software:

In this busy world, we do not have much time to speak with each other. Yes, today’s article is all about that.

Just imagine how it would be if a developer does not know anything about software testing and the tester does not have even a little knowledge on software development, at such instances we cannot expect a quality software to be released either to the market or to the customers.

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The Difference in Perspective of “Testers” and “Developers”

How the Testers and Developers Perspective is Different

We use multiple applications on a daily basis. The internet is a part of our life.

Behind every application, whether shopping, learning, ticket booking etc there are multiple people whose contribution has made our life so comfortable through these applications.

Among these multiple technical people are “Testers” and “Developers”.

In this article, we will see the different perspectives of Testers and Developers and their relationship to make a successful application together. 

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How to Prepare and Deliver an Outstanding QA Testing Presentation to the Team

Deliver QA testing presentation

Presenting your knowledge, experience or simply sharing useful information is neither an art nor magic.

It is a skill developed through practice and lots of exposure to a real-time audience.

It is not the slides or the data that you present, but your idea has to reach through to the audience. It should not just help them understand, it must compel them to implement the process or idea and see its value. 

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4 Important Things I Learned in My Journey as a QA Test Manager

QA test manager journey

A Personal Report – Being a Successful Test Manager – Challenges and Learning

Promotions are part of career growth and believe me, the consequent responsibilities teach us many things and help us grow further. From Junior to Senior and Senior to Manager, every level of that success ladder asks us to unlearn some things and learn new ones.

Getting to be a QA Test Manager is surely a matter of pride for anyone and I were not an exception. Today, I want to talk about how it happened, the challenges and my learning from that phase. 

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