What Our Readers Say About Us!

Here is what our readers are saying about us. It really make us proud to work hard more!

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What Our Readers Say About Us!

Feedback from our readers:

Dear Sir,

I am Mumtaz and have relocated from India to Poland. Here I am looking for a tester job and I can’t express how useful is your site for me.
I have explored through many testing sites, but can confidently say to every software testing job seeker that this is the best of all.

Thank you very much for spending your valuable time in helping us.



Hello Vijay,

This is Madhu, I subscribed to your blog and I follow your blog posts regularly. I must say, you are doing incredible job.




Thanks for all the wonderful information and this excellent material.  Being a regular reader from a long time of your articles from softwaretestinghelp, I have most of this material but the career package and freelance opportunities are new and they are really wonderful.
Thanks for sharing them with us.  I greatly appreciate all your efforts in the information you forward your readers time to time.  I have benefited greatly from all of it!



Hi Vijay,

I frequently read your articles in software testing forum. Recently read “End to End Software Testing QA Training on a Live Project”. Explaining by giving live project example is very much appreciated. Thank you for the articles. Really appreciate.

Keep posting. All the best.



I have been following your website and articles for a couple of years already. There are a lot of resources on internet related to application testing but nothing comes any close to your website and information you provide.
Now I dismissed all the other sources and follow and refer only to your website. Your dedication, consistence, value and time you put to keep your website forever evolving is incredible.
It takes a special type of person to give us green testers such valuable resource of information without charging us any fees. However even if you applied some fees to have access to your articles I would happily pay, as I found your articles are educational, straight to the point and free of unnecessary verbose. Besides the courses that you run is a top quality and very affordable.

Vijay, thank you very much for your work and help you provide to us. I have not met you in person but I have you utter most respect and admiration for you.

Thank you very much for what you do.

Yours sincerely
Larissa Kilmetieva


Hi Vijay and Team, I would like to thank you for all the information on testing. I have purchased your book and went through it all several times and became a fan of Software Testing help. I am not new on testing field but do not consider myself expert either. After long time searching on finding the good source of learning academia, I found you the best so far on Testing.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.
Hari Pandey


Hi Vijay

I am from Los Angeles and I started following your blog. It was really nice information that you are sharing. It was very useful information that you are sharing. Just want to say Kudos to your good work

Thanks Again, Suman

thank you

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