Test Your Software Testing Knowledge: Take this Mock Test

If you are preparing for the CSTE testing certification exam or thinking of giving the exam in the coming days then this question series will help you for preparation. Here I have included some questions from CSTE objective type question papers.

Software Testing/Quality Assurance professionals can also take this exam to test their testing knowledge.

You can either take the printout and mark the answers or note your answers somewhere on the paper serially for all 25 questions. Verify your answers at the answer page provided at the bottom of this test page.

Here are the questions:

Q #1) Verification is:
a. Checking that we are building the right system
b. Checking that we are building the system right
c. Performed by an independent test team
d. Making sure that it is what the user really wants

Test Your Software Testing Knowledge

Q #2) A regression test:
a. Will always be automated
b. Will help ensure unchanged areas of the software have not been affected
c. Will help ensure changed areas of the software have not been affected
d. Can only be run during user acceptance testing

Q #3) If an expected result is not specified then:
a. We cannot run the test
b. It may be difficult to repeat the test
c. It may be difficult to determine if the test has passed or failed
d. We cannot automate the user inputs

Q #4) Which of the following could be a reason for failure:
1) Testing fault
2) Software fault
3) Design fault
4) Environment Fault
5) Documentation Fault
a. 2 is a valid reason; 1,3,4 & 5 are not
b. 1,2,3,4 are valid reasons; 5 is not
c. 1,2,3 are valid reasons; 4 & 5 are not
d. All of them are valid reasons for failure

Q #5) Test are prioritized so that:
a. You shorten the time required for testing
b. You do the best testing in the time available
c. You do more effective testing
d. You find more faults

Q #6) Which of the following is not a static testing technique:
a. Error guessing
b. Walkthrough
c. Data flow analysis
d. Inspections

Q #7) Which of the following statements about component testing is not true?
a. Component testing should be performed by development
b. Component testing is also known as isolation or module testing
c. Component testing should have completion criteria planned
d. Component testing does not involve regression testing

Q #8) During which test activity could fault be found most cost-effectively?
a. Execution
b. Design
c. Planning
d. Check Exit criteria completion

Q #9) Which, in general, is the least required skill of a good tester?
a. Being diplomatic
b. Able to write software
c. Having good attention to detail
d. Able to be relied on

Q #10)The purpose of the requirement phase is :
a. To freeze requirements
b. To understand user needs
c. To define the scope of testing
d. All of the above

Q #11) The process starting with the terminal modules is called –
a. Top-down integration
b. Bottom-up integration
c. None of the above
d. Module integration

Q #12) The inputs for developing a test plan are taken from :
a. Project plan
b. Business plan
c. Support plan
d. None of the above

Q #13) Function/Test matrix is a type of :
a. Interim Test report
b. Final test report
c. Project status report
d. Management report

Q #14) Defect Management process does not include:
a. Defect prevention
b. Deliverable base-lining
c. Management reporting
d. None of the above

Q #15) What is the difference between testing software developed by contractor outside your country, versus testing software developed by a contractor within your country?
a. Does not meet people needs
b. Cultural difference
c. Loss of control over reallocation of resources
d. Relinquishments of control

Q #16) Software Testing accounts for what percent of software development costs?
a. 10-20
b. 40-50
c. 70-80
d. 5-10

Q #17) A reliable system will be one that:
a. Is unlikely to be completed on schedule
b. Is unlikely to cause a failure
c. Is likely to be fault-free
d. Is likely to be liked by the users

Q #18) How much testing is enough: 
a. This question is impossible to answer
b. The answer depends on the risks for your industry, contract and special requirements
c. The answer depends on the maturity of your developers
d. The answer should be standardized for the software development industry

Q #19) Which of the following is not a characteristic for Testability?
a. Operability
b. Observability
c. Simplicity
d. Robustness

Q #20) Cyclomatic Complexity method comes under which Testing method:
a. White box
b. Black box
c. Green box
d. Yellow box

Q #21) Which of these can be successfully tested using Loop Testing methodology?
a. Simple Loops
b. Nested Loops
c. Concatenated Loops
d. All of the above

Q #22) To test a function, the programmer has to write a ______, which calls the function and passes it test data.
a. Stub
b. Driver
c. Proxy
d. None of the above

Q #23) Equivalence partitioning is:
a. A black box testing technique used only by developers
b. A black box testing technique than can only be used during system testing
c. A black box testing technique appropriate to all levels of testing
d. A white box testing technique appropriate for component testing

Q #24) When a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by:
a. A small team to establish the best way to use the tool
b. Everyone who may eventually have some use for the tool
c. The independent testing team
d. The vendor contractor to write the initial scripts

Q #25) Inspections can find all the following except:
a. Variables not defined in the code
b. Spelling and grammar faults in the documents
c. Requirements that have been omitted from the design documents
d. How much of the code has been covered


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  1. 25. Inspections can find all the following except
    a. Variables not defined in the code
    b. Spelling and grammar faults in the documents
    c. Requirements that have been omitted from the design documents
    d. How much of the code has been covered

    Ans-Answer will be option (A), not (D) because there are nothing to do with variable of the inspection team but they walkthrough the code that how much has been covered.

  2. Hello

    this sunday i hav written xam for QA Trainee (Manual Testing) post.
    But i hav no idea on this.

    Can u please suggest me how to prepare and wat to prepare for the xam ????????????

  3. Hi all

    Please solve the questions

    2) Which command is used by cognizant automation COE for comparison between the data in the database tables?

    a. SQL Queries
    b. VB SCRIPT
    c. All

    3) Inline PERFORM is used in COBOL for

    a. Inline PERFORM is not used in COBOL
    Ans: Inline PERFORM is not used in COBOL

    4) Which is not an ETL tool..?

    b. SAS
    c.None of the options
    d.IBM tool

    5) V&V team is integrated with the Dev Team under the following condition EXCEPT.

    a. When no independent QA is there.
    b. Both QA and DEV team is performed by same organization
    c. White bos testing
    d. None f the above.

    6) Preparation phase for the Product Testing except

    a. Test Strategy
    b. Effort Estimation
    c. Tet plan
    d. Test metrics

    7) Which SQL command is used to exit from the database without saving the content where often insertion and updation is done.

    a. EXIT
    b. Roll up
    c. Roll Back
    d None of the listed options.

    8) During the transaction, if there is any power loss what will happen..?

    a. Contents are rolled up
    b. transaction is not saved

    9) What is the direct validation for Database..?

    a. Query
    b. Join
    c. Right Join
    d None of the options.

    10) Composite and Primary keys are mandatory for comparing between the tables.(T/F)

    11) Erroneous translation

    a. Distrusted message

    12) All CICS Cobol program must contain the following.?
    a. Accept
    b. Display
    c. Stop Run
    d. All the above

    13) Which is used to close the file .
    a. FINIS

    14) Queries in SQL vary with respect to different database products T/F

    15) if u is added to the date function is rexx what will be displayed……

    16)Misinterpretation might be due to (reasons)

    17)What are the options which can be done through view?

    18)erroneous translation can lead to Value Judgement

    19)Difference between null and zero.

    .—— is not used to update the data in the database table (pls chk the ans)

    a. View
    b. Index
    c. Base table
    d. None of the above

    21)What is referential constraint?

    22)Null and space are same. T/F

    23)In SUPERCE delta is used for?

    24)Data type not in main frame. Options: INTEGER, EDITNUM, ALPHABET, ALPHANUMERIC (not sure about options)

    25)In CICS which is not a keyword?

    26)Command use to view map in mainframe

    27)In JCL how to allocate internal space.

    28)Number of index in base cluster

    29)What is Naïve listening?

    30)Is unique index and primary key the same T or F .answer False

    31)Acceptance criteria is verified in which phase..?
    32)What comes under Compatibility Testing..?

    33)V&V team is integrated with the Dev Team under the following condition EXCEPT.

    a. When no independent QA is there.
    b. Both QA and DEV team is performed by same organization
    c. White bos testing
    d. None f the above.

    34)Product testing life cycle involves
    a. Test plan
    b. Test Strategy
    c. Test design
    d. Test Requirements

    35) Verifying the s/w test cases , expected results, and evaluation criteria fully meets test objectives comes under which phase

    a.Requirements phase
    b.Design phase
    c.Coding phase
    d.Testing phase

    36) CICS COBOL program must be terminated using
    a. RETURN

    37) What is referential constraint?

    38) Which command is used by cognizant automation COE for comparison between the data in the database tables?
    a. SQL Queries
    b. VB SCRIPT
    c. All

    39) COBOL prgm
    Identification division
    Data division
    A PIC 9
    Procedure Division
    If the user enter 20
    What is value displayed
    a. 2
    b. 0
    c. 20
    d. None

    40) Product testing life cycle involves (doubt)
    a. Test plan
    b. Test Strategy
    c. Test design
    d. Test Requirements

    01 A PIC 9.
    MOVE 10 TO A.

    a .0
    b. 10

    42) Which of the foll does not allow to delete a row from the parent table if it is referenced in the child table

    43) Which of these is used to end a session?

    a. X
    b. EXIT
    c. LOGOFF

    44) The tool used by ACOE at cognizant

    a. SQL
    b. VB Scripts
    c. VB
    d. None of the above

    45) IV&V is not done because of the cost associated with it. True or False

    46) To do testing testers can

    a. get information from developers
    b. Follow queries given by developers
    c. They can write test cases to check for data in the table
    d. All of the above

    47) who signs off the scope release

    a. client
    b. test manager
    c. project manager

    48) Under which constraints V&V operations are integrated with in the development team-
    a. Budget constraints
    b. time constraints

    49) Preparation phase for the Product Testing except
    a. Test Strategy
    b. Effort Estimation
    c. Test plan
    d. Test metrics

  4. Hi Guys,
    The data posted by u’l and your conversations help in gaining a lot a knouledge.Im trying to start up a career as a fresher in software testing and I’ve also trained in it.Can someone please send more info on testing to my mail vengamamba9@gmail.com.I’l appreciate if u guys post fresher walkins as well.

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  6. hello my dear friends i am student of master software engineering i need helping answers q the questions above
    only i get 25 answers but its more 25 questions and its reached about 40 questions who can help me

  7. Hello Guys,

    I am Sravan Kumar, I am going to create a group in whats app, please let me know who are intrested.
    Please share those contact number so that i can add to group, this group open for all testers.

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  8. Here i a posting few questions.try to give correct answers.

    1. A.Validation is done for implementing the correct thing
    B.verification is for implementing the things right
    a.A is True and B is True
    b. A is True and B is False
    c. A is false and B is false
    d. A is false and B is True
    2.In software application ,there was implementation done based on the 4 age groups as 0 to 11,11 to 25,26 to 50 and 50+.which testing technique you will apply to find out all possible issues in the application without running it

    a. classfication tree
    b.Equivalence partitioning system
    c.Boundary value analysis
    d.Error gussing

    3.Error handling in code is mainly done as there are errors in the code
    a. True
    B. false

    4.Which type of testing requires Stubs and Drivers?
    a.Integration testing
    b.component testing
    c.Bottom up testing
    d.Top Down testing

    5.Test cases can be designed in exploratory testing?

    6.Which of the following in not input design?
    a. A functional specification
    c.program specification
    d. Technical Architecture document

    7._________ identifies many possible reason for an issue or an error.it gives quick idea for useful categories
    a.Fish-Bone Diagram
    c.Pareto Analysis
    d.Decision Table

    8.Error added by the programmer intentionally in the code is called______

    a.Error seeding
    b.Error Handling
    c.Error planting
    d.Error guessing

    9.The testing performed on data for performing the basic operation on it is called as________

    a.CRUD Testing
    b. Data driven testing
    c. Data validation Technique
    d. Data mining

    10. To ensure the quality of software is a process that can only be made by using it .Therefore ,reading the code cannot be useful in any way.

    a. True
    b. False

    11.Functions and procedures used for each unit needs to be documented in____

    a.Unit test plan
    b.Program specification
    c.Functional specification
    d.Design specification

    12.The functionalities to be covered or not specified in one of the following

    a.Test plan
    b. Test strategy
    c.Test Reporting
    d.Test approach

    13.Error handling,Exception handling and memory lekage can be determined by

    a.program review
    b.code review
    c.Test case review
    d.None of the above

    14.The technique used for finding the few origins of major issues within the application is known as_____

    b.Fishbone diagram
    c.pareto Technique
    d.classification tree technique

    15._______ determines if a new software version is performing well enough to accept for a major testing effort

    a.Black box testing
    b.sanity testing
    c.Regression testing
    d.Stress testing
    e.Load testing

    16. FP and lines of code are measure of_______
    d.Al of the above

    17.Behavior driven testing focus on the ____

    c.Test plan
    d.Agile methodology

    18 Having risk management helps in
    1.Mitigating the risk associated with the project
    2.Managing project without surprise
    3.Identifying potential problems
    4.project plan contingency
    pick one of the choice

    a. 1,3,4
    b. 2,3,4

    19.Testing interfaces between unit,modules and sub-systems when the system is incrementally put together is known as ______

    a.Destructive testing
    b.Integrated testing
    c.Integration testing
    d.User interface testing

    20.The cyclomatic complexity helps to understand ___
    1.code complexity
    2.Testing complexity
    4.planning test execution

    pick one of the choice

    e.only 2

  9. Ha, all
    I’m preparing to take a software engineering exam some time in next year.please help me some material that will enable me get prepare the exam.

  10. Hi guys
    So, as for me, I think that a good tester should at least (!) have “good attention to details” skill.
    I remember me, starting carreer of QC – I had no idea about OOP or any other programmin language, but I was able to find defect in software because of being presice. Only then I learnt basics of C# and JavaScript.

    I don’t know, why there’s in so many resources that answer B, but it’s just incorrect, imho.

    Don’t believe any asnwers to ISTQB from the internet, ‘cuz they might be error-prone. If you hesitate, go and google yourself.

    Good Luck with ISTQB to every one!

  11. Hi Lucky (from Lemberg),

    If you see the question again is says ‘THE LEAST required skill of good tester’ not ‘AT LEAST’, so the answer of the question 9 is ‘Able to write Software’ NOT ‘good attention to detail’.

    ‘Good attention to detail’ is a must required skill.

    Hope I am able to clarify why everyone is answering B.

  12. Hi ,
    I’m priya.I have experience in manual tesing with 2 years experience.I want to learn more about it and i have interest to learn automation testing.Please help me what i have to do.So,I can switch to other company.


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  14. Hello Mr. Govardhan Reddy M (ref: 259)

    Kindly help send the CSTE mock test 1,2,3 & 4 papers (supsie01@yahoo.ca)

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