The Only 150 Words Advice You Should Read Today to Start Taking Action

Taking action is the key to success. Do you know the secret of taking action? Ask this question to yourself: What is the smallest step I can take towards my goal, right now?

No matter how much you read, if you don’t get into action, you’re wasting your time. 

Today, I'm cutting this post very short and asking you to do something right now. This could be anything like: start looking for a better career, start learning any automation tool, learn basic SQL and UNIX commands, learn basics of scripting and HTML or do something that will improve your life and help you achieve your goals!

Best testing advice

All these are high-level goals. You need to break it into smaller steps and start with the smallest step which can be completed within the next 30 minutes, and so on.

Leave me a comment of what you are about to do and how much you succeeded in that!

Good luck with your new endeavor!

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73 thoughts on “The Only 150 Words Advice You Should Read Today to Start Taking Action”

  1. I have done C Language & currently working on a databse project on C.After that i will proceed to C++ & Java.

    Is that sufficient or should i do more.

    I want to become a software development engineer…

    Am a computer geek also..

  2. great idea. i am planning to improve communication. today started preparing for GD topics from your website. I will keep posting on mu status.

  3. Great Words and Very true.

    TO answer Kanif question, Certification is not mandatory for Testing. But it’s helpful to know the testing better if you go for certification. Few companies also keep their entry criteria.


  4. I am looking into Game Testing as my career and i completed Software Testing course and i am brushing it to make better understand ….

  5. Hi friends. great to see so many positive responses and willingness to take action. Please carry on with your decided task from right now and make sure you finish your plan rather just finishing the schedule.

  6. @ Ashish Sharma – Your end goal is clear but to achieve that you need to create and follow the concrete plan. Create such a plan and start to follow it from today.

    @ Kanif – Certifications are not mandatory. Though it will help you understand the concepts if you take one.

    @ Ram – Below are some posts to get started:

    @ All- all the best for for your future endeavors. Don’t forget to take action and start right now!

  7. Dear friend,

    I’d like to get a testing certification. do you know where/which is best certification online in USA ?

    May I have you suggstion? Thank you in Advance!

    Tory M

  8. Today I joined a gym. I will continue to lose weight (50 pounds so far). I hope to one day be reconciled with my wife. She currently hates me.

  9. I want to find a automation testing position to join a foreign company,so I begin learning the automation tool and script language,and learn oral English.I also learn Linux command and basic SQL .

  10. I should break these into smaller and many steps to finish,now I have not breaken them into smaller,so I feel I finish not very well,everyday have no plan.So I should take actions at once.

  11. Hi,
    Dis is Sidh hear planning to take in career in IT industry, to begin wid I would start my career in it as software testor not because it can be done by anyone but it requires certain skills like going in for details of things to be done by a testor. Basically what I have understood it as is it requires effects to understand what d job is about, what is require by the process & why d testor is required in d whole process. It makes very important that the work is done in particular manner prescribed by the vendor and in particular time frame with all d details for the product or services being testor by the Vendor. This also requires help of team of Developer & testor to give a successfull product or service to be tested or passed.

  12. Hi Vijay,

    I have been working in Manual Testing for 3 years.
    Want to learn Automation,so from were should i start using which tool, language?

    Also what are the additional skills needed for Security testers apart from basic skills?

  13. Hi,

    I have 5.6 years of experience in manual testing with domain experience on e-commerce, m-commerce,media and mining domain. Currently working as senior test engineer. Have basc knowledge of QTP. Would like o know what are the best possible career paths to choose. Do i need to go for any certification? Currently I am ISTQB certified. I have less programming exposure.

    Not sure whether to go on Quality Assurance, Software Business analyst, Testing, auditing or ITI.

    Please Suggest. Thank you.

  14. Hi, I want to learn SQL, how to start learning those there any specific link in this site and i want learn from basic..

  15. HI,
    I feel security testing is attractive nowadays and have passion towards professional hacking and social engineering. Anyone has suggestions to how to start this with.
    Currently I am a test Consusltant and have expertise in SQL injection and DWH tetsing

  16. I have undergone Selenium training. Training helps us in understand the concepts. So, i have started working on those concepts to get the practical experience of writing scripts.

  17. I have done Engg. from Electronics & communication in 2008 after that i have done lectureship at Engg. college now i want to start my carrier in IT field and i am also doing Testing certification course. please help me how to get jobs in Testing field.

  18. @ Tory
    You can take ISTQB certification. This is preferred by most of the US and UK employers. More details about it
    You can also read various posts under our certification category to get more idea:

    @ Mike V.
    That’s Awesome! I’m sure she will soon start loving you ;-)

    @ Binoy
    You should start with QTP and Selenium automation tools. For QTP you can take any professional course.
    security testing is itself a vast topic. From the QA perspective you can learn XSS, SQL injection, DB security methods and vulnerability scanning tools. Practicing security while learning is very important to learn security testing.

    @ Vinayak
    I would rather suggest to stick with testing and advance your skills. Other career path you mentioned are the best options but you will have a big learning curve for those. Finally it depends on your interest and area where you are passionate to work.

    @ Ravi
    Start with basic SQL commands. You can refer various tutorials on

  19. i have start to learn QTP now. i am working in manual testing now, good knowledge in sql. right now i am try to improve my communication skills.

    vijay i want to know i have goood experience in manual testing but i have not got any good offer right now. what i do now for getting good offer?

  20. In sql how DBA testing should be done……we want to test only the back end or want to write queries and from that want to test…….

    waiting for replay…

  21. Hi Vijay,
    I want to learn QTP.Can u let me know the best way to learn it.
    Also pls share any document for QTP which is good for beginners like me.

    Thanks in Advance!!

  22. Hi Vijay,

    I want to start preparing for ISTQB. Started reading the FL-syllabus pdf. I wanted to pass that mandatorily. Because i am doing it for myself. No company is paying me for that.. Please tell me some guidance.
    And thanks for this Great words posting here, and after reading this everybody will think it for a while and take the 1st step to achieve their goal.

  23. Thanks For providing us nice motivation, I am very impressed, now i am going to take the classes of QTP, will you please suggest me about good institute in Delhi


  24. i’m not into the software industry till now..i just completed my engg this yr ,going to join IT company on dec till then what i can learn utilising these free time…can anybody help me out??

  25. I am working in testing for past 6 months ,i don’t have any programing knowledge (i know the basics of C, C++ )Know i wanted to learn automation testing ,to learn automation testing what are the programing languages i should learn initially.

  26. hi i m planning my career in testing ….
    as i m 4m the science background…. let me know the scope of testing and the career prospective of testing ….
    can i build my career in testing
    kindly suggest me….

  27. The best step, i think, u took which results u within next 30 minutes that is posting such waste post and ask for others to comment on it so that u can make some money..ahhhh..take my comment and it will surely let u earn some more penny..

  28. apart from learning those concepts of testing i want to test a software practically….any one pls guide me to implement these testing concepts practically….bt my bad luk i don’t even have little idea abt thz..i’m a fresher to thz topic….plss any one hlp me…

  29. Sir, I have done my Engineering i.e B.E(Information Technology) from Mumbai University,India with I Class.I have 7 months of Website Maintainence Experience on Government’s Server(Not Pure Dvelopment,but Support & Enhancement of code).But I am not much interested in pure coding.Should I switch to Software Testing.Please guide.Awaiting reply at the earliest.

  30. You are realy great dude, till this time, I was wasting my time by gathering the notes for testing. But not started to use it in a way , that will nourish my carrer. You are a unknown well wisher… Thank you. I am planing to refresh my automation qualities, from today.


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