Software Testing Tips from the Game of Cards

Have you ever thought learning software testing from the game of cards? At least not me. But when our creative reader Malini emailed me to explain this idea to use cards to show how software testing can be learned through the game of cards, I am amazed to see the software testing knowledge I can get from these cards.

Basically, we have four different trump suits for you, namely:
Diamonds: For Yourself
Clubs: For Co-Tester you work with
Hearts: For New Tester
Spades: For QA Manager

(Each of the four suits is a different theme, and the software testing ideas get harder as you get towards the Ace)

You can select any trump suit applicable to you. Then read software testing tips from each card and ask yourself if you possess that skill or do you follow that software testing practice. If you have acquired that skill or follow the mentioned testing process then it’s your trump card. Count the number of trump cards from each suit you select. The number of trump cards you have, the more advanced you are in software testing field. You should have at least 10 trump cards from the suit you select to be considered advanced level tester.

You are free to select other trump suits as well. If you are a new tester, obviously you will select suit named “Hearts: For New Tester”. But go on exploring other suits as well and you will get the idea what other software testing skills you have, which software testing practices you follow and which skills you have to learn yet.

From each suit, you will get 13 valuable software testing tips that you should apply in your daily testing activities.

Here is the ranking of the cards
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J Q K A

Starting with the cards will have obviously simple testing skills/practices which gets harder as you get towards the Ace.

Click on your trump suit to get started:
Diamonds: For Yourself
Clubs: For Co-Tester you work with
Hearts: For New Tester
Spades: For QA Manager

So, what’s your score?

23 thoughts on “Software Testing Tips from the Game of Cards

  1. It’s a nifty idea, but I’m not sure all of the cards’ ‘skills’ are clear. For example what does “Hyper sensitive to little things” mean – should I be or shouldn’t I be? “Avoid making no assumptions in testing.” – this one really confused me. I’m always telling people to avoid interpetive testing (ie, make no assumptions and always ask if anything is ambiguous). I can’t tell if this card agrees with me or not.

    Good way to communicate ideas and give people directions to investigate though.

  2. great idea. got a score of 8 for New tester.
    lot of new terminologies..
    actually explored all the suits and seems long route for my testing career. :)

  3. Todd,

    Hyper sensitive to little things – We have to be sensitive to all nitty-gritty things when you test . Please let me know if you want to me to re-phrase it or if you have someother idea to add-in.

    Avoid making no assumptions in testing – Its my bad :(! It should be Avoid making assumptions in testing. Thanks!

  4. woww……thats a great idea. got a score of 9 for New tester.
    actually explored all the suits and seems long route for my testing career. :)
    Thank you for the tips.

  5. What is the purpose of the Clubs suite? Is it for assessment of team skills (or a team member)?

    If so, some of the tips listed under this suite seems more apt to be mandatory skills to be possessed individually (For Yourself).
    What do you say?

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  8. I belonged from Arts (MA) & also pursing MBA by correspondant. Currently working in non IT background, but intrested to do carrier in Software Testing.
    Please suggest to scope in Testing & it will affect as I have non IT back ground, also suggest me for payscale ????


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