Software Testing Questions and Answers Part 2

This tutorial is a part of the Software Testing Question and Answers series.

Here, you will see the answers to some of the reader’s questions that were addressed in the comments section. If you have queries on Software Testing, Quality Assurance or career in testing, then you can raise those questions in the comment section below.

It will not be possible to address each and every question in detail as the questions are on vast topics, for which detailed answers will be required in a new tutorial. This tutorial will answer such questions in brief here and will also write detailed articles separately if required.

Let’s get some questions answered here!

Software Testing Questions and Answers

Naresh A. asks:

“My past experience was related to “Test Engineer”. Recently I am appointed as Test Lead in a product based company. Currently, there is no pre-established testing process.  As a TL I am meant to define a standard process for the entire testing flow and I will maintain certain documents for each product.

Can you help me out in establishing a process for testing and let me know the entire responsibilities of the TL and what documents I am supposed to prepare and maintain?”

As a Team Leader, you are responsible for project planning, scheduling, communicating your project status to your manager and most important task of assigning and monitoring the project work. Your main responsibility is to build a team to achieve your project goals.

You need to focus on handling the challenges in your project so that your team and project will grow and perform well. As far as the standard testing process is considered, it depends on you – what procedure do you want to establish? Yes, some people might blame me for this point but I prefer to establish my own processes that work for me.

I don’t stick to those old process definitions that are written and managed in some ’90s and most of which might not be applicable nowadays.

The Test Lead is responsible for ensuring that project plan changes are incorporated into the Test Plan. You may write a Test Plan and Test strategy (in some cases it might be written by a senior test team member or even by project Test Manager). Ensure that the work is going according to this Test Plan. Identify the risks and try to mitigate them.

At the end of the project, the Testing Life Cycle ensures that all test objectives are accomplished and the acceptance criteria are met.

Few other responsibilities of a TL include Test Case Review, Requirements Validation, Monitoring the execution of Manual and Automated test cases, Preparing test summary reports and Communicating test status to seniors and preparing corresponding documents.

To know more on SQA processes read – “SQA Processes- How to Test complete Application“. Hope you had a good idea of the testing process and TL responsibilities from this answer.

Pavan Ankus asks:

“I am appearing for QA positions in the US. I would kindly request you to email me the suitably challenging situations in Manual Testing and also since I don’t have domain knowledge in Insurance, finance and other financial domain experience I am finding it hard to explain to the interviewer as an experienced person.

In this regard, I need your suitable answer as to how to face the interviewer?”

You will get this question in every testing interview – “Tell me about any challenging situation you faced in your previous projects or Tell me any bug that you feel proud to find it?”

The answer to these questions depends on your testing career. Almost every one of you might have faced many challenging situations where exceptional thinking is required to solve such problems.

We would suggest you to pick any such situation from your career and explain it in a better way. At least it should sound challenging ;-) This will help you to face further questions from the interviewer depending on your answer.

The broad challenges in Manual Testing are: How to ensure complete test coverage? Testing without an automation tool is itself a big challenge.

You can also explain non-technical challenges in Manual Testing like managing the testing work at critical times (Link to testing under a time limit) i.e. completing testing before the deadline and even the worst case if the deadline itself is not feasible.

Explaining a challenging bug you found in your career can also be a good answer to this question. For example, a bug that was difficult to find, reprove, or had a big impact on customer revenue, etc.

Pavan, since you mentioned that you don’t have knowledge in the banking and finance domain, what do you expect from yourself to give an answer to that? If you don’t have experience in banking and finance domain then do not put this as a skill in your resume just for the sake of matching your profile with the employer requirements.

If you really want to get into the testing of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) domain then first study this Domain. Know the basic concepts of the BFSI domain. See the resources that we have listed in the BFSI domain on our Resource page. Keep in mind that you can answer in detail about any question if you have worked on that.

Mitch asks:

“What is the best way to go about getting a pay rise? Are reporting and graphing bugs found compared to other team members a good idea?

Comparing the bug count with other team or team members is a very bad idea to ask for a pay rise. If you are working for the organization for a long time then your employer knows your value and importance in the organization. There is no need to show how your bug count graph is higher than your counterparts.

So what is the best way to ask for a good salary raise?

During your performance appraisal, you should be able to convince your reviewer how you worked hard for your organization, how you succeeded in managing difficult tasks and how you enhanced your skills to better match your current work profile. If you succeed in this negotiation then you will definitely get a good pay rise.

Other factors to consider while giving you a pay rise: Relevant Skills, Complexity of application you are working on, problem-solving skills, total and relevant experience, education and certifications.

Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below.

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  10. i am a fresher.i want the answer to one interview question which is “why hv u chosen testing as ur career?”

  11. i have around 3.11 years of experience in manual and over 6 months of experience in automation tool like qtp9.2 in Insurance domain. Now i am interested to appear certification for automation (TD, QC, QTP). Please guide me
    1. which exam i have to prepare for automation certification?
    2. from where i have to start my preparation?
    3. Which website i have to follow for exam pattern and mock test questions?
    4. is there any books or some other sources for the automation certification exam preparation

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    I am mathan now only i will join software testing course i am not having any experience in software field i am a 2008 batch Bsc.,CT………………..what i do how i will prepare to get a JOB IN software field

  13. Hi Pavitra #75

    Compliance testing means to test how compliance your system is i.e. to test is ur system is as per standard, convention and requirements or not.

  14. Hi Rajatha #240

    Version: Different requirements for one system are controled through version numbers to distinguish between requirements, where some changed/added requirements are maitained in the newer version.

    Release: Depeding upon the changed/ added requirements, the application may be delivered to QA side through different releases.

    Please make me correct, if i am wrong….


  15. Agree with prasad comment # 417.
    Adding to this: A Release may have No.of versions.

    Versions & Releases you may hear in Product based companies.

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    Am fresher for software testing field.
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    Q)Why ur preferring testing bt not the development as ur from Development(i.e Computer Science)?

    I answered Bt he didn’t get convinced…..

    please answer for this question as early as possible…

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    I am BE(TEXTILE) working as a Manger in SCM in TEXTILE ORGANISATION. Having 18 years experince. last 3 years i am in SAP-MDM team handling all end to end clearing &purifying of master data.
    Now at age of 42 can i change profile from Textile to SAP.
    Is it possible for me to get good start and perks with better future in SAP now……if yes ….pl guide on urgent basis.


  33. @Asha:- the same qus asked me in many interviews,& cracked the interviews.
    I answered this qus:- ” i having ability to think one step ahead than a developer, which is primary need for a testing i think while testing one should not concentrate on what a developer did,instead we should concentrate what’s he/she did not!!!!`

    May these above lines useful to u…
    Hope For The Best * All is Well

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    I got call for QA post in xxx comp, and currently i am wokring as soft. implemention engineer so i dont have as such any practicle exp. in testing but in sometimes i do testing in my comp accroding to situation . so now i want to make carrier in QA .as i already done that course b4 4 yrs so pls tell me how can i prepare myself for QA interview.

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    can u help me guys how to test a website which having huge influence of SEO..

    Pratap Gusain

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