Software testing interview questions Test manager Part I

Q Customer has reported severe defects in the Daily balance report. The customer

is unhappy that the problem is not fixed even after a week. What action you

as a PM will take to restore the confidence of customer and ensure that this will

not happen in future?


Conflict resolution – Get on your customer wavelength. Get the facts and ask

questions, get detail info and take notes listen carefully. Establish and initiate an

action program(admit error if it is there, negotiates satisfactory solution, state the

solution and get an agreement, take action and follow up with a customer). Finally,

establish proper daily problem review process to prevent such problems in future.

Q. It’s observed that the testers in your organization are performing tests on the

deliverable even after significant defects have been found. This has resulted

in unnecessary testing of little value because re-testing needs to be done

after defects have been rectified. You are the test manager and going to

update the test plan with recommendations on when to stop testing. List the

recommendations you are going to make.


Following steps need to be taken .

a) Acceptance criteria should tighten

b) Test cases should be re-evaluated (preferably peer review)

c) If possible more test cases should be added. With boundary value and

equivalence class partition cases.

d) More test cases with invalid condition should be added

e) Stop criteria needs to be modified

Q. You are newly appointed as a test lead in an organization which uses manual

testing. Your boss wants you to put forth three testing tools and their features

to create awareness about the testing tools in the top management. Suggest

any three testing tools for your test Environment and why do you suggest



The third question is very important one. You can write about test Director, Win

runner/Load runner, McCable or any other coverage tool. Test director is useful to

track defect. WR or LR to do functionality/Load testing, Coverage tool to check the

code coverage thereby helping in White box testing.

Q. You are working on a project, where the requirements change dynamically.

The data in the project comes from various ends (from various Platforms) and

are inter-dependent. You see this as a big risk in the project. How would you

plan accordingly?


Give a Plan which takes care of the risk and is identified in the Risk Areas. Say that

the testing scope would concentrate more on Data driven tests etc.