Software Testing is About Mind and Eyes, Not About Years of Experience!

In the software industry, we follow the hierarchy as:

Quality manager => Team Lead => Senior software tester => Software test engineer => Trainee.

Generally, as per the trend in India, the person who has the most experience will sit on top and the fresh graduate will sit at the bottom in the hierarchy. The only difference between the two is numbers of years of experience.

Do you think this is the right path to follow?

Undoubtedly, a person grows with time and effort and when it comes to domain knowledge; the more time spent on the specific domain

the better. But on the other hand, it should be coupled with fresh brains.

Software testing is not about the years you have spent while testing. It’s about how your mind instructs your eyes to look at the product. During my professional years, I have found that most of the time, a testing team, consisting of multiple trainees,  juniors and a couple of senior engineers works well and gives better output.

In the below table, I have tried to explain the co-relate approach of what the right tester should be. Please do not misunderstand.  I am not saying that people sitting in senior positions are not good (I too am one of them); with time, we all need to grow.

So go through the table and ask yourself where you fit. What is required to grow efficiently?

Approach to what a right tester should be:


Ultimately, software testing is not a job; it’s a process where everyone learns to analyze different things. Software test engineers with the right attitude and brain + eyes combination do not need experience; he needs an opportunity to jump in.

About the Author: Bhumika Mehta is a project lead, carrying 7 years of experience and working with Indusa Infotech. She is totally into testing and loves to test everything that exists. She appreciates good ideas, innovations, and risk. Of course, she hates monotonic work, people, and the environment.

All the best for your endeavours in software testing. Happy testing.