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With excellent response to the STH posts as always, we have decided to fill this place with more fun and help.

No matter, who you are – a senior quality manager or a fresher who has just joined the software testing industry, everyone wants (or I would say, loves) to work on exercises, to keep our brain working.

With that, if you get to communicate with fellow testers and if you get a platform to share ideas too, would there be anything greater than that?

Software Testing Exercises

Saying that we are announcing the brand new sub-section of STH – Software Testing Exercises. The purpose of this subsection is to provide our readers with an opportunity to test their analysis capabilities and thinking power.

We are planning to publish this kind of post once in a month to keep your brain active. I am sure you all will enjoy these exercises.

OK, I will not take long to introduce you to your first Software Testing exercise.

So, here is the first-ever kind of Software Testing Exercise. Grab a cup of coffee and get ready to participate, communicate and share. You need to leave your answers in a comment box and we will store them for future references for anyone.

Contest: To make this exercise even more exciting, we are giving away 3 copies of our premium eBook “Software Testing Career Package” FREE for those who will complete all exercises with maximum correct answers. :)

Exercise #1: Finding Defects

As a software tester, what do you do? Of course, testing the software, you would say………Okay, can you find out defects on the page shown below?

testing Exercise 1

Here is how you can judge yourself:

If you find:
0 – 4 defects => Poor
5 – 6 defects => Average
7 – 8 defects => Good
9 – 10 defects => Excellent
10+ defects => Best tester!

(Mind well, you are the judge and you need to count on valid defects)

Here is one example of a defect as a hint:

– Confirm password field does not show content in encrypted mode.

List all the other in the comments below.

Exercise #2: Writing Test Scenarios

We do not only test, but we also develop test scenarios too. There is a real-life scenario and you need to write test ideas for the same.

Again, we do not want a step-by-step procedure; we want ideas with a brief description.

Write test ideas for this Scenario: You are at the grocery store’s checkout counter. You have bought five items (x, y, z, a, and b). You make payment and move to the EXIT door.

Example Test ideas as a hint:

  1. If the checkout counter is humanless, scan all the five items, scan your card and make payment.
  2. The scanners should scan proper relevant information.

List all possible test scenarios in the comments below. You can also refer to this sample web application test scenarios article as well.

Exercise #3: Defect Reporting

As a tester, the best part of the job is to report defects. We would like to know how you would report the following defect (you can decide upon the fields you want to include while reporting the defect in the best way).

Write a detailed defect report for this sample defect: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

No hint here. :) Just write a good and complete defect report. If you need help check this post for a sample defect report and this post on how to write a good defect report.

Exercise #4: Providing Suggestions

Providing suggestions to improve quality or user experience is the extension of a Software Testing job. So why not try that? Can you tell us how user experience can be improved for the following sign-in page?

testing Exercise 2

Here is an example suggestion as a hint:

– Rather than asking the customer to select whether he is a new customer, the system should check the status of the customer based on the e-mail address or User ID he had provided.

Over to you:

I think that is it for the day. We are waiting for your answers and responses to our new little venture.

Your turn: Just put your answers for each exercise in the comments below.

Our answers: In this post, we have provided one hint answer for each exercise. We will also provide a list of all possible answers for these exercises this weekend. We will update this post with a link to the answers page.

Contest winners: Remember we will be also selecting 3 commentators with the best answers as winners for our premium software testing career package eBook giveaway.

Till then, Happy Testing and Happy Brain Exercising. :)

Thanks to STH team member Bhumika Mehta for helping us to create this awesome testing exercise for you!


Sample answers to these exercises:

The answers provided by readers in the comments are all awesome and will be helpful to everyone. We have also added some more sample answers to all 4 exercises.

=> Click here to see the sample answers to exercises #1.

Contest winners:

It took us a few hours to go through all these comments as all are quite extensive and interesting. You have many new things to learn and most importantly new ideas for testing. Selecting 3 winners was a really challenging task. Still to name we have selected following winners:

The winners:

  • Saiful (Comment #9)
  • Tonya Cole (Comment #40)
  • Dinesh (Comment #81)

If you are one of the winners, you will get an email from us soon with the premium eBook copy.
Congratulations to all the winners and readers who participated in this contest. We hope all our readers will learn many new practical testing skills and get ideas from these exercises.

All the best
Vijay and Bhumika

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  1. Exercise #1
    1. Title text is not showing proper.
    2. Mendatory mark (*) are missing for UserID.
    3. Mendatory mark (*) are missing for password.
    4. Mendatory mark (*) are missing for Confirm password.
    5. Mendatory mark (*) are missing for Email.
    6. Confirm password contant should be in encrypted format.
    7. Verification captcha code is not showing proper.
    8. Register button text should be in proper format (first letter should be capital OR test size should be simmiler.
    9. All text boxes should be in equal width size.

  2. Exercise – 1.

    1. Texture is different on title of the window.
    2. Registration Spelling incorrect in the title of the window.
    3. ‘g’ and ‘o’ appear to be cut in the registration spelling in the title of the window.
    4. Field name appears twice with same meaning i.e. choose username and enter userid.
    5. Same as 4th defect but for passowrd field.
    6. Dropdown field texture for country is different from other fields.
    7. Capthca not clearly visible.
    8. Edit box for captcha should be blank.
    9. ‘R’ should be in caps on Register button.
    10. All fields length should be same.
    11. Numbers in Name field.

    Exercise – 2.

    1. Scan all items at the counter,scan your card,make payment and exit.
    2.After scanning the card
    2a. If less money in the card,pay remaining by cash and exit
    2b. If less money and no cash,adjust your items as per available money and exit
    2c. If no money in the card and no cash, return all the items and exit
    3. In case of successfull payment take the bill and exit
    4. In case of non-issuance of bill, convince the shopkeeper to give the bill(funny but cant help).

    Exercise – 3.

    After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Steps To Reproduce:
    1. Open browser and open gmail link.
    2. Enter necessary details.
    3. Click on Sign In.
    4. Notice that incorrect page is opened.

    Actual Result – After logging into Gmail, it navigates to
    Expected Result – Correct page gets loaded.

    1. About the environment and other details.
    2. Provide Screenshot if any.

    Severity,Priority,Build etc and other details
    as per the defect tracking tool and our version of the application on which we are testing.

    Exercise – 4.

    1. Asking questions like what is your email-id ? etc not necessary.
    2. Forgot Password ? instead of Forgotten your Password ?
    3. “Sign-In” instead of “Sign-In using our secure server” as by default secure servers should be used for login.
    4. Field names like Email-Id and Password instead of “My email address is” etc.
    5. No radio buttons on Sign-In page.

  3. Exercise 1:

    1-Title should be set properly as “New Registration”
    2-“Enter user id” should be placed instead of “Choose USer id”
    3-“Enter Password” should be placed instead of “Password”
    4-“Enter User ID” is not requiered to display
    5-“Enter password” is not required to display
    6-Confirm password field should be Encrypted
    7-In the name field, Special characters “.” is not allowed to enter
    8-Example email address should be placed as a place holder in Email field.
    9-Country dropdown should display “Select country” value
    10-Registration button have some UI issue

  4. ex2

    1 take each product from basket
    2 scan each product from scanner
    3 scanner should scan correct price and other details
    4 calculate correct total price
    5 produce the correct billing
    6 check the credit card
    7 accept money and return the remaining
    8 packed all products and exit

  5. 1. Exercise #1:

    1. The name of the form “New Registration” is not clear enough.
    2. There are 2 field names for user ID and Password.
    3. Entering 2 different names using “and”.
    4. The first character of the password field overlaps the border of the input field.
    5. There is no reset button for the verification number if the user has to choose a different verification code.
    6. The “register” button has the name with a different font sizes. The “r” is bigger than the rest of the characters.

  6. ex3

    Bug name: navigate to after logging in to gmail
    bug id:01
    assigned to: ABC
    created by: suru
    created on Aug 26,2014
    reason: defect
    status: new/open/active (depend on testing tool)
    environment: win7
    description: After logging in to gmail account,it navigates to
    steps to reproduce:
    1 open
    2 enter your username & password
    3 click sign-in button
    4 it navigates to google .com

    expected result: it should open my email account after sign in

  7. Exercise # 4:

    1. A help text could be given for each of the fields. For Ex: give a help text like “” in grey within the email id field.
    2. As soon as the user is in the Sign in page, set focus on to the first field so that the user does not have to take the mouse pointer to that field.
    3. The email field name can either be a question or a 2-3 words field name like “Enter Email ID”.

  8. Exercise 1:

    1-Title should be set properly as “New Registration”
    2-“Enter user id” should be placed instead of “Choose USer id”
    3-“Enter Password” should be placed instead of “Password”
    4-“Enter User ID” is not requiered to display
    5-“Enter password” is not required to display
    6-Confirm password field should be Encrypted
    7-In the name field, Special characters “.” is not allowed to enter
    8-Example email address should be placed as a place holder in Email field.
    9-Country dropdown should display “Select country” value
    10-Capcha field should be Blank
    11-Registration button have some UI issue
    12-R of teh registration should be capital

    Exercise 2:

    Check that all the items have scan bar
    check taht all the items scanned properly
    Check that if all items are exists in inventory
    check that amount are matched for all items with the database
    check that if the quantity gets changed, It gets updated fine on bill
    check that scanners works
    check that card has enough amount to be paid
    check that after payment , Amount has deducted from your card
    Check that when amount deducted from card, It gets updated in the inventory database
    Check that invoice ae properly updated after making payment.

    Exercise 3:

    Bug summary: When logging into Gmail, It navigates to

    Bug Description: When user login in to gmail with valid user id and password, It takes user to the page instead of redirecting to the gmail page.

    Bug status: New

    Bug Priority: High

    Bug Severity: Critical

    Steps to reproduce:
    1-Go to
    2-Click on signin button:
    3-Enter user id and password
    4-Click on Login button

    Expected Result:
    User should be redirected to Gmail inbox page

    Actual Result:
    It navigates to page

    Exercise 4:

    1-Instead of using twice Email address, Label should only be “Email Address”
    2-Instead of using long phrase, Label should only be “Password”
    3-For new users, there should be a button “New customer signup”
    4-Fields lenght should be same
    5-Sign in button lenght should be small

  9. Ex1
    1. User ID field does not recognise entered data
    2. Password field does not recognise entered data
    3. Confirm password not encrypted
    4. Name field accept special chars and numeric(it should only accept alphabetic)
    5. Required fields not marked with a red asterisk
    6. Email validation message not appropriate
    7. Verification number is not visible(there should be and option to request another one)
    8. Validation error messages are in different colors

  10. Ex1:
    1. “New Registration” Spelling Mistake
    2. Color of the heading is not proper
    3. Choose User ID shouldn’t be there
    4. Enter User ID should be the field label and should be prefix of the text field
    5. Password is not needed
    6. Enter Password should be the filed label and should be prefix of the text box
    7. Confirm Password field value is not encrypted
    8. Country drop down field border is not alligned with other fields borders
    9. Verification number is not clear
    10. Verification field should not be pre populated
    11. Register button should be near the text field of verification number text box
    12. Register field label should have the first letter as Capital R
    13. Mandatory fields are not informed to the user
    14. Requires verification. will not be published meaning is not clear to the user
    15. Allignment of the text fields is not even

  11. Exercise #1: Finding Defects
    These defects are written with the assumption that user clicked “Register” button after providing the values (as shown in the screenshot)
    The title of the form is not correctly displayed.
    No consistency in the background color of the title bar
    User should be notified about the mandatory fields (by providing an asterisk (*) against the mandatory fields)
    Validation messages are not proper – For example: “Enter User ID” shown against the “Choose User ID” field, should be displayed only if the user skips this field. But, here, some value is entered in the field. So, if some rules exist for choosing the “User ID”, and the entered value doesn’t adhere to those rules, then that should be displayed as a validation message, instead of the message shown. Same is the case with “Password” field
    The value entered in the “Confirm Password” field should be in encrypted form
    The validation message provided when user skipped the Email field should be changed to “Email Verification Required. Your email address will not be published”
    Captcha is not clearly visible to the user
    Full stop after the validation message provided for captcha should be avoided
    The caption provided for the Register button should start with “R” (caps)
    The labels used in the form should be more user-friendly (e.g. Select Country)

    Exercise #2: Writing Test Scenarios
    Scenario for self-checkout (payment by cash)
    (1) Bring the items to the self-checkout machine ? (2) Press the start button on the touch screen ? (3) Select the language of your choice ? (4) Take the first item from the shopping cart? (5) scan its bar code (Make sure that the item is scanned – listen for a beep sound) ? (6) Remove the scanned item from the scale and place it onto the bagging platform ? (7) Take the next item from the cart and repeat steps 5 & 6 ? (8) Perform step 7 for the remaining items in the cart ? (9) Press the “Finish Checkout” button ? (10) Pay the cash by inserting the coins and paper money in appropriate slots ? (12) Take the receipt along with your change (if any)

    Exercise #3: Defect Reporting
    Summary: User is navigated to google search page, on signing into his/her Gmail account
    Priority: High
    Reporter: xxx
    Reported On: YYYY-MM-DD
    Assignee: xxx
    Description: On providing the Gmail login credentials to access the Inbox, user is not taken to the Inbox; instead he is directed to the google search page.
    Test Steps:
    • Type the URL: in the address bar of the browser
    • Enter email and password in the respective fields & click the “Sign In” button
    Expected Result:
    User should be directed to his Inbox
    Actual Result:
    User is directed to the google search page
    Additional Information:
    Environment :

    Exercise #4: Providing suggestions
    The interface could be a little more attractive (for example: The area where the text “Sign In” is displayed, could use a different back ground color than the rest of the area.)
    Instead of “What is your email address”, the label could be changed to “Email address”. Also, “My e-mail address is” could be removed. Just a label “Email address” and a text box (for entering the email) would be enough
    The “Do you have password” section can be taken out. Instead it would be better to provide a label “Password:” and a text box for entering the password
    The link “Forgotten your password?” can be changed to “Forgot password?” This can be placed just below the text box for entering the password
    A check box “keep me signed in” can be provided
    The caption of the button could be changed from “Sign in using our secure server” to “Sign In”
    The labels “Email Address” & “Password” should be properly aligned to the left
    The text fields, the check box field, and the “Sign In” button should be aligned in a straight line

  12. Exercise 1:
    1. Page header – New Registration is misspelled

    2. Page header – background color is not uniform

    3. Confirm password is not encrypted

    4. Verification number is unreadable

    5. Register button is not formatted properly – r in different font, size and small letter

    6. Enter user if and enter password is not needed – if required, should be placed as tool tip or soft text

    7. Name should be broken into first name and last name

    8. Choose user Id should be displayed as user Id to align with formatting with other fields

    9. Refresh option for verification number should be provided for session time out and non-readable cases.

    10. Background color around register button is not uniform
    11. The ‘country’ dropdown is prefilled with India, it should either be blank or display Select
    12. No fields are marked mandatory
    13. Instruction provided for email field is displayed in red color which gives an impression of error message
    14. Spacing between “Choose User Id” and “Password” is fields is more than rest of the fields on page. It makes the page look less neat
    15. Indentation of Country dropdown is not aligned to label.

  13. Defects:Exercise #1:

    1) Lable on top “New Registratio” should be be “New Registration”.
    2) User ID field should be alphanumric currently its shows special characters.
    3) After User ID textfield there should no lable again “Enter User ID”.
    4) After password textfield there should not lable again”Enter Password”.
    5) Name field should be alphanumric currently its shows special characters.
    6) COnfirm password should be hidden from end user.
    7) Captcha text not showing proper.
    8) “Register” button lable font design should be proper.
    9) Fields “USer ID”,”Password”,”Confirm Password”,Name,”Email” should have max character limit.
    10) On top blue color strip shows 2 different color pattern.
    11) Need to remove lots of blanck space between lables and their textfields.
    12) proper css not applied on textfield.
    13) Need colon after each lable on registration form.
    14) “Register” button alignment not proper.
    15) Verification number contains pre filled character “r”.

  14. Ex2
    1. Scan all five items and pay
    2. The scanner should read the barcodes per unit item
    3. The counter should receive the prices of all five items from scanner and calculate the total amount
    3. If paid in cash the counter machine should calculate the amount paid and check if theres a change or not
    4. The counter should produce a slip with all items per unit price and the total cost

  15. Exercise #1

    1. New Registration spelling is not clear.
    2. Background color
    3. It should not be Choose User Id. It can be User ID.
    4. _in the User Id text box is overlapping with the text box
    5. * is overlapping with the text box for password field
    6. Confirm password should not text.
    7.Email field is empty. should throw correct exception if it is left blnak.
    8. Verification number is not clear
    9. Background color for the verification text is not clear
    10.’r’ is typed by default in the verification text box.
    11. ‘r’ should be capital for Registration button.
    12. As per my knowledge “&” should not be used for user Id

    Excercise #3

    Issue Type: Bug
    Issue ID: 001(Auto Generated)
    Summary: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to
    Priority: High
    Severity: High
    Reported in Version: Version1.0
    Issue source: Adhoc
    Component Level: Login Module
    Environment Details: Browser:Chrome 26

    Steps to reproduce
    1. Open the url( in the browser
    2. Enter user name (xyz)
    3. Enter Password (abc)
    4. Click on Login. and observe the page.

    Expected Result: Gmail login page should be displayed

    Unexpected Result: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to Attached screenshot “abc.png”

    Excercise #4

    1. Instead of using “What is your e-mail address?” we can use ” Enter e-mail Address”
    2. We can have “Enter Password” instead of having different options.
    3. Simply it could be Sign In.
    4. Instead of having “Forgotten your password?” it can be “Forgot Password”
    5. We can add Company logos.

  16. Exercise 1:
    1. Page header – New Registration is misspelled

    2. Page header – background color is not uniform

    3. Confirm password is not encrypted

    4. Verification number is unreadable

    5. Register button is not formatted properly – r in different font, size and small letter

    6. Enter user if and enter password is not needed – if required, should be placed as tool tip or soft text

    7. Name should be broken into first name and last name

    8. Choose user Id should be displayed as user Id to align with formatting with other fields

    9. Refresh option for verification number should be provided for session time out and non-readable cases.

    10. Background color around register button is not uniform

    11. The ‘country’ dropdown is prefilled with India, it should either be blank or display Select

    12. No fields are marked mandatory

    13. Instruction provided for email field is displayed in red color which gives an impression of error message

    14. Spacing between “Choose User Id” and “Password” is fields is more than rest of the fields on page. It makes the page look less neat

    15. Indentation of Country dropdown is not aligned to label.

  17. Exercise 2:
    Assumption scenario 1: checkout counter is human operated or human less
    Test case –
    Scenario 1: all 5 items are scanned
    Scenario 2: information required for billing is scanned accurately
    Scenario 3: Cost of all 5 items is scanned as per price tags
    Scenario 4: discounts if any are made and final billing price is calculated accurately
    Scenario 5: customer (myself) is asked for payment method – card or cash
    Scenario 6: If the customer chooses to pay by card, verify that the card is swiped and card reader accepts the card
    Scenario 7: If the customer chooses to pay by card and the card reader accepts the card, verify that customer is asked to enter PIN number if prompted by reader
    Scenario 8: While making payment via card, verify that the PIN number if entered is correct and payment is done successfully
    Scenario 9: In case of payment via card, verify that 2 copies of bill are generated – Merchant copy and customer copy
    Scenario 10: In case of payment via card, verify that the customer signs the merchant copy of bill
    Scenario 11: In case of payment via card, verify that the customer is handed over the customer copy of bill
    Scenario 12: If the customer chooses to pay by cash, verify that the customer gives cash to the counter
    Scenario 13: In case of payment by cash, verify that the balance amount if any from paid cash is returned back to customer
    Scenario 14: In case of payment by cash, verify that the bill is generated and handed over to customer
    Scenario 15: Verify that the bill thus generated has all the scanned details of all 5 items purchased.
    Scenario 16: All five items are handed over to customer
    Scenario 17: Customer is able to identify the exit door
    Scenario 18: Customer is not able to exit the store if payment is not completed
    Scenario 19: After successful payment, customer is able to exit the door

    Assumption scenario 2: checkout counter is human less
    Test case –
    Scenario 1: The scanner is easy to use
    Scenario 2: All instructions are clearly mentioned on the scanner
    Scenario 3: All operation buttons/tabs are working as expected on the scanner

  18. Exercise 3:

    Defect ID: Defect#***
    Defect Summary: User is navigated to upon logging in
    Severity: High
    Priority: High
    Reproducible: Yes
    Defect Type: Functionality Issue
    Defect Reason: To be updated by developer
    Assigned to:
    Status: Open
    Description: User is navigated to upon logging in instead of his/her gmail inbox

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open the browser- Firfox or Chrome or IE Or Safari
    2. Browse to
    3. Enter Username
    4. Enter Password
    5. Click on Enter

    Expected Result:
    User should be navigated to his/her Gmail inbox

    Actual Result: After clicking the enter button navigates to
    Refer Word document attached for detailed steps and actual results

    Detected by: Amita
    Team: QC Team
    Detected on: 26 Aug 2014
    Detected in release: Release1
    Detected in cycle: Cycle1
    Target Release: Release1
    Target cycle: Cycle2

  19. Exercise 4:
    1. “Forgot Password” should be used instead of “Forgotten your password”
    2. User name should be used in place of e-mail address. Email address can be used as tool tip or soft text
    3. System should straight away ask for user name and password and a separate link should be provided for new users
    4. “Sign In” is enough for the button, “Using our secure server is not needed”
    5. A check box to remember password/stay sign in should be placed
    6. Forgot User name link can also be provided
    7. Font size of all labels should ne same

  20. Exercise #1: Finding defects
    1.Spell error in the Title(It should be as New Registration)
    2.Enter User ID label is not required(Since it is New Registration)
    3.Enter Password is is not required(Since it is New Registration)
    4.Label Password should be as create a Password
    5.Confirm password field should be Masked or it should be in(Encrypted mode)
    6.Issue with Email help text and its color, It should state as (Required for verification. Will not be published) and it should not be Red in color.
    7.Country drop down is not adjacent to its label
    8.Verification number is in unreadable format
    9.Verification input field already filled with the character “r”
    10.Initial cap issue with register button, it should be as Register.
    11.Register button is not aligned properly
    12.There should be a Gender label and it should have its corresponding drop down.

    Exercise #2: Writing test scenarios
    1.Scanners should work properly
    2.scan the products individually, it should recognize the product details and should show the correct price of the product.
    3.Print the bill receipt with tax
    4.check the receipt,if the bill amount is correct.
    5.Check the mode of payment for the shop
    a.If card accepts(check the card is valid or not)
    b.Check if only bill amount has been deduced from the account if you pay through the card
    c.If it cash(check the cash with fake money detector machine)
    6.check all the items are received by you
    7.Theft detecting machine should be at the exit door
    8.A person should be available at exit door with bill scanner device to scan the bills.

    Exercise #3: Defect reporting
    Bug ID:STH001
    Bug Description: After logging into Gmail, it redirects to the
    Version number: Version 10.11
    Severity: HIGH
    Priority: HIGH
    Assigned to: XXX
    Reported By: YYY
    Reported On: 26/08/2014
    Status: Open
    Reproducable: Yes

    Steps To Reproduce:
    Description:After entering the user name and Password and clicking on submit it navigates to

    1.)Enter the URL “” in the browser and Press Enter key
    2.)Enter the valid user name and password
    3.) Click on Sign in button and observe.

    Expected Result: It should direct to Gmail inbox screen
    Actual Result: It is navigating to the

    Exercise #4: Providing suggestions
    1.Email address should be validate and it should check the database whether it is registered email or not.

    a. If it is registered email-id then it should automatically switch to password field.
    b. If it is Not registered e-mail then switch to No,Iam a New customer.and it should leads to sign up page.

    2.we can remove the question tags such as what is your e-mail address?,Do you have password?(since it is sign in page)

    3.We can have the place holder’s or water mark instead of labels.

    4.Better We can have text above the sign in button like(sign in using our secure server).

  21. ex 4
    we can make it more user-friendly amd qualitative by:

    instead of asking ‘do you have email id’ just put the ’email address’ in label and in the text box we can put watermark text of valid email structure ( so it look tidier and also easy for user guidance.
    For password,instead of asking to the user, there should written just ‘password’ and a guidance or hint can be put there at right hand side of textbox like (password should be 8 character long etc)..
    then at after sign in button, there also should keep ‘New User?’ and after that put ‘Register’ link, so that if user is new he can click on register link rather than that confusing question ‘do you have pwd or not?’ instead system should check status of customer based on e-mail address he had provided.

  22. Hi,
    Thank you for testing our skills, It is a nice article.

    Exercise: 1
    1. Heading name (New registration) is not displaying clearly.
    2. Background color is not display proper.
    3. Should display correct label name as “Enter user id”
    4. In below the password text box display the message (“Password length is min and max 6 characters”)
    5. Confirm password field text box currently shows as input type text, It must be input type password.
    6. Capthca code is not readable it must be readable to user.
    7. It must be display the Captcha code refresh button to generate new code.
    8. Register button text should be proper and readable to user.
    9. Register button should be properly aligned to form.
    10.Name and Email id text fields should display at the top of the password fields.
    11. Country label and drop down field is not alignment properly with country labels.
    12. The name text field should not accept the numbers.
    13. It should display the same gap between the Choose User id field and Password Label same as below fields.
    14. Registration button should display in large size.

    Exercise 2:
    ? Customer collect the x,y,z,a and b items, check correct price and barcode is available in all those products. Go to checkout counter,
    ? If a counter is human less then scan all products separately with price, If offers is available in any one Items then calculate products total price and offer price, check payment card type, swap the card, enter transaction amount, enter transaction security code, check transaction amount and offer amount, click on pay button, receive payment confirmation receipt, check total amount and deducted amount, collect receipt and exit door code number, push exit door,
    ? If cash counter is with human then, submit five items to the cash counter.
    ? Cashier enter the items price and calculate total amount and weight of Items (if offer is available on Items, enter offer price) and again calculate total price,
    ? Customer calculates items price and offer price (if available), pay amount and collect and check total amount and items price on receipt. And exit to door.

    Exercise: 3
    Bug Id: 0001
    Reporter: Tester A
    Assigned To: Developer A
    Reported date: dd-mm-yyyy
    Priority: High
    Severity: High
    Status: New
    Platform: Window 7
    Release Version: Release version 1.0
    Description: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Step to reproduce:
    1. Launch a Gmail link with compatible browsers.
    2. Click on Sign in button in link, Gmail login window screen is appeared.
    3. Enter a valid login credentials.
    4. Click on SIGN IN button,

    Expected Result: User successfully logged in to the Gmail account page should be appeared a logged in user Inbox page.
    Actual Result: After successfully logged in to the user, currently page is redirect to the Google Account.

    Exercise: 4
    ? For new user by entering new email id, when he select the “No, I am a new customer.” Radio button, it should disable the password field and must appear a new user registration form.
    ? For new user by entering new email id, when he select the “No, I am a new customer.” Radio button, it should disable the password field and must display the SING UP button beside of the ‘No, I am a new customer label

  23. Regarding question marks display in above comments
    I am entering a dash(-) sign for the points but it is display as question marks in the given comments,so please consider it as a points while reading.


  24. First Ans.

    1 “New Registration” is not properly visible and background is diferent.

    2 Instead of writing “Choose user name” It should be “User ID”. All heading should be in same format if we are writng Email, Country, Name, password then should write User ID

    3 There is no tooltip or help sign on the rigth side of input fields. Text description is not correct.

    4 Confirm password input field is not correctly validated. It is accepting numeric or special characters.

    5 There is no indication for required fields.

    6 By default country list box is showing India, If we are not tracking the location then there should be no sselected country by defalut .

    7 Captche field is not visible and there is no audio and refresh sign there

    8 Captche input field is showing “r” by default it should be blank.

    9 “r” in register button is in small letter it should be in capital and the button is not properly visible and the foramting is also not gud , not user friendly.

    10 Register button should be in next row with sufficient space from the last field.

    11 Formation issue in input fields. i.e background color, size, spacing in between, text formting, border formating


    Second Ans

    1 Check scanner is working properly or not. i.e scanning the items twice
    2 Check invoice is printing with all ht informations or not.
    3 Check offers are applying correctly or not.
    4 Check the scanner the taking the cards details correctly or not.
    5 Ceck the corect amount is taking from the card or not.
    6 Check the card details are printing on the invoice or not.
    7. Check calculation in invoice is correct or not.


    Third Ans

    Bug Name: Gmail login page redirect to on clicking the login button while login to the gmail account

    Bug Id:

    Serverity: HIGH
    Priority: HIGH
    Assigned to: Developer- X
    Reported By: LATA
    Reported on: 26-Aug-2014
    Reson: Defect
    Status: New
    Environment: Windows 8, Firefox 31.0

    Description: After clicking on the login button into gmail login account page, it navigates to

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1 Open firefox browser.
    2 Navigate to
    3 Filled correct username and password.
    4 Clicked in “Sign in” button.
    5 Browser navigate to


    Fourth Ans

    1 No need to write”what is your e-mail address?”.
    2 It has to be E-mail instead of “My e-mail address is”
    3 After the E-mail field there should be password field. No need to ask “Do you have password?”
    4 Instead of writing “Sign in using our secure server” it shoud be “Sign in”
    5 After the “Sign in” button there should be New User and Forget password options.
    6 Color combination is not correct.

  25. Contest 1.

    1. Look and Feel is not good because the Title “New Registration” is not displayed correct.

    2.Prioritisation of text fields is not correct as email then password and confirm password text fields should be there.

    3.No requirement for Enter password and Enter user-ID label.

    4.No Requirement of filled .

    5. Verification Number itself not visible properly .

    6.Instead of using label for Password and choose user-id .. there should be error message displayed when wrong password entered and user id is not filled.

    7.The name of button register should be with ‘r’ caps.

    8.Size of button ssould not be this much small and same for all Labels.

    9.There should be cancel button , back button options , which are not present here.

    10. There should be more text field for gathering the information .. As this is the Registration page .

    11.On the same page there should be a link for terms and conditions so that before registration we can come to know about terms and conditions.

    12. The space between User id and password and bettwen rest all fields is unequal . The look and feel should be best as many end users start usnig apps for this one reason.

    13.The place rewarded to Register button is also not correct it should be in last not in left right side and should be very clear.

    14. As one will click on county dropdown list, dropdown list will cover othe option that is again not a correct thi g . Country option should be placed on side so that it do not give a odd look as well as do not cover other option.

    15. In Country Dropdown list -select country- should always be displayed as default value not India.


  26. So here’s my input for exercise #1:

    1. The header text is incorrectly written
    2. The header colour is displaced
    3. “choose user ID” and “Enter password” strings to the right of the input boxes are redundant
    4. The encrypted password input text is displaced from input field
    5. Confirm password input text is not encrypted
    6. “REquires for verification(…)” string to the right of user email address input field is incorrectly spelled. It should be written as “Required for verification(…)”
    7. Inconsistency between “Country” dropdown menu horizontal alignment with “Country” string and the other user text input fields adn their respective description strings
    8. “Please enter verification number exactly as shown in left.” string is incomplete and incorrectly written
    9. Verification number input field contains an input by default
    10. Bad display of register button label text

    This could also be an issue but I chose not to mention it per-se as filtered user credential input could be company proprietary, but:
    11. User id string can only contain letters(upper and lower case, and numbers) no special characters.

    AGAIN, this could or could not be an issue, depending on company policy regarding user accounts. Please reply!

  27. Excerise 1:

    1. New Registration label is not visible properly and background color also different.

    2. Enter User ID and Enter Password labels are not required and should be displayed as tool tip

    3. All the lables should be displayed with intial caps (User Id renamed as “User ID”)

    4. Mandatory symbol and Mandatory alerts should be displayed for mandatory fields.

    5. Captcha image is not visible properly.

    6. Register button is not proper (“r” should be changed as “R)

    7. “Name” text field should not allow special characters.

    9. Confirm Password should be displayed in the encrypted format.

    10. Captcha should not allow to enter alphanumeric characters.

    11. All the text boxes and drop down box should be displayed in same size

    12 Gaps between fields should be same

    13. User Id should not allow to enter special characters and white spaces except underscore.

    14. Country drop down should be displayed as “Select” by default.

    15. System should display “Refresh” button to generate a new captcha.

    16. Border should be same for all the fields (“Text box” displayed with gray border whereas “drop down” displayed with black)

    17. “Requires Verification. Will not be published” has spelling mistakes.

    18. “Requires Verification.Will not be published” and “Please enter the verification number exactly as shown in left” should be displayed as tool tip and labels should be displayed in same format.

    19. Labels should be displayed in Bold format.

    Excerise 2:

    1. Verify whether scanners are working properly.

    2. Verify whether scanners are capable to capture all the bar codes.

    3. Verify whether all the products are contain bar codes

    4. Verify whether Product name , quantity and price are scanned correctly.

    5. Verify whether Total Count and Sum are calcuated correctly.

    6. Verify whether printer is working properly.

    7. Verify whether the customer able to make payment using cash.

    8. Verify whether the customer able to make payment using card and also verify POS device working or not.

    9. Verify whether customers redeem points added properly. If he is a new customer then Customer registration page should be displayed

    10. Verify whether customer able to exit.

    Excerise 3:

    Write detailed defect report for this sample defect: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Defect Id : 1001 (Auto generated)

    Level Of Testing : SIT

    Logged Date : 26-AUg-2014

    Test Case Id : SIT_GMAIL_001

    Requirement ID : GMail_1001

    Module Name : GMail LOgin

    Defect Desc : After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Steps To Reproduce :
    1. Open Login Page
    2. Enter Valid User Name and Password
    3. Click on “Login”
    4. Verify the page is navigated to

    Build Version : Build 1001

    Attachment :Screen Shots & Logs attached

    Release Tag : Release_UAT_24_Aug_2014

    Environment : Windows 8, Browser Version Chrome 36

    Severity :Show Stopper

    Priority : High

    Status : New

    Defect Category : Functional

    Defect Type : Incorrect

    Defect Cause : Deviation from Specification

    Defect Source : Construction

    Tester Name : XXX

    Assigned To : YYY

    Resoulation Date :

    Remarks :

    Excerise 4:

    Providing Suggestions

    1. “What is your e-mail address?” label is not required

    2. “My e-mail address is” is renamed as “Login ID”

    3. “Do you have password”, “No I am a New user” and “Yes I have a password” labels are not required

    4. System should not ask new user or existing user instead of that should display “Create Account” button for New User Registration Page

    5. “Yes I have a Password” should be renamed as “Password”

    6. “Sign-in using our secure server” should be renamed as “Sign-in”

    7. System should display “Stay Signed in” check box

    8. System should display “Need Help” link

    9. “Forgetten Password” should be renamed as “Forget Password”.

    10. System should display logo at the top.

  28. @ All Participants,

    Thanks a lot for overwhelming response from everyone. We are glad that we as a community were able to generate the idea bank and now we need to deposit our ideas every now and then.

    Thanks again.


  29. 1. User ID should not contains special characters
    2. Confirm Password should not be displayed in encrypted mode
    3. Field Name should not contain dots(.) and keywords like”and” and digits
    4. Field Name should have specific length
    5. Email should be entered in specific format(
    6. Captcha should be clear so human can read and enter value
    7. Button “register”-fonts are not same
    8. Next to password text”weak,strong,very strong” must be displayed as per entered password
    9. fired validation message is not proper for “Choose User Id” and “Password” field
    10.Once user clicks on register button Email should sent on mentioned Email ID If entered Email ID is proper
    11.Text ” Requires Verification. will not be published” must not be in “Red” Color.It should be in black color.
    12 Validation must be fired in red color
    13.Validation must be fired as per text entered in text box
    14 Validation message fired for password field though value entered.
    15. Word ” Registration” – Text Cutting
    16. New Registration- Throughout background is not same
    17. New Registration- N missing in spelling
    18. All Fields(in our scenario Field name) length must be specified
    19. UI is not proper ( i.e. BG of Header and Body)

  30. Exercise #1:
    1. Typo of the page ‘New Registration’ should be readable propely.

    2. Label should be ‘User Id’ instead of ‘Choose User Id’.

    3. Background color of New Registration should be Unique throughout whole line.

    4. Confirm Password characters should be encrypted.

    5. “Enter User ID” and “Enter Password” should not needed. It should pop-up after validation fires.

    6. For more usablity, it is better to have same length of text box.

    7. “(Requires Verification. Will not be published)” should not be in Red text. As Red text is preferable for validation message.

    8. Beside Email Textbox, there should be “Varification Required”. no need to mention “Will not be published.” It doesn’t have meaning over there.

    9. Country label and dropdown menu should properly aligned.

    10. Background of dropdown menu should be White for better consistency.

    11. Captch should be readable properly.

    12. fiiled character ‘r’ in Captch textbox.

    13. ‘r’ in Register button label should be in caps like ‘Register’.

    14. “Register” button should be in new line. In short, Button position should be such that it can easily eye captured by user.

    Exercise #2:

    1. Scan all items sequencially. and wait for scanner output.

    2. Provide 5 items but making payment through Cash.

    3. Scanner scanning the all items.

    4. Swip the card but no balance then what is output of scanner.

    5. Swip card and check the accumulate of items.

    6. Aftering swiping card and click on payment, verify the amount deducted from account.

    7. Scan the item but not displaying in PC screen.

    8. while swipping the card, showing invalid card error.

    Exercise #3:

    Reported on: 26/08/2014 6:55 pm

    Modified on: –

    Product: Gmail

    OS: Windows

    Bug Id: BUG_Login_001

    Bug Status: Confirmed


    In “Login” Module, when entered proper login details and click on ‘Log In’ button, it should navigate to Gmail Inbox page instead of ‘’

    Priority: High

    Severity: Critical (because it don’t work as it should be and blocking further features)

    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Open the browser. (Ex. firefox, chrome)
    2. Enter the URL in address bar.
    3. After loading Gmail home page, Enter correct username and password.
    Input Data:
    Password: 123456
    4. Click on ‘Sign in’ button located below password field.
    5. After clicking ‘Sign In’ button, observe the page navigation.

    Attachment: Two Screenshot in which one is filled with login details and second with next page navigation.

    Reporter: RushiSK

    Assigned To: xyz

    Exercise #4:

    1. Here focus is on email address, then better to write Email address.

    2. Inline varification of mail is good to know current or new customer.

    3. “Sign In” label should be in different color.

    4. It will be better to write Email address only instead of ‘My e-mail address is’.

    5. It seems, it is for Some Secure Server sign in page, then no need to write questions, instead of just two labels “Email Address” and “Password” with text box and password box will be better.

    6. For new customer, provide ‘Guest User’ link will be more good.

    7. Both Email and Password box should be of same size for better look and feel.

    8. Link title should be ‘Forget your Password?’ instead of ‘Forgotten your password?’

    9. There should be Logo or Name of organization which uses Secure Server Sign In.

  31. Exercise #1:

    1. New Registration title is not display properly
    2. Back ground Color flickering in Registration header
    3. “Enter user id” text is not required
    4. “Enter password” text is not required
    5. Confirm password field not showing content in encrypted format
    6. Email field required field Validation message is not proper and rendering on form load
    7. Country field render with pre selected country
    8. Captch code is not Readable
    9. Captch code field is prefilled with r
    10. Register button not display properly
    11. Register button caption should be “Register” instead of “register”

    Exercise #2:

    1. If the checkout counter is human less, scan all the five items, scan your card and make payment.
    2. The scanners should scan proper relevant information.
    3. Click on check out button it should be ask for payment details
    4. Select payment option card payment
    5. Then scanner should be scan proper relevant information of card
    6. On successful payment it should be generate payment invoice
    7. The payment should be made only on invoice amount
    8. Cart payment fail invoice will not be generate and redirect to payment page option
    9. Pay cash the payment should be update successfully and invoice should be generate
    10. Total should be tally with invoice and card payment
    11. Tally item qty and item total
    12. Invoice should be generate after successfully card payment

    Exercise #3:

    Project Name: Gmail
    Defect id: 111
    Defect summary: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Steps to reproduce issue
    Step1: Launch site
    Step2: Login window, insert valid Email id and password
    Step3 Click on login button
    Actual Result: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

    Expected Result: After logging into Gmail, user should be logged in successfully and redirect to Inbox list

    Defect severity: H
    Reported by: xxx
    Assign to: xyz
    Release details
    Status: Confirmed (depend on person who is logged defect)
    Exercise #4:

    1. System should render password field if user is already register otherwise display register button option to new user
    2. If user is already register only display password field along with forgot password link
    3. Instead of asking what is your email address question? Only user field caption Email same for password
    4. Use short caption for sign in button

  32. Exercise #1: Finding defects

    1. Header is cutting off, g is cutting and n is not showing.
    2. There should be ” : ” after every label.
    3. Label is wrong as “Choose User Id” as its box to enter

    User ID. If its choose User Id then it should either combo or

    list to choose from.
    4. Label “Choose User Id” should be better as “Choose User

    5. Side content “Enter User ID” should be better as either

    place holder or toolip.
    6. Side content “Enter Password” should be better as either

    place holder or tooltip.
    7. Content enter for Password is very much touch to left,

    there should be space little before content.
    8. Confirm Password should be encrypted too.
    9. Name should be label as Full Name instead.
    10. Content under name should be with “…” at the end if

    lenght is big.
    11. Email instruction is wrongly Sentence, It should be

    “Requires verification and will not be published.”
    12. Country combo shouldn’t be transparent. Also better to

    have values in CAPS.
    13. Captcha is not clear/proper.
    14. Captcha instruction should be “Please enter the

    verification number in below box exactly as shown in left

    side Image.
    15. “R” should be capital in “Register” button and if

    possible then with shortcut key (R) underlined as (Alt+R).
    16. There should be (*) sign for mandatory items.

    Exercise #2: Writing test scenarios
    (considering everything as automated system)

    1. To check that all items having barcode labled or not.
    2. To check the barcode scanner is working properly or not.
    3. To check all the items barcode are being scanned or not.
    4. To check if it allow to accept the item without barcode

    and by just entering number or not.
    5. To check all the items necessary information/details are

    scanning properly and coming to system or not.
    6. To check the total bill amount is calculating correctly or

    7. To check the card scanner is working properly or not.
    8. To check if it allow to accept the card without scanning

    and by just entering number or not.
    9. To check your card is being scanned and recognize the

    information or not.
    10. To check that payment option is working or not.
    11. To check that after payment its printing receipt or not.
    12. To check if receipt is showing all necessary details

    along with card information and payment information or not.
    13. To check that printed receipt is able to scanner through

    Exit door or not (so that it confirmed that all items payment

    has been made)
    14. To check that is there any way to enter receipt at exit

    door if scanner at door is not working to exit you.

    Exercise #3: Defect reporting

    Bug Id: 100

    Description : After logging into Gmail, it navigates to


    Version: 1.0

    Severity : Critical

    Priority : High

    Reproducible : Yes

    Steps : 1. Open URL
    2. Click on Sign In link
    3. Enter your email and password.
    3. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button
    4. It is redirected to (instead of gmail)

    Attachment: Screen1.jpg

    Status : OPEN

    Resolution: Assigned

    Date Reported : 08/27/2014

    Reported By : ABC

    Date Modified: 08/27/2014

    Modified By : PQR

    Assigned To : XYZ

    Remarks/comments: Tested on IE and Chrome.

    Exercise #4: Providing suggestions

    1. Business Logo should be available at login page.
    2. Label should be simple text. For Example: E-mail and Password.
    3. Extra information in BLACK label should be either as place holder or tool-tip.
    4. Option for New and Existing customer should be first and based on selection it will follow further. For New customer it should open registration form and for existing it should ask for E-mail and Password.
    5. While entering email system should verify the customer if its not exist then directly move to registration else ask for password.
    6. Better to have Sign-Up option as seperate link. so that over here it will just simple asking for e-mail and password.
    7. Sign in button should be labeled as “Sign In” only with tool-tip saying “It will sign in you using our secure server”

  33. -Exercises:1 Finding defects

    1) In header part of form Colors should be proper(Bule background and Blue font color is not seems good)
    2) Spell mistake should not be there in word ‘Registration’ in header part.
    3) Lable ‘Choose User Id should not be there(As there is no dropdownlist)
    4) If User ID is mandatory then “Enter User ID”(validation message) lable should be in Red font and it should be display once focus comes to next text box.
    5)Same for Password field.
    6)Conform password field values should be encrypted(With required field validation message)
    7)For name there should be validation message for Alphabets values only.
    8)Captch image quality(Style) should be good.
    9)There should be option for Refresh captcha.
    10)Help message for Captch input should be proper.
    11)”Register” Button should be on proper place.
    12)Label message for button should be visibel properly.

    -Exercises:2 Test scenarios

    1)Verify that check out counter is with human
    2)Verify that each product has barcode label.
    3)Verify thet Barcode reader reads valid values of produce.
    4)Verify that software calculates valid total of all selected product values.
    5)Verify that user has Valid bank Debit card.
    6)Verify that user should have minimum balance equal to total amount of all choosen product.
    7)Verify that user has entered valid password otherwise there should be valid worning message.
    8)Verify that Paymet system not publish any confidential information about user.
    9)Verify that Payment system should collect only requested amount(equal to total amount of all 5 products).

    -Exercises:3 Bug Reporting

    Bug Id: 01

    Objective : After logged in to Gmail user should be redirect to Inbox page of Gmail.

    Version: 1.0

    Severity : Critical

    Priority : High

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Open URL
    2. Click on Sign In link
    3. Enter your email and password.
    4. Click on the ‘Sign in’ button
    5. It is redirected to (instead of gmail)

    Attachment:Bug_ Screen1.png

    Status : OPEN

    Date Reported : 08/27/2014

    Reported By : RJP

    Assigned To : JTA

    -Exercises:4 : Suggestions

    1)Instead of “My e-mail address is” lable it should be like simply “Email”
    2)Instead of two different radio button for two different types of users(with password and With no password)
    3)There should be one email address field
    4)There should be one password field.
    5)There should be one link for new members which will redirect on new registration page
    6)After logged in to Gmail user should be redirect to Inbox page of Gmail.utton text should be simple “Sign in”
    7)There should be anothe button to cancle action(“CANCLE” button)
    8)No any Lable is requird like “What is your email address?”.

  34. 1 Name field wants to be on the head
    2 Then there should be Enter Email id
    3 Then field of User Id
    4 The label wants to be Re-enter Password insist of Confirm password
    5 Confirm Password field should not display the entered password
    6 Name field should not be numeric or alphanumeric
    7 Email fields label want to be required for verifation
    8 On form there has been said please enter the verification number exactly shown on left but in the verification field there is character
    9 In left box for verification number the numbers are not in completly visible mode.
    10 There is no any mandatory field displayed
    11 The caption of the form is New Registratio
    12 There is no any button to Reset the form
    13 There is no need of displaying label after text field like enter password insist that use the tooltip
    14 Text on the button should be Register

  35. Exercise 2

    1 The scanner should scan the exact 5 items not more or not less than it.
    2 The scanner should scan the prize of exact items and should calculate it correctly
    3 If any item is expired then it should consider for any billing
    4 Going to pay by card then check that card is going to be accepted

    Exercise 3

    Defect Id- 1521

    Description – After entering the email id for logging in to gmail then it redirects the page on insist of opening the gmail account.

    Objective – login to the gmail account

    Version – 1.0.1

    Severity – High

    Priority – High

    Assigned to – Abc

    Reported by – tester1

    Date – 26 – 8 – 2014

    Valid/Invalid – Valid

    Environment – Windows 7 , 2.62Ghz

    Browser – Mozilla Firefox , Google chrome

    Steps –
    1 Open the browser
    2 Enter the Url
    3 Enter the User name and Password
    4 Click on the Sign In

    Expected Result –
    After entering the valid username and password then it should open the desired gmail account

    Actual Result –
    While entering the username and password then it redirects the gmail page on the

    Exercise 4

    1 Insist of My email address is there should Email id
    2 System should autometically check that the user is new or existing
    3 If new then there should be separate link for Sign In
    4 Simply put the button sign In
    5 If it is existing user then it should display email id field , Password Sign In button and Forgotten password link.

  36. (1) word “Registration” is not properly visible on page header.
    (2) There is some issue with css design of page header. It is not looking good.
    (3) “Choose User Id” is not required to mention.
    (4) User Id should be given as name and we should provide label in the text box in grayed out format.
    (5) Enter Password is not required on the right side of the password text box.
    (6) Confirm password data should be shown in encrypted format.
    (7) help text for email is not mentioned properly.
    (8) captcha is not visible properly.
    (9) There should be strength shown for the password field(Low,medium,strong).
    (10) There should be some guidelines for entering password format(for ex. 8-10 char. 0-9 digit,a-z char.)
    (11) Label size for country dropdown is not matching with textbox size.
    (12) There is no feature provided to refresh the captcha if someone wants to generate different captcha.
    (13) first letter in register button should be renamed as “R”.
    (14) Register button should be center aligned.
    (15) captcha text should be provided in the middle just below all the details and label for the same should be given as captcha in the left pane.

  37. Exercise 1:
    1. New Registration – ‘g’ is not visible completely. Spelling mistake. ‘n’ is not displayed.
    2. Mandatory mark(*) is not displayed for mandatory fields.
    3. User ID – should not allow special characters.
    4. Confirm password – is not in encrypted format.
    5. Name – should not allow special characters and digits.
    6. Email – ‘Requires verification…’ text is not understandable.
    7. Captcha – is not visible correctly.
    8. Place of Register button is not correct as it leads to confusion.
    9. register button – r looks different and R should be capital.
    9. No reset button in the page.
    10. Enter user id and Enter password messages are displayed only for user id and password — leads to inconsistency.

  38. Exercise 1: Defects:

    1-Registration spelling at top of page
    2-confirm password textbox showing characters should be showing encrypted text
    3-Name textbox containig numbers
    4-captcha not showing numbers correctly
    5-captcha box should only allow numbers to be entered
    6-Register button having small r in spelling
    7-Register button should come at bottom of form instead of right bottom
    8-User Id should be in capital
    9-Two blue color scheme coming at top of page
    10-country dropdown defaulting to india it should let the user select a value
    11-requires verification text coming in red, if its an error message coming before form being submitted

    Exercise 2: Scenarios:

    1-check if scan machine is on
    2-scan each item x,y,z,a & b one by one
    3-scanner should be scanning bar code properly
    4-correct item information to be displayed
    5-correct invoice to be printed
    6-correct invoice with correct item info and item list

    Exercise 3: Defect Report

    Bug Name: Application navigating to when after logging into gmail
    Bug ID: bug track tool id e.g [ISSUE-101]
    Area Path: User sign in > Gmail
    Build Number: Version Number 4.0.1
    Severity: HIGH
    Priority: HIGH
    Assigned to: Developer-X
    Reported By: Zain
    Reported On: 07-09-2014
    Reason: Defect
    Status: New

    Application navigating to when logging into gmail

    Steps To Reproduce:
    1) navigate to login page of gmail
    2) enter email address and passworn
    3) click sign in button
    4) navigated to
    5) See the attached logs for more information (Attach more logs related to bug..IF any)
    6) And also see the attached screenshot of the error page.

    Exercise 4: Suggestions

    -There should be just one Sign In section
    -Password box should be right after email address box
    -No, I am new customer should be a link, instead of radio buttons
    -Sign In button should display sign in text

  39. 1) Exercise 1
    1 title spelling
    2 choose user id *(from where to choose?)
    3 confirm password not encrypted
    4 Register button: cases not maintained
    5 capcha not clearly visible
    6 enter user id, enter password : tool tips but visible without hovering over textbox
    7 no cancel button available
    8 close button is not available to form
    9 for name . should not be allowed (validation)
    10 mandatory fields should be marked with *

    2) Exercise 2

    1 hold the item near the scanner and scan items one by one 5 items
    IF the barcode on the item is not getting traced by the scanner find out the correct barcode and enter in billing system manually to get it added into invoice.
    2 make the total of the 5 items prices
    3 add the charges of polythin bag in the bill amount if required print the bill
    4 scan the debit/credit card through machine collect the card with us
    5 enter the correct password go next
    6 2 payment receipts will be printed. make sure that the correct amount has been deducted through ur account
    7 make a signature on one bill and return and keep the other one for own reference
    8 get the bill copy attested
    9 collect the items in carrybag
    10 move towards exit counter
    11 show the bill to security and move towards exit door
    12 leave the mall place.

    3) Exercise 3
    Defect id summary Explanation Status Sevierity 1 After logging

    Summary : AFter logging into gmail it navigates to
    Explanation : Prerequisit : Valid gmail credentials should be available
    Steps to reproduce
    1. Navigate to gmail url
    2. enter valid username
    3 enter valid password for the username
    4 click on login button and observe
    Expected result :
    after clicking on login button user should be navigated to correct gmail account
    Actual result
    user gets navigated to after clicking on login button
    Defect snaps : login.docx
    status : new
    sevierity : high
    assigned to : abc

    4) Exercise 4
    1 you can provide close button to form
    2 you can provide cancel button on the form
    3 there should be once space between password and :

  40. 1)Spelling mistake in title New Registration
    2)Choose user id has to be replaced by enter user Id
    3)Enter user id text after choose user id text box has to be removed
    4)Enter password text has to be removed followed by password text box.
    5)confirm password has to be encrypted
    6)Name text box should accept only alphabets
    7)First name and last name field has to be added instead of name field.
    8)verification number is not readable
    9)Recaptcha button has to be added
    10)first letter in register button should be replaced with capital R
    11)reduce R font size
    12)text after email text box has to be corrected(Requires for verification.Will not be published)
    13)Mandatory field has to be marked with * symbol.

  41. 1. Form title bar background color is not uniform.
    2. The title text “Registration” was spelling mistake.
    3. The form controls alignment not uniform. The controls size should be unique.
    4. The form controls should be align properly like Name, Email, Country, User Id, Password, Confirm password
    5. The user Id label should be “User Id”. Remove choose user ID.
    6. The user id field was filled. The Validation message “Enter user Id” displayed wrong.
    7. The password field was filled. The Validation message “Enter password” displayed wrong.
    8. The confirm password should be encrypted.
    9. Message in Email field should display as “Required for verification purpose only, It will not be published”
    10. Email address validation should be needed.
    11. Captcha is not clear.
    12. Verification number contains pre filled character. Remove prefilled characters.
    13. Register button is not aligned properly.
    14. Register button label should start with capital letter “R”.
    15. The compulsory fields should be marked with “*” symbol.

  42. 1)New Registration Text is mispelled
    2)Background Colour Title is not matching
    3)User id should not accept special characters
    4)Enter userid text in Right hand side of choose userid is not needed
    5)Enter password text in Right hand side of password field is not necessary
    6)Confirm password field must be Encrypted
    7)Country field should have default text like Select Your Country
    8)Verification code should be fully visible
    9)Verification code text box should not contain any default values
    10)Improper case of Text used in Register button
    11)Country field label and dropdown box should be aligned properly

  43. Exercise #1:
    1 –> User Id Entered By User still displaying message (Enter user id)
    2 –> User Id validation message should be in Red color.
    3 –> Password Entered by user still displaying message (Enter password)
    4 –> Password validation message should be in Red color
    5 –> Top of the page in Registration g and o or not properly printed and n is missing at the end of registration word
    6 –> name field should not accept numbers and dots
    7 –> Top of the page heading part showing two different colors.
    8 –> In country drop down background is not white
    9 –> Verification code is not visible properly
    10 –>Verification code validation message should not be in black color
    11 –> In Register button “R” is not in capital letter also button text is not properly visible to user
    12 –> Country drop down border is different than other fields
    13 –> Displayed Email id validation message is not related (it should be enter u r email id)

    Exercise #2:

    1 –> Verify the expiry date and quantity of the items and pay the cash by hand (cash counter and cash collector should be there in cash counter)
    2 –> Verify the expiry date and quantity of the items and pay the cash through Credit card/debit card (Credit card /debit card payment should be available and payment gateway should be proper)
    3 –> Verify the expiry date and quantity of the items and pay the cash through invalid credit/debit card (debit/credit card payment should not process the bad request)

    Exercise #3:

    TESTED ON : 07/12/2014
    1 -> Enter URL of Gmail on browser
    2 -> It opens Gmail login page
    3 -> Enter user id and password given in test data
    4 -> Click on login button
    5 -> It should Redirect to Gmail home page but it was redirecting to ” ” page .
    Exercise #4:

    1 –> Instead of question and label to “Enter your mail id “ only one label is sufficient
    2 –> Yes I have password is not required
    3 –> Sign in itself a button in that other button is not required
    4 –> Do you have pass word is not required “forgot password is sufficient”
    5 –> password field should contain label not radio buttons
    6 –> New customer should be a link not radio button
    7 –> Text box and label should be aligned properly
    8 –> Sign in should be aligned Center

  44. Exercise 1:
    TC 1: Chosse user id is wrong.
    TC 2 : Enter User Id Id misplaced.
    TC 3: Id Entered is using Punctuate mark.
    TC 4: Page title not Clear.
    TC 5 :Enter Password Is Misplaced.
    TC 6: Password Not Contain Required Mark *
    TC 7: Confirm Pwd is visible.
    TC 8: Name Not contain Required Mark*
    TC 9: Name Taking Dots too
    TC 10: Email Not contain Required Mark*
    TC 11: Code image not clear.
    TC 12: Code must contain Redo button.
    TC 13 : Register button is not on position.
    TC 14: Register button not spelled correct.

  45. Compliance with industry standards isn t something you can build in later–it s part of the entire software development lifecycle.See a complete cycle on a Development Testing Platform with an emphasis on meeting compliance requirements for embedded systems.


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