Test Your Analysis Capabilities and Thinking Power – Software Testing Exercises (Part 2)

Update: Sample answers link added in the end for these exercises.

After an overwhelming response to the first Software Testing exercise, we are encouraged to make it happen again. The ideas shared during the previous exercise, the enthusiasm seen to participate and the promise made to come back have inspired us to present the second exercise.

What do you need to do?
Read all the exercises and put your answers for each in a comment section.

Entry-level candidates – Those who always complain that they don’t have practical experience in this field can start with these small exercises. Similar kind of work you will be doing on a real job. I am sure these exercises will help you a lot in your career.

Software Testing Exercises

Experienced professionals – please take part in these exercises to share your expertise, so others can learn from your experience.

So………. Fun time starts again. :)

Grab your cup of coffee, prepare your mind to brainstorm and get ready to participate.

Software Testing Exercises

Exercise #1) Bug Hunting

One of the trainee developers has developed a text pad kind of application. Below is one of the screenshots of the application. Can you list out bugs/issues, which the trainee developer should take care of?

testing qa exercise 2

Sample Answer as a hint:

The name of the application does not appear in Title space.

Exercise #2) Think Testing

Food for the brain – you need to think now, really. :)

We are living in the Eco Era, right? Our question is also related to Green Product –

How would you test a 5 kg capacity grocery shopping paper bag?

Very simple? Start writing up your test ideas in terms of Test Scenarios.

Let’s see. :)

Sample Answer as a hint:

I would put 5KG package rice in it and will try to accommodate a 150 gm biscuit packet too as I do not have another bag to put the biscuit packet. Will like to see whether the paper bag (whose capacity is 5 kg) able to carry just extra weight till I travel for 10 minutes?

Exercise #3) Show Defect Reporting Skills

Defect reporting for the following issue –

Requirement: After registering to the site – example.com, a new user receives an e-mail, which contains a link to reset the default set password.

Issue: When the user registers via mobile, he receives the e-mail two times.

Log a defect report for this issue with all required defect report fields.

Exercise #4) Role Of An End-User

As a tester, we do not test the application product. We do play the role of an end-user. We do try to generate real-time scenarios where the end-user might not behave the way they are expected…..how the product would respond, that is what we test.

Let’s reverse the process to a small degree –

As an end-user, how would you like to modify the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) so that it can be more beneficial? Don’t provide just ideas, provide relevant reasons too.

Sample Answer as a hint:

I would suggest removing “the cash withdrawal default setting” at the end of the transaction as most of the time, we do not want to set the same cash every time and so we do not like to set it. It unnecessarily wastes time where you have to push NO and will have to wait for the debit card.

Over to you:

As usual, share your answers for exercises in the comments. We will highlight a few best answers with the commenter’s name.

Our answers: We have provided one sample answer as a hint with these exercises. We will also provide the list of all possible answers for these exercises after 2 days. We will update this post with a link to the answers page.

Please try to attend all the exercises and provide all the answers in a single comment.

Thanks to STH team member Bhumika M. for helping us prepare these questionnaires for the exercise.

Waiting for your responses as usual. :)


Sample answers added to these exercises:

The answers provided by readers in the comments are all awesome and will be helpful to everyone. We have also added some more sample answers to these exercises.

=> Click here to check sample answers to exercises #2.

Happy Testing :)

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  1. Exercise #1 Answer:
    – No need for the page title to be all on upper cae letter
    – The icons of “Close/Min/ Max” not clear
    – Formate is important to be exist to have more font options
    – The page seem to not be resizable
    – More option is needed under Edit

  2. Exercise #2 Answer:
    – Put 5 KG capacity thing on the bag for long time
    – Carry the bag with 5 KG capacity to check easy use
    – Run with carrying the 5 KG capacity bag
    – Try putting diferrence things which all are 5 KG capacity

  3. Exercise #3 Answer:
    Bug Subject/Description: After register to the website from mobile the user receives the e-mail to reset the default password for two times.
    Module Name: Registration
    Release No.: 0.0.1
    Reported Date: DD/MM/YYYY
    Assignee To : Developer X
    Severity: Major
    Periority: 2
    1- Type The website URL on your browser on your mobile and go
    2- Press the “Registration” button
    3- Enter all required date
    4- Press “Submit”
    5- Open the email you register with to check the mail for reset password

    Actual Result:
    The user which register via email received two emails to reset password

    Expected Result:
    The new register user via email shoyld receive only one email to reset the password


  4. 1. Need to highlight selelcted tool bar
    2. Close window and maximise window are cropped
    3. No minimise window button available
    3. Can provide shortcuts for cut, copy, paste
    Design issues
    4. improper outlines (corners does touch),
    5. Outline above tool bar is not straight
    6. Outline in grey is not complete

  5. Exercise #1
    1. Need to highlight selelcted tool bar
    2. Close window and maximise window are cropped
    3. No minimise window button available
    3. Can provide shortcuts for cut, copy, paste
    Design issues
    4. improper outlines (corners does touch),
    5. Outline above tool bar is not straight
    6. Outline in grey is not complete

  6. 1.Horizontal scroll bar is missing
    2.When “Copy” option is shown as active(highlighted), even “Cut” option needs to be shown as active(highlighted) .
    i.e Highlighting the options has to have a correct logic.

  7. Exercise #2 Answer
    – Verify the size of paper bag .
    – Put the things in a bag above,exact and less than 5 KG.
    – Logo/Name of shopping center on a bag (If require)
    – Verify Bag is packed properly at bottom or not
    – check Handel rope is properly tie or not
    – Check for Quality of paper used

  8. 1. Resolution is not proper
    2. minimize,maximize & close buttons are not clearly seen
    3. Edit menu should be highlighted
    4.Shortcut keys not provided for all the option in drop down list
    5. Default Paste option should be highlighted instead of Copy

  9. 1. Grey BG layout is not properly resized
    2. Options like cut, copy, paste are having different
    colors. ideally they should be same(black or grey)
    3. Short cut texts alignment
    4. highlight the selected menu
    5. lines are not uniform
    6. can add multiple options in edit menu
    7. need to add maximize option
    8. right hand tabs are cutting

  10. Exercise 2 Answer

    1.How easy and practical it is to use like the shape,dimensions and handle design
    2.Test by carrying a load with different textures, sizes,shapes
    3.Test by spilling a little liquid from a bottle

  11. 1- user controls on upper right are cropped, pulldown selection source not indicated, scrollbar and position indicators missing. Size, alignment line issues all over.
    2- let x be the number of minutes the bag is used.
    If the bag has handles, let y be the number of times they ate twisted or pulled diagonally during the expected life of the bag.
    Set up test fixtures for the target (required) weight, and 3-4 weights above, and below the target weight at intervals of 10%.(A total of 7-9 test fixtures). Put the bags through physical tests for the times and conditions defined at and at intervals above x and y. Display test results graphically.
    4- create a graphical indication of the transaction progress, where steps change to green, perhaps a thin bar on the right side of the UI. Until the user has taken all machine outputs, the machine has accepted all user inputs, and the user has declined another transaction, at least one step is still yellow. This prevents the user from leaving their card, receipt, money, deposit, or the UI vulnerable.

  12. Nice stuff Vijay :-) Here are my answers for the first question:

    The trainee developer has created a text pad kind of application. So what would you compare it with? Textpad/Notepad itself. Here are some of the things he/she can improve:

    1. The title – From what it looks, “PAGE 1” might be the default name for a new note. It’s fine to use it, but may be we could add something like “Page 1 – “?
    2. The window control buttons – they look cut off and the UI is not consistent. It is normally 3 buttons – Minimize, Maximize/Restore and Close.
    3. It is not clear which menu is active. If it is supposed to be edit, the menu could have been moved a bit towards the right – so that it looks like originating from the “Edit” Menu, and highlight it.
    4. Undo – it is usually Ctrl + Z. Textpad/Notepad users are used to that shortcut. It could create a problem if the new application tries to change that. There is a learning curve.
    5. Usually there is a Redo option after Undo – Ctrl + Y key short cut can be provided for it.
    6. Keyboard shortcuts are missing for Cut/Copy/Paste
    7. Not sure why “Copy” looks enabled and “Cut” looks disabled.
    8. Delete option missing in Menu, there can also be Select All, Find Next etc – compare with mainstream editors if the Developer wants it to be a competing product.
    9. Can improve the overall look and feel of the window – provide sharp/rounded edges.

  13. Exercise #1.
    1.Minimize option is missing.
    2. restore down and close options are not displaying properly.
    3. Borders are not finish well.(GUI bug)
    4. Active tab should be different w.r.t non active tab.
    5. Drop down window has unfinished and non -required lines.
    6. Application icon is missing.
    7.Can also provide the short cut option for
    cut,copy ,paste else have “—-” in short cut place.

    1. bag should not be very thin so that it can hold the items in it.
    2.There should be holder place to hold the bag.
    3.While carrying the bag with 5kg items in it it should not be torn from place holder due to item weight.
    4.Bag holder length should not be too long so that it touch the ground.
    5. Bag holder should comfortable for fingers w,r,t, 5 kg weight.
    6. For how long the bag could hold the 5 kg weight. (in terms of walking with items)
    7. Testing the bag for different items weight (5kg).eg. 5 ltrs oil or 5 kg of biscuits means testing how bag is handling the weight pressues of different-2 item.
    8.Holding the bag with running motor cycle.

    Exersice #3.

    BUG ID : 001
    MODULE NAME:Registration
    BUG TYPE :Functionality.
    BUG SUMMARY: Receving activation link twice.
    BUG DESCRIPTION:while user access the application through mobile ,user received activation link twice .
    TEST ENVIRONMENT: Opera, Safari,chrome,Nozilla.
    1.Enter the URL of the application in address bar of the browser.
    2. click on the registration link.
    3.providing credentials details in related form field and click on sign up button.
    4. Login into register email to reset password.
    EXPECTED RESULT: User should get the single mail in inbox with activation link.
    ACTUAL RESULT:User is getting activation mail twice.

  14. Exercise#1: Bug Hunting
    1. Application name missing in title,
    2. Minimize/Maximize button and Close button are not visible clearly
    3. Undo shorcut is not standard (ctrl+z) one
    4. For cut/Copy/Paste do not have the shortcut
    5. Cut is disbaled, if copy is enabled then it should also enable
    6. Selected Menu is not highlighted so we are not sure which menu item has these options
    7. The Borders of the Window/Page are proper
    8. Menu is not displayed completly

    Exercise#2: Think Testing
    1.First I Put the 1 kg item and test whether it can hold or not
    2. I will put exactly 5 kg bag and try to hold the bag for 10-30 mns and see will it be in same state or not
    3. I will put 5 kg and another 100 gms item and verify the capacity of the bag

    Exercise#3: Show Defect Reporting Skills
    Defect Report:

    Summary: New user registration using mobile, got the email for twice to reset the default password.
    Type: Bug
    Version: xX.X.X.x
    Severity: High
    Occurence: Always

    Description/Steps to Reproduce:
    1.Open the mobile phone and make sure the internet is connected in mobile
    2.Open a web browser and type the url example.com
    3.Click New User link (Link for new user registration)
    4.Enter the details for all required fields
    5.Click Sumbit button
    6. Open Email of the user which is filled in registration form
    7. Observed two emails from the example.com website to reset the default password

    Exercise#4:Role of an End user:
    1. I would like to not to display the promotion options at the end of the transaction completed. (User has to wait till he respond to that question and then only he will get the card back)
    2. If pirnt paper is not there there should not be any options whether to continue the transaction or not for withdrawl options (If the print option is not then also he can draw the money)
    3. If the cash is not present then it should display the message to the user if he choose the cash withdrwal option (It will save a lot of time and trails of users)

  15. 1. Close/Min buttons are not aligned properly.
    2. In Edit Drop-Down short-cut keys text is seen with different font style & Size.
    3. The Edit Drop-Down should not seen as Greyed at left hand side completely.
    4. Short-Cut keys text alignment is not proper.
    5. At right hand side Scroll bar should not be seen, because it is no use.
    6. Spaces between text & + symbol is not consistent for short cut keys.
    7. Menu Title is not highlighted, when user select any menu in the menu bar.
    8. Border Space is not consistent, seen with different space.
    9. For menu bar padding is not proper.
    10. For edit drop-down proper border should be provided.
    11. After Help menu seen as blurred.
    12. For Edit drop down partition lines is not consistent.

  16. 1.

    1 The name of the application should not be on title bar
    2 The shortcut for undo should be ctrl+z
    3 There should be shortcut available for each submenu
    4 The pad is blank therefore copy submenu should be in disable state
    5 There is no any option available for minimize or maximize the application
    6 Clicked menu is not highlighted
    7 The background is not aligned properly

  17. Exercise 3:
    Bug Description: Password reset e-mail received twice even-though user register once

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Open the any browser in mobile device.
    2. In Address bar type URL as http://www.example.com
    3. The specified URL page will display
    4. Now register with necessary details.
    5. Now check the email.

    Present Observation:
    Password reset e-mail received twice even-though user register once

    Expected Behavior:
    Password reset e-mail should receive only once when user register for once

    1. This issue regarding received email when register through mobile.
    2. Refer the attached screen shots/video.

  18. From users view:
    Exercise #4:
    1) “Print Receipt” option can be removed, Instead it should send Sms/Email with same details as of receipt on registered mobile/Email-id, It will help us to save paper(environment) time & Cost
    (CONDITION: All the Users have mobile phones & Mobile literate)

    2) It can show some default amount list with check-box beside the Enter Amount option, so that user can directly select one option as required & proceed instead pressing digits, which can save lot of time.
    If user need some other amount than default list can proceed as usual.

    3) Instead of asking every time users withdrawal Account Type i.e. “Saving or Current” machine should read it from inserted debit card.

  19. Ex#1
    1. CTRL+E usually is not for UNDO action;
    2. If Copy is enabled, Cut should be enabled too;
    3. If there is no symbols on the sheet (could be hidden by menu item), Cut and Copy should be disabled and Paste enabled;
    4. Cut, Copy and Paste miss keyboard shortcuts descriptions;
    5. It would be good to have Delete function in the list;
    6. it is not indicated which menu item store functions list, we should guess it is Edit. Should me marked.
    7. Button to minimize window is missing;
    8. The line Under the header is not aligned in one row, although I think is is just screen preparation error :)
    9. Grey line on the left hand side on the opend list is also drawn with break;
    10. There could be a need of horizontal scrollbar;

    1. Put things of 5.5 kg and take up the bag to see if the handhold doesn’t broke;
    2. put into the bag a big teddy bear, who weight 4kg and also 3-4 boxes with sharp angles, 3 Chuppa-chups, which total wight <1kg. See if bag won't be broken;
    3. put into the bag beads, which diameter ~0.05 cm, total weight <5kg. To see if the bottom of the bag has no holes.
    4. Put milk, ice-cream (or something more from fridge) which total waste < 5kg. Take it to home for about 30 min. See if the bag won't burst.
    5. Forget (ok put in :)) badly closed drink bottle, see if drink will stay in the bag or will start to leak;
    6. Bury the bag and check has it disintegrated after 6 months.
    7. Put <5kg. grocery and make a hard shake on the bag holding on handhold for 10 min. See it will survive :)
    8. put grocery <5 kg and pull the handholders into different sides for 5 min. to see the bag doesn't break.

    Enter example.com on the mobile phone browser;
    After site is opened, find registration form and fill all mandatory fields.
    Accept registration;
    Check e-mail, same which was entered on registration form.
    There are 2 e-mails for password reset, although only one expected.
    Additional comments:
    If registartion is done on PC, only one mail is received.

    1. It could default 3-4 different amounts of cash, which is usually is taken by you personally. Let's say 10, 50, 300. Statistic of 20 last times could be as a base for proposal;
    2. There could be a possibility to select and see how much you are allowed to take cash for this day, week, month, taking in mind limits on your account and how much you've spent allready (or have taken a cash);
    3. If you take money while you are abroad, it could also convert and show the amount in local currency.

  20. Exercise #1 Bug Hunting
    1) The close button cant be seen properly.
    2) There is button on right side of close button, but not getting whether it is for maximize or minimize.
    3) No clear which menu is active if it is EDIT menu, it should be highlighted
    4) No keyboard shortcut mentioned for cut,copy and paste
    5) For Undo operation, Keyboard shortcut is usually ctrl+z. As users are using this option frequently, it should be changed
    6) Alignment of Copy and Replace text is not in line.


    Exercise #2 Think Testing

    1) Put 1 kg rice in bag and hold it for 10 minutes and check condition of bag( Check if it going to tear down)

    2) Put 5 kg rice in bag and check there is portion of bag to hold it.

    3) Put 5 kg rice in bag and hold it for 10 minutes and check status of bag.

    4) Put 5 kg of rice in bag and another 200gm pack of biscuit and check if it can accommodate these two thing and if extra portion of bag is remaining for packing

    Exercise #3: Show Defect Reporting Skills

    Defect Id : ResetPassword_01

    Defect Description: When user registers to the site via mobile device, the user gets two emails for resetting password

    Prerequisites: Mobile device with internet connection
    Browser is present
    Email app should be present and should be working

    Steps to reproduce defects:
    1) Open the website example.com from designated browser on mobile device
    2) Find Register me link and fill all mandatory fields and click on Save button
    3) Open email App.
    4) Check for email from example.com website

    Severity: Major
    Priority: High

    Comments: If same steps are repeated on desktop machine,only one email is received.

    Exercise #4: Role of an End User

    1) The language option(Hindi, English, Any other regional languages) should be set default by calculating the number of times ATM user preferred his choice. E.g. If user set language option as ENGLISH for 8 out of 10 times, Next time the language should be chosen as English by default.

    2) The options on screen should start from Withdrawal only.(In some ATM’s it starts with Password change etc. User has to navigate from Banking Operations >> Withdrawal)

    3) The ATM machine should provide option for currency denominations. (Sometimes user only wants 1000/500 RS note)

    4) The guide line for developing GUI interface should be same for all banks. It makes it consistent and user don’t have to look more carefully while using ATM’s of other banks.( There should be same user Interface for all banks only Background color or LOGO should be there to indicate bank)

  21. ex1:

    1.maximize and close button does not appear properly.
    2.application name not given at top
    3.edit button does not selected/highlighted while populating dropdown menu
    4.undo button should be inactive state
    5.copy button should be not active state as there is nothing to copy now
    6. paste should be active state
    7. No shortcut key for copy,cut,paste.

  22. Exer2

    1 Check out the bag with 1 kg goods
    2 Carry the with the 5 kg goods to some distance
    3 Check out it the bag with some extra grams of goods
    4Put the different types of goods with different weight

    Steps –
    1 Open the browser
    2 Enter the example.com
    3 Click on the Regisration enter the mandatory fields
    4 Submit
    5 Open the email id from mobile
    6 check out the mail from the example.com

    Priority – Major
    Severity – High
    Platform – Mozilla firefox

    Actual Result – The Mail is going to recieve for two times

    Expected Result – It should send email for password reset only for one time


    1 While withdrawing the ammout it should display the total available ammount from which no need to see the current ammount each time.

    2 After withdrawing the ammount it should send the message of monthly transaction from which user does not need to see mini statement for each time

    3 If using other banks ATM then it should display limit of transaction for month

    4 If there is no cash in ATM then it should display on screen with the welcome message without performing the long procedure for it


    Defect_ID1 – Reset password link

    Description –
    After registered on the website then it sends same mail twice on mobile for reseting the password.

  23. Exer2

    1 Check out the bag with 1 kg goods
    2 Carry the with the 5 kg goods to some distance
    3 Check out it the bag with some extra grams of goods
    4Put the different types of goods with different weight


    Defect_ID1 – Reset password link

    Description –
    After registered on the website then it sends same mail twice on mobile for reseting the password.

    Steps –
    1 Open the browser
    2 Enter the example.com
    3 Click on the Regisration enter the mandatory fields
    4 Submit
    5 Open the email id from mobile
    6 check out the mail from the example.com

    Priority – Major
    Severity – High
    Platform – Mozilla firefox

    Actual Result – The Mail is going to recieve for two times

    Expected Result – It should send email for password reset only for one time


    1 While withdrawing the ammout it should display the total available ammount from which no need to see the current ammount each time.

    2 After withdrawing the ammount it should send the message of monthly transaction from which user does not need to see mini statement for each time

    3 If using other banks ATM then it should display limit of transaction for month

    4 If there is no cash in ATM then it should display on screen with the welcome message without performing the long procedure for it

  24. ex2
    1.check capacity by putting 5 kg of materials like rice,lentils & other different items
    2. check the bag seal packed/glued properly
    3.check whether it is wear or tear somewhere
    4.check quality of paper and handle rope

  25. Exercise 1.
    -‘Application Name’ should be appear on Title Bar.
    -‘Application Icon’ should be appear on Title Bar
    -There should be Three Buttons for ‘Close’, ‘Minimize’ and ‘Maximize’ the application from the Top-Right Corner of the Page.
    -Buttons on Top-Right Corner of the Page, should be Displayed Properly and it should not be cropped.
    -There should be an option for ‘Text Formatting’ on the Menu Bar.
    -There should be a General Short Cut Key assigned for the functionality. for Example there should be “Ctrl+Z” for “Undo” and Like Wise.
    -Short Cut Key should be displayed for All the Functionality
    -Menu which is open should be Highlighted.
    -“Cut” and “Copy” option should be enable only after Selecting some text.
    -There should be an option for Selecting a Text in Menu.

    Exercise 2.
    -Put 5KG Rice in It.
    -Do not fill anything in that bag leave it as empty.
    -Put 5KG Rice in it, and again try to Put more 1KG in it and test weather it can Put more rice or not.
    -Except volume capacity, try to test Weight capability of the Bag, try to put more than 5 KG Potatoes in it.
    -Try to Put 5KG Rice, 5KG Oil, and 5 KG Potatoes individual to Check whether all type of food it can carry or not.
    -Put 5KG Rice till long time, from morning to Evening and test weather Bag can afford it or not.

    Exercise 3.
    -Summary: When New User Registers to the Site from the Mobile Devices, S/He should receive confirmation E-Mail for One Time only.
    1)enter URL from the browser from your Mobile Device
    2)Fill all mandatory fields from the registration form and click on “Submit” button
    3)Validate the Confirmation e Mail from email address you have entered in the Registration form
    4)there should be only one Confirmation Mail instead of Two Same Mails.
    -severity: High
    -Priority: Low
    -Functional Bug:
    -Screen Shot:

    Exercise 4.
    -There should be a Face Recognition for Authentication.
    -There should be a Voice Recognition for Authentication.
    -There should be an option to see how much cash you can debit(Maximum Limit) from this day.
    -There should be an option how many times you have debited the Money from another bank ATM instead of dedicated bank.
    -There should be an option to get 50, 20 and 10 Rupees Note also.

  26. ex3
    defect title:user receives email two times after registration
    defect created by:abc
    defect submitted to:xyz(developer)
    defect description:user receives email for two times after registration to reset default set password.
    defect-reproduction step:
    open website example.com
    go to register section and fill registration form and submit
    then you will get two emails in your email id

    Actual result:After registration, get two email for reset password

    Expected result:After registration,should get only one email for reset password

    screenshots and url

  27. Ex#1
    1. No shortcuts mentioned for Cut,Copy, Paste
    2. No Minimize and Maximize buttons available
    3. No application icon
    4. Application name is missing on title bar
    5. Copy option is enabled, even though there is no text
    6. Undo is also enabled.
    7. Edit menu does not have a clicked look, even though it is clicked.
    8. After paste, there is no separator.
    9. No horizontal scroll bar is present.

    1. Put 5kg rice packet in a bag and walk with the bag holding the handles for 10 mins.
    2. Put two 2.5 kilo rice packets in the bag and walk with the bag for 10 mins.
    3. Put mixture of vegetable weighing 5 kgs directly into the bag and walk for 10 mins.
    4. Put 4kgs rice and 1kg ice cream family pack in the bag and walk for 10 mins check to see if

    the bag is still strong enough when it absorbs the moisture.
    5. Put 5.5 kilos rice packets in the bag and check if it gives way.

    OVERVIEW: Registration email is sent twice to the user when register using a mobile device.


    BROWSER: Opera, Chrome



    1. Open URL on mobile device.
    2. Complete registration process.

    An email notification requesting to reset the password should be sent to the user.

    The email notification is sent twice to the user

    1. It would be great if biometric could be in place instead of keying in a pin number.
    2. Universal ATM card to work across all bank ATM’s instead of carrying multiple cards.

  28. Exc1:
    -The name of the application doesnt apper on the screen
    -Delete,select all,find next ,go to button are missing from app
    -Important format tool for text procesing and fonts is missing
    -Short cuts for cut,copy,delete and paste are missing

  29. Exc2:
    -Putting something that weight is 5kg in a bag
    -Putting some more things than 5kg to see can bag be overweighted
    -Put 5kg and do a little walking arround to see does bag can handle a load

  30. ID001
    Mobile registration issue
    Decription:After registration to the site with mobile phone user get 2x times same confirmation mail!
    Steps to reproduce:
    -Finish registration form for site
    -Navigate to user e-mail
    -Open e-mail
    -Click on confirmation link
    -Observe the results
    Actual results:
    User get second e-mail from site for confirmation
    Expected results:
    User should proceed to the site like registered user
    Assign to:Developer x
    Device:Samsung mobile phone Ver:S3 Galaxy
    Browser:Google chrome ver 37

  31. Exercise #1 Answers:
    – The ‘X’ mark on the close button is not positioned at center
    – Cannot predict which menu is open as the selected menu is not highlighted
    – There is not bottom border for the menu opened
    – For the option “Copy”, the shortcut is not displayed
    – There is no minimize button
    – The outline borders of the textpad application is not appropriate
    – There is no status bar
    – The alignment of the shortcuts displayed for ‘Find’ and ‘Replaced’ is not proper
    – There are seperation borders in the menu opened are broken
    – The upper outline of the text area (i.e. the line below the menu bar) is blue which should not be the case
    – On all the sides of the menu opened, the border of the menu should be consistent
    – The button size of the ‘Close’ and ‘Maximize’ button differs
    – The shortcuts for the disabled options in the menu are not shown

    Exercise #2 Answers:
    – I will fill the bag with different hard and soft vegitables along with fruits which until the bag is fully filled at the top. Then I will keep the bag in cold environment and see what happen?

    – I will hung the bag for a long time with a 5 kg grocery filled in and see what happens?

    – I will fold the bag filling it half to know how much deep the folding lines are there and whether they can start to tore the paper

    – I will oscillate the bag for few minutes when the bag is filled with 5 kg grocery to know what happens

    – I will oscillate the bag for few minutes when the bag if filled with half its capacity to know what happens

    Exercise #3 Answers:
    – Prepared By:
    – Release version: 1
    – Module Name: Registeration
    – Date: 09272014
    – Bug_Id: 001
    – Summary: When a user registers via mobile then he receives email for two times
    – Steps to Reproduce: 1) Open the website http://www.example.com in browser
    2) Click on the ‘Register’ button
    3) Fill up the form details
    4) Click on the ‘Submit’ button
    5) Observe the ‘Confirmation’ message after successful registration
    6) Open your mail account which you provided while registering
    7) Look out for the mail received from http://www.example.com
    8) Observe that it has sent 2 emails (both are same) for new user registration through mobile.
    – Severity: Low
    – Priority: High
    – Status: Open
    – Screenshot: Bug_Email_1
    – Remarks: Observe the email received while registering through website on either desktop/laptop device

    Exercise #4 Answers:
    – If the ATM machine has the capability to deposit cash as well as write the passbook, so that we don’t have to authenticate every time on each individaul machine. Everything can be done in a single authentication

    – Every ATM should have facility to provide the money in terms of notes we wish like 10 notes of 1000 rupees which ultimately helps to accomodate the money where the width will be small of the bundle

    – ATM should have the mechanism to renew the card there only if the expiration of the card is nearby which helps to save our time going to banks and enquiring for the same

    – ATM should possess the facility to provide the temporary card when the card is damaged or lost which ultimately helps to save our time going to banks and enquiring for the same. (Or else if the ATM’s can provide the orginal cards also then there is nothing better than that)

    – If there is no money inside the ATM, it should show the message on the screen so that user can understand that he can only inquire in the ATM but cannot withdraw money. Most of times what happens is ATM blinks a light which many users may not see or predict what it is and then there is whole lot of mess when the do a transaction and it goes wrong way.

    – There should be a secondary power source available when the primary shuts down, so that if any process is going on it should not be affected.

    – If by mistake any ATM gulps the card then it should have a mechanism to inform or message to the concern parties so that user is free from all that trouble.

  32. Excersice:1

    -Name of applicatoion should be display intead of ‘Note 1’ at title bar.
    -Application icon is missing from title bar.
    -Short cut key for undo is should Ctrl + Z instead of Ctrl + E because it is used in almost all applications So it is easy to remember for user.
    -There should also be short cut keys for other options like cut paste.
    -If there is short cut key for opening Edit drop down then there should underline punder E of Edit.
    -There sopuld be three buttons close,minimize and maximize and all busttons should be visible properly.
    -As in image no data is there so copy option should be disable by default.
    -As there is dropdown for Edit menu it should not be display some portion under File menu.
    -Outlines are not straight at top.
    -Outline should be display (Grayed) properly.


    -Verify Bag by filing with Rice of 5 kg it should not overflow.
    -Verify that if you take rice less then 5 kg there shoud be some space
    –Verify the size of paper bag .
    –Put the things in a bag above,exact and less than 5 KG.
    –Logo/Name of shopping center on a bag (If require)
    –Verify Bag is packed properly at bottom or not
    –Check Handel rope is properly tie or not
    –Check for Quality of paper used
    -Check wheter it is water resistant or not.


    BUG ID : BUG_Test_01
    MODULE NAME:User Registration
    BUG TYPE :Functional
    BUG DESCRIPTION:while user access the application through mobile ,user received activation link twice .

    1.Enter the URL of the application in address bar of the browser.
    2. click on the registration link.
    3.providing credentials details in related form field and click on sign up button.
    4. Login into register email to reset password.



    -In ATM as we can withdrow money there shold also functionality of deposite money in our accout bu entering account number and pin number.

  33. ANSWERS:-

    Exercise:- 1

    1. Application should have proper name
    2. There should be three buttons available at the top-right corner for minimize, maximize and close
    3. Minimize and Close buttons should not be cut
    4. If Edit menu is clicked then This menu should be highlighted
    5. After opening Edit menu, then below the File menu header shadow of Edit menu should not come
    6. While creating application, we should use shortcut keys which is universally accepted. So, here for Undo instead of using ‘Ctrl + E’ there should be ‘Ctrl + Z’
    7. There should be consistency in short keys text
    as in this there should not be any space between ‘+’ and ‘E’ for Undo Option
    8. Initially ‘Cut’ and ‘Copy’ both options should be enabled to user
    9. ‘Copy’ word’s ‘c’ character should be clearly seem
    10. For all option’s of Edit menu, there should be proper alignment used for all short cuts. They should be consistent for font-size, style and alignment
    11. As all options of Edit menu are not having underline so, “Undo” options should not have that underline
    12. In Edit Menu, below “Paste” option there should not be grey dots
    13. In Edit Menu, In the “Copy” option at the right most part few dots should not be there
    14. In “Edit Menu”, for ‘Find’ and ‘Replace’ options there is no need to have dots

    Exercise:- 2

    1. Verify that whether paper bag has no whole
    2. Verify that 5 kg capacity grocery will come into the bag or not
    3. Check the quality of paper bag till required time means check that it will be useful to take grocerry to the destined place or not
    4. Check that whether that bag is properly closed or not from the top

    Exercise:- 3

    Bug Summary:- In “Registration”, when user does registration through Mobile than user should get the email only once

    Steps to Reproduce
    1. In Mobile, Open example.come site
    2. Go to “Registration” link
    3. Give required details for Registration
    4. Now, check mail which you have given while registration
    5. Observe that despite having only one email of registration, you are getting two emails

    Severity:- High
    Priority:- High

    Exercise:- 4

    I want to change the functionality for only withdrawal of money. Through ATM we should be to deposit the money also

  34. Exercise 1:
    1. Page title is missing and minimize & Maximize button is missing
    2. Cut and paste button should be enabled
    3.shortcut key highlight is missing for Cut, copy and Paste
    4. Shortcut key highlight is not aligned properly
    5. function key list is not properly aligned to the edit tab.
    Exercise 2:
    1.)5kg iron rod/material will be placed in the bag and ensure it does not tear because weight is not distributed across the bag .
    2.) 6kg rise packed will be placed in the bag and ensure the bag got teared
    3.) Holding the bag by hanging in the vehicle hook rather than holding in the hand.
    4. Holding the bag with one bag holder instead of two holder
    5. How loan the bag can hold 5kg in standing position and note down the time. Then holding the bag in moving bike in the bike hook. Holding the bag with single bag holder.

  35. Exercise 4:
    1. User should be displayed with an option to select the denomination like 100’s, 500”s or 1000’s.
    This would help the end user to decide the denomination required and would be more beneficial for retail users.
    2. user should be restricted and should not allow more than 2 transaction for single card entry. This will allow other user in the queue get an opportunity.

  36. Exercise 1 Answer
    1.Undo shortcut should be Ctrl+U or ctrl+z
    2.default title should with application name.
    3.min/max and close button are hiding.
    4.horizontal scroll bar is missing.
    5.line is curly near top of menu bar.
    6.shortcut for cut/paste are missing.
    7.view tab is missing from menu bar.
    8.some more option is needed in edit menu.
    9.drop-down menu should something like 3d view

  37. Excercise1:
    1. Default Name of the application?
    2. Scroll bar horizontal/vertical presence condition only when we go to next page or when we type continuously in a line with out return
    3. Doc status editing or saved by * symbol
    4. restore/min/max functions of the application
    5. Short cut key functions
    6. save as name and path selection/creation of new folder and saving

  38. Excercise2:
    1. Check the size and dimension of the bag, so that biscuit packet can be accommodated
    2. Perform stress test, what happens to the bag if we put more weight that the recommended 5kg
    3. Increase the load continuously till 5kg and after that check what happens over a period of time
    4. put 5+x amount of weight till some time and check what happens
    in all the cases check whether bag tears down or only the thread which we hold broke down or check bag expands and user can not hold (not user friendly), after putting more weight, whether we can use next time. How many times we can use by putting more load, when compared to recommended load

  39. Defect Reporting:

    Found By: Narendar, Location: XYZ, Activitiy: Verification/Validation, Phase: Product Testing
    Application Version: x.y.z, OS: ABC
    Severity: Low, Priority: High

    Title: User registration issue through mobile


    1. During user registration process, all the user details are provided with userid and password.
    2. Once the registration is successful, automatic mail will be generated with password activation facility.
    3. In Desktop version only single automated mail generated
    4. Whereas In mobile version two automated mails are generated at different times.
    User not aware of which one to use for password activation.

  40. Exercise #1: Bug Hunting

    1. Missing minimize button on top right
    2. The drop down shown should be for edit menu currently it is for

    file menu
    3. Standard shortcut for undo should be used
    4. Cut option should also be active if Copy option is active
    5. Since there are no option for Word wrap there should be a horizontal scroll bar aslo.
    6. GUI of drop down is not proper

    Exercise #2: Think Testing

    put packets of things until total is 5 kgs(use any combination of

    available packs). lift the bag with full capacity and let it be like

    that for 2 to 10 mins. Increase the weight for about 2% and again

    lift the bag for 2 to 10 mins. Check for the condition of bag. It

    should be intact with the same shape.

    Exercise #3: Show Defect Reporting Skills

    Module : Login
    Sub Module: Mobile login
    Issue type: Defect
    Priority: High
    Severity: High
    Assigned to: Test Lead
    Platform: Android mobile OS on HTC DESIRE 8
    Summary:Please check for the reset password mail for the user registered with mobile.
    Two mails regarding reset default password are delivered to user when user registers with mobile.

    Exercise #4: Role of an End User

    Issue 1: The viewing angels of screens should be more. I am 6 feet 4 inches and some times the display is not proper. I have to bent to see the full screen clearly

    Issue 2: The check drop box should be be totally separated, As this gives people an excuse to break the line and come inside when one is already doing the transaction.

    Issue 3: User should be able to customize the currency value of their withdrawal. It would be useful if user wants only 1000 rs notes so that they are easy t carry.

  41. 1.title bar :
    a.colour format is not proper

    b.control icon at the top left is missing

    c.name of the application doesn’t appear on title bar

    d. minimize bar is missing maximize and close button is not proper

    2.menu bar:
    a. format and view menus are missing

    b:edit functions:delete,find next,go to,select time,select are missing

    b.undo ctrl+z,for cut copy and paste no short cut keys not mentioned

    3.bottom scrll bar is missing

  42. Exercise 1:
    1.Customer user id should be in numeric
    2. Confirm Password ield should be not show character what is enter value
    3. Capcha code is invisible
    4. there is no nee enter user id and nter password texts
    5. Please enter verification number message message should be below field
    6. Registration meaning is wrong and does not visible properly
    7.Top border background color should be unique
    8. Registration button
    9. Password field value is not alignment

  43. Ex: 3
    Bug id: 001
    Project: Example.com
    Module: Registration
    Category: Front (example.com)
    Reproducibility: N/A
    Version: 1.0
    Platform: Mobile based
    Priority: High
    Severity: Minor
    Summary: After successful registration two times message received by user
    Description: step to reproduce:
    Step1. Open the “example.com” web site
    Step2. Click on registration button
    Step3. Fill all the required fields
    Step4. Click on submit button
    Step5. Check message in your mail box
    Expected output: Only one message should be received by registered user
    Actual output: user receives message two times

  44. Wonderful rich answers guys :) I’m no where near to the detail, please feel free to throw any and all criticism, It’s my first attempt

    Excerice 1 Bug finding

    The name of the appplication does not appear
    it doesn’t have minimise tab on the top right corner of the screen
    copy under the Edit is active
    cut and paste are inactive

    Exercise 2 Think test
    How would you test a 5 kg capacity grocery shopping paper bag?

    I would put 5 kg potatoes and then put a packet of 500 gms chicken, walk with it 10 minutes to see the resistance of the abag
    I would put the 2.5 kg and see the resistance of the bag by walking and checking the condtion for wear and tear
    If the condition is good I would increase the weight to 5kg and walk 10 minutes with it and analyse the condition of the bag again

    Exercise #3: Show Defect Reporting Skills
    1       Defect Description:
    1.1      Module name –New cusomter
    1.2      Steps followed
    log in to the example.com
    Register via mobile platform
    user receive two emails to change the password

    1.3      Desired Results
    * user should get one email with the link to reset the password


    Exercise #4: Role of an End User

    put the card in enter the pin number the user has £200 in the account, would try to withdraw £400.
    The ATM should prompt with the msg insuffient funds.
    the user attemots to take the £200 and take the card out
    the user enter the card again and enter the pin straight after and makes an attempt to take out £200 more.
    the ATM should promtpt with the msg attempt made earlier on next attempt card could be blocked.

  45. Exercise #1: Bug Hunting:

    1.Options are displayed for which Menu among File, Edit and Help is not hilighted
    2.For all option shortcut key is not mentioned.
    3 Ctrl+Z is ususaly used for Undo.
    4.side scroll bar is not present.
    5.Restore option is missing.


    Exercise #3: Show Defect Reporting Skills:


    Application name:example.com
    Module name: User Registraion
    Issue : User receives password reset e-mail for two times while registers via mobile.

    Description: When user registers via mobile, he receives the e-mail for two times.

    Test Url:example.com

    Test Steps:
    1. Open a browser in your mobile.
    2. Redirect to example.com.
    3. Click on “Registration” link
    3. Enter details in the registration form with a valid E-mail address and mobile number to complete the registration process.
    4. Enter “Submit” button.
    5. Check for the password reset e-mail in the registered email id.

    Expected Result: User should recerive a password reset e-mail, which contains link to reset the default set password on their registered email id.

    Actual Result: while registered va mobile user receives the password reset e-mail tw times.

    Exercise #4: Role of an End User

    Modification of ATM:

    Some ATM take a debit card in it and once the transaction completes it give back the card to the user.
    This is not a user friendly process as sometime card gets stuck inside the machine . For all ATM it
    should be a universal card scratch process.


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