Short Automation Testing Interview questions

Basics of WinRunner: 

Difference between WinRunner and Test Director?

“WinRunner handles automation test scripts

TestDirector manages test scripts, defects, and test plan” 

What is TSL? What 4GL is it similar too?

“Test Script Language, TSL C++”

Intermediate Que

What databases can Test Director reside on?

Oracle, Access, Sybase, MsSQL

Name a couple of standard web function found in the function generator? And explain their purpose.


Advance que

Explain data parameterization in WinRunner.

Data is written multiple times, while WinRunner has a repeated loop to process the data.

Explain the project tree in Test Director.

Used to coordinate and manage test cases.

Expert Que

Have you completed the CPS exam? Which one?

TestSuite 6.0, LoadRunner, etc.

Write a short compiled module which selects random numbers; and what function is used to call your customized compiled module? Load or Reload function

What’s the purpose of the wrun.ini file?

Configuration set up for WinRunner

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