Preparing For Software Testing Interview – Simple Tips To Follow Prior And at The Time of Interview

Challenges Faced And Tips to Follow While Preparing for Software Testing Interview:

This is a guest article by “N. Sandhya Rani”.

As Software testers, we keep performing testing activities in various phases of a project. When it comes to testing our skills, we may not end up choosing an appropriate approach. I am talking about how the interview rounds go and how to face them.

The whole article is a very general discussion about the challenges that a tester has to face in an interview.

Preparing For Software Testing Interview

Let’s start by preparing a CV for the Software Testing job profile.

How to prepare a good CV?

By the term ‘Good’ I mean a CV that describes best about your skills, your expertise, your strengths, etc. It’s better not to use the same CV for different types of job profiles. Making slight changes will help to get a call.

For example, you can highlight the skillset that you possess for the required job like any automation tool or experience in other related automation tools. You can also add the basic knowledge of any technologies that you possess. This may be an added advantage.

Preparation before the Job Interview:

Before attending the interview, check the job profile in detail. Understand if the requirement is purely in manual testing, automation testing or on both. Check if your job profile experience matches what is expected.

The interviewer will mostly stick to questions around the given job profile and what you have mentioned in your CV.  Make sure you can answer questions confidently which are based on your CV. It depends on how the discussion goes between the candidate and the interviewer, which leads to a discussion in other areas.

Appear confidently at the time of Interview:

In most cases, the interview starts with a brief up about the candidate. One can answer this question by following a sequence like starting with your name, what qualifications do you possess, how you started your career as a software tester, etc.

Some interviewers do not like to hear about personal details like family. So do not proceed with these details unless the interviewer asks for it.

While answering any question tell what you know. Do not try to explain about ideal cases. Interviewers are interested in a practical approach, rather than ideal cases. Tell the interviewer how you will go about solving the problems or about your way of tackling things.

Do not talk anything negative about any person especially about developers/programmers. If you do so, then it shows that you are not mature enough. Nowadays in most of the interviews, scenarios are cited rather than direct questions and answers. If the scenario is new to you, take a few seconds to think about it and then answer. Do not hurry up things.

The way you present in interviews is very important. The right attitude is very important too. Many managers can judge it easily if you have worked on projects or it’s just a fake experience. The confidence level with which you answer makes a strong impression.

For any question, if you are not sure about the correct answer, just attempt. Do not just give up. You can also talk about things that you explored in free time or with your interest. This shows that you take initiative and are a continuous learner as well.

As many of us must have experienced that the interviewers keep asking about the processes that you have followed or are familiar with. One does not need to worry if they have never followed any processes. Following the processes is up to the company and a tester cannot do much regarding that.

But of course one can follow some processes for his/her task (I mean the modules that you own or are in charge of etc). This will not only help to manage things but also inspires others to follow some processes. Any process, which has proven some good results, can be followed.

So, instead of blaming others for not following any processes, one can take an initiative to do it. Do not forget that initiative is one of the qualities that a tester should possess.

One more important point: The person who is taking your interview doesn’t need to be a person from a QA background. A person from a developing background can also take Software Testing job interviews. What I mean to say is the person need not have worked on the QA processes.

In such a case, it becomes very important to answer the questions very carefully. It may sound illogical when a person from non-QA background interviews a tester but remember it will be a very good experience as you will get to know how testing is perceived by others.

Over to You:
What’s your experience with Software Testing interviews? If you want to share some do’s and don’ts please make comments below so that other testers can get benefit from your experience.

Finally,  All the Best for your testing career!

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  1. Hello Madam,
    I have been working in Development for past 4 years. Now I am interested to switch into testing. Is it possible to do so ? If not may I know the reasons and If yes may i know what I need to do so that I can switch on my career to Quality assurance

    Thanks & Regards

  2. hey,
    I am working in networking company at bangalore and having just 4months experience on it..Basically i am BE-ECE graduate and now i wanna switched to software testing profession..can u pls help me how to begin to learn and attend the interview..have i need to join in any institute or else i can go through by own efforts..

  3. hey,
    I am working in a networking company at bangalore and having just 4months experience on it..Basically i am BE-ECE graduate and now i wanna switched to software testing profession..can u pls help me how to begin to learn and attend the interview..have i need to join in any institute or else i can go through by own efforts..

  4. hi everybody…

    ders good discussion going i wanna ask to kno abt d fresher job openings in bangalore…

    i m an engineerg 2008 passot student..i kno d basic concepts n tryg for testing jobs past 1 year…

    so i m in dilemma to join a testing course in Qspiders or to search for jobs 1 more yr..

    can sme1 help?

  5. hi this is graduate who learning testing tools from institute , please give me some tips on which areas i have to focus more so that i can perform more on practical field.

  6. I am MCA fresher 2010 passout.I want to make my carrier in Software testing field.please tell me some testing jobs for freshers.I had very good academic qualifications.

  7. hai….
    thank u for ur valid answers

    …….regarding software testing mail me

    i am a manual tester…..
    i like to learn automation testing
    i installed qtp in my desktop
    pls give some guidance

  8. I worked as a developer( for 2 years 4 months
    suddenly i felt interest in testing
    i like to enjoy my self with software testing
    so i switch over to testing now
    i feel i am good at logical thinking and getting the domain and doing as a manual tester

    i want to learn automation testing the reason i know programming

    what i have selected will it lead any conflict in my carrier ?

  9. Good Tips………!
    Can anybody answer the my question
    Suppose you have give an website login page for the Testing. It has User name, Password and Submit button. Valid username and password is provided to you. but you are not able to login. what is exact causes/appropriate of this bug. You have not given code.
    I have answered this question as,
    1) May be date Problem.
    2) Validation problem.
    3) Submit button problem.

    Interviewer is not looking for this answer, what will be another of this question.

  10. thanks for your tips.but i cannot have the communication can improve myself.i am studied in tamil i feel ,very difficult to speak english.

  11. is good communication must for testing? I can speak… But Not fluent all times.. stammering sometimes… Can i get job in testing? Plz reply anyone…

  12. Dear All,

    I have worked as Design Engineer for 2.5 years before shifting to Testing Job. I have now close to 4.5 years of experience in Testing. Should i mention my previous job as Design Engineer in my resume or i should just mention only my Testing Experience in the resume.Please advice me on this.
    I have added like mentioned below in my resume

    Professional Experience: Total 7 Years
    4.4 years in Software Quality Assurance of CAE Software
    2.5 years as Design Engineer in Aerospace & Heavy engineering domain.

    Any suggestion is helpful at the earliest.

  13. Hi sandhya,

    Thanks so much for the posts,it has been so helpful,i am a tester with little experience of automation,but since it’s really a hotcake in the market can you enlighten me more about steps to take?
    Is it compulsory that a tester performs integration testing?you can reply to my yahoo account.
    Thanks in advance.

  14. Hi its a great tips and very use full for the persons seeking a job…. & could you please help me can u send me some sample resumes for 1+exp plz… any one in this room kindly send me some sample resume.
    my email id


  16. Hello,
    I am in manual testing and i have given lots of interviews but i am not getting selected anywhere. For this i am also doing QTP.
    This article will surely help me.
    Can any one tell what areas should i focus on at this time. Mean what are the testing measures now a days for companies and what they want from you as an employee?

  17. how you measure the quality of project / product after testing.

    how you divide time in testing.

    for test cases, test reports, test data, test scenarios and soo you distribute you time frame of 100% …

  18. be confident while answering….and also don’t try to cover something when u do not know answer..just say will have a look on this etc., it indicates least u r showing somehow interest for learning….
    ALL D Best guyzzz :)

  19. Hi, I m Deepak.
    I completed BE in Mechanical branch. Now i want to become a software tester. So what are the basic things i need to know first. And moreover i have an interview tommarow, so what are the topics can i prepare in just one day ?
    plzz reply back soon…
    Thank you

  20. Keep up the great work Vijay and Sandhya..You will be thanked by many who read your blog.
    I have a suggestion , it would be nice if more and more QA seniors( who interview candidates) to interact on this blog (like Madan). It will add a lot of confidence to the freshers’ or who are planning to take up this career.

  21. Thanks for this tips,
    I worked as a tester for 7month under an it consultant and after that I don’t get job becoz I have 2years gap and now I want to show 2 years fake exprience becoz I want a job as a tester.what should my approach that I crack the interview as the interviewer can’t catch that I m fake candidate.

  22. Hi ,

    I am from a development background working in a maintenance project for 3 years ,being in a maintanence project I ‘ve also worked on testing scenarios and not just unit testing.

    So what I want to know is whether it is possible for me to move to testing entirely as that is my area of interest .


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