Preparing For Software Testing Interview – Simple Tips To Follow Prior And at The Time of Interview

This is a guest article by “N. Sandhya Rani”.

As Software testers, we keep performing testing activities in various phases of a project. When it comes to testing our own skills, we may not end up choosing an appropriate approach. I am talking about how the interview rounds go and how to face them. The whole article is a very general discussion about the challenges that a tester has to face in an interview.

Preparing For Software Testing Interview

Let’s start by preparing a CV for the Software Testing job profile.

How to prepare a good CV?

By the term ‘Good’ I mean a CV that describes best about your skills, your expertise, your strengths, etc. It’s better not to use the same CV for different types of job profiles. Making slight changes will help to get a call.

For example, you can highlight the skillset that you possess for the required job like any automation tool or experience in other related automation tools. You can also add the basic knowledge of any technologies that you possess. This may be an added advantage.

Preparation before the Job Interview:

Before attending the interview, check the job profile in detail. Understand if the requirement is purely in Manual Testing, Automation Testing or on both. Check if your job profile experience matches what is expected.

The interviewer will mostly stick to questions around the given job profile and what you have mentioned in your CV.  Make sure you can answer questions confidently which are based on your CV. It depends on how the discussion goes between the candidate and the interviewer, which leads to a discussion in other areas.

Appear confidently at the time of Interview:

In most cases, the interview starts with a brief up about the candidate. One can answer this question by following a sequence like starting with your Name, what qualifications do you possess, how you started your career as a software tester, etc. Some interviewers do not like to hear about personal details like family. So do not proceed with these details unless the interviewer asks for it.

While answering any question tell what you know. Do not try to explain about ideal cases. Interviewers are interested in a practical approach, rather than ideal cases. Tell the interviewer how you will go about solving the problems or about your way of tackling things.

Do not talk anything negative about any person especially about developers/programmers. If you do so, then it shows that you are not mature enough. Nowadays in most of the interviews, scenarios are cited rather than direct questions and answers. If the scenario is new to you, take a few seconds to think about it and then answer. Do not hurry up things.

The way you present in interviews is very important. The right attitude is very important too. Many managers can judge it easily if you have really worked on projects or it’s just a fake experience. The confidence level with which you answer makes a strong impression.

For any question, if you are not sure about the correct answer, just make an attempt. Do not just give up. You can also talk about things that you explored in free time or with your interest. This shows that you take initiative and are a continuous learner as well.

As many of us must have experienced that the interviewers keep asking about the processes that you have followed or are familiar with. One does not need to worry if they have never followed any processes. Following the processes is up to the company and a tester cannot do much regarding that.

But of course one can follow some processes for his/her own task (I mean the modules that you own or are in charge of etc). This will not only help to manage things but also inspires others to follow some processes. Any process, which has proven some good results, can be followed.

So, instead of blaming others for not following any processes, one can take an initiative to do it. Do not forget that Initiative is one of the qualities that a tester should possess.

One more important point: It’s not necessary that the person who is taking your interview is a person from a QA background. A person from a developing background can also take Software Testing job interviews. What I mean to say is the person need not have actually worked on the QA processes.

In such a case, it becomes very important to answer the questions very carefully. It may sound illogical when a person from non-QA background interviews a tester but remember it will be a very good experience as you will get to know how testing is perceived by others.

Over to You:
What’s your experience with Software Testing interviews? If you want to share some do’s and don’ts please make comments below so that other testers can get benefit from your experience. And finally ‘all the best’ for your testing career!

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  2. Any candidate other than computer/IT background can become tester?.If yes,then what should he do for that?.One should join programming language class & testing course together?

  3. Hi deepthi,

    you need to have sound knowledge on the product to write the test cases (or) You need to understand the requirements to write the test cases


  4. i have read the artical completely.i could learn more about testing. actually i wanted to learn testing tools course,,but i don’t know about this. i have gotten some idea from your artical, i really understood the importance of a testing in the project scnerio…thak you for your great support…and i hope this will continue always for testers………………

  5. Hi All

    Nice topic. As I have given lot of interview i have some important note like:
    1. They will check Your Communication Skill because it is mandatory for a tester. As some time you have to interact developer (to tell them their error) and client (for enhancements of project)
    2. Patience (short eager hide most bug as some fresher did) and confidence (whatever u had did it is right. bcoz interviewer will do in interview)


  6. That was a great article thanks a lot sandhya.i am new to this field even though i have a technical degree. yOUR TIPS WIL DEFINATELY HELP ALL THE BEGINERS IN THIS INDUSTRY. THANKS ALOT.

  7. Dear Sandhya,
    Thanks alot for your article. It really boost up freshers and those who scared of attending an interview. Hope you do more and really mean its your cup of tea.

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    This is Aniket.I am reading comments and various other important information given on this website on a regular basis and I am very thankful to each and every person who have given their valuable feedback’s and suggestions.
    I am a Bsc.I.T graduate and looking for a software testing job as I dont have interest in sw development and I given 2 interviews till date 1)TCS(E-Serve), mumbai 2) EDS Mphasis but both of the places I went up to the last round thats operational and then I didnt got any reply from the company. I am not able to track the exact reason why the people are rejecting me in last round after clearing all the rounds……….someone plz help me to get everything right………

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    This is very helpful to us
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  13. Please help!

    I’m having interviews 2morow, is entry level. the key perfomance are:1)Execute tests as per the defined Test Plan and Process Frameworks.
    2)Log and Manage Defects.
    3)Compile and maintain an updated Test Results repository.
    3)Provide Test Reports to the Test Manager.
    I’m in the support and I want to switch to testing. I think first quest will be why do you want to move to testing(please assist on that answer), Please assist interview are on the 04/march/2010

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    i am a ISTQB Foundation level certified software tester, i am in this field from past 2 years, but still i am not able to get into the job, i wrote few advanced level exams in Brainbench, i scored good percentage in that exams too.
    till the interview i will be fine, but on that day i am becomming panic and scared. please if there is anybody who can help me to get a testing job. i will be verymuch thankful to them,i live in Hyderabad. please you can reach me at

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  20. Sanity Testing:

    Its the first test/initial test that is done to check
    wheather the new software version is performing well enough
    to accept it for a major testing effort. Ex: System not
    hanging soon..

    Smoke Testing:

    It is performed after Sanity Test to check the wheather all
    the functionalities are available to perform the detailed

  21. Some questions asked from me in interviews :

    Explain the testing process in your company?
    Differnce between Web based and client server testing.
    Define Black box testing
    How do you report bug?
    Static and dynamic
    Integration testing

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    Thanks for your very nice and informative article indeed. Hope to get more and more new articles in future from your side. I would be grateful if you answer my few questions i faced in an interview

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