Global Software Testing Business To Reach $28.8 Billion Soon

The most frequently asked questions to me till date are “What is the future of Software Testing business?” “Should I consider Software Testing as my career option?” – Now you don't need to ask these question to me anymore. See the good news below.

According to a research by MarketsandMarkets, the global automation testing market size is expected to grow from USD 12.6 billion in 2020 to USD 28.8 billion by 2024, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0% during the forecast period.

Global Software Testing business

It is expected to witness the fastest growth in BFSI domain and Retail Verticals during the forecast period. The adoption of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Quality Assurance and Testing has provided a seamless end-user experience, ultimately contributing to the market growth of Automation testing.

Currently, Indian Software Testing community is the largest in the industry and hence there is tremendous business competition in Indian corporations. This competition finally leads to quality work and this is helping India to satisfy global customers. India is having immense talent and customers are coming to India for superior work quality.

Software testers and analysts are now a key part of any product team. Indian IT giants like Infosys is deriving up to 10 percent of revenue from Software Testing services and significantly growing each year.

Irrespective of Software Testing global or Indian business I have always suggested candidates to choose your career according to your interest. One can make a good career in any field if you have interest and goal to pioneer in that field. Without interest, not a single career option will work for you.

So tighten the belts – learn new technologies on Software Testing, continuously update your knowledge and don't even think about the future of Software Testing market!

What's that you say?

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148 thoughts on “Global Software Testing Business To Reach $28.8 Billion Soon”

  1. Great.This is really a good news for all the testing employee.Some of the people treat that Testers do nothing and there is nothing to work.Its simple job any body can do it.
    This article prooves the importance of Testing in the Market today.
    Thanks Vijay.

  2. Dear All,

    This is a great news and an expected one. As today’s web technologies emerging day by day, the complexity of developing a software project/product is a challenging one and no company can bypass the testing phase. But one thing i want to tell to the testing community is gain as many knowledge and keep update yourserlf. More oppurtunity will knock you and at last but not least to conclude Testing will become more important for any company to standout in the competitive Industry.

  3. still i am in confusion what will happend but for testing 2 years of exp there is no good opportunities.Now i want to change my domain everybody is telling like this only pleas e give me correct solution.
    But i have interest in “Testing field” that’s only i joined

  4. I read all ur information abt testing. gud but one thing is that ….really for testing gud opportunities are in the market ???….n bride career is there ??? ….i have one doubt that i changed my field from Implementaion to SQA on the basis of banking domain. i like testing field more….but from last six month i am feeling like that instead of growing in case of knowledge i am going down. there is no scope seem to me in Software testing help for the same. wht i have to do to make career in testing…

  5. Hi
    I am 1999 passed out in BSc electronics. I am working in non IT industry
    I want to become software tester
    I am unable to complete my MCA.
    Because of financial problem.
    But now it is not possible to complete MCA.
    Is it possible to become software tester?
    Please advise me

  6. This is a great news.According to me testing carrier growth will also be faster.We can reach our dream position as soon as possible in testing.

  7. From the past 2years,iam working as a software quality assurance tester.My colleagues said that there is no career in testing.It’s waste….now i felt proud..i am a tester

  8. I will be LOving the sqa in Puni, the amERCians will be paying me very weLLL fer my serviced

  9. I have fun testing and americans are fun too. Test time in India is less than US and we make good money. I want to see India be best. Love US and love India , thx

  10. I test with the bvest u r all very good. India is very big now we will grow. Great India will prove the world our strength.

  11. This is good news for all testers. Testing is never ending process. Whenever development is there testing must be there without tsting no prject will be comple.

  12. that’s boost for those belong to testing industry . but the thing is companies like infosys recruiting BSC , BCA candidates for quality so people those belong to MCA , BE can choose developement side that is most safe

  13. I always have confusion wheather to skip to testing field but after hearing the good news I want to switch to testing field without doubt. Thank u very much.

  14. Hi All,

    great News!

    I think many my tester friend who were confused about the field will defenitaly get confidence.
    Moreover will also give us a borad scope to apply our knowledge within our domain.

    Thanks vijay
    Thanks a lot for giving a great news!

  15. This is really Great News .Thanks Mr. Kris Gopalakrishnan .
    Infosys Chief Executive and Managing Director.
    I think my Job is secured for next two years , plus i can pay my bank loan for next two & I can plan out to invest in some Finacial Assets.

  16. Yes Guys, It is really good news for all of our testing community. But we need to work hard to show our testing capabilities.

  17. i am searching a job on testing from 7 months plz can any one help me out and i am having 1.8 year of exp on testing side only.


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