Clubs: For Co-Tester You Work With – Learn Software Testing

Clubs: For Co-Tester You Work With – Learn Software Testing:


2. Cultivate the passion, strong desire for quality.



3. Develop strong analytical and logical ability.



4.Identify strategic strengths and weaknesses of a software system.



5.Learn to say NO when quality is insufficient.



6.Hyper sensitive to little things.



7.Active part in the whole business and project process.



8.Ability to take the point of view of the customer.



9. Ability to communicate with both technical and non-technical.



10. Judgment skills are needed to assess high-risk or critical areas of an application.



J. Have the diplomatic skills needed to promote improvements in QA processes.



Q. Able to maintain enthusiasm of their team and promote a positive atmosphere, despite what is a somewhat ‘negative’ process.



K.Increase the learning curve in automated test tool programming.



A. Able to promote teamwork to increase productivity.