Is there any ‘Shortcut’ for Good Testing? (Here it is how)

shortcut for good testing

In many companies, especially small and medium, where there is a strive to establish any work process, it has been observed that testers are a little puzzled about how to start, progress and finish their testing job in a hurried manner.

The project or test manager always pressurize the test team to complete testing as soon as possible. With this pressure, somebody starts with a great methodical way but cannot complete the testing; somebody tries to be fast by short-cutting it, but cannot achieve quality. So, there is a problem in daily practice.

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Web Application Testing Guide: How To Test A Website

Web Application Testing

Complete Web Application Testing Guide: Learn How To Test A Website

We all have to agree that in today’s ever-changing and competitive world, the internet has become an integral part of our lives.

Most of us make our decisions by searching the information on the internet these days, hence hosting a website is no longer optional but mandatory for all kinds of businesses. This is the first step in becoming and staying relevant in the market.

Just having a website is not enough. An organization is needed to develop a website that is informative, accessible, and user-friendly. To maintain all these qualities, the website should be well tested, and this process of testing a website is known as web testing.

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Want to Stress Test Website with 10,000+ Users? Use WAPT Pro x64 Load Engine

Want to Stress Test Website with 10,000+ Users_

In our previous article on WAPT, we discussed how the WAPT Pro Performance Testing tool can be used for website performance testing. However, if you want to generate a much higher load on the website, then you must use the x64 Load Engine release from the WAPT team.

This tutorial and ultimately the testing tool is very useful for performance testers.

This is in fact very crucial for testing time-critical applications such as stock management systems which get refreshed every minute and create a huge load on the website as there are thousands of users accessing the website at the same moment.

For such applications, stress testing with more than 10,000 users is a basic test requirement.

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Security Testing (A Complete Guide)

Security Testing (A Complete Guide) (1)

How to Test Application Security – Web and Desktop Application Security Testing Techniques

Need for Security Testing

The software industry has achieved solid recognition in this age. In recent decades, however, the cyber-world seems to be an even more dominating and driving force which is shaping up the new forms of almost every business.

Web-based ERP systems used today are the best evidence that IT has revolutionized our beloved global village. These days, websites are not only meant for publicity or marketing but they have evolved into stronger tools to cater to complete business needs.

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Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing Using WAPT

Why do most manual testers fail while testing websites for performance? Given below are a couple of reasons for the failure:

  • They don’t have the proper tools to test the website for performance and
  • They don’t have the skills required for performance testing.

Does that mean you should wait until your stakeholder reports the performance glitches in a web application you developed? Definitely not! Many testers are good at testing websites manually and they report almost every defect while testing against standard test cases.

BUT, when the same tester performs load or stress tests, they get stuck either at resource (required tools) level or at the skill level.

=> Click Here For Complete Performance Testing Tutorials Series

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Top 10 Cross Browser Testing Tools In 2023 (Latest Ranking)

List of the latest and best Cross Browser Testing Tools for your website Browser Compatibility Testing on different browsers and Operating Systems:

Cross Browser Testing can be the biggest pain for any Software Tester. But thanks to all the cross-browser testing tools available online to help in minimizing the testing efforts.

This post focuses mainly on Software Testers and Designers for knowing various methods for browser testing.

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