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30+ Most Popular Web Application Testing Tools – Comprehensive List with Download Links

What is web application testing?
It’s a testing methodology focused on web applications i.e. applications hosted on the web.

With web application testing, issues such as website functionality, security, accessibility, usability, compatibility and performance are uncovered before the web application is released in public.

Web application testing tools:
Today, in this tutorial we have tried to list almost all popular web application testing tools which are used to find issues present in any web application. Continue reading →

Is there any ‘Shortcut’ for Good Testing? (Here it is how)

In many companies, especially small and medium, where there is a strive to establish any work process, it has been observed that testers are a little puzzled about how to start, progress and finish their testing job in a hurried manner.

The project or test manager always pressurize test team to complete testing as soon as possible. With this pressure, somebody starts with a great methodical way but cannot complete the testing; somebody tries to be fast by short-cutting it, but cannot achieve quality. So, there is a problem in daily practice.

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Want to Stress Test Website with 10,000+ Users? Use WAPT Pro x64 Load Engine

In the previous article about WAPT, we discussed how WAPT Pro performance testing tool can be used for website performance testing. But, if you want to generate much higher load on the website then you must use the x64 Load Engine release from WAPT team. This article and ultimately the testing tool is very useful for performance testers.

This is in fact very crucial for testing time-critical applications such as stock management systems which get refreshed every minute and create a huge load on the website as there are thousands of users accessing the website at the same moment. For such applications, stress testing with more than 10,000 users is a basic test requirement.

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Security Testing (A Complete Guide)

How to Test Application Security – Web and Desktop Application Security Testing Techniques

The need for Security Testing?

The software industry has achieved a solid recognition in this age. In the recent decade, however, cyber-world seems to be even more dominating and driving force which is shaping up the new forms of almost every business. Web-based ERP systems used today are the best evidence that IT has revolutionized our beloved global village.

These days, websites are not meant only for publicity or marketing but these have been evolved into the stronger tools to cater complete business needs.  Continue reading →

Web Application Load, Stress and Performance Testing Using WAPT

Why most of the manual testers fail when testing websites for performance? There are a couple of reasons for the failure:
They don’t have proper tools to test website for performance and
They don’t have skills required for performance testing.

Does that mean you should wait until your stakeholder report the performance glitches in a web application you developed? Definitely not! Many testers are good at testing websites manually and they report almost every defect while testing against standard test cases. BUT, when the same tester performs load or stress tests, they get stuck either at resource (required tools) level or at the skill level.

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15 Best Cross Browser Testing Tools to Ease Your Browser Compatibility Testing

Cross Browser Testing can be the biggest pain for any Software Tester. But thanks to all Cross-browser testing tools available online which help in minimizing the testing efforts.

I’ve written this post focusing mainly on software testers but designers can also refer cross-browser testing methods and tools mentioned in this post. Continue reading →

SQL Injection Testing Tutorial (Example and Prevention of SQL Injection Attack)

SQL Injection Examples and ways to prevent SQL Injection Attacks on Web Applications: 

While testing a website or a system, the tester’s aim is to ensure if that tested product is as much protected, as possible.

Security testing is usually performed for this purpose. In order to perform this type of testing, initially, we need to consider, which attacks are most likely to happen. SQL Injection is one of those attacks.  Continue reading →

Web Application Security Testing Guide

Introduction to Web App Security Testing:

Owing to the huge amount of data stored in web applications and increase in the number of transactions on the web, proper Security Testing of Web Applications is becoming very important day-by-day.

In this article, we will learn in detail about the key terms used in Website Security Testing and its testing approach.  Continue reading →

7 Basic Tips for Testing Multi-Lingual Websites

Nowadays a number of websites are deployed in multiple languages. As companies perform more and more businesses in other countries, the number of such global multi-lingual web applications will continue to increase. Testing websites supporting multiple languages has its own fair share of challenges in today’s world.  Continue reading →

What is client-server and web based testing and how to test these applications

This is the guest post from VijayD


What is the difference between client-server testing and web based testing and what are things that we need to test in such applications?

Projects are broadly divided into two types of:

  • 2 tier applications
  • 3 tier applications

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