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The Beginner’s Guide to ERP Testing (SAP Testing) – Part 1

Let us explore an interesting and challenging topic “How to Test ERP Software”. We’ll learn the challenges involved in ERP testing (e.g SAP Testing), guidelines and road-map for a successful ERP testing.

Before going into more details about ERP testing, first, we need to understand some key information about ERP. For testing purpose, understanding the features, functionalities, and workflow of ERP software is most important. Without proper knowledge, testing ERP modules is very critical and cumbersome.

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34 Most Common SoapUI Interview Questions and Answers

The most frequently asked SoapUI interview questions and answers for your reference:

It is always tricky to write an interview Q&A article because the list of questions that we provide is never going to be all-inclusive and also, interviews in real time aren’t exactly in the Q&A format.

We recommend learning SoapUI concepts from this comprehensive tutorial series having detailed examples.  Continue reading →

A Quick SoapUI Guide to Store Request and Response Data in a File – SoapUI Tutorial #15

In this SoapUI advance tutorial, let’s learn about how to store the response in a file for future reference. Also, the steps are very detailed, so we treat this as a quick recap of everything we do, end-to-end.

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How to Perform Data Driven Testing in SoapUI Pro – SoapUI Tutorial #14

Understanding Data Driven Testing in SoapUI Pro:

In this SoapUI Pro tutorial, we are going to see Data Driven Testing using SoapUI Pro. Performing load testing and performance testing with huge data are often time-to consume. This can be overcome through Data driven testing in SoapUI Pro. Continue reading →

SOAP vs REST Services – Learn How to Create REST Project in SoapUI Pro – SoapUI Tutorial #13

In the previous tutorial, we discussed the features of SoapUI Pro and briefly touched about SOAP vs REST web services. This tutorial will give you SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representation State Transfer) based services and their advantages in detail.

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Understanding REST and SOAP Services:

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4 Important Features of SoapUI Pro for Pro Audience – SoapUI Tutorial #12

Introducing SoapUI Pro:

SoapUI comes in two version- Open source free (SoapUI) and SoapUI Pro (now SoapUI NG pro).

So far we were discussing the common automation concepts and functional testing basics such as creating projects, test suite/case/steps, properties, assertions, groovy script programming etc. You can check all these tutorials from this SoapUI series on this page.

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How to Handle Exception in SoapUI Groovy Scripts – SoapUI Tutorial #11

In this SoapUI tutorial, we will look at exception handling using Groovy scripting. Handling runtime exceptions in groovy are similar to Java as the Java libraries are integrated. However, we will discuss basic concepts in SoapUI and go into the depth of exception handling in Java.

This is tutorial #11 in SoapUI tutorials series. This is the last tutorial for the free version of SoapUI. There are a couple of more topics remaining in this series which are on SoapUI pro features, REST and SOAP services, and data driven testing in SoapUI. Continue reading →

How to Use Methods in SoapUI for Bulk Test Execution – SoapUI Tutorial #10

Object-Oriented Groovy Scripting in SoapUI:

In last SoapUI tutorial, we learned conditional statements in Groovy scrips. Now, this tutorial is all about- object-oriented programming in SoapUI Groovy scripts- a very interesting and important programming concept. It includes classes and objects, inheritance, encapsulation and polymorphism.

This tutorial #10 in our comprehensive SoapUI tutorial series.

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Learn Advanced SoapUI Groovy Scripting Concepts – SoapUI Tutorial #9

The previous SoapUI tutorials have been an introduction into SoapUI and its programming concepts. We will from now on move into more advanced Groovy scripting concepts. Let us being this with Conditional flow statements – both Boolean and iterative statements. Then we will move on to arrays collection.

This is the 9th tutorial in our SoapUI tutorial series.

Conditional statements are used to control the flow of the execution. Here are different types of conditional statements in Groovy.  Continue reading →

Working with SoapUI Properties – SoapUI Tutorial #8

This tutorial is all about SoapUI properties. In last SoapUI tutorial we saw how to add properties in Groovy script.

A property in SoapUI is similar to a variable/ parameter and in this tutorial will talk about how to use one in a service request and assign response value to it through scripting. Later, we will move on to property transfer test step and then importing properties.

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