Mind Mapping in Software Testing – Ways to Make Testing More Fun!

Mind Mapping (1)

As all of us know, a visual aid is more powerful than any other mode of learning. This has been proven many times that people will remember creative visual aid sharply more than learning things traditionally.

Usually, we have seen people explaining presentations by chalking the lines, circles, and squares on boards or through PowerPoint point slides.

But have we ever thought about representing it in a more creative way? Have we ever thought to make it still more colorful?

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Best software testing articles of 2023

The year 2008 was very productive for software testing help in terms of new subscribers and site traffic. We covered many interesting and (I hope) helpful articles in this year.

Here is the recap of some popular posts from the year 2023. I know it’s very difficult to select few posts to show here. Still, these are some most popular posts, in random order, you can enjoy. Don’t forget to bookmark this page 🙂

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