TestProject Test Automation Tool Hands-on Review Tutorial

TestProject tutorial

A Hands-on Review Tutorial of The TestProject Test Automation Platform:

Test automation is essential in the world of continuous deployment and short release cycles. And, we all as software testers come across many challenges when it comes to automation testing.

Today, we are going to review one of the popular test automation tools – TestProject. It’s a community-powered free end-to-end test automation platform to simplify automation testing effort for mobile and web applications.

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Cynet All-In-One Security Platform Hands-On Review


A hands-on review tutorial of Cynet Autonomous Security Platform for blocking all types of security attacks on any network:

Cynet is changing the face of the security industry with the first Autonomous Security Platform that consolidates all aspects of internal environment protection in a single interface.

The autonomous platform is threat-agnostic, converging all the technologies and capabilities (including endpoint protection, EDR, network analytics, UBA, and vulnerability management) to answer the visibility, prevention, detection, and response needs of an any-sized organization.

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Selenium Vs Katalon Studio: How to Simplify Selenium Tests in Katalon Studio

Selenium Tests in Katalon studio

Selenium Vs Katalon Studio – Learn the Ways to Simplify Selenium Tests in Katalon Studio (with a login test case hands-on example on both the tools)

Automated testing is a technique that uses an application to conduct the testing process for another application.

For Web-based software, automated testing is important and is widely used as it allows cost-effective UI testing, which is crucial to maintain high-quality services.

Selenium is one of the most popular open-source automation tools for Web automation testing. You can do a lot with Selenium, such as refactoring web elements into classes that can be reused easily in your test cases, etc.

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Ranorex Studio Hands-on Review: All-in-One Test Automation Solution

Ranorex Studio

Getting started with Ranorex Studio: An In-Depth Review and Walkthrough

Ranorex recently announced the release of version 9.0 of Ranorex Studio which is an all-in-one test automation tool for desktop, web, and mobile applications. Our review is based on this latest version.

This release includes a lot of new, industry-leading features including video reporting of test execution, a machine-trained algorithm for handling web elements with dynamic IDs, and support for testing web elements in a shadow DOM and the JxBrowser.

It also has all-new, switchable dark and light themes.

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