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How Domain knowledge is Important for testers?

Jayant Deo asks:
“Looking at the current scenario from the industry it is seen that the testers are expected to have both technical testing skills as well either need to be from the domain background or have gathered domain knowledge mainly for BFSI is commonly seen.
I would like to know why and when is this domain knowledge imparted to the tester during the testing cycle?”

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Web Testing Complete Guide (Web Application Testing Tips and Scenarios)

In this article, we will learn web application testing with test cases for testing a website.

I always love to share practical knowledge, which in a case can be useful to several users in their career life. This is quite a lengthy article, so sit back and get relaxed to get most out of it.  Continue reading →

How to find a bug in application? Tips and Tricks

A very good and important point. Right? If you are a software tester or a QA engineer then you must be thinking every minute to find a bug in an application. And you should be!

I think finding a blocker bug like any system crash is often rewarding! No I don’t think like that. You should try to find out the bugs that are most difficult to find and those always misleads users.

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Choosing Software Testing as your Career

If you are willing to choose software testing as your career then this is a must read!
Nowadays I get many emails asking me about software testing jobs. Should I select software testing as my career? How to switch to software testing from other job experience? Which institute should I join for a testing course? And much more …

I will give a common answer to all these questions whether you should choose software testing as your career or not? Let me first explain in brief about software testing. Software testing and quality control are the processes by means of which application quality is improved. Software testing is done in each phase of product life cycle i.e from requirement specifications, design, coding, to the user acceptance.

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Why Does Software Have Bugs?

What is a software bug?

A software bug is a failure or flaw in a program that produces undesired or incorrect results. It’s an error that prevents the application from functioning as it should.

Why does Software have bugs?
There are many reasons for software bugs. Most common reason is human mistakes in software design and coding.

Once you know the causes for software defects it will be easier for you to take corrective actions to minimize these defects.

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