Top 8 Skills To Become The Best QA Analyst

QA Analyst Career Guide

Are you wondering what are the Top Skills for QA Analyst? This Tutorial Discusses the Top Skills and Mindset Required to Become the Best QA Analyst:

In my journey of being a QA Analyst, I have met so many students who ask the question like how to get into testing and how can I become the best at it. My answer is always “personality is everything- testing chooses its people”. You may be an Einstein, but this is not the Game of Thrones (brains) but of Avengers (personalities).

In all the wars that the Avengers have won what stood out for me was their personalities over smartness or their individual powers. So, in this article, I would like to take you through my formula for being the best QA Analyst using Avenger’s personality description.

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Code Refactoring: What You Need to Know About It

Code Refactoring

Understanding Code Refactoring: A Tester’s Perspective

The term ‘Refactoring’ is mainly used to indicate required code cleanup/redesign.

In this tutorial, we will understand the definition of refactoring, discuss the need for code refactoring, and review the impact of refactoring code on various project team members. We will also discuss the answer for the most important question – As a tester, why do you need to know about refactoring? 

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What is Gamification? Learn with Examples from IT, Education and Learning Fields

What Is Gamification_ (1)

Gamification: A Prominent Key for Success in Various Aspects of Life

A complete overview of Gamification and its impact in different walks of life including the Agile Process that we testers and developers follow in our day-to-day work.

What is gamification? Let’s learn its meaning:

The main purpose of Gamification is to combine work with fun. Any non-game context can be made more appealing, by applying Gamification to it. In simple words ‘Gamification’ means integration of the existing environment with the game mechanics. 

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How to Test Insurance Domain Application

Test insurance domain

Role of Testing – Learn to Test Insurance Domain Application:

You will learn how to test an Insurance domain application and what are the different modules to be tested in an Insurance Application through this tutorial.

Each and every insurance company relies more on various types of software that will help them to run their business. This software application helps them in creating a new policy, enrollment of members, policy administration etc. 

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JSON Tutorial: Introduction and A Complete Guide for Beginners

JSON Introduction

Introduction to JSON: A Complete JSON Tutorial series for beginners

JavaScript Object Notion which is commonly known as JSON is one of the most popular data transition formats. It is a text-based and lightweight format for data transactions. JSON format was first computed by Douglas Crockford.

This being a text-based format is easier to read or write by the user and at the same time, its lightweight property makes it a stress-free alternative for machines to deconstruct or generate. It is basically a subset of the JavaScript but JSON, as a text format is totally independent of any of the programming languages used as almost all the languages, can easily analyze the text.

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Maximizing Quality by Going Above and Beyond Full Stack Testing

Maximizing Quality by Going Above and Beyond Full Stack Testing

Quality expectations are increasing day by day and the search for perfection will never come to an end, thereby raising the bar on Product Quality and End-user experience.

An application that just “does the job” is not enough anymore for an average user and even expectations from the professional tools designed for a narrow range of users are growing gradually. Market demand is changing rapidly and QA processes should adapt to it accordingly.

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