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How to Manage Requirements, Execute Test Cases and Generate Reports Using TestLink – Tutorial #2

This is a Part-2 of “Learning TestLink Test Management Tool” tutorial’s series. If you missed part-1 you can check it here: Getting started with TestLink Test Management tool.

In last tutorial we learned TestLink installation, creating Test Plan and writing Test Cases.

Today, let’s learn important features of TestLink including requirements management, test case execution and generating test reports.

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TestLink Tutorial: A Layman’s Guide to TestLink Test Management Tool (Tutorial #1)

This is a complete guide to start using the most popular open source test management tool – TestLink.

Learn how to quickly set up and start using TestLink Test Management Tool with these in-depth TestLink Tutorials.

Editors’ Note – If you are still using MS Excel spreadsheets for tracking test cases and execution, this is the best time for you to switch to a Test Management tool. And for that reason, we have selected the long-time popular open source test management tool. Try it!

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qTest eXplorer Review: The Ultimate Tool For The Agile Tester!

If you’re in the market for a test management platform that can cope with the demands of agile testing and keep pace with the rapid cycles of agile development, then QASymphony’s latest release is going to interest you. The company recently unveiled a new combination of its test management solution, qTest, and its exploratory testing tool, qTest eXplorer.

The consolidated testing platform is intended to be a one-stop-shop for testers. It encompasses the full lifecycle from requirements and test case design, through test execution and defect tracking, to real-time reports on the status and quality metrics.

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Top 15 Best Test Management Tools in 2018 (Our Reviews)

Most popular best Test Management Tools used to speed up your testing process:

The term Test Management encompasses anything and everything that we do as testers and we take the help of a best and efficient test management software to perform this task.

Our day-to-day activities include:

  1. Creating and maintaining release/project cycle/component information.
  2. Creating and maintaining the test artifacts specific to each release/cycle for which we have- requirements, test cases, etc.
  3. Establishing traceability and coverage of the test assets.
  4. Test execution support – test suite creation, test execution status capture, etc.
  5. Metric collection/report-graph generation for analysis.
  6. Bug tracking/defect management.

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How to Use JIRA Effectively for Managing Agile Projects – JIRA Tutorial #6

This is the last tutorial in our JIRA self-learning tutorials series. We hope you find this series useful. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. Let us know if you want us to cover such series of detailed tutorials on other Software Testing or Automation testing topics.

JIRA – Agile Project

Agile methodology for software development has gained immense popularity in the recent years.

Agile Projects follow an incremental approach to the development of the requirements.

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Learn the Admin Aspects of JIRA Test Management Tool – Tutorial #5

JIRA Administration: 

We are going to learn all about JIRA administration today. This is a unique opportunity to learn the admin aspects of a Project/Incident/Test Management tool.

This is the 5th tutorial in our JIRA learning series. Check all the tutorials in this series on this JIRA Tutorials page.

Not all of them are as effective (and simple) and as accessible from the UI as it is for JIRA. So, as always, concepts are more important than the tool-specific Continue reading →

Atlassian JIRA Tutorial #4 – Managing Issues, Using Workflow Progress and the Reporting Feature

JIRA User Module – Conclusion

We have seen the different kinds of issues and how to create them in our previous JIRA Tutorials. This is a next JIRA tutorial in this series where we will learn how to use them, the workflow progress and the reporting feature of JIRA.

The issue once created can be accessed by searching the ID, browsing the “Issues” menu item or going to the project details and checking the issues tab.

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Creating and Working with Sub-tasks (Divisions of a Parent Issue) in JIRA – Tutorial #3

Having created an issue successfully in the last JIRA tutorial we are on our way to master yet another important topic today – Creating and working with sub-tasks in JIRA.

A sub-task is nothing but a division of a parent issue (task) into chunks of work that can be assigned and tracked individually.

Example 1: A QA related example could be the task of Test documentation. Test documentation by itself is an activity that might take a week to finish.  Say, it involves the following aspects: Test plan documentation which takes 2 days. Test case documentation – 2 days, Test plan review – ½ day and Test case review – 1 day.  Also, assume that there are 2 resources.

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How Are Issues Handled in JIRA? – Atlassian JIRA Tutorial #2

Working with JIRA Issues

JIRA – we are now in the midst of self-learning this tool. In the last JIRA tutorial, we talked about the underlying JIRA process – the Incident Management and a few high-level details of the tool itself.

Today we are going to move on to yet another interesting topic – How are the issues handled in JIRA?

Before we get into more details let us now reiterate what an issue is:
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Atlassian JIRA Introduction to JIRA Issue and Project Tracking Software Tutorial 1

Once again, we are back with another tool tutorial. This time it’s the Issue and Project Tracking Software – Atlassian JIRA. You will learn JIRA issue tracking tool with this series of simple and easy to understand JIRA training tutorials.


UPDATE: Below text tutorials are good for learning JIRA tool. But if you are looking for learning quickly from experts using Videos check out this JIRA video course:

Atlassian JIRA video course

For your convenience we have listed all the JIRA tutorials in this series:

Tutorial #1: Introduction to JIRA Issue and Project Tracking Tool
Tutorial #2: How Are Issues Handled in JIRA?
Tutorial #3: Creating and Working with Sub-tasks in JIRA
Tutorial #4: Managing Issues, Workflow Progress & Reporting Feature
Tutorial #5: Admin Aspects of JIRA Test Management Tool
Tutorial #6: Using JIRA for Managing Agile Projects


Before we get into what this tool is, how it can be used and who it is used by, I want to lay out some ground rules that will help us learn any tool easily and effectively in a short period of time.


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