qTest eXplorer Review: The Ultimate Tool For The Agile Tester!

QTest EXplorer

If you’re in the market for a Test Management Platform that can cope with the demands of Agile Testing and keep pace with the rapid cycles of agile development, then QASymphony’s latest release is going to interest you. The company recently unveiled a new combination of its Test Management solution, qTest, and its Exploratory Testing tool, qTest eXplorer.

The consolidated testing platform is intended to be a one-stop-shop for testers. It encompasses the full lifecycle from requirements and test case design, through test execution and defect tracking, to real-time reports on the status and quality metrics.

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Sample Software Test Plan Template with Format and Contents

Software Test Plan Template

In this tutorial, we have provided a Sample Test Plan Template along with its contents. This Simple Test Plan Format will be helpful for you to write a detailed Test Plan. 

We keep getting requests for Sample Test Plans frequently. Hence, we are including a sample Test Plan template here for your reference.

It’s a Test Plan index only. Each point in this index will help you elaborate on your testing plan in a step-by-step manner. Take this as a guide and develop a full Test Plan for your project.

=> Click Here For Complete Test Plan Tutorial Series

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How To Automate Repetitive QA Tasks Using Excel Macros [Examples]

QAs Macro Mindset

This In-depth Guide About QA’s Macro Mindset Explains How To Automate Repetitive QA Tasks Using Excel Macros with Examples And Screenshots of Excel Sheets:

The need for automation in today’s world is one of the essential and growing demands. Today everyone is seeking something that eases his/her work and the hassles involved in the routine work.

Nowadays, nobody wants to visit a mobile store or stand in queues to recharge their phone. It is now convenient not to physically visit anywhere but to recharge the phone online within a fraction of a second.

Starting from paying your utility bills through net banking, booking and tracking your cab online, buying things online on various eCommerce sites to using different automated appliances like washing machines, microwave, geyser and the ever-evolving smartphones etc., the world today is really craving for smart and automated products in the form of services or gadgets.

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What is Early Testing: Test Early, Test Often BUT How? (A Practical Guide)

early testing (1)

What is Early Testing?

Software testing should start early in the Software Development Life Cycle. This helps to capture and eliminate defects in the early stages of SDLC i.e. requirement gathering and design phases. An early start to testing helps to reduce the number of defects and ultimately the rework cost in the end.

The various aspects of Early Testing which would help the QA Managers and Leads while developing or devising the Testing Strategy document in SDLC are explained here.

Adoption of Early Test will immensely result in the successful delivery of a Quality Product.

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Cognitive Bias in Software Testing: Why Do Testers Miss Bugs?

Cognitive Bias in Software Testing

Cognitive Bias in Software Testing: Are you Influenced by it?

The testing world is moving at a much quicker pace with technological advancements in order to ensure “quality at the speed of light”.

“Continuous Integration, Digital transformation, life-cycle automation, shifting quality to the left to minimize costs” etc. are some of the magical words that are swinging around. While we speak about these, the underlying question –“Why and how the defect was missed” still continues to be heard and remains unanswered as well.

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