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37 Most Common LoadRunner Interview Questions and Best Answers

In the past tutorials, we have seen the basics of Performance testing and LoadRunner video tutorials. This article is going to focus on the most important commonly asked LoadRunner interview questions and answers that will help you be successful in performance tester’s interview using LoadRunner.

LoadRunner is one of the best-licensed Performance testing tools in the market. It is best suited for most upcoming technologies because of the wide range of supported protocols.

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20 Simple Questions to Check Your Software Testing Basic Knowledge [Online Quiz]

We have done ISTQB online tests previously. Now here is an attempt to test your software testing basic knowledge with a simple 20 question test. The following software testing mock test is designed to test your ability to meet software testing requirements.

This free online software testing quiz will help you for self-assessment and prepare for other certification exams as well as software testing interview.

software testing mock test

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Top 105 QTP Interview Questions and Answers (Latest UFT Interview Questions)

Below are some useful tips to prepare for HP (now Micro Focus) QTP/UFT interview, followed by the most common QTP/UFT interview questions and answers.

Actually, we had planned this post at the end of our QTP training article series but many readers requested to provide interview questions so to prepare for the interview while learning QTP.

Note – In this post, we have covered some useful tips to prepare for QTP interview along with top 80 common and crucial Quick Test Professional questions and answers. 

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What is Performance Testing? Difference Between Performance Testing, Load Testing and Stress Testing – With Examples

Hi Readers! In the testing world, many times we come across the terms like performance testing, load testing, and stress testing. These three terms are often misunderstood and interpreted as same concepts. However, there is a significant difference between these three testing types and it is important for a tester to understand the same.

In this article, we will discuss each of these 3 testing types to understand the difference between them.

Q. What is the difference between Performance Testing, Load Testing, and Stress Testing?

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18 Tips to Handle Any Job Interview Successfully

Interviews have always been a nerve-racking experience. A situation where you are judged on your performance for a job.

Everybody gets the jitters when it comes to interviews. Relax! Don’t panic. You need to overcome the nervousness.

Job Interview Tips and advice Applicable to Any Job Seeker Looking for a Dream Job.

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Preparing For Software Testing Interview – Simple Tips To Follow Prior And at The Time of Interview

This is a guest article by “N. Sandhya Rani”.

As Software testers, we keep performing testing activities in various phases of a project. When it comes to testing our own skills, we may not end up choosing an appropriate approach. I am talking about how the interview rounds go and how to face them. The whole article is a very general discussion about the challenges that a tester has to face in an interview.

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ISTQB software testing certification sample question paper with answers – Part II

In continuation with our Previous article on “ISTQB software testing certification sample papers and tips to solve the questions quickly“, we are posting next set of ISTQB exam sample questions and answers with detailed evaluation for each option.

This is a guest article by “N. Sandhya Rani”.

ISTQB ‘Foundation level’ sample questions with answers and detailed evaluation of each option:

1. Methodologies adopted while performing Maintenance Testing:-
a) Breadth Test and Depth Test
b) Retesting
c) Confirmation Testing
d) Sanity Testing

Evaluating the options:
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ISTQB Question Pattern and Tips to Solve

In this article, our author Sandhya will be giving you ISTQB paper pattern and more tips on how to solve the questions quickly. To start with, here are 10 sample ISTQB ‘Foundation level’ questions with a detailed explanation for each answer.

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What is Boundary value analysis and Equivalence partitioning?

Boundary value analysis and Equivalence partitioning explained with a simple example:

Boundary value analysis and equivalence partitioning both are test case design strategies in black box testing.

Equivalence Partitioning:

In this method, the input domain data is divided into different equivalence data classes. This method is typically used to reduce the total number of test cases to a finite set of testable test cases, still covering maximum requirements.

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What is client-server and web based testing and how to test these applications

This is the guest post from VijayD


What is the difference between client-server testing and web based testing and what are things that we need to test in such applications?

Projects are broadly divided into two types of:

  • 2 tier applications
  • 3 tier applications

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