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Introduction to Sikuli GUI Automation Tool (Automate Anything You See on Screen) – Sikuli Tutorial #1

As always we try to bring in new things to learn for our readers. Today let’s explore an interesting GUI automation tool – Sikuli.

“Automate anything you see” using Sikuli graphical user interface (GUI) automation tool – Complete beginners guide to quickly set up and start using Sikuli script tool with these in-depth Sikuli Tutorials.

Sikuli automates anything you see on the screen using the image recognition method to identify GUI elements. Sikuli script allows users to automate GUI interaction by using screenshots.

We have divided this series into 2 parts:

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qTest eXplorer Review: The Ultimate Tool For The Agile Tester!

If you’re in the market for a test management platform that can cope with the demands of agile testing and keep pace with the rapid cycles of agile development, then QASymphony’s latest release is going to interest you. The company recently unveiled a new combination of its test management solution, qTest, and its exploratory testing tool, qTest eXplorer.

The consolidated testing platform is intended to be a one-stop-shop for testers. It encompasses the full lifecycle from requirements and test case design, through test execution and defect tracking, to real-time reports on the status and quality metrics.

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Useful Free Screen Capture and Annotator Tool for the Testers – qSnap Review

Capturing error screenshot is the most common task for the software testers. You might be using some free or licensed tool to accomplish this task. But today I’m going to share with you one very easy to use, functionality-rich screen capture and annotator tool which will make your work super simple.

Free Screen Capture Tool:

If you’re looking for a completely free screen capture extension for your browser then you might consider qSnap from QASymphony. This is a kind of utility that could prove useful for a much wider audience.

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How to Perform Test Documentation Reviews in 6 Simple Steps – QA Process

By now, we all know that for a tester, documentation is an integral part of his daily life. There is an overload of testing artifacts that are created, reviewed, approved, used, maintained and distributed.  We always have clear-cut processes laid out for how to create a document, how to use it, who should it go to, etc.

Through this article, we are going to shed some light on the small but important topic – Reviews.

Reviewing is a form of testing too – the verification part of the V&V also called static testing.

Software Testing Document Reviews

Types of Reviews:

  1. Reviewing your own work – Self Checking
  2. Peer- review
  3. Supervisory

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Hands-On Review of qTest Test Management Tool

This is a hands-on review of qTest test management tool by guest author Kaushal Amin, whose team is using this tool. See author details at the end of the article.

I’ve been checking out the latest test management tool to hit the market, qTest, developed by QASymphony. The software is designed to mesh seamlessly with a typical Agile development and it provides a comprehensive set of options for the testing end of any project. It enables you to enter project requirements, extrapolate test cases, run them, and store all the results.

In effect, you end up with a clear and transparent chain highlighting the lifecycle of every individual bug that gets raised. It’s Continue reading →