Automate Browser Testing With LambdaTest

Automate Browser Testing with LambdaTest

Here’s a complete guide with a demo to LambdaTest, a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool for Manual Web App and Automated Browser testing:

Many web developers would have come across situations where their website or web application worked as expected ‘only’ on a couple of browsers (or browser versions).

Cross-browser testing is a magic wand that helps in ensuring that the website or application works fine across different browsers, platforms, and device combinations.

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21Labs Automation Testing Tool For Mobile: Hands-on Review

21Labs Automation Testing Tool

Comprehensive hands-on review of the 21Labs Automation Testing Tool for Android and iOS app testing and its features: 

Are you trying to automate your mobile testing, but the test maintenance becomes a big hurdle?

Or, you stepped back to manual testing because it’s really difficult to create reliable & stable automated tests for mobile applications, and also takes several months of effort?

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Serverless360 Azure Serverless Monitoring Tool Review

Serverless360 Azure Monitoring Tool Review

Read this comprehensive review of Serverless360 to install, configure, and use the features of this Azure monitoring and management tool:

Azure Monitoring Tools play a critical role in all the forums i.e. from small businesses to large businesses. It helps in keeping an eye on various components that are integrated into business applications and understanding whether they are functioning as expected or not.

While choosing the Azure Monitoring and Management Tool, it is important to determine your requirement and decide the type of monitoring tool for your Azure Applications.

If it is about knowing the performance of the applications and analyzing if it is meeting your SLA and the experience for users is as expected then it can be achieved by the APM products available in the market.

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Why Is Katalon Studio The Best Selenium Alternative For 2022

Katalon Studio Selenium Alternative

Released in the early days of the 2000s, Selenium’s popularity in the testing community has raised steadily, thereby making it the number one choice for web-based application automation.

Despite its biggest advantages being the wide adoption and strong support from the community, Selenium users normally face the challenges of building up a functional testing framework and maintaining it to drive value over time.

This tutorial will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of testing with Selenium WebDriver along with its best alternative solution in the market.

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ActiveBatch Workload Automation Tool Hands-on Review Tutorial

ActiveBatch Workload Automation

ActiveBatch Workload Automation and Enterprise Job Scheduling Software Hands-on Review Tutorial: :

With the drastic increase in new technologies, systems, apps, and data to manage, the IT environments are becoming much more complicated. This indeed is paired with the difficulty of finding the right people with the right technical skills to manage this complexity.

That is where Workload Automation Tools can help managers.

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Katalon Studio Codeless Automation Testing Solution Review

Codeless Automated Testing

Codeless Automated Testing: A Promising Solution For Quality Assurance

As new products emerge, the demands of a customer keep increasing and businesses must constantly evolve to stay in the competition.

Many IT experts have predicted that in 2021, the knowledge gap between the Testers and Developers will be narrowed, Agile and DevOps will continue to see high adoption, and human intervention should be minimalized for more time to focus on business strategies.

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