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Database CRUD Testing Through UI with Sample Test Cases

What are CRUD Operations and How to Perform CRUD Testing Through UI:

Human beings started storing information even before several decades! And in those days, Flat file databases were used in the computing history where all the data was stored in a file.

Later, in early 1970’s IBM developed the first Relational Database Model, which introduced “indexes” to easily fetch the data.

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Data Migration Testing Tutorial: A Complete Guide

Overview of Data Migration Testing:

It is quite often heard that an application is moved to a different server, the technology is changed, it is updated to the next version or moved to different database server etc.,

  • What does this actually mean?
  • What is expected from the testing team in these situations?

From the testing point of view, it all means that the application has to be tested thoroughly end-to-end along with migration from the existing system to the new system successfully.  Continue reading →

Types of Migration Testing: With Test Scenarios for Each Type

Types of Migration Testing: 

This is the 2nd part tutorial in our data migration testing tutorial series.

Migration Testing is essential to move data from the Legacy system to the new system without any data loss and there are several types of Migration Testing too.

Through this tutorial, let us know more about the Migration Testing Types that quite often happen in the real time in IT Industry.

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How to Perform ETL Testing Using Informatica PowerCenter Tool

It is a known fact that ETL testing is one of the crucial aspects of any Business Intelligence (BI) based application. In order to get the quality assurance and acceptance to go live in business, the BI application should be tested well beforehand.

The primary objective of ETL testing is to ensure that the Extract, Transform & Load functionality is working as per the business requirements and in sync with the performance standards.  Continue reading →

How to Perform Backend Testing

What is Backend Testing and How to perform it?

Software Applications are complex; there is more than what meets the eye.

Most system testing efforts go through GUI. This is because testing validates if the software is ‘fit for use’ by the end-user or not. End-users use GUI and so do we; that is why it is really important that software fares well in this area.

But, software has a lot of other elements too that aren’t directly visible or available to the user for direct interaction. It does not make these elements any less important and they must too undergo thorough testing.  Continue reading →

A Simple Approach for XML to Database Testing

This article will help understand the XML to Database testing concept, which is a challenging testing type.

The data comparison is a critical task to accomplish with quality. Any flaw will result one or many failures in an application.

XML is an electronic communication message format that contains data and Database is a physical storage with tables/columns containing data. Continue reading →

An Excellent Way of Data Testing Using XML Technologies (White Paper)

In the SDLC, if the application uses waterfall model, testing activities are planned at the end. This poses a risk of rework with respect to requirements, design, code and test cases if QA team identifies defects. It is better to avoid waiting till the end to identify the defects in an application.

Tests that are not based on functional execution of the application can find defects without mandating the release of all the components into the test environment. This can be accomplished by data testing. Continue reading →

How to Test and Validate Your Database Backup and Recovery?

In this article, we shall discuss verifying and testing your database backups. We will be explaining concepts such as what, why and how about Database backups and methods to test the backup.

We will take Oracle database as a case study for this tutorial.

Case Study: Testing Oracle Database Backups: Continue reading →

Oracle Real Application Testing – Solution to Test Oracle DB Before Moving to Production

We have come to the final part of the series of Oracle Database Testing.

So far, we have dealt with methods of testing the Oracle database. Continuing this focus we shall dive into further details with respect to Oracle Real Application Testing.

Today we will learn Oracle Real Application Testing – an effective change assurance system that assesses the system change in test environment itself before introducing it to production.
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Systematic Ways of Testing Oracle Database for Memory, Space and CPU Processing

This post shall be the second part of the Oracle Database Testing series. The first part 1 can be found here.

In the first part, we have defined the term “database”, the reasons for Oracle being a pioneered database system, the intent behind testing a database and methods of testing it.

In this post, we shall discuss more on systematic ways of testing the database with respect to Memory, Space and CPU processing. In next and the final part of the series, we shall continue our focus on testing with Oracle Real Application Testing Continue reading →