Software Testing Questions and Answers Part 2

Software Testing Questions and Answers

This tutorial is a part of the Software Testing Question and Answers series.

Here, you will see the answers to some of the reader’s questions that were addressed in the comments section. If you have queries on Software Testing, Quality Assurance or career in testing, then you can raise those questions in the comment section below.

It will not be possible to address each and every question in detail as the questions are on vast topics, for which detailed answers will be required in a new tutorial. This tutorial will answer such questions in brief here and will also write detailed articles separately if required.

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Global Software Testing Business To Reach $34.5 Billion Soon

Global Software Testing business

Explore the different forecasts and predictions from various research companies about the anticipated Global Software Testing Business growth:

The most frequent question that has been often heard is “What is the future of the Software Testing business?” “Should I consider Software Testing as my career option?”

There wouldn’t be any need to ask these questions anymore. Just see the good news below.

Software testers and analysts are now a key part of any product team.

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Software Testing Questions and Answers (Part 1)

qa on Software testing

In this tutorial, we will answer some of the questions raised by our readers. We are planning to start a weekly column on “Software Testing Questions and Answers” as we get dozens of email queries on different Software Testing concepts.

Instead of answering them privately, we will put them collectively in posts so that many similar questions from the other readers could also get addressed simultaneously. You can also submit your questions in the comments section of the posts and we will revert back to you.

Before submitting any questions, we would strongly recommend that you search here on the site to see if your queries have been answered previously.

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How To Get Software Testing Job Quickly

How To Get Software Testing Job Quickly

This Tutorial Explains Why You Should Choose Software Testing as a Career Option and Which are The Most Important Skills for Software Testers:

How to get a Software Testing job? How do I get an entry in the Software Testing field? Can I get a job in the QA Testing field?

We have been getting these types of questions frequently. All these questions are more or less similar to each other.

We have written a post on choosing Software Testing as your career where you can analyze your abilities and know which are the most important skills required for Software Testing.

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Some Interesting Software Testing Interview Questions

Interesting Software Testing Interview

This Tutorial Answers Some of the Most Frequently Asked Software Testing Interview Questions.

The software testing industry is as huge as an ocean and with a software testing interview, we cannot even imagine how tough and complicated the questions would be.

The interview questions may vary from one company to another and it completely depends upon the mindset of the interviewer to ask any question. Hence, you need to prepare yourself for any situation and be positive to face the interview confidently.

This post includes the answers to some interesting software testing interview questions asked by one of our readers.

Read this entire post to prepare yourself for the Software Testing Interview.

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