Micro Focus ALM Synchronizer Defect Management Tool Hands-On Tutorial

HP ALM Synchronizer

Here is an overview of HP ALM Synchronizer and now Micro Focus ALM Synchronizer:

Micro Focus ALM Synchronizer seems to be a very new term for most of us and several questions occur to us when we first see or hear this term.

Usually, when we come across a new term, we typically do a Google search to find out the details about it. However, when we do a search for this term, unfortunately not many results can be found except some installation guides, images, few descriptive details etc.

To have a proper understanding of this, a tutorial/article in easier language is required, especially for those who are covering Micro Focus ALM Synchronizer topic for the first time.

That is the main reason for which I am sharing this topic with all of you. I am lucky enough to get a chance to work on this tool and to understand it closely.

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Backlog Bug Tracking Tool Hands-on Review Tutorial

Backlog Bug Tracking Tool

Today, we are going to review ‘Backlog‘ Project and Bug Tracking Software. This is a hands-on review tutorial so you can compare its features with the tools that you know or are currently using.

Discovering, recording, and tracking bugs are important parts of the software development process. Luckily, bug and issue tracking tools can streamline the process and make it easy for teams to prioritize, assign, and fix bugs efficiently.

Many free online tools can capture and track bugs, but working with a single-purpose tool always has its drawbacks. One of the most obvious is the fact that bug tracking becomes siloed from the rest of a team’s work.

For this reason, many teams have turned to more comprehensive solutions that help them manage the end-to-end development of projects.

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Defect Prevention Methods and Techniques

Defect Prevention methods

Here is an article on effective Defect Prevention Approaches and Critical Views:

Quality Assurance is the term that is commonly used to address the testing teams in IT projects.

Technicalities aside, quality assurance activities are not just targeted at defect identification (which is finding defects after they have happened). This is simply testing or Quality control. But it also includes defect prevention (making sure the defects do not happen in the first place or the defects are removed/reduced before making their way into the software product).

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Mantis Bug Tracker Tutorial: MantisBT Issue Tracker Complete Guide


Here is the detailed MantisBT Open Source Free Popular Bug Tracking System Tutorial for your benefit:

As you are aware, testing is an integral part of any software development life cycle. A software bug is an error in a software application which causes software to produce incorrect results. Therefore, causing deviation in the expected and actual outcome.

Bug tracking software is a software application used to maintain records of software bugs reported during the software development life cycle.

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JIRA Bug Tracking Tool Tutorial: How to Use JIRA as a Ticketing Tool

JIRA Bug Tracking Tool

JIRA Bug Tracking: Defect Life Cycle in JIRA

Jira Download and Installation was explained in detail in our previous tutorial. Test teams are always apprehensive about picking up JIRAs for Defect Management.

Doubts are warranted. This stems from the fact that though JIRA bug tracking tool is applicable to IT businesses, it is a generic ticketing system.

Even for IT projects, JIRA’s popularity with the Development teams makes testers and QA teams uncomfortable. Despite the comfort and discomfort, the test teams have no choice but to use the JIRA bug tracking tool in most companies. Our Complete guide to JIRA training will give you an excellent knowledge of the tool.

Simple logic – Companies do not want to invest in multiple tools. It just makes good business sense to maximize your tool utilization and not go crazy about purchasing too many licenses.

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