Build Verification Testing (BVT Testing) Complete Guide

Build Verification Testing (BVT Testing)

What Is Build Verification Testing (BVT)?

Build Verification Test is a set of tests run on every new build to verify that build is testable before it is released to test team for further testing.

These test cases are core functionality test cases that ensure the application is stable and can be tested thoroughly. Typically BVT process is automated. If BVT fails that build is again get assigned to a developer for the fix.

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10 Tips You Should Read Before Automating Your Testing Work

Automating Your Testing

I was getting too many questions on when and how to automate the testing process. Instead of answering them individually I thought it would be better to have some discussion here.

I will put my thoughts about When to automate?, How to automate? or Should we automate our testing work?

I know there some of our readers are smarter than me. So it would be always a good idea to start a meaningful discussion on such a vast topic to get in-depth idea and thoughts from experts from different areas and their experience in Automation Testing.

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