Continuous Delivery Tutorial: Reliable Software Release to Production

guide to continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery Tutorial:

Our previous tutorial briefed us about Continuous Integration process in detail.

Here, we will focus on Continuous Delivery (CD) and Continuous Integration (CI), starting with an at-length discussion on Continuous delivery today.

Software development has seen a steep outlook and approach difference to keep up with the current market trends and consumer needs. While the traditional waterfall approach was more sequential and planned, it has setbacks in terms of satisfying customer expectations for the final product. 

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How the Testers are Involved in TDD, BDD & ATDD Techniques

Testers Involved in Agile

Overview of TDD, BDD and ATDD techniques:

TDD, BDD & ATDD are the terms which have revolutionized the tester’s world in Agile and have gained momentum too. The change in the mindset of testers also requires learning new skills and more importantly, changing the attitude, and the way of working.

Unlike working in isolation, testers need to collaborate and work together with the programmers which means

  • Sharing the test cases
  • Participating in writing the acceptance criteria of the stories
  • Provide continuous feedback to the stakeholders
  • Collaborating to resolve the defects on time.
  • Provide suggestions and input to improve the quality of the deliverables
  • Automation

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Is There Any Start and Stop Boundary to the QA’s Role in Scrum?

QA role in scrum

Let’s understand the QA’s Role in Scrum. What are the Scrum Activities for the Testers?

This article is not just a tutorial about some processes or methods or instructions about how to work as a QA. Rather, this is an article in which I want to share my own experience of working as a Senior QA in SCRUM.

My previous CTO always used to say that “With freedom comes responsibility’. If you are given the freedom to do your work in your way then it is you and only you who is responsible for your work or tasks or activities.

This is what Scrum is all about!! Let me give you a basic idea about Scrum as we proceed further.

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What is Gamification? Learn with Examples from IT, Education and Learning Fields

What Is Gamification_ (1)

Gamification: A Prominent Key for Success in Various Aspects of Life

A complete overview of Gamification and its impact in different walks of life including the Agile Process that we testers and developers follow in our day-to-day work.

What is gamification? Let’s learn its meaning:

The main purpose of Gamification is to combine work with fun. Any non-game context can be made more appealing, by applying Gamification to it. In simple words, “Gamification” means integration of the existing environment with the game mechanics.

Basically, it is adopting the key elements of games like designing, action or activity, fun, and competition, and then applying them through game mechanics such as points, badges, and leaderboard.

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Agile Testing On The Rise – Boon or Bane?

agile testing boon or bane

Agile – has become the trend of IT. Most of the projects are AGILE nowadays and the role of a tester is very significant.

Even before we touch on Agile Testing let us understand the concept of ‘AGILE’.

Agile is a methodology that evolved from our Iterative or Incremental methodology of development – Almost 2+ decades of Agile Manifesto. Over these decades, Agile has a very comfortable place in the hearts of Developers, PM’s and Customers. 

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Concluding Thoughts about Agile Implementation in Your Organization

Agile implementation final

This is the last part in our in-depth Agile implantation series. From the last article, we are learning how to cultivate Agile in your organization.

This is the concluding part of this series. Those who are in process to switch to Agile, this series is a set of some very practical tips learned from the own experience of the author while implementing Agile by overcoming all the obstacles in the way.

Let’s continue from our last article – Cultivating Agile in your organization, before concluding the series.

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