Appium Studio Complete Guide: 15+ In-depth Hands-on Review Tutorials

A complete guide for Appium Studio:

Appium, the open-source testing app, has now been made even better, and thanks to Appium Studio.

With Appium Studio, you can cut both the cost as well as the effort of running your automated mobile tests on Appium. This will help you to release high-quality apps even faster.

This FREE tool, Appium Studio community edition, allows the users to enjoy improved service and community support through the Appium Studio forums. 

Appium Studio Guide

A list of Appium tutorials are included in this series in simple terms along with their concerned screenshots and examples for your easy understanding. By the end of this series, you will be able to completely understand each and every aspect & concept of Appium Studio right from its installation till the end.

Key Features

There are three key features making up the Appium Studio test automation framework:

 #1) A development tool for visual testing, providing users with the features like device reflection and object spy, to aid in the writing of quicker, more robust tests, etc.

#2) Simple, fast set-up and installation.

#3) The execution engine – this adds a robust, stable engine to the Appium that is designed with the mobile testing environment in mind, allowing for out-of-application tests as well as parallel execution.

These three features together improve Appium greatly and address some of its drawbacks. Time to testing is reduced, and so is the cost & effort, thanks to iOS testing on Windows. Coverage is also improved for out-of-app tests.

Tests and their execution are made more stable, and the reportage is clear and precise.OS version support is guaranteed, and the Appium Studio has built-in support for large-scale parallel execution.

Given below are the two versions of Appium Studio that are available now:

#1) Appium Studio

This tool is free and downloadable, and it will fully integrate with whatever your current testing environment is. Appium testing can be done on real, local devices that are connected via USB to your testing computer. Appium tests are compatible with any programming language (e.g., Java, C#, Python, JS, Ruby).

The studio also integrates with your IDE, thereby allowing for seamless transitions between programming and testing.

#2) Appium Studio for Eclipse

This plugin is also free and downloadable, thereby allowing you to perform your Appium tests, from development to execution to debugging, directly through Eclipse. The Experitest data center has partnered with Appium to allow 600 min. of free access to their real mobile devices for testing with your download.

A step-by-step guide for the installation and use of Appium Studio/Appium Studio for Eclipse is given below.

Appium Studio – Getting Started

Tutorial #1Appium Studio – Overview
Tutorial #2Appium Studio – Installation and Set up
Tutorial #3Connecting real iOS & Android Devices from the cloud to Appium Studio
Tutorial #4Appium Studio – Connecting Emulators or Simulators to Appium Studio
Tutorial #5Appium Studio – Installing applications and preparing them for testing
Tutorial #6Appium Studio – Create Appium tests for an Android App
Tutorial #7Appium Studio – Create an Appium test for an iOS App
Tutorial #8Appium Studio – Create Appium tests using the Object Spy & XPath
Tutorial #9Appium Studio – Integrate into your IDE in order to run your Appium tests
Tutorial #10How to run the large-scale execution of Appium tests in parallel

Appium Studio for Eclipse – Getting Started

Tutorial #11Appium Studio for Eclipse – Overview
Tutorial #12Appium Studio for Eclipse – Installation and device connection
Tutorial #13Appium Studio for Eclipse- Create a new Project
Tutorial #14Appium Studio for Eclipse- Install an Application
Tutorial #15Appium Studio for Eclipse – Creating an Appium Test
Tutorial #16Appium Studio for Eclipse – Run and verify your test code
Tutorial #17Appium Studio for Eclipse -Run your Appium tests in parallel

Hope you will enjoy this series of Appium Tutorials and find them much useful & informative too. We would be glad to hear your thoughts, feel free to express your suggestions or queries in the comments section below.

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