Answers to the Software Testing Exercise – Part 2

These are the answers to the software testing exercises we posted on the following page: 

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Here are the answers now:

Answers to the Software Testing Exercise - Part 2

Exercise #1: Bug Hunting Answers

  1. The name of application does not appear on Title space.
  2. The title space seems cutting on right side where close button is placed.
  3. No button for minimizing.
  4. The Edit menu should be displayed in a ways that the menu’s left wall should be aligned to Edit option.
  5. Copy option is enabled by default.
  6. For Undo the generalized shortcut key is Ctrl+Z and its difficult for users to get used to with different keys for the default action like Undo.
  7. For Cut, Copy and Paste, no shortcut keys have been displayed / provided.
  8. The Title bar does not show application logo.
  9. The Title should be centralist.
  10. The Edit menu seems to be incomplete at end.

Exercise #1: Think Testing Answers

  1. I would put 5KG package rice in it and will try to accommodate a 150 gms biscuit packet too as I do not have another bag to put the biscuit packet. Will like to see whether the paper bag (whose capacity is 5 kgs) able to carry just extra weight till I travel for 10 mins?
  2. Put exactly 5 KG wheat flour packet in it and carry it for half an hour while walking around.
  3. Put 10 items which sums up as 5 kg in terms of weight.
  4. Test scenarios for checking quality of paper used for the bag.
  5. Test scenarios to check quality of handles of the bag.
  6. Put 5 KG package of rice in the bag and just throw it in car dickey. Is the bag able to tolerate that punch?
  7. Test scenarios of bag being kids friendly (what if child starts chewing it if he finds it on the floor)
  8. Test scenarios to check overall look of bag.
  9. Try to put 8 kG package of floor in it, how does it react?
  10. Is the bag paper writable? I mean, if someone wants he should be able to label it.
  11. What if the paper bag gets wet?
  12. What if you try to accommodate it in the purse or another bag, by folding it?

Exercise #4: Role of an End User Answers

  1. I would suggest to remove “the cash withdrawal default setting” at the end of transaction as most of the time, we do not want to set the same cash every time and so we do not like to set it. It unnecessarily wastes time where you have to push NO and will have to wait for the debit card.
  2. I would suggest to include face/finger based authorization rather than password/pin because password/pin can be hacked but face cannot be 🙂
  3. The ATM machine should have card scanner rather than card insertion facility as sometimes the faulty machines does not work properly and card gets stuck.
  4. The ATM machine should not provide facility for printed statement as it’s a waste of paper. If a person really needs it, he can manage from bank or via online banking. Printed statement is a waste of paper as 95% of user throws it immediately. We need to be more environmental conscious and should see the balance or statement online rather than taking print of every transaction.

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