Answers to the Software Testing Exercise – 1

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Answers to the Software Testing Exercise - 1

Now answers:

Exercise #1: Finding defects Answers

Defects :

  1. The user Id field accepts special characters.
  2. Confirm password field does not show content in encrypted mode.
  3. The name field does not seem to have any validation for number of characters.
  4. Captcha is not at all readable.
  5. There is no way user can reload the captcha.
  6. Register button should be at bottom rather than on side.
  7. Register button’s label has “r” instead of “R”.
  8. There is no cancel button available if user wants to cancel the procedure..
  9. There is no close button available if user wants to close the page.
  10. The page title show wrong spelling of Registration.
  11. Password selection guideline should be provided like the password should be alpha numeric or password strength factor should be present.
  12. Page title should be New User Registration rather than New Registration.
  13. Field length and labels should be same for the whole page / form.
  14. The country field should by default show “Select” rather than selecting a value default.

Exercise #2: Writing test scnearios Answers

Test ideas/scenarios :

  1. If the checkout counter is human less, scan all the five items, scan your card and make payment.
  2. The scanners should scan proper relevant information.
  3. If the checkout counter is human processed, a person to help should be available.
  4. All the items bought should have barcode so that they are scan able.
  5. All the items should have MRP printed and scan able so that the software can read it
  6. The relevant software and printers should be in working condition
  7. Once all items scanned, a bill should be generated and given to the customer.
  8. For payment multiple options should be allowed, cash, card (credit card, debit card), coupons (meal passes) etc.
  9. If payment is done by card, the transactions should be secured.
  10. If payment is done by cash, counter person must have enough cash to balance the bill.
  11. If any of the item bought is not scannable, the counter person should be able to help customer.
  12. Customer should be able to see the EXIT sign easily
  13. At EXIT, there should be some check that customer carries only the bought and billed items.

Exercise #3: Defect Reporting  Answers

Defect: After logging into Gmail, it navigates to

Title – Gmail login navigates to Google home page rather than mail inbox.
Severity : High
Priority : Critical
Observed on : Windows – FF x.x and IE x.x and Mac – Chrome x
Module : Login

Reproduction Steps :
1. Launch a Gmail link with compatible browsers.
2. Click on Sign in button in link, Gmail login window screen is appeared.
3. Enter a valid login credentials.
4. Click on SIGN IN button,

Analysis :
Defect Status : Open
Assigned to : Project Manager x.x

Exercise #4: Providing Suggestions Answers

Suggestions :

  1. Rather than the question “What is your e-mail address?”, it should be simply “e-mail address”.
  2. Sign in facility should be available via e-mail as well as userID.
  3. Rather than asking customer to select whether he is new customer, system should check status of customer based on e-mail address or userID he had provided.
  4. Most of the time, end user does not concern about info that system is using secure is assumed by default. So the button should be simply Sign In.
  5. Help link should be available for any customer who is stuck due to any reason.
  6. Page title should be backgrounded.
  7. A close button should be available.
  8. A Cancel button should be available.

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