Mobile App Testing Tutorials (A Complete Guide with 30+ Tutorials)

mobile application testing 1

A complete guide to testing mobile applications with in-depth tutorials:

Mobile technology and smart devices are the trend now and will change the future of the world as we know it. We all can vouch for it, can’t we? Now, it will be amateurish if I list what we use these mobile devices for. You all know it – Maybe better than we do.

Let’s get straight to what this tutorial is going to be about.

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Web Application Security Testing Guide

Security Testing of Web Applications

Owing to the huge amount of data stored in web applications and an increase in the number of transactions on the web, proper Security Testing of Web Applications is becoming very important day-by-day.

In this tutorial, we will do a detailed study about the meaning, tools and key terms used in Website Security Testing along with its testing approach.

Let’s move ahead!!

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How to Write a Good Bug Report? Tips and Tricks

How To Write A Good Bug Report

Why a good Bug Report?

If your Bug report is effective, then its chances of getting fixed are higher. So fixing a bug depends upon how effectively you report it. Reporting a bug is nothing but a skill and in this tutorial, we will explain how to achieve this skill.

“The point of writing a problem report (bug report) is to get bugs fixed” – By Cem Kaner. If a tester is not reporting a bug correctly, then the programmer will most likely reject this bug stating it as irreproducible.

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5 Steps to Transition from Manual to Automation Testing

Transition From Manual To Automation Testing

From designing a strategy to picking the right solutions, here are the 5 steps to help you transition from manual to automation testing successfully:

Automated tests can minimize regression bugs and overcome lots of manual testing challenges, enabling teams to deliver more qualified applications. That’s why many teams are making the jump from manual to automated testing.

The transition, however, is not an easy task that can just happen overnight.

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Automated Fault-Tolerance Testing Using Katalon Studio

Automated Fault-Tolerance Testing Using Katalon Studio

This tutorial explains Automated Fault-Tolerance Testing for your test suites using maxFailedTests in Katalon Studio and TestOps. Learn to fail fast and fail often now.

What is Fault Tolerance?

Have you read the book Fail Fast, Fail Often: How Losing Can Help You Win by Ryan Babineaux and John Krumboltz?

Well, in short, it teaches us to have a unique look at failures, know our level of tolerance to faults made, and gracefully pick ourselves up. In practice, putting out a requirement for flawless releases or a defect-free testing process is not realistic. Instead, minor bugs that bring little harm to the application functionality can be bypassed.

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Katalon Recorder: A Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE

Katalon Recorder - a Trusted Alternative to Selenium IDE_Quick time-to-value and Easy Test Management

Read this hands-on Katalon Recorder review to understand important features like Quick Time-to-Value and Easy Test Management and thus opt for Katalon Recorder over Selenium IDE for an increase in productivity:

Testers Amidst the Automated Testing Trend

The software has shifted from process enablers to strategic differentiators. Accompanying this shift is the ever-increasing demand for software to be released faster. But software is complex. Therefore, the speed of development is positively associated with the risks of software defects. Software defects affect shareholder values. They translate into undesirable business risks.

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What Is Database Security Testing – Complete Guide

9 Database Security Testing

Learn what Database Security is and related concepts like security threats, best practices to follow, testing types, techniques, testing processes, etc.:

In this tutorial, we will explore what is database security, the type of database threat that exists, the importance of securing our database, and some tools that you can use to perform Database Security Testing.

We will also learn about Database Security best practices, types of database security testing, processes, and techniques.

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Are Your Developers As Good At Testing As They Think They Are?

Are Your Developers As Good At Testing As They Think They Are

This tutorial explains Developers-QA codependency and its solution. Also, learn about Katalon Recorder and automate your browsers with Katalon Recorder:

Gone are the days when traditional software development methods are keys and consumers are your final testers. Now is the era of breakneck product delivery speed, yet one glitch might cost you your company (just ask former global bitcoin trading company Mt. Gox, they would know).

To balance quality and profitability, testers and developers are united into one cohesive pipeline to continuously develop and test the application.

But for testers, is this practice as beneficial as it seems? 

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