10 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing

You might have applied for several testing job vacancies, might have received some calls for interviews too and would have even attended some, but still, you don’t have the job you are looking for. Well, then there could be so many reasons for which you are not in the right job you dreamed of being into.

Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing

Be honest and think of the below-mentioned points. What mistake you did until now? Probably you might get the answer – Why you couldn’t crack any Software Testing Interview yet!!

What are the Reasons?

#1) You might have a badly formatted resume. No one cares to read it. You don’t even think of changing it.

#2) You don’t have a passion for testing. You just run behind a software testing job just as others do. You look for a Software Testing job just for the sake of being employed somewhere.

#3) You don’t read the job details carefully before applying, whether it suits your profile or not.

#4) You don’t have a strong and VALID reason for the question – Why do you want to join/switch to the Software Testing field?

#5) You have not spent some time doing a few homework on job openings – about the company, required skills, experience, etc.

#6) You are faking the software testing experience.

#7) You pretend to have all the Testing Skills.

#8 ) You think “Testing is an easy-to-do task” and “Anyone can do testing”.

#9) You think no training is required to work in the software testing field and you will learn all when you are on board.

#10) You don’t have any practical examples to explain and support your answers.

Plus one more reason why you are still away from making a Career in Software Testing
– You are from the non-IT background and you now want to switch to software testing, but you don’t have the skills required for software testing jobs and you don’t even care to know what is STLC and SDLC.

Oh! Too many “You’s” here. Why? because you are the only person responsible for your career. No one can deny you the job in software testing without any reason. Find out what the actual reason is? After all, the employer will always select the best fit for their positions. You just think – how you can be that best fit for them!

Remember, you won’t get any job without doing any hard work.

If you can think of some other reasons for not getting a job in software testing and quality assurance, then please share it with us. We will be happy to discuss this.

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206 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Job in Software Testing”

  1. Hi

    I have 6+ years of SOftware Testing experience in smae company.Now planning to change my job for personal reasons.But I noticed that Im not getting calls even for interviews.Can you please guide me what must be wrong?


  2. Hi,
    I have 3.5 yrs experience in manual testing and trained in selenium.I am trying to switch the company but not getting any calls.I have updating my resume since March and there are no calls for the Skill set.Please suggest why there are no calls for software testing skill set?

  3. Hi Vijay
    I am mentioning one important reason to “why not getting software testing job ” is COMMUNICATION. its my own experice .

  4. Hello Sir,
    Am very much intrest to read these type of “ARTICLES” bcoz it helps a lot for fresher who r entering into s/w field . Even we can sugesst the students by taking these points .


  5. I have no IT backgrd infact Iam an arts student with 5 yrs of Bpo exp..nw hv dn a course in testingfrom seeds bt not sure wether will I be able to crak d intrv. Plz guide me as I knw d concepts nd undstd bt not very sure how to deliver nd wat shld be my ans if intrvwr asks me dat y u wish to be a tester y did you choose it so late

  6. I have 6 yrs work experience in non IT, I recently joined software testing.courses, is it easy to learn since i am from non IT background

  7. Hey hi
    i dont hVE JOB COZ OF 6,7,10 POINTS U MENTIONED could u plz guide m wt to do…
    i do my home work before every interview bt its of no help
    Guide m plz im in a v urgent requirement of job

  8. Hi,

    I am from non IT background but have huge in Software testing. I am looking forward to join certification Software testing course which includes manual testing, automation, QTP etc. Even if I adopt myself into the software testing, don’t I have the right chance of making a career in that?

    Please guide me..

  9. Hi

    I have done testing coarse from reputed institution. i am 3 years experience , got hands dirty in various domain in same company, core things i have worked n,having very good concepts of manual testing and good knowledge in automation, linux and sql as well.also, i have been good solution provider in software design and product test as well. i have given interview total 9 companies by now. still failed to get offer. while interview i get good comments about my performance. some says can not hier with this package, some says requirement on hold.i am getting frustrate and feeling like i wil never get the job change .

  10. Plz guide me in getting software testing job i dont any guidence n how to an interview. I hv lot of fear.snd any interview questions.
    this is my mail id :jaya.menni@gmail.com

  11. Hi.vijay.please respond to me immediately I have one quiery. my educational qualification is diplam mechanical. I have passed out 2001.past experience is total GIS domain in Bpo company. now I have quit the job.I have iterest to join in software testing.please suggest to me.I am eligible for software testing or not.my future is so confusion. if the company’s are taken diploma holders in testing domain?
    my email id: aneel.shaik@gmail.com

  12. Hi,
    I have done BA and as well as one year computer course also . I know something about programming . in the sense i know little bit about C and C++ programming . so shall i eligible for “Software Testing Course” ?

  13. Hi,

    I have 4+yrs of experience in manual testing(utilities domain) and i have also executed test cases in automation testing.I wanted to know is there any certification required & if yes which one would be the correct option to go with?

  14. hi, am kavitha. i was completed my Btech (IT) in 2010. After dat i worked for 6 months. Then i move to searching for a banking jobs… no exams should be cleared. now again concentrate on private sector. i only know the basic knowledges of c c++ dotnet…. pls guide me for my carreer… if any courses i need to study means please mention dat course …..look forward for ur kind reply… thanks…

  15. i have 8 + experiance in accounts related job, i want to switch & go for software testing , i have done my software testing cource in 2013 , is it possible to get job now to me?.

  16. There are a lot, a lot of people in software testing.
    Nobody cares how you work, there are more than 10 freshers in line to join the workforce. Software testing is a shit job, but yeah its not like everyone can do it.

  17. Sir..
    I m BE CSE 2006 pass out..I had wworked in IT for.2 years
    After marriage I had worked with a private bank….but I cudnt work once I got a baby. .now I habe a gap of 3.5 years…but really want to start working…is it gud to do testing course to get into the software industry again…will this gap matters even if I do course…pkz help me on this sir…

  18. Sir..
    I m BE CSE 2006 pass out..I had wworked in IT for.2 years
    After marriage I had worked with a private bank….but I cudnt work once I got a baby. .now I habe a gap of 3.5 years…but really want to start working…is it gud to do testing course to get into the software industry again…will this gap matters even if I do course…pkz help me on this sir…

  19. I’m finding it extremely difficult to get a reply from any company I submit a resume to.

    Yes, I’m from non-IT background and now want to switch to software testing, and no, don’t have practical examples to explain and support my answers.

    But I’m 26 years old, computer efficient (PC hardware, OS’s, game modding, etc…) and ready, willing, and eager to learn. I’ve taken a class (QA101), read blogs, watched countless Youtube videos, but without somebody taking a risk and hiring me I get no opportunity to exercise my testing vocabulary and put these concepts into practice – especially important for interviews.
    Naturally my resume doesn’t have enough content to fill half a page.

    This list was great, but WHAT DO WE DO WITH IT. “You have no experience”, I know! But I can’t get any valuable experience a hiring manager will consider unless I get hired.

    It’s the age old paradox. Can’t get hired without experience. Can’t get experience unless hired.

    Someone, ANYONE, please tell me how to fool the hiring managers and get an interview.


  20. I am finding difficult to know the interview opportunities even after registered my profile in all top job portals.

    I dont have friends working in different MNC to tell about where the interviews are going.

  21. Hi,i m a network protocol testing engineer..if anybdy is willing to learn plz contact zframez technologies..that guy teaches you everything abt testing..n most of d guys placed fr MNCs..caution:100% not sure..

  22. Hi,,, i’m from non IT background.. worked in BPO operations sector, wanna switch career to software testing. gonna join NIIT, will it help start my career,, im worried plz suggest

  23. i am from non-IT background working for a BPO and planned to change my carrer to IT in software testing. Pls advise me whether this helps me in getting the job easily.

  24. hi,
    please help me. i am B.E 2010 passout in computer science stream . its 5 years gap now i want to do job so please guide me . how to startup with job without having experience .

  25. I currently work as a software tester, for 4 years and have had interviews for two other testing roles since being in this field.
    The first firm thought I was overqualified and I would be bored, and the second firm thought I needed more experience.
    Can’t win!

  26. Hi , I am from non IT background. I am 12th passed . Can i do Software Testing course?
    Can i easily get a job after this job? please advice me .

  27. hii can i get job in software testing if my % is less than 50 in 12th . i have good knowledge of software testing . but i don’t get any call from any company

  28. I have passed MCA in 2010,but i am interesting in software testing.So please advice me which Tools is better like QTP or Selenium or Load,Security and Network Testing.

  29. Hi.. i have done MCA, 2016 passout with 78%… now i am currently working in a IT company as a Software Quality Assurance(QA) Tester.. Its a really good job. Testing is basically done in manual testing and automation testing using various tools….
    So, those guys who are planning to go in software testing line, just go for it….
    good luck:)

  30. U mentioned above the point is really good if I talk about me than I never study and i always thought of job but instead of this we hard work in studies job automatically came to us if we require skills of that job but for that we have to struggle for them

  31. Sir,i gave many interviews but till now i didnt get a job because my communication is not good thats by they rejected me and other hand i have good knowledge of software testing process like SDLC & STLC & Bug Life Cycle so i thought communication is major reason of getting job.
    For my point of view it is the biggest reason of getting testing job and with my currunt experience .So plz give e your view and suggetion for me .
    other hand i fulfilled your 10 reason of getting job nut till now i am jobless.
    Right now i am thinking developement is better for get job compare to testing job for whoever communication is not good.

  32. hi sir,
    iam neeraja.recently i completed testing tools course along with automation.i have 3 years gap . i preoared my resume also.but iam somuch of tense to upload resume.plz suggest me how earn knowleadge in testing.how to face interviews to keep fake experience in resume

  33. Hi,
    I love to read your articles and I like your way of explanations.as you said I wanted to switch software testing career with fake experience but my problem is even i have technology background i am not able to learn things.it is very difficult to learn programming languages like selenium (javascript).could you please help what are main factors should i learn to crack the interview and to settle in software testing.I learnt oracle sql,Manual testing and selenium but still I am not perfect in those.What should I do and how will i get the job.I hope you will answer for this.I worked before in BPO for 4 years.however boring with that career.Your answer fulfil my dreams.please give me the answer.
    Thank you so much for everything you do for us.

  34. I am trying to learn Software Testing But My Qualification Is HSC Passed 12 Std.Can I get the job.Because I am check Naukri.com indeed.com they only give job to b.e b.tech or Any Graduated student only..This Is worth for me or I leave it

  35. Hi sir , I am 35 years old and I am working in sales and distribution of a FMCG company I want to shift my career to software testing is it good option to me plz suggest me

  36. Hi Team

    i have completed diploma and 2 year experience in manual testing and now
    i don’t have diploma original certificate, can you any one give information is that original certificate required or not for future interviews

  37. 200% wrong if this was the case I will not see fake people in team, I have seen very few managers going by skillets, all the rest takes them for some reason and people who hard earned the job get the worst like training them, backing them , guiding them and finally see them promoted.

  38. I am a mechanical engineer having 9 years experience in different areas of mechanical engineering and want to shift my profile in software testing, kindly suggest.

  39. i am a MBA – finance and want to go into testing ….. so can you suggest me the reason that why did i changes field from finance to testing….!!!!!!!!

  40. I am working as a manual tester since from 4 years in a same company, I have learnt selenium, but not able to work on it as manual work is more & due to some politics in office, can I make i switch now, if I make a switch in which domain it would be good – to manual or to automation ?



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