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#1 Vijay on 05.08.07 at 11:37 am

You can have some more guide on certification on

#2 K Govindraj on 08.20.07 at 7:13 am

Can I have a detailed Test strategy document

#3 K Govindraj on 08.20.07 at 7:20 am

Can you furnish a detailed Test Strategy document

#4 ChandeeswaraRao on 09.06.07 at 4:57 am

iam chandi
i need some detailed documentation on
and where any referal site

#5 Pankaj D on 09.06.07 at 5:36 am

I would like to apper for ISTQB exam. Can you please suggest me the guide for the reference.

#6 madhuri on 09.06.07 at 10:06 am

i am madhuri.

i would like to knw abt the backend process when a file is uploaded and also the test cases……….

#7 ChandeeswaraRao on 09.06.07 at 11:57 am

chandi here
can any tell about tokenizer in java script
in recent interview they asked me about to write test cases for that tokenizer method
can any one send me answers immediately

ok bye

#8 Chaitra on 09.09.07 at 7:25 pm


The way you have provided the information on Mercury tools especially Winrunner is appreciatable..the same way is there any scope to educate us on Rational tools like Rational Robot or Rational Functional Tester??

#9 Naveen Pathak on 09.17.07 at 7:50 am

I m in Oil and Gas domain, and testing the application is quite diffrent from other kind of application,
Its a Client Server application, can anyone tell me how to break security, how to cover major crashes.
Also what should be followed to test the application wih its domain functionality except the given documents.

#10 Vinodhkumar on 09.20.07 at 8:46 am

Can u tell me some certifications which are cheap

#11 Shailesh on 09.23.07 at 6:38 am

i m Shailesh
I am Diploma in Mech. and have been working with Manf/Prod area from last 5 yrs
Now I want to swith over to S/W testing career
Pl guide me if is it possible to me to enter in IT field?..and from where I should start?

#12 P Rajkumar on 09.24.07 at 8:46 am

Can I have a detailed Test strategy document

#13 kumar on 09.26.07 at 5:43 am

i work as testing professional at php platform for a month ,please tellyour suggestion whether may i continue in this field or not.

#14 madhan on 09.29.07 at 4:28 am

i want to know difference between load,stress and performance test with example. and i have the requirement like • System must support the dissemination of information at all levels with a database size of 40kb per average email but 200kb per occasional email with attachments Bandwidth needs to support 1,000 users per hour, staying on average for 10 minutes how to do load and performance test

#15 Trupti on 09.29.07 at 5:33 am

i want to do brief differance between QA & Qc in general testing and also in brief for web application??

#16 Durga Malleswara Babu on 10.03.07 at 9:42 am

Waht about Business requirements? and What is the difference between Business requirements and general requirements?

#17 Durga Malleswara Babu on 10.03.07 at 9:44 am

Please give some information about Equivalence partitioning and Boundary value analysis?

#18 SASIRAJU on 10.04.07 at 8:47 am

Dear Vijay,
Gone through your website, absolutely interesting can you clarify our doubts regarding QTP 8.2, WinRunner 8.0 as far as your experience is concerned, so that new emerging testers like me can get along with the updates and overcome automation blues?

#19 kumar on 10.08.07 at 2:07 pm

kindly give explanation about , what are the models in software development life cycle.

#20 DHANANJAYAN on 10.09.07 at 6:42 am

what is the difference between defect and bug?

#21 DHANANJAYAN rk on 10.09.07 at 6:45 am

what is the ETVX for integration test plan and system test plan. could you explain me elaborately?

#22 DHANANJAYAN rk on 10.09.07 at 7:00 am

whats the meaning of the term “bug fixing” and also the term “fix”?

#23 K.Rudresh on 10.09.07 at 11:44 am

hi ,

This website is very use ful to all. please give an important interview questions based questions as well as answers in short form please do th afavour.
Thanking u

#24 kumar on 10.09.07 at 12:23 pm

what are the models in SDLC process. kindly explain this elaborately.

#25 sai krishna reddy.k on 10.10.07 at 5:16 am

pls any one can post QTP related documents

#26 BALA on 10.10.07 at 7:44 am

am bala serching for a job in testing bbt…i need a proper explanation of v model…pls anybody give a answer for that…proper mnc methods…pls answer me soon…

#27 swetha on 10.16.07 at 7:28 am

Hi Vijay,

Thanks for ur posts.I would like to ask u that if u post on quality assurance side like review,inspections,audit definitions practically and about cmm,cmmi,pcmm,six sigma…it will be given added advantage for all testers.

#28 dhananjayan on 10.17.07 at 6:03 am

hi swetha,

could u explain me bug life cycle and STLC


#29 Madhavi on 10.30.07 at 10:49 pm


Actually this site is very useful.It has got a lots of information regrading testing.

Actually I came to know this site through google.

So Can any one guide me in learning testing,With what concepts should I start?
From starting to ending what are the concepts involved
i.e I need the syllabus of this testing?

#30 bala on 10.31.07 at 7:05 am

hi madhavi this is my id
send me ur id i vl send u the meterial madhavi..

#31 ANANTHA.K on 11.03.07 at 1:38 pm



#32 K Govindraj Raj on 11.05.07 at 8:17 am

Requirement Specifications:

This specifies the objectives of the system/product, what is to be accomplished, how it fits into the need of the business and finally, how it is used on a day-to-day basis. This is not simple.
User Requirements

User requirements typically describe the needs, goals, and tasks of the user. It says “typically” here because, often these user requirements don’t reflect the actual person who will be using the software; projects are often tailored to the needs of the project requestor, and not the end-user of the software. It is strongly recommend that any user requirements document define and describe the end-user, and that any measurements of quality or success be taken with respect to that end-user.

User requirements are usually defined after the completion of task analysis, the examination of the tasks and goals of the end-user.

One of the most reliable methods of insuring problems, or failure, in a complex software project is to have poorly documented requirements specifications. Requirements are the details describing an application’s externally-perceived functionality and properties. Requirements should be clear, complete, reasonably detailed, cohesive, attainable, and testable. A non-testable requirement would be, for example, ‘user-friendly’ (too subjective). A testable requirement would be something like ‘the user must enter their previously-assigned password to access the application’. Determining and organizing requirements details in a useful and efficient way can be a difficult effort; different methods are available depending on the particular project. Many books are available that describe various approaches to this task.

Care should be taken to involve ALL of a project’s significant ‘customers’ in the requirements process. ‘Customers’ could be in-house personnel or out, and could include end-users, customer acceptance testers, customer contract officers, customer management, future software maintenance engineers, salespeople, etc. Anyone who could later derail the project if their expectations aren’t met should be included if possible.

Organizations vary considerably in their handling of requirements specifications. Ideally, the requirements are spelled out in a document with statements such as ‘The product shall…..’. ‘Design’ specifications should not be confused with ‘requirements'; design specifications should be traceable back to the requirements.

In some organizations requirements may end up in high level project plans, functional specification documents, in design documents, or in other documents at various levels of detail. No matter what they are called, some type of documentation with detailed requirements will be needed by testers in order to properly plan and execute tests. Without such documentation, there will be no clear-cut way to determine if a software application is performing correctly.


K Govindraj

#33 ANANTHA.K on 11.13.07 at 6:54 am

what is automation framework? how it is carried out?types of framework

#34 ANANTHA.K on 11.13.07 at 6:55 am

what is functional testing? what r types of functional testing?how it is carried out?

#35 ANANTHA.K on 11.13.07 at 6:56 am

what is test scenario?

#36 laxmikanth on 11.13.07 at 6:59 am

how to write the test cases give some examples

#37 RVB on 11.14.07 at 7:59 am

Please suggest any professional in personal who teaches QTP/ or any institute with good professionalism prefer mumbai.

#38 santosh on 11.19.07 at 10:25 am

i am santosh
what is mean by Red Box Testing ?

#39 bala on 11.20.07 at 9:15 am

red box testing isnothing but protocol testing is called red box testing santhosh.

#40 Sameer S. Mandve on 12.21.07 at 12:54 pm

Please let me know is there any Institute in PUNE,Which is conducting OPEN STA training….. OR any other source where I can Learn OPEN STA,SILK TEST….


#41 vanitha on 12.25.07 at 9:57 am


plz send real time model manual test case
send to my id

#42 vanitha on 12.25.07 at 9:58 am

example test case model

#43 josh on 12.28.07 at 6:09 pm

i wnt to get into testing so how much knowledge of programming is needed coz i m not so good in makin prgs.i know basic c ,c ++.but i cant write any prgs on my own, can i get into testing.pls help

#44 Naresh on 01.07.08 at 7:03 am

This is Naresh, my past experience was related to “Test Engineer”.
Recently i was appointed as TL to a product based company.
Currently there is no Pre-established testing process over here.
As a TL am meant to Define a standard process for the entire testing
flow.And i am meant to maintain certain documents for each product.

Can u help me out in establishing a process for testing,
and make me know the entire responsilbilites of TL and wat
documents am supposed to prepare and maintain

#45 Charles on 01.10.08 at 9:04 pm


I would start by understanding current processes. If there are none – have group meetings – get buy off on your ideas or modify them as needed. Start with simply processes and add on to them as the process matures.



#46 karthikeyan on 01.18.08 at 4:49 am

I need the guide as well as the sample papers for ISTQB certification, PLS any body have forward to my mail

#47 nataraj on 01.23.08 at 10:24 am

hi frens..

now we r introducing automation tool in our company… for me QTP is assignd… our major work in database testing.. hw i have to test that in QTP.. ex.,subscription testing for diff authentication in journal industry….

#48 shalini on 01.23.08 at 10:54 am


i am shalini. this is the first time i am interacting with u. but i am a fan of this website. i am a fresher with 0 years of experience.
my doubt is i saw ‘TCA & TTA’ in QA Test Plan. what are they mean.
thank you in advance.
thanks & regards,

#49 Jaishri on 01.25.08 at 6:21 am

Good morning Vijay
Some how i came across your site, and i started recommending this site to all my friends who are into testing. Very useful. Keep doing. Can you send me view links where i can certain information about testing in interview point of view apart from basics in testing. Want to prepare for my interview, waiting for your asap

#50 Raju... on 01.29.08 at 9:26 am

Hi vijay..
Thanx for providing good knowledge abt testing…. now for my upcoming project i have to prepare Test cases.. i am not understanding how to start at all.. plz help me.. if u have any model cases plz give me the links 4 that..

#51 manoj on 02.06.08 at 9:59 am

What is Bug, what is error? And What is difference between bug and error?

#52 veena on 02.06.08 at 1:28 pm

please send me detailed notes on SDLC and STLC in Testing Tools.

#53 Jaishri on 02.08.08 at 6:05 am

Hii Veena
Will send you an article which has different phases of SDLC and STLC, so that you make out the difference between both. Tell me if thats not enough.

What are SDLC and STLC ? Explain its different phases.


* Requirement phase
* Designing phase (HLD, DLD (Program spec))
* Coding
* Testing
* Release
* Maintenance


* System Study
* Test planning
* Writing Test case or scripts
* Review the test case
* Executing test case
* Bug tracking
* Report the defect

#54 Jaishri on 02.08.08 at 6:08 am

Hi Manoj
Here is the answer for your question

Error: The difference between expected result and actual result is error

Bug: If that error comes at the tome of development stage before production then it is bug.

Defect: If that error comes after production then we say it is defect.

#55 venkat on 02.08.08 at 6:44 am

what are the latest versions of qtp,td,winrunner

#56 gajendran on 02.08.08 at 6:47 am

really the excellent notes ,thank you

#57 gajendran on 02.08.08 at 6:49 am

interview question for qtp

#58 Jaishri on 02.08.08 at 7:03 am

Hii venkat
I believe,
Latest version of QTP is Beta 9.0
Latest version of TD is 8.2
Latest version of Winrunner is 7.0

#59 sarathy on 02.08.08 at 7:18 pm

hi anybody tell
in interviews they are asking what is the difficult bug u have faced in your project my project is erp application what to tell in my interview. it is urgent.

#60 prajakta on 02.17.08 at 6:52 am

hi this is a very educational site as far as testing is concerned .
i would like to thank the owner to come up with such a beautiful and helpful concept .
this site is gives a broad view of what is industry level for software testing .
it is extremely helpful for people who have just finished their courses from any st institiutes

#61 SWATI on 02.19.08 at 9:26 am


It is find very difficult for me to search job in software testing as a fresher. Also my previous job experience is in online marketing job with E-commerce company. I have completed my PG Mcom & have done software testing course with Seed infotech in december 2007. But still searching for jobs. Applied every where in consultancies also . But for fresher there is no scope.
Please guide me on the same

#62 Jaykay on 02.19.08 at 9:45 am

Hi Manoj,

Bug: is a deviation from the defect. (ie; which is fail to get an actual result)

Error: which stops the further process in an application…

if am wrong let me know pls….

#63 Umesh on 02.29.08 at 7:12 am

I need help on avionics testing. Can you upload some articals or anyone who is working on avionics testing share there knowledge.

#64 kota prasad rao on 02.29.08 at 6:07 pm

i feel very happy by seeing this website. I request you, which book is suitable for software testing to become a tester as a fresher.
So, please suggest me.

#65 Rinku on 02.29.08 at 10:30 pm


I wanted to know more on content testing in webbased applns and also testing MAC OS as well as SAFARI browser.Can someone please help.

#66 jyothi on 03.08.08 at 12:48 pm

i want to know more information on utest ie testing done at home
does that really exist
plz do give valuable information

#67 Sarika on 03.13.08 at 1:12 pm


I want a major help in financial domain, as I am working on project for US Stock exchances.I wanted to become Financial domain expert.Kindly guide me the right direction and steps ,as how to start working in Financial domain.I am not from Financial background also,look forward to see your reply.Your site is really helpful …..thanks

#68 Sachi Shrivastava on 03.13.08 at 6:53 pm


I’m a non IT person, and want to make a career shift. I’m interested in Software Testing. Can anyone help/guide me as to how should I go about it?

#69 Lakshmi on 03.14.08 at 7:27 am

Hi ,


Plz reply vijay!!!!

#70 Jane on 03.15.08 at 2:27 am

How do you go about testing encryption off an ASP. Is there a setting somewhere to enable encrption if the ASP is encrypted? Can you also tell me the major diff between testing ASP and ASP.NET?

Thanks, great website!!!

#71 santosh on 03.15.08 at 5:28 am

Hi Laxmi,

Job of tester is to see that How application Perfroms
Correctly as per requriments.But instead of Black box testing the work of tester is not completes so he able to
perform white box testing .He must awar internal logic and coading in the situation of deployement of product
whenever bug occurs in absent of responsible programmer.

#72 kiran on 03.17.08 at 6:38 am

Hello friends,

I am new to this website and also for testing domain…
Iam working in Testing environment for past 8 months…My project is based on “Black box testing”..I want to gain more knowledge about software testing concept and it’s certification’s….please can anyone help me clearly about the above…waiting for ur quick reply…

#73 kumar on 03.17.08 at 7:00 am

Hai everybody,

I am working in testing domain in chennai..I have 1 year experience in manual testing..I would like to gain knowledge on automation testing tools…so please anyone of U suggest me about the institutes which are conducting courses on weekends… asap..thank ‘s for the website..

#74 jyothi on 03.17.08 at 9:50 am

can anyone give more information on manual testing how actually it is done in a company basicaly testing web applications
i will be more thankful

#75 Sriram on 03.17.08 at 11:44 am

Kiran if u wanted to do Certification in software Testing( Manual) Then I.S.T.Q.B(International Software Testing Qualifications Board) is best option for U. For clearing this certification u must have deep knowledge of Manual Testing. for more detail about this certification u can visit http://www.istqb.org.in. If u got any difficulty u can contact to me as I am ISTQB Certified Tester (Foundation Level). My mail id is sriram.karu@gmail.com and my personel no. is 9312157223.

#76 Jaishri on 03.17.08 at 12:35 pm

Hi Siram

http://www.istqb.org.in does not exists
Rather http://www.istqb.org is the correct URL

#77 Sarika on 03.18.08 at 6:44 am


I want a major help in financial domain, as I am working on project for US Stock exchances.I wanted to become Financial domain expert.Kindly guide me the right direction and steps ,as how to start working in Financial domain.I am not from Financial background also,look forward to see your reply.Your site is really helpful …..thanks

#78 Dheeraj Sharma on 03.18.08 at 9:31 am

This is the best one Website for testing related Material.
This is amazing that , you will find all the stuff related to testing with example which a layman can understand clearly.


#79 Santosh on 03.18.08 at 11:48 am

Can anyone explain testing in c++?

#80 swati on 03.19.08 at 7:31 am

Would like to know more details on sandbox testing ?

#81 VishalT on 03.28.08 at 12:49 pm


Can anybody please tell me how to crash the PHP and .NET application…..?

#82 Ramakrishna on 04.04.08 at 11:22 am


I have one doubt.

Which kind of testcases we cannot automate?

Waiting for your reply…..


#83 i am riyaz on 04.04.08 at 12:00 pm

i am 2005 b.e passout ,now i am competed maual testing .so pls send me manul tester freshers job & can i gate job witout considering my passout year
pls send mail

#84 George on 04.07.08 at 5:58 am

hey what is the exact difference between regression testing and retesting not in detail. Dont want the answer as both are same or the definition of both.

#85 Jaishri K S on 04.07.08 at 6:16 am

Hi George

Re testing: Is something to check whether the already found issues are fixed or not

Regression testing: Is something to check whether the already found issues are fixed or not, and more than that have to check whether the fixed issues produces any other issues and also to check the already working parts in the application is functioning properly or not

Have i made you clear?

#86 George on 04.07.08 at 6:37 am

Already found issues can be tested in the next build with that fix only, is it not?. So with a new build why you want to do retesting just do testing, right? But regression testing can be done on the next build because we are testing the fixes made any changes to the associated functionalities.
Please do comment with strong arguments…

#87 asha on 04.08.08 at 9:54 am

hey what this testers can do in software development. They are just multiplying the work by finding some concerns of their own and that is not needed for the client. No need of testers in software development its just an added resource, a clever client wont bill for them.

#88 K Govindraj on 04.08.08 at 12:33 pm

@ George

Retesting is done to ensure that the bugs detected are fixed properly
and it is no longer there, whereas Regression testing is to ensure
that while fixing the bugs , the same does not cause any side effects
i.e fixing of bugs does not create new bugs in already tested areas.

@ asha
Testers add value to a software product. Every client requires a bug
free software a software which works without any hassles .Without
testers one cannot ensure that.

K Govindraj

#89 george on 04.08.08 at 12:46 pm

@ K Govindraj,
“Retesting is done to ensure that the bugs detected are fixed properly and it is no longer there” What you mentioned is bug closing. But retesting is re-executing the test cases in same build to ensure that what we found is acceptable and the cause, say for example rewind the song to anderstand a particular word or something.

#90 asha on 04.08.08 at 12:51 pm

hi govind
When this testers came in to picture, only after 2000. Earlier how we shipped projects\products to client, by developer tested only. so dont argue like this “Without
testers one cannot ensure that”.

#91 RahulKumar on 04.08.08 at 2:46 pm

@ Lakshmi
not at all its require 4 dev not 4 tester..so decide wt u want…

#92 K Govindraj on 04.08.08 at 3:23 pm

Apropos to comment 91, earlier the job of testing was done by developers who were not doing the job correctly as one should know that the job of testing is a destructive process which a developer cannot do as he cannot be a creator as well as destroyer. Hence Testers were born and now it is done by specialised persons who are skilled with a mind set to find only faults in a program. For your info, plz note that specialised testers are there since 1980 and not 2000

Regarding comment 90, the comments are wrong. Plz note that bug closing is done when the bug detected initially is fixed without any side effects which will involve both retesting and regression testing. Plz check on comment 86 also which I concurr

#93 Jaishri K S on 04.09.08 at 5:03 am


Retesting will not be done in the same build, it will be done in a new build.

#94 Vijay on 04.09.08 at 5:12 am

hi Govindraj & Jaishri
As far as i’m concerned Mr. George is right and i saw his various comments on different topics seem to have vast years of experience in testing

#95 george on 04.09.08 at 10:48 am

Please see the comment of nani under regression testing section and see the apreciation from vijay too. Then self evaluate your knowledge in testing. Poor man poor…

#96 tester on 04.10.08 at 9:47 am

Is there any certification for automation testing?
(tools I mean to ask)

Please do reply.

#97 kavitha on 04.15.08 at 7:37 am


i am kavitha. i would like to know about the actual functional role of a software quality associative. Also how to become a skilled person by being in this role.


#98 kavitha on 04.15.08 at 7:40 am

Also please let me know is there is any certifications that could be done with a minimal experience of below six months as an SQA


#99 krishnaveni on 04.17.08 at 11:06 am

to settle as software testing engineer, any morecourses are required to learn as compulsary other than Testing Tools course.
some are adviceing to learn “c “language & some are adviceing .net &some are adviceing sql server commands.
iam in great confusion.
please, kindly suggest me which courses are compulsary.

thank you

#100 imran on 04.18.08 at 6:16 am

hello every one plz help me to know what are the syntax and their uses which we use in QTP
plz me the answer at my e-mail id (loneimran@yahoo.com)

#101 Deepti Sapkal on 04.23.08 at 4:10 am

I done my Bsc in computer science last year.Now i want to do any course related to the programming language . I am confused which course shd i do SAP or software testing or .net?
Plz help me .

#102 rahul on 04.23.08 at 5:30 am

@Deepti Sapkal

this is wht u need to take ur personal call ..one wat i could do i would assist u but finally decision will be yours..sAP or TESTINg is not a bad cofee..u could sip..
for more info ping me back rahulkumarbangalore@yahoo.co.in

#103 Mallikarjun on 04.23.08 at 6:19 am

U need not confuse, u learn one programming language and one data base which u like along with testing, if u want to settle in testing.
bye bye

#104 George on 04.24.08 at 11:24 am

Red Box testing
Yellow Box testing &
Green Box testing, there is no terminology like this in testing industry, some can say it is protocol testing-redbox, or error message testing-red box, warning message testing-yellow box and green box- environmental testing, of cource white, black, grey box testing is there. Or else why it is called by red, green, yellow box testing, anyway it is not due to the icon\symbol with the warning or error messages. please do comment by experts only…


#105 arunraja on 04.29.08 at 5:02 pm

Can QTP Identifies the third party control Far Point Spread control(.Ocx). if yes in which mode of recording it identifies. i need sample script regarding these. Please help me


#106 Vishal Chhaperia on 05.02.08 at 5:10 am

Hi All,

If any of u is working on Unit test then Pls help me out , act. i need to develop a test case on unit testing, I have the SRS as only thing with so Pls tell me how to procced.

Hopeing for early reply!


call: 09830704327
mail: bishalchaperia@gmail.com

#107 thilaga on 05.02.08 at 9:10 am

I read all the comments from this page.It is really quite helpful for all growing tester. I need details about crm where it falls,how the domain abt?

#108 sindhu on 05.03.08 at 8:49 am

which institute is best in hyderabad for software testing.

#109 sindhu on 05.03.08 at 9:02 am

which instittute is best in Hyderabad to learn testing tools course.
please sugest me.And also please suggest me which courses are required to learn along with testing tools course. im not from computers back ground.i dont know even one course in computers. i completed my postgraduation in science group.but im very much interested to learn testing tools course.
please sugest me
thank you

#110 Shailesh on 05.06.08 at 10:50 am

Hi Vijay,
Articles in this site are very useful for freshers as well as for experienced Testers.I like the way these articles are written.These articles are easy to understand.Thanks for that.I would like to ask your expertise opinion about BPO/Call center domain.Is it appropriate domain to mention in resume for a tester.And also if u can focus some more light on BFSI domain in little depth,it will be more helpful for all of us.

Thank you.

#111 Yogesh on 05.21.08 at 4:04 am

I require study material for Advanced ISTQB – functional tester as well as technical tester

#112 Yogesh on 05.21.08 at 4:31 am

One thing I would like to share is, I had suggested a new activity and also lead that in my organisation.
I am certified test engineer with 2 yrs exp(manual).
I suggested to take a daily QA meeting where all dev/qa/ba/support team members were invloved in the meeting.
The purpose was to discuss daily issues and new suggestions or any new work around done by any member to improvise the work culture.
for eg. I placed a problem that it is difficult to maintain the bugsheet, testcase and SRS on personal pc’s and then ask the respective owner who worked on that task to email when required.
The solution was lets keep a common shared drive where things will be kept folder wise say testcase, bugsheet,srs,production issues mail diff folders and all members can have access.
By such meeting we could increase the communication gap between the team members and share better knowledge as everyone was expert in his/her work.
You Readers can try this or rather must be practicing this even now, If u can suggest better practice let me know.

#113 Vijay on 05.21.08 at 9:48 am

Poor! why dont you use VSS or TFS for common file repository.

#114 vinoth on 05.21.08 at 11:16 am


What is Bluepher testing

#115 vinoth on 05.21.08 at 11:19 am


Can anyone tell answer for “Bluepher testing”, if know the answer pls reply to “prvelvinoth@gmail.com”

#116 Ramesh on 05.22.08 at 11:02 am

hI let me know the advantages of process oriented and process less of a company


#117 Ramesh on 05.22.08 at 11:05 am

pls let me know the activity of the process oriented comany

#118 Arpan Sharma on 05.28.08 at 8:17 am

my self arpan.i have done mca .my mca is through Distance education( punjab technical university).my programming skills are weak.i have knowledge in ms office and i am also trying to improve my knowledge in c++,sql server,html.now u tell me which centre can provide me good knowledge in software testing and which skills are essential for software tasting.

#119 Suresh Balakrishnan on 06.06.08 at 11:02 am

Hi Swati,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer. i have mentioned Sandbox Testing as given below:

currently testing for Payment by Paypal in sandbox environment
for third party shopping cart.
After completion of payment process using a sandbox personal account, when redirection happens to our site , we get a INVALID TRANSACTION message. But redirection happens properly in case of buyers with no paypal account. The sandbox personal account set up has sufficient fund balance
in it. Please advise why we are getting a INVALID TRANSACTION message.


#120 Suresh Balakrishnan on 06.06.08 at 11:09 am

Hi Sarika,

This is Suresh Working as a Test Engineer u told you are in Financial domain you have confusion. This is right way or not but Financial Domail always going forward, so you dont worry this is good right career path for you. Then world full of Stock markets and Banking sector and Finacial transaction is there always so its always going forward.


#121 Rave on 06.08.08 at 3:54 pm

Critically discuss how you might test the following components in a development effort:
1. Software Requirements
2. Software Design
3. Code

I’d this in my system integration and test class and let me know if anyone could help me out thanks!!

#122 Rave on 06.08.08 at 3:54 pm

Develop a set of test cases that you feel will adequately test the following program:

The program reads three integer values. The three values are interpreted as representing the lengths of the sides of a triangle. The program prints a message that states whether the triangle is scalene, isosceles, or equilateral.

I’d this in my system integration and test class and let me know if anyone could help me out thanks!!

#123 Rave on 06.08.08 at 3:55 pm

Give at least three examples in which black-box testing might give the impression that “everything is O.K.,” while white-box tests might uncover an error. Give at least three examples in which white-box testing might give the impression that “everything is O.K.,” while black-box tests might uncover an error. Justify your selections. Your answer is limited to one single spaced page. Provide your answer formatted in accordance with the Exam Question Template.

I’d this in my system integration and test class and let me know if anyone could help me out thanks!!

#124 Rave on 06.08.08 at 3:56 pm

Critically discuss the following question “Will exhaustive testing (even if it is possible for very small programs) guarantee that the program is 100 percent correct?” Your answer is limited to one single spaced page. Provide your answer in formatted accordance with the Exam Question Template.

I’d this in my system integration and test class and let me know if anyone could help me out thanks!!

#125 ilyas on 06.11.08 at 9:25 am

hi to everyone
i saw ur answers regarding testing tools i am appreciate a lot , can u help me out .
Right now i am in australia pursuing diploma in computer field but not related to PR so i am deciding to comeback to india (some family problem) and do some course in testing tools what u think , i have some knowledge about computers i have done Bsc (2005) after that i am not taken any interested in doing job in india wasting my precious time by going abroad. I am 29 now i am sorry what i have done. Can u please suggest me that its good to do testing tools on this age.But i know that its difficult for me to go form the scratch but i can do, if u suggest good reply for my future.
By reading all this u get the idea what guy i was,from the bottome of my heart i am very regret what i have done, Now i am realised that how important the career is please please suggest me what to do , i am interest in computers field.
Thanks for ur preciuse by reading this.
One important think my english also not so good .

#126 veena on 06.16.08 at 4:08 am

im veena completed final b.tech of 2008 passed out and persuing course of software testing.
actually we have received to done the project on “cache online”for this we have to prepare
1.prepare test case design
2.test case execution
3.test log preparation
4.Defect tracking document
5.Final summary report
these are required…..
im having some doubts to do these so please clarify all these with ur Knowledge..thanking u…….veena

#127 veena on 06.16.08 at 4:09 am

im veena completed final b.tech of 2008 passed out and persuing course of software testing.
actually we have received to done the project on “cache online”for this we have to prepare
1.prepare test case design
2.test case execution
3.test log preparation
4.Defect tracking document
5.Final summary report
these are required…..

#128 vipin on 06.16.08 at 10:23 am

I want to know only one thing that is the answer which r posted on this website ,are the genuine one.I mean is there any way to cross check these answer.

#129 deepaksahi shringare on 06.17.08 at 6:53 am

can utellme difference between a checklist and test matrix

#130 deepaksahi shringare on 06.17.08 at 6:56 am

what is data and code coverage.can u explain in very simple way

#131 deepaksahi shringare on 06.17.08 at 6:58 am

can u send one template of test matrix and tracebility matrix

#132 Himu on 06.17.08 at 7:33 am

SQL,Oracle and Mysql basics for testers article (Doc file)

#133 veena on 06.17.08 at 10:03 am

im veena completed final b.tech of 2008 passed out and persuing course of software testing.
actually we have received to done the project on “cache online”for this we have to prepare
1.prepare test case design
2.test case execution
3.test log preparation
4.Defect tracking document
5.Final summary report
these are required…..

#134 chandra shekar on 06.19.08 at 10:58 am

Hi to all
do any body knows about the boundary testing and domain testing, if knows please specify his/her name with information, becaz i am writing one article on domain testing

#135 rini on 06.20.08 at 12:59 am

right now i am working for a bpo… i just want to switch my career to software testing…i joined a software testing institute for that…i just want to know if this bpo tag will create a barrier to switch on to the testing field…..plz do help me with an answer

#136 Ramesh on 06.20.08 at 4:29 am

For which company u working for ? and your experience ? Do you have domain knowledge & let me know in which domain u working , roles & responsibility.

#137 rini on 06.28.08 at 12:31 am

i am doing my cstp course…..where ever i am applying for the post of software testing they are asking for experience….But im totally a fresher to this testing field….By that it means 1 wont get job anywhere as a tester…What shall do for this

#138 Mallikarjun on 06.28.08 at 1:59 am

Hello Sindu,
This is Mallikarjun working as a s/w test engg.well u hv taken gud decession.u go and join Mind Q institute which at SR Nagar, Hyd. and along with testing tools, u learn one language( C, C++ anything wat do u like) and one database(SQL Server, Oracle etc wat do u like). theses r enough to become gud test engg.
bye bye

#139 khema on 07.02.08 at 6:54 am

What is AB testing?
plz give me some detail..

#140 Ayaskant on 07.07.08 at 12:48 pm

Hi can anyone give example of non functional test cases for a login window and other application

#141 raj on 07.10.08 at 6:13 am

deepaksahi shringare on

what s ur id
will mail u the answer u need

#142 Sheshadri on 07.11.08 at 5:35 pm

Hi sir,
Please let us know about the following in your future posts.
1) How to identify which areas to be automated in a AUT.
2) What are advantages of RTM ?
give as many advantages you can give.

And if any of you guys know the answers please free to mail to neelaasheshadri@yahoo.com

I would appreciate your help.


#143 nityasri on 07.15.08 at 8:31 pm

Can u plz help me to know exactly What is Test automation Frame work & wht is the main use of this framework? is there an diff bwt qtp automation frame work and test automation frame work?

#144 hitesh on 07.23.08 at 12:27 pm

i want example of test cases on check box, list box, scroll bar, slider bar, radio button (functionality test cases)

#145 raghavendra on 07.29.08 at 10:05 am

Can u please give me article regarding how to test the mobile functionality (Messaging) in detail..including MMS and its set up…
It will be very helpful

#146 Nitin on 08.04.08 at 1:13 pm

Best! Best!! Best!!!
Your site is really ultimate, I got lot of information for that.Thanks for such nice guidance to students.

#147 varun on 08.07.08 at 4:49 pm

Your answers are very clear and greate explonation.we also want 2 know basic terminologies of software testing and their explonation.Thank u….

#148 George on 08.11.08 at 10:05 am


It is urgent as well as important…

Please share some thoughts regarding the iPhone native application testing in detail, expecting a research and findings from vijay or any domin experienced hands and please include Mac application testing tips.

Thank you

#149 hitesh shah on 08.14.08 at 6:56 am

give example of test cases

#150 hitesh shah on 08.20.08 at 11:20 am

please suggest me any functional testing tool for client-server application (Java based) , should be open source. mail me soon.

#151 Rash Kauser on 09.05.08 at 3:52 pm

I have been working as Sr. Testing Analyst last 6-7 yrs and last 3 yrs was working with Accenture, but recently have lost my job due to redundency happen in Accenture UK, looking for any contract/Permanant role in Testing, pls do let me know if there is some thing available immedtly.

Thanks and Regards

#152 Navneet on 09.09.08 at 5:46 am

Hi, I am working as a Test engineer with 2 years of exp.
i have very little knowledge on Unix. can anyone tell me is there any unix certifiaction specifically for Testers.

#153 jigar shah on 09.20.08 at 6:08 am

hi i have a knowledge of manually testing
but i dnt have knowledge of programming language ,so how i break the application to find bugs, rgrt now i m working in one IT co as a manual tester on tranning .
so i know how to make test cases & find bugs but not much knowledge of programming .can u plz help me

#154 Bharathi on 09.23.08 at 5:31 pm

Hi guys,
I have a question for all of u, out there. Hope i get to hear from you all soon.
My question is as follows:
How to import test cases locally on my machine in word doc to the team foundation?

We were using the sharepoint. Now slowly migrating to the TFS, I dont have hands on experience in the new tool. so, need input from fellow testers:)
Let me know how to import the test cases in the word doc(step by step), and later on how to integrate these testcases to the bug encountered(I think its by linking it in the bug).
Thanks in advance!

#155 prakash on 09.27.08 at 8:42 am

sir first time see this site very happy please add the information about testing projects

#156 Prashanth on 10.15.08 at 2:53 am

I am having 1+ yrs of exp in s/w testing…
I am looking for change. If you people know any openings on MANUAL TESTING plz inform me for the following details

Thanks N Regards
e-mail- prashanth0551@gmail.com
contact no-+919980048055

#157 hitesh shah on 11.06.08 at 10:26 am

What is use case ? How it create ? give me example with use case format.

#158 Rahini on 12.02.08 at 7:20 am


we have openings for Test lead in our organization. if any one is interested pls do forward your updated profile to rahinimr@gmail.com

thank you,

#159 Nagaraju Belli on 12.02.08 at 8:42 am

I have many articals in S/w Testing.

#160 hitesh shah on 12.02.08 at 12:01 pm

please suggest me any functional testing tool for client-server application (Java based) , should be open source. mail me soon.

#161 hitesh shah on 12.02.08 at 12:02 pm

please suggest me any functional testing tool for client-server application (J2EE technology) , should be open source. mail me soon.

#162 meghana on 12.04.08 at 5:28 pm

what is meant by flex application

#163 sweta on 12.12.08 at 9:52 am

well i m sweta..i have just completed my mca final frm sikkm manipal unive..after my B.sc it ..i rite now i was searching job as a mca fresher but don’t getting any call ..although i ve decided software testing taking as a carrrer skill n now i m learnig testing tools manuals as well as automations..suggest me if ther any job opening for testers..

#164 Sureshkumar on 12.17.08 at 10:26 am


For the past 1yr am working in Media domain for US concern,and i dont have any knowledge regarding BFSI.so i like to learn and get some knowledge in BFSI.can any one suggest me that how to get start in learning BFSI domain.


#165 thilu on 01.29.09 at 6:18 am

can any one send me istqb question papers set for me to check my proficiency in attending exam. I am well prepared for the exam. If you have any other documents related to that, please send me immediately.
Thanks in advance.

#166 thilu on 01.29.09 at 6:21 am

please make note of my email id thilus80@gmail.com

#167 QA on 02.05.09 at 1:31 pm

Hi all,
I download trial version of the ‘Diagnostics Agent 7.5 (Probe)for .NET’ Now When i click on MSI setup file of the ‘Diagnostics Agent (Probe)for .NET’,
i got an alert message “This installation package is not supported by this processor type. Contact your product vendor”.
I m using Intel Pentium 3GHz, and already installed HP loadrunner and working fine. i m on Windows XP service pack-3.
other software working fine for me.

Can any one help me?

Waiting your positive reply..


#168 thilu on 02.10.09 at 6:48 am

could any one give me the link to download the evaluation version of QTP 9.0……need urgent!!!!!!!

#169 Rahul on 02.10.09 at 9:16 am

go to hp mercury site u will get an iso image..and install that one ..n enjoyu trial QTP..

#170 Ravikiran on 02.12.09 at 6:26 am


Can i know how to execute security testing for an web application comparing with HTTP and HTTPS.

It will be more advantage if you can provide me with testcases.

looking for an early reply.
Thanks in advance

Ravikiran Nutalapati

#171 sneha on 04.06.09 at 12:49 pm

Can any one please give me an examples for Boundary value analysis, Equivalence Partitioning, Exhausting Testing, Orthogonal Array concepts.

#172 Rahul on 04.06.09 at 1:01 pm

hey guys please use Google for all this ..u will get hell lot of material..happu googling..

#173 cris on 05.08.09 at 6:21 am

Hi Anyone tell me answer for this question:

Give at least three examples in which black-box testing might give the impression that “everything is O.K.,” while white-box tests might uncover an error. Give at least three examples in which white-box testing might give the impression that “everything is O.K.,” while black-box tests might uncover an error. Justify your selections.

#174 raja on 06.03.09 at 6:37 am

planning to qtp certification please help me out whether to write m15 or m16

#175 roopa on 06.16.09 at 5:17 am

To the owners of the site

Great job team
The answers you provide is so simple , clear and straight forward.

I would like to thank all those who have been involved in asking and answering.


#176 sundar on 06.18.09 at 7:44 am

I am testing java application by using jmeter testing tool.I had prepared functional test test case summary report.now i want to prepare load test report. please any one give one model report to me. please can u do for me.
mail: sunaruna84@gmail.com
with regards

#177 sweta on 06.18.09 at 9:51 am

hello this is sweta ..i m completed my software testing courses this yr in manual n automation(PDST) from mumbai after completion i m not getting any job or interview call for regarding tht ..plz do help me how can i improve my profile n get more call

#178 Jyoti on 08.03.09 at 12:29 pm

Hi, this is Jyoti. I am looking for the java job. I am an exp. candidate in different filed. Please send me the jobs which i can apply. Please help me, i am fully confused to find the job.

#179 S.SARAVANAKUMAR on 08.08.09 at 1:14 pm

hello this is S.SARAVANAKUMAR ..i am working as software programmer Using (ASP3.0,SQL Server 2005,javascript,VBscript) how to improve coding knowledge myself
Thanks & regards…

#180 sonya on 08.10.09 at 9:02 am

Hi i m working in as software comapny as a QA tetser,But i would like to get the more opportunities,how will i able to get the more opportunites and crack the ineterviews,please let me know.

#181 sonya on 08.10.09 at 9:03 am

HI i would like to attend the certication related to QA ,please guide me what are the certification i can clear and go thorgh that.

#182 Prasad on 08.12.09 at 8:34 am


getting knowledge on s/w testing every one can do that.

you try to get the information from ur friends on, wt is the procedure of testing in a company.
step by step process.
respobsibility involved in a project as a tester from project enter to exit criteria.

this will show the difference between u and remaining who are searching for job.

hope this helps u.

#183 Prasad on 08.12.09 at 8:38 am

@174 cris,

dear cris,

this is nowhere related points in ur question.

white box and black box both are different done by different people.

in black box tester will test the functionality and non-functionality of the applicaiton.
in white box tester will test the code part of the application.

this is like for example:
a black guy clenaing a car
a white guy repairing a car.

#184 Guru on 08.24.09 at 9:13 am

1. Why we need to test the database, even though application is working correctly?

2.During Testing what are the things we need to test in database?

3. Before testing web application what are the things we need keep in mind ?

#185 ash on 08.28.09 at 5:08 pm

i wana detail info abt “Test Complete 7″ Tool
i know how to operate it bt i dont know how to do Unit Testing in Test Copmplete
& as well i wana know how to analyse result of checkpoints bcoz it just gives result as fail if any checkpoint doesnt match bt dont giv info abt error….
can u plz help me???

#186 Sridhar Chakilam on 09.11.09 at 6:09 am

Please explain about QTP -BPT? and Please give good sites to refer more information.

#187 Sopesh on 10.29.09 at 5:57 am

Please help me to answer the following question

Give at least three examples in which black-box testing might give the impression that everything’s OK, while white vox tests might uncover an error. Give at least three examples in which white-box testing might give the impression that “everything’s OK,” while black-box tests might uncover an error

#188 Vishal Chaperia on 10.29.09 at 6:30 am

or the first question
memory leakage, reduce performance of application. which u cannot find in black box.
unassigned variables. in code level unnecessary loops, and functions.

for the second question
browser compatibility, field level validation
business flow.
look and feel

With Best Regards

#189 Ravikiran Nutalapati on 12.17.09 at 7:50 am

Thanks for answers provided for my queries.

with best regards,
Ravikiran Nutalapati

#190 Navneet on 02.06.10 at 10:42 am

Hi friends,
Can any body tell me
How to write sql scripts for backend validation.
Plz send me some format /queries on my mail id


Am fresher in this field and need ur help on this topic….
thanks in advance

#191 Manjunath on 03.03.10 at 9:31 am

Please some new ideas to test web sites except those given in dis web sites ??

#192 logesh on 03.11.10 at 8:43 am

i want to know about softare testing tools, even want to download it, can u suggest me website regarding that,

#193 Saravanan on 04.08.10 at 5:54 am

How to measure productivity/quality of QA Engineers?

Can you suggest me some parameters on which I can come up with some productivity metrics and rate my team. I need some criteria (metrics) to judge them and find areas they can improve in.

#194 venkatesh on 05.10.10 at 5:18 am

i m new to testing….but i want to know the certifications in testing field.plz ya..

#195 Smita on 06.10.10 at 2:13 am

Hi I have done MCA. I m working in SQL only the payrole is BPO. I have one year of development experience. Do I need to join for testing course??

Please guide me.

#196 Shashank on 06.23.10 at 6:53 am

Hi ,

Can u please tell me test cases in detail for testing of Digital Camera Manually.

Thanks in advance.



#197 Abhishek on 06.26.10 at 6:15 pm

Hi i have just completed my BCA course…i an planning to enter in the field of software testing basically in the SQA area can u give me some advice or some tips to me, as i am a freshers.

With Regards

#198 harish on 07.18.10 at 4:05 am


Can any one explain me what exactly Internationalization Testing Localization and Globalization Testing

Thanks in Advance

#199 Dhaval on 08.21.10 at 12:38 pm

I am an IT Professional.Now a days i am working as a Software Test Engineer in the IT company.

Such fantastic Site,All the core information is given on this site.so it is very useful for all persons who are related with Software Testing field.
You should give us all information of Testing in Pdf or any other format.So we can easily download it from your site.

I hope you will consider my request.

#200 Amol on 09.22.10 at 8:58 pm


I am recently join 1 small scale co. from last 3 months they use ‘Test Director 8.0′ testing tool for manual testing as well as automation testing also. I need some help about ‘Test Director 8.0′.

How it works?
Why ‘Test Director 8.0′ for testing?

#201 sunit on 10.04.10 at 7:52 pm

I have done msc (it) in sep 2006.Now i m searching job in software testing field.plz help me……How can get job in testing ?
actually i m so confused cauz 4 year gap in my degree.

#202 Nilesh on 10.08.10 at 12:56 pm

I have completed my graduation in 2006 (Bsc – physics). I worked in admin department for three year. now i want to know possibilities for getting jobs software testing field. which are the tranning institute fo software testing? should I required vast kwoledgw of c?

#203 Krishna on 10.20.10 at 3:01 pm

I am an BE computer Science graduate. Now i have joined It and was doing manual testing for 6 months.Now i think whether this is an good field to continue since i m loosing all my knowledge about technologies, i just know about the application i m testing now.But i think i have should to development since i have intrest in it. but the i feel ffrowth in testing is comprativly good.Now i m confused whether to continue or should i shift.i have an plan of doing my pos graduation in US . I have written my GRE also… Should i still be in manual testing or should i move to development and learn things which will help in my higher studies also…

#204 Ram on 02.12.11 at 7:16 am

This is Ram.
This blog provides maximum knowledge on Testing.
It will be more attractive domain knowledge includes.
Any one can share banking domain knowledge and FAQ’s of that?
It will be very helpful to me.
Plz forward if u have: jaya4all@gmail.com
I will be thankful to u

#205 jaya on 03.31.11 at 4:13 am

hi ram if u get the information on banking domain please forward it to my mail-id jayabharathi31@yahoo.com

thanks a lot

#206 Purvi on 04.01.11 at 3:07 am

I was working as a software developer/tester before 5 years and i want to come back in this field.
My question is how can we write test script?
Can you please give answer with example?
Can we write test script on Manuel Testing?

#207 Saili on 08.30.11 at 8:13 am

I have found a bug in skype software widely used for chatting.
Send a URL link to a friend-link is received.
Copy paste of that link from history and then send it to some one else–link is not received.

#208 vaneet on 09.12.11 at 10:19 am

Awesome………. Thanks


#209 vaneet on 09.12.11 at 10:23 am

plz telll… wht is security testing…. how to test it


#210 Ritz on 09.12.11 at 12:01 pm

Kindly be sure prior posting phone numbers on your site~ I tried one VYOM SQTL labs Fatima nagar, and it turned out to be Fashion world~ :\ Plz authenticate before spreading the info……….

#211 Durga on 09.30.11 at 11:03 am

i have 4 years experiance in banking & knowledge in Manual testing,seeking for a job in software company which deals banking projects.

#212 Bhushan on 12.15.11 at 6:35 am

i am working as S/W an i want to switch in testing please help me and guide me for scope.

#213 vivek on 12.15.11 at 6:37 am

may i know what is Jmeter testing how can i read graph in jmeter. and all about necessary thing on the j meter tool can u provide me the tutorials….regarding the same

#214 mathankumar.D on 02.28.12 at 10:18 am

sir ,please send me certified software testing centers in tamilnadu.

#215 vemuri sudheer on 05.30.12 at 5:19 am

iam a unit tester of operational flight program(avionics) of unmanned arial vehicles.

here we are doing manual testing…
what is the possibility for me to get a job in private companies.

can i learn sap testing to get a good pay out side. if so which sap tool should i learn ………..
————-plz kindly suggest me …

#216 Brad Smith on 07.26.12 at 1:11 pm

OMG! What is wrong with everyone’s English? You are all in the QA and testing domain and it seems like nobody knows the first thing about English grammar. I’d hate to see your CV’s. Nobody is going to want to hire a QA specialist who can’t even speak the language of their business… unless it’s for $10/hr and you live overseas…

#217 balanced scorecard on 07.31.12 at 2:11 pm

i have 11 years experiance in knowledge in Manual testing and i´m seeking for a job in software company which deals banking projects.

#218 Brad Smith on 09.06.12 at 6:22 pm

Way to go “balanced scorecard”! Perfect example of why nobody would look at your CV. Horrible grammar and it sounds like you are 11 years old since you only have 11 years experience in knowledge. That doesn’t even make sense! You would not be my first choice for a QA professional, or even a tester (button pusher). Thanks for the laugh!

#219 Naveen on 10.09.13 at 5:11 am

I am preparing for interviews, I need about AUT . At present i am working on E-commerce project . I need documents or articles on web testing.

#220 Shish on 03.14.14 at 10:53 am

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