Winrunner questions from Interviewer point of view

Screening questions: Interviewer can Reject the candidate if he /she is not able to answer 2 questions out of following 4 questions:

1. Where did you learn WinRunner and TestDirector?

If they say it was in a mercury class, ask if they can show you their

certificate of completion. If they say no, let them know you will verify it

with Mercury.

2. Have you ever created a start-up script?

If they answer “yes”, ask them

what was in it and how they got WR to execute the start-up script when WR is


They should answer something like this, “In the start-up script, we loaded all

the gui maps for the application, any library files we needed, and any custom

gui object mapping we have to do. We also loaded global variables and system

variables here. The startup script location is added to the WR .ini file,

wrun.ini located under the windows or winnt directory as wrun.ini”

3. What is the difference between writing a function and writing a script?

They should mention some of these things:

1. A function goes into a “compiled module”, a script does not.

2. A function follows strict “c” syntax. For instance, you have to declare

all variables created and used in the function. In a script, you do not.

4. What is the difference between “set_window” and “win_activate”.?

When would you use “set_window” and when would you use “win_activate”?

win_activate has the format win_activate(window);. The win_activate function

makes the specified window the active window by bringing it into focus and

raising it to the top of the display. (It is the equivalent to clicking on the

window banner)

Set_window has the following format: set_window(window,[time]);

The set_window function directs input to the correct application window. This

directs the GUI map to this window. It also sets the scope for object

identification in the GUI map.

The most important difference is that set_window has a timing option.

WinRunner will wait for a maximum of the number used in the function, PLUS the

system set timeout, to wait for the window to appear. Win_activate assumes the

window is already on the desktop and has no timing option.

These are some simple questions that should be very easy for a WR user who has

at least 6 months of good experience to answer.