Software Testing Course: Which Software Testing Institute Should I join?

The software testing question and answer posts are back! Yes, this post is part of Question and Answer Series we started couple of months back and I will be doing it frequently in coming posts.

If you want to ask a question, just write a comment below.

Abhishek Asks:
“I want to do a software testing course so I need your guidance which institute I join? I am preferring the institute offering placement after completion of course”

Which Software Testing Training Course?

Now you don’t have to worry about finding an institute which will provide you the job oriented, practical, affordable training. We have designed manual and automation testing courses considering all these points.

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Selecting a good software testing institute is always a tough task. Many institutes fake about their staff skills, education and experience. Also they make false commitments of 100% placement. Beware of such institutes which gives you 100% job guarantee after course completion. If any institute claiming this then get detail info of such institutes before joining. And even don’t expect 100% placement guarantee from any institute. Focus on the course content and quality of teaching. Institutes can only assist you getting the job interview calls. It’s up to you, how to convert those opportunities into job offers by presenting your skill at the time of interview.

I will advise some criteria by which you can select the institute.

Ask these questions to institute counselor:

1) What is the course syllabus?
2) Who is your mentor and what is his/her qualification?
3) Are you covering manual and/or automation testing in this course?
4) Which tools covered in Automation testing course?
5) Are you going to provide automation tools for practice while in class?
6) Which projects do you use for automation testing course? Live or dummy projects?
7) And ask if you have any specific requirement to join the course.

If you get answers to these questions then it’s not difficult to select any institute to learn software testing.

Want to learn Software testing from the experts?

Best Software Testing Online Training Course:

Considering all the problems of entry level software testers we have designed a software testing training course. This QA software Testing Course training is provided by the experienced software testing professionals having hands-on testing experience. If you want to join us please see this online course details on below page:

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Here is the list of software testing institutes for few cities in India:

Over to you – Please share best software testing institutes from your locality/city.



Mahi Asks: Testing questions
“Hi, this is Mahi. I am recently joined in a company as software tester on a maintenance intranet project. I am the only one tester on my team and there are no standard testing processes defined in my project. How can I initiate the testing processes on my project and is there any method to test maintenance product?”

In my experience, making your own working process is always a better solution. Do not follow any process as it is said to be standard, follow the process which works best for you, your environment and your project. If you Google a little more, you will find hundreds of different software testing processes but these are all depend on project environment.

So I suggest to take your own route. You have chance to build it from scratch. Select the process which works best for you.

Still, to get started here is the general process followed in software testing environment:
What is actual testing process in practical or company environment

I am assuming you get requirement documents before starting to test any application. You can start preparing test documents (use Testing Templates) like Test Plan, Test Strategy, Test cases from requirements and get these documents approved from your project manager.

Maintenance projects are generally agile in nature. In such cases you don’t get time for writing test cases. You first identify some crucial tasks from your project. Write BVT cases for these tasks. So when you get new build you can perform smoke testing on new build with these BVT cases. If possible try to automate BVT process. This way for each new build you can perform BVT quickly and can start doing the detail build verification if BVT pass. You can write test scenarios from software requirements while development is under progress. After BVT, verify these test scenarios for build under test and generate the test report.

Hope this is helpful for you to get started!

The Best Software Testing Training You'll Ever Get!

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#1 Dinesh

Hi friend u want to become a tester urself is the big Testing Institute .try for certification .(ISTQB)

#2 Ravi

Hi Friend,

Which location do you want to join Software Testing course?

In Pune, Seed and SQTL are nice institutes…

#3 Anand

In Bangalore, Q-Spiders is a good institute.

All the best.

#4 debamita

I want to learn QTP at home.from where can I get QTP software and its crack?

#5 shariff

wat s the Test Strategy

#6 SteStuff-Everything Test Eng Needs..!

If you’re in Hyderabad, then MindQ or Nageshwar Rao testing institutes are good.

Best thing is, if you know somebody working as Test eng already, better ask them to teach. It won’t take more than a week or so.

#7 way2quality

Dear friends , i am giving this info. out of my own experience.I had learned testing from 3 institutes in chennai ,where i was totally dejected by the way they teach and by the novoice trainer.but i did not give up, my interest in software testing made me search for better place and at last i found one.where they gave me a chance to attend 1 or 2 free trial classes to confirm my joining.
where i was really astonished by the way of teaching of the Faculty(whom is a Test Manager of an MNC) and the depth of coverage in syllabus .At last i found the one.
I want to share this whole heartedly in order to guide persons ,whom looking for a career in the area of software testing.

For more info mail me :

#8 Aman

My suggetion is…you should learn on your own, you should not depend on the Institutes.

#9 mahi

thank you soo much for your valuable guidence.


#10 mahi

i want to do istqb certification for basic level can you please suggest me the best institute in hyderabad and please give me the tips to prepare for the exam.

If anyone knows please inform me.

#11 Priya Kakade

Absolutely simple, straightforward and most useful answer to Mahi’s question. I got to learn more about the Smoke test here. Thanks a lot!!! I just love

#12 Srinivas

Is there any one who who can guide me to choose the best institute in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) to learn software testing?

#13 Greg

agree, follow the process which works best for you.

#14 glad

If your from Bangalore STAG is really good

#15 rajendra

Is it right to join Software Testing career at the age of 37 years when i’ve very less IT background. If well trained in Institute, what is the chance of getting break at this age of 37 years?

#16 Mayasen

Hi Rajendra,

37 is not a matter, but you need to prepare yourself to rank yourself as best…! If you’ve any other domain knowledge, then select and apply such kind of companies.

Eg: If you’ve retail banking experience, then search for the company those who are working on banking domain. (Scope International – unit of standard chartered bank, Thinksoft global – independent testing, etc…)

#17 krishna

Hey guys,

i have seen a person giving in bangalore on testing really, it’s amazing with real time Class and preparing the persons for an interview, intresting thing is he is getting a confidence level, and ofcourse 4 people got palced out of 5 members.
i prefer he is perfect and who is looking for job on testing you can refer people to join there.

Here are his details – krishna (9886692348)

#18 Sonali

Can anybody please suggest me which is the best institute for Testing in bangalore in terms of placement also…..

#19 sugandha

Hi freinds,

Can anyone suggest me a good testing institute in pune, focussed in automation testing. I have experience in manual testing for 3 yrs. but after that I have a gap of 2.5 yrs.
My educational qualification is MCM [ 2002 pass out]
I want to start my career again in s/w testing field.

Looking forward for your valuable information.


#20 Anand

Did anyone try Edista Testing Institute?

#21 Arti Lakhapati

i am B.Sc. graduate also I have done MCM (with65%)in 2009and I want to do Diploma in Software Testing. can you please suggest me the best institute in Pune

If anyone knows please inform me.

#22 Amit Arya

Popular institutes in delhi/Noida (which i am aware of) are PureTesting, Crestech and Webtech. These institutes focus only on testing, so are good. For choosing right institute, apart from above questions,
1. take a demo class. Ask teacher about his industry exprience. Because practical examples are most important, make sure he takes your classes in future, institute dont change him
2. Take an test experience person from industry to talk to him
3. Check if there course makes you prepart for CSTE/ISTQB certification exams?
4. Ask for seniors contact and ask them specifically about project they have done
5. Dont be fooled by placements on notice board. Ask seniors and if it is guaranteed, with what salary?
6. Is there a dedicated placement officer employed
7. Are there industry guest lectures?
8. Did they give some extra courses like personality development/english speaking
9. Do they get live projects from industry
10. Where do they place most students?

#23 mallik

Hi All,

What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer (not for databae tester).


#24 Manish

Hi All,

Don’t waste you time in Institute . They teach only & bookish & theoretical stuff. Many times faculty not worked on any Projects & done any certification. Most institute like Seed, SQTL made students faculty . I belive it not justice to other people . because, They dont have Project & process experience. Just running PPTs anybody can teach anything. What student are getting in hand & knowledge or learn thing can’t help in job and future. What we expect from Institue faculty . They take huge fees for course At the of the day, student’ can’t get job or practical knowledge

They claim 100 % job placement . 95 % people can’t get job or not related testing or good company as Big institute claim. Don’t assist for CV & Interview preparation then How fresher can do preparation .You can’t repeat batch in future. Faculty won’t help after course complete

I will suggest learn sw testing from any working Professional Who had worked on different Projects, company /domain. He can better to guide you & explain with real time example.

Many working professorial teaching Software testing & automation tools

#25 Mayasen

I think manish is right… You can go to institute only if you don’t have good guidance/support or to learn the basics; but the fact is you can gain it from net itself.

Some institutes are arranging sessions with live professionals (sometimes this too fake) such kind of training is good… (if it is not fake)

#26 Annamalai

Is this true that Qualitree-Bangalore offers Software test training (Manual & Automated for Rs-20,000) at 4 months including 3 months salary as Rs-5000/pm.

#27 sapana

Hi,I have done BscIT.I am interested to go in software Testing.Please let me know what tutorial should I go through for interview.Is any opening present for fresher?Being a fresher I am loosing my confident.Help me out.

#28 sapana

Hi Annamalai,
How to enroll in Qualitree-Bangalore.Please let me know.I am interested.I want to build a strong career in Testing.

#29 sapana

Hi,Plz give me some Testing material to prepare for the interview.Help me out.

My no is 9096361642

#30 Annamalai

Hi Sapana,
I too searching better institute to enroll my career in testing. if i finds so surely i will intimate you. pls you too..

#31 Siddharth

hi guys’

as i done testing course from seed infoteck pune they just say that they have the gd placement ,but really i have seen that they dont have any gd placements they also conduct fake interviews they charge 24 k for only 1 month course and quality is also not that good , and top most imp thing that they tell before admission that course is by IBM SEED Academy certified the certifiacte which we get is ibm seed certified and in the end they just give seed certified ,,

really it a tough for me to get a placement from seed info tech you just apply for the opening in seed which they send but you never get reply from any comapny ,

i finsh my course in may till now they just provide me only 2 call and not any assistence and one is fake

keep reply me if you want more info about seed

#32 Siddharth

hi guys’

as i done testing course from seed infoteck pune they just say that they have the gd placement ,but really i have seen that they dont have any gd placements they also conduct fake interviews they charge 24 k for only 1 month course and quality is also not that good , and top most imp thing that they tell before admission that course is by IBM SEED Academy certified the certifiacte which we get is ibm seed certified and in the end they just give seed certified ,,

really it a tough for me to get a placement from seed info tech you just apply for the opening in seed which they send but you never get reply from any comapny ,

i finsh my course in may till now they just provide me only 2 call and not any assistence and one is fake

keep reply me if you want more info about seed

#33 bhargavi

hii am bhargavi.2 days before i joined the Testing course.
i know what is testing in theoritically.but i dont know how to see the practically.

#34 Chandi Prasad Patra


This is Chandi. I want a good suggestion from your sides i.e. now I am in development and going to change my platform to testing since I am more interested in testing than development. So is testing better than development? Also kindly let me know how am I build a career in testing?

Waiting for your replies…

#35 Sangeetha


I have some years of experience in SAP technology but now I am interested in doing a career in software testing. Please let me know some of the best training institutes in chennai and also please let me know the oppurtunities for software testing in IT industry.
Whether it is possible for me to write a certification in software testing after the trainining or whether any experience is required before writing any certification.

If there are any certification which I can do after the training please let me know the name of the certification.

#36 sonia

pls tell me which institute is good for software Testing in Delhi.

#37 Sagar

Edista Testing Institute in Koramangala or Qspiders in
Basavanagudi and Indiranagar,
Please some one help me to join which is best for institute testing.

#38 Kumu

Please suggest me which is the best institute for testing in Bangalore surrounding (Koramangala, Basavanagudi and Indiranagar)

#39 Sapana

Hey I am Fresher.I have done with my Testing Study from home.Will I get a good opportunity as a Fresher.Plz if anyone there who have any reference in any company for Testing position then reply me.

Help me out.Afterall you guys are my senior.

#40 Sri

I did my testing course from a institute in Bangalore, a month ago. They assured job placements but till now havent got any offers. Bit tensed and lossing hopes. Kindly let me know any openings…

#41 diva


Could you tell name of institute.I am located in Bangalore.I am planning to join software testing course
in B”loe.I am confused between onstitutes Qspider,sunjava,IIBC…

#42 Nandan

Hi Friends,

Testing is a proud job if you know the importance of testing…

It is really good to learn software testing from the real time testers than the institutions; no institution can give you the real time working atmosphere and teach you the current industry standards.
No where institution can help you to get the jobs when you are already working in different domain and now want to try in software testing.

I know some friends who are working in software testing and taking free classes for the interested testing job seekers.

If anyone interested, let me know.


#43 Nandan

It is in Bangalore only..

#44 Annamalai

Hi Diva,

I found good institute, Qualitree in Bangalore, i went directly from Chennai to Bangalore and enquired them. they provides 4 month training by charging 20k and they wil pay 5k as salary for 3 months. They wil start training with min 3 candidates. I registered already with Rs-100 reg fee, if you interested come lets join.. course wil start this month 15th. I informed same Sapana too, but she never respond.



#45 Annamalai

Hi Manish,

I finished MCA and im planning to enrolled my career in testing. Could you tell me about Qualitree in Bangalore. I went there and i have seen all the infrastructure. They gives 4months training as i said my previous comments. they said that they wil give training from 9.30 to 6.30pm with real time..

pls reply.



#46 saroja

hi annamalai,
i am also searching best testing institute in bangalore.
u mentioned Qualitree is best & abt fees structure & timings. did u ask them abt what type of placement
assurance they give. did u ask any previous students
from Qualitree.
pls reply.

#47 Diva


Thanks for your reply.
Are they going to provide placements too?

#48 Diva

Hi Annamalai,

i came across a link about Qualitree.

#49 qtpexperts

ping me at qtpexperts at hotmail and clear your doubts.

#50 Diva

How is STAG Bangalore?

#51 Annamalai

Hi Diva & Saroja,

They will recruit and place their company based on the performance and they also have clients like starmark, symbian, mysis, Honeywell, Logix, Microsoft etc.

I didn’t met any guys like previous student,
You can ask about placement and your further queries. Pls you guys visit once directly n get more information. Let me also know more info from your side.



#52 Hemangi

Hi All,

Don’t waste you time in Institute . They teach only & bookish & theoretical stuff. Many times faculty not worked on any Projects & done any certification. Most institute like Seed Infotech , SQTL, live tech etc (I’m not against any Institute & their approach is wrong )take students as faculty . I believe it not justice to other students . because, They dont have Project & process experience. Just running PPTs anybody can teach anything. What student are getting in hand & knowledge or learn thing can’t help in job and future. What we expect from Institute faculty . They take huge fees for course At the of the day, student’ can’t get job or practical knowledge and if get job never help in career.

They claim 100 % job placement . 95 % people can’t get job or not related testing or good company as Big institute claim. Don’t assist for CV & Interview preparation then How fresher can do preparation .You can’t repeat batch in future. Faculty won’t help after course complete

I will suggest learn sw testing from any working Professional Who had worked on different Projects, company /domain. He can better to guide you & explain with real time example.

Many working professorial teaching Software testing & automation tools

Check list for choose testing Institute
1. How many Students in batch. If its more than 5 students then What all student learn & How faculty focus all students
2. Do they help in cv & interview preparation
3. Can repeat class after course & they give support for any query after finish course
4. Faculty have worked any real time Project in career.
5. Do they run only PPTs & teach bookish knowledge
6. Do they give Projects
7. If they claim 100 % job assistance ask them to give contact No of student placed by them
8. If you found any Institute claim & cheat Students . Cr eat awareness in our groups and among friends & black list Institute

#53 lavanya

can anyone tell me gud testing institutes in bangalore who give live projects for manual or automation tools
pls help me!!

#54 Annamalai

Hi Hemangi,

Im planning to join tomorrow Qualitree in Bangalore, today evening i reached to Bangalore. Can you tell about Qualitree. I have written 2 online test for joining which was conducted by them on 6th july. They told me that those who performs more than 50% mark only get admission to do course with their company.

Pls reply as soon as possible. I can wait few more days.
can you tell how to start self study, is there any material or any site?

#55 Ritu Raj


I am a Gniitian and BA Graduate looking forward to make a career in IT sector.So wants join course in testing and wants to go in that field only.
kindly suggest me that being from non IT sector it is possible for me to go in IT sector and can I make a good career. I am very much confused.

#56 vivek

Hi All ,
I agree with above Manish points. Institute people behind only money do not teach anything which help to get job and /or for future working Projects

Personally I will compare the following factors before choosing an institute –

» The Faculty – This is one of the most important factors of choosing the best institute. If the faculty is not good for that subject, even though the institute has a very high reputation in the locality, I will not select that institute. The person teaching the subject should be the subject matter expert of that subject and should have practical experience of working in the IT industry. Will you be ready to learn something from someone who does not have a job for himself and teaching in an institute?

» The Course Fee – This is also important. There are institutes who charges very high amount of course fee.such as Seed Infotech, SQTL, Qspider etc . People might think that a good institute charges high fee because of quality education they provide. It is not true. Have you noticed the classy receptionist, good looking classrooms and decorated front office and high cost of advertising? All these expenses are taken from student fees.

» Batch Size – Are you learning in crowd? Is the faculty able to give you real attention? Is he or she able to solve every doubt that you have? Crowded class room is as good as reading a text book alone without teacher’s help. A class comprising of more than 5 students is crowd class and wastage of time and money.

» Extra Value – What is the extra value that the institute is giving apart from the core course? Are they helping you to prepare your resume, helping you with interview techniques, guiding you for IT certifications? Are getting anything extra from that institute?

» Class Timings – Many students cannot attend weekday’s classes. Does the institute have a weekend and holiday class options? Check out your favorable timings before joining.

>> Do they allow to repeat class. after complete course Faculty would help u in query for current Projects.

#57 selbaa

Hi Ritu,
Nothing is impossible …….

Degree becomes secondary while comparing to talent and skills .

whatever your degree may be , if you skilled then you are wanted, irrespective of which field you choose.

#58 selbaa

If any one looking to start their career in software testing and Mainframe,then i could help you to land in the best training place in chennai.

certainly you will feel the difference.

#59 kanthesh

Is educational background is must & essential for starting the carrier in software testing.
Because right now i am working on manual testing at bangalore & completed BBM, pls reply to me
(, 9738365779)

#60 Soumya

i had completed my graduation in this year.And i am intrested to work in S/W testing field.and i am currently doing course in MIND friends i just wanted to abt. this field and it’s scope.and wht to do for job in this field.
Please help me………….

#61 Murali

Is it possible to learn software testing myself?

#62 nirav bhatia

hi… I am novice to testing but i have enough knowledge of concepts of testing but how can i go for a project? can you send me some real time test cases of any website on my email id plz help me I expect a lot from you…as i am not getting any help I posted many times.

#63 amrutha

how is qspiders for testing?? is the placement good

#64 arati

i have done B.E in electrical and electronics. i passed out in 2002. now i wanted to make career in software testing.
which institute shld i join in pune? wat is the fee structure? whether they r providing placements. plz reply…

#65 hemangi

@ aarti,

plz forward mail to
Will provide you proper guidance

#66 qtpexperts

Need help with qtp? have a doubt in qtp? call me @ 9986080188 and refer software testing help website.

#67 Ravi

Agreed…and also one institue in Vijanayanagar called “RVE technologies” which is a FRAUD INSTITUTE grabbing money from freshers mainly telling they will offer courses in embedded systems, but thats all is for name sake!! they will promise placements too..but god knows if any one is placed so far as each of them get back after the course is complete and the properitor has to say that “you do not qualify as you didnt do well in training” which is a realtime fraud again as there is no “official measure” as such done during training of any candidate by tests or similar techniques.BEWARE OF THIS FRAUD INSTITUTE GUYS..DO NOT JOIN HERE..!!
Its a fake!!

#68 manu

will suggest to go Seed Intech,pune . they teach nothing . Its waste of your time & money. Students misguide by their lots advertisement

#69 arati

want more information about qtp.

#70 venkata ramana . Pogiri

sir, i want to join software testing and telecom testing which institute is best in hyaderabad and also after completion of course placement assured institute.which testing is best Telecom or software testing.But i dont know about telecom testing.

#71 venkata ramana . Pogiri

sir , i want learn software testing course which institute is best in hyderabad and also after completion of course placement assured. And also Telecom testing institute in huderabad with placement assured. i dont know about clearly testing which is best either software testing or Telecom testing and also which is easier to learn.Please clarify my doubt.

#72 mahesh

This is mahesh i have done software testing frm working professionals i’m scince graduate WITH 74% IN

#73 Mamta

this is mamta. I have completed my Engineering in electrical & electronics. since I’m finding it difficult to get a job, i’m planning to do some testing course in electronics or software.please guide me which course and institute in bangalore will help me successfully getting placed. also what might be the expected fee for the course?

#74 manjunatha s

friends, my name is manjunatha s. i am a BE graduate in electronics and communication. i am interested to do testing course. i am residing in Bangalore. please suggest me the best institute in Bangalore to learn testing and to get placed. or if you know any working Professional who teach testing. please send me details. expecting your reply…….

#75 manjunatha s

friends, please send me details about the best institute in Bangalore for software testing or if you know any working Professional. expecting your reply….

#76 manu


Dont weste your time & money in Institute . They run behind money They dont provide job & teahc nothing which want help in Interview.

Will suggest learn sw testing from Vivek Sir
mail your details to his mail id : joglekar.vivek@gmail
will guide you properly .

#77 shonali

My suggestion..please dont go for edista testing in bangalore.You loose only money if anybody join

#78 monika das

will request & suggest dont join Seed Infotech . They dont provide job & teaching isn’t worth

#79 Kishor

I have done CSTA certification from STQAC,Pune.
Can you tell me will it help me For testing job as a fresher?
This course include Manual Testing course mostly.

#80 monika das

@ Kishor
dont waste time & money learning testing from Institutes. CSTA certi wont help to get job . Learn it from working Professional

#81 Mayasen

Hi Kishore, (#87)

I believe that the course may fed some basic knowledge about manual testing. It is good; and your CSTA certification is just a token to get interview. To get the job, you should get more practical and real time knowledge about testing.

#82 Snehal

I have completed my and now want to do the software testing course. So, can you please help me with the software testing institutes in Mumbai..
What about Seed Infotech? Many people have suggested me that institute.. Please revert me on my said mail id.

#83 monika das

@ snehal . what ur email id

I already done IBM seed testing course and regrest now. still,many friends & I have not got job. Will suggest not join Seed & SQTL . Learn from any working professional who have project experience .

#84 Rahul

@monika das,@Snehal @Mayasen

See if u need i can help you folks..I am having very gud real scenario project hand on experience…
And u need to give real project related answer not institute answer..then only u get job..
hope u got wt i mean to say..
so grab some1 loaded with Gyan

Gud luck

#85 Jawaid

Hi. I have completed MCM.
I want to do software testing course in Hyderabad. would u like to inform me for how many months the course is and what is the fee. Also suggest me some good institutes in Hyderabad.

#86 Saga jadhav

Why still people want to learn sw testing from Institute where 50 or more guys in one batch.what we can learn They are not providing job and teach nothing . I request learn from person who working any company rather cheat and misguide Institutes

#87 pradeep

hi friends!
am pradeep and am need of a job??? Please do tell me if any jobs are available in hyderbad?? I have done with my course in manual and automation ????

#88 nitish Mashawari

@ pradeep ,
ask ur Institute for job where u have done course & leant nothing after paying so much fees. Tell other not join that class

#89 shonali

ya i m agree with nitish… if ur testing course is training cum placement then ask ur institute only for job

#90 nitish Mashawari

@ Pradep & shonali

You are right. Institute dont provide training. Its just money making business with many students in batch and misguide student by advertisement. still, students want join Institute for testing course then regret

#91 Snehal

hi friends.
I am also agree.. But noe how to find such person??
I dont know anyone . can you help me with the same.

#92 hemangi

@ Sonali ,

You can join Vivek Sir class. email id : . He is working in MNCs and also teach sw testing course. He will guide you.

#93 shonali

@snehal :
Testing is not very tough..u can learn urself.get ISTQB certified and thn u can easily grab the job.

#94 shonali


#95 Vivek

In bangalore, Qspider is good

#96 Snehal

Do you have any idea for mumbai??
How to get ISTQB certificate?

#97 Amit

Hi Snehal,
will suggest learn practical & Project SW testing course from Vivek sir, Mumbai . He also teach ISTQB course with very less fees. I have done course from him & passed exam in may with good marks.

#98 shonali

@snehal: Could u plz give me ur id so that i will send material for ISTQB prep

#99 Srinivas

Is there any experienced tester from Indore who can teach me testing?

#100 Snehal

@ Shonali,
My id is
@ Amit,
Thanks. But did you get the job? Whats the duration and course fees? Where does he condut classes?

#101 manjunatha s

i am a BE graduate 2010 passed out in E&C with an aggregate of 71%. i am not that much good in programming. can i take testing field as my profession and how is this field? is it having good growth? please guide me, where shall i do this software testing course.

#102 snp

I have some books on testing, i want to give them for free to someone who is trying to learn testing. mail me @

#103 selvam

@shonali: please send the ISTQB materials for me also.

#104 selbaa

@manjunatha s: There is lot of openings for testing and which has very good scope also. If you are in chennai, then i can show you the right place to learn and get started in testing

#105 selbaa

@manjunatha s: u can contact me at

#106 Jacquie

How about Software Testing/Quality Assurance training in Western Canada? Does anyone know where good schools are, or if there are online courses would they be suited to use in Canada or even the USA?

#107 shonali

@snp:please send me testing material on myid i.e

#108 naveen

worst institution in hyderabad for testing is TESTING SCIENCES,Ameer pet,hyderabad.dont join this institute.its froud.

#109 Monalisa das

@ Naveen ,

most of Institute are fraud.will suggest Learn from any working professional. Mumbai & pune Seed Infotech worst Institute I had experienced. dont refer this Institute and create awareness . They cheated many students name of IBM – Seed Course .

They are not give job after paying lot of money that fine. Teaching is worst which never helped us to crack Interview & while working Projects

#110 Rahul

consult ur fnds or working professinal..
that will help u
dont join any institute
ask all u doubt here..
ppl are relly helpful here

#111 snehal

@ Shonali,
Hi, i haven’t recd the ISTQB material.
To all,
Hey guys, i just want to ask you all that is there any scope for testing? As i am from commerce background and some ppl are telling me not to change the profile.

#112 mahesh

hi , my name is mahesh.I have done graduation in arts(BA). Currently i m working with one software company i.e. Nelito as support engineer.Basically our job is to support client about the functionality of software and in case they do any wrong transaction then we need to rectify it from back end.We teach banker , how to operate software.Now , I am working in bank of india data center which is been operated by HP.

I m now looking forward to make my CARRIER with software testing.But i m confused weather my this experience is good with software testing or not?

#113 visu

pls do not join in testing science in hyd and chenni it is wates insitute pls pls pls do not join

#114 mani

pls prefer to live tech but do not fere testing science…………………………………………

#115 mani

PLS PREFER LIVE TECH BUT DO NOT JOIN IN TESTING SCIENCE………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

#116 Rameshwari

Dear Friends,

I am keen to learn software testing but i am graduate from commerce stream, Non technical background.
How will be my career growth??

Please help me as wanted to enroll for software testing course.

Thanks in advance

#117 karthick.b.m

i am karthick here, i am done with my engineering , can any one tell me scope of s/w testing career….. plz tell me some good s/w testing training institute in bangalore?
may i know how is TEST YANTRA as training institute???
plz guide me….

#118 Bharathi


Which is the best institute in Bangalore for software testing? Can anyone plz tell me what are the programming skills necessary to join Software Testing cousre. Please help me.

#119 Monalisa das

@ Bharathi

Why you want to waste your money & time from learning Institute. Do you have read above all person feed back about Institute. Learn from this website & post here you query. Everyone will assist you.

Post your email id, will send you Software Testing testing documents

#120 karthick.b.m

can any one plz send s/w testing documents to my email id..

#121 tina

hi i’m tina, i have done a course in software testing, now i’m leaving to US,is there any chance of getting job there,or do i need any work experience

#122 pratu

i hv done a software testing course with ISTQB certification from seed infotech ..but m bsc 2nd year appeared.i need a job can anyone tell me ….wil i get a job in testing….

#123 Monalisa das

@ Pratu
ask Seed infotech to give job & They give 100 % job LOL
They do lot of advertisement to misguide students & students can t get job & whatever they learn from Seed faculty wont help while working Projects.
Still, many waste time & money in seed Infotech then frustrated .

U must tell other friends and create awareness not to go Seed for SW Testing course. so, other people are not cheated.

#124 Bharathi

Thank You Monalisa…. This is my mail id.

#125 Bharathi

Hi.. Thank You Monalisa…. This is my mail id..

#126 Kishor

Hello There!
I am fresher M Sc (Comp) . trying job in Testing. recently I have an offer from Greytrix, mumbai. but they have bond of 2.5 years and for 1st 4 month they would give me salary upto 5ooo pm. after 4 month they will increase it upto 10,000 pm for 1st year.
From 2nd year there will be increment of 20-30%
So Can anybody tell me whether to join or not?
Waiting for ur reply.

#127 Kishor

my id

#128 Pratap Singh

Hello Everyone

Can anybody tell me how many type of testing used in I.I Industry????
recently i got a call for SQL,Gaming & Cloud computing testing…..but unfortunately i not selected.

plz tell me in detail about typoe sof sodtwaretesting….

#129 Pratap Singh

Hello Everyone

Can anybody tell me how many type of testing used in I.I Industry????
recently i got a call for SQL,Gaming & Cloud computing testing…..but unfortunately i not selected.

plz tell me in detail about typo soft testing….

#130 shonali

Hey if u hv material for performance testing..plz send me on my id

#131 Deepashree

Hi freinds,
can any suggest me abt info school and one force solutions bangalore,for software testing…Plzz

#132 Deepashree

Hi friends,
can anybody knows abt infoschooland one force solutions bangalore for doing s w testing course plz… help me

#133 snp

Guys i have read about all the posts and i see that i can help you out. I am working in qtp now. Being a senior in the field, i am giving some suggestions to paricular people. others can reach me at It doesn’t cost anything to send a mail and network with people. This is what you should be doing while you are starting.

@Deepashree – i can help you.
@Kishor – dont join. 5000 bucks is just not worth it. i am sure you are worth more than that.
@pratu – ISTQB certification only looks good on the resume, but you need to know in depth, thats important.
@karthick.b.m – Documents get boring, insall qtp and go thorough the help file thats more interesting, however check your mail.
@Rameshwari – anyone can do software testing / development, dont worry about your degree.
@Rahul – Rahul is correct. Great advice there buddy.
@shonali – The documents will come in your mail. but you need to have hands on you need to see some code, ping me on my e mail.
@manjunatha s – you are just starting your career, why dont you try and be a developer? anyways being a tester or a developer you are going to land as a manager someday. so it really doesn’t matter.
@Srinivas – It doesn’t cost to send a mail and network.
@Snehal – you can also send me a mail.
@pradeep – although you have completed course, go through interview questions, work hard and if you have doubts drop me a mail.
@Jawaid – good luck, starting is important, but do drop a mail.
@venkata ramana . Pogiri – have you got anywhere?
@selvam, @Bharathi, @arati, @Ritu Raj, @lavanya, @diva – you need to send me an e mail whenever you need guidance.
@ Annamalai – did you take the course? dont jump into something without evaluating, please send me an e mail regarding the experience.

@ others: i got tired and stopping here. but whenever you have any questions at anypoint of time you can always e mail me.

#134 Nitin

Edista has helped my brother to get a jpb in CTS.
I would recommend it.

#135 Faisi

My hearty Congrats to edista testing institute for placing me & my frnzz with CTS & Wipro. The training was upto dat and remarkable…We already hit the floor and it’s just great….Carry out the good work…:) You guys rock

#136 Tabi

I do agree @Faisi…No wonder Edista Testing Instute is the best training institute in terms of placements and the study materials they use while training.

#137 Gaurav


where does the vivek sir conducts the classes..?




#139 rahul

Training is ok in Q-Spiders , Bangalore . But they provide absolutely no placements . I joined Q-Spiders 2 months back and they have finished manual testing now. So u can understand how much time they take in teaching just manual testing. My agg is also good(64.56) in BE but still they are not able to provide placements . I havent attended even a a single interview from Q-Spiders.They just ask you to attend mock interviews every week and even if you do really well in mock interviews its of no use. There will be huge crowd as well .They train 220-250 students in the same batch . So i wud suggest you guyz not to join Q-Spiders based on my experience.

#140 shonali

hey wen u got placed in CTS? r u BE or BSC/BCA?

#141 Bharathi

Thank you Monalisa…. My mail id is

#142 Deepashree

Thank u nitin

#143 Gita

hi i am Gita, i am situated in banglore, i thought of joining Q-Spiders for testing course but by reading al d above feed backs i am confused nw… plz anyone help me out wat to do further….

#144 ritu

@ Gita

Dont join Q – spider . Its worst Institute .They dont teach QTP well. Will suggest join Vivek sir class. for SW testing & QTP class. Its more worth.

#145 shonali


Plz reply……

#146 shonali

Wen ur brother got placed? he is BE or BCA/BSC
reply its urgent

#147 Gita

thanks for ur reply ritu… but how to contact vivek sir, he is in banglore….?

#148 Priyanka


#149 splash

Hi Friends,
Plz whoever has done d course with vivek sir ans my quaries,
1. what all he covers in the syllabus.
2. do we get the certification after completion of course.
3. does he offers or gives any refernces for jobs.
4. how much efficient this course will b in finding jobs.

PLEASE ONLY WHO HAS DONE THE COURSE, ANS TO MY Qs, don misguide. and not by the owner of this course( not by other names also).

#150 Rakhesh

@ Gita,

have you joined the vivek sir class, i had sent a mail and spoke to him, but he dint respond to me properly. i am thinking whether his course will be worthful or not. please tell me what you have done.
and dear friends plz suggest me about his classes, will that be efficient one. and also splash has mentioned not to misguide i too request the samething.

#151 Diva

Hello ,

annamalai and others who mentioned above about Qualitree.Did they join?can anyone here share their experience with qualitree or IIBC,Qspiders…It would be gr8 help.

#152 Mani


This is Mani. I am working with IT company in the health care domain as sr claims examiner. Our company provides all core IT based service by own being a capitive unit and does have many IJPs rolled out every fortnights .My concern here is that I want to make a carrier in SQT and contacted 3-4 institutes in Delhi
Please advice that to make a carrier in this sector do I must posses some BE Btech MCA degree OR a Bcom degree will work? Do Companies don’t give preference to Bcom pass guys even having exp into the same field . .Please advice My mail id is Please let me know

#153 Chethan

Dear Frnds,

I suggest everyone who is willing to take up Software testing course in bangalore as a fresher just go to Edista or Q-Spiders located in Basavangudi.

#154 Rajul

hi i want to join any good institute for software testing..can any one suggest me which one is good..? i am just beginner in IT..any one can send their suggession to my email address
thanks in advance

#155 Rajul

I want to know from any body who had done course from vivek sir..any contact no of him..? how is he .. means for teaching and real time project training.. pls anybody guide me.. ..i want to join course in nov/dec.. i am a begginer.. so how i can proceed ,, as i want to make career in software testing.. pls send me u r suggession/ feedback/ course info to my email address..many many thanks in advance as well..

#156 Rajul

Hi Annamalai/selbaa/kanthesh/sampat nirav/sn minor/selvam/shonali/kaarumahesh/nagarjuna bmca/bharathi/manipal singh..
good morning all..pls any one share u r experience with software testing institute.. which one is best one to join.. and how they perform.. pls send me all u r feedback to me on my email address as i want to join one of them immedietly..thanks

#157 ritu

I have get link from my friends . Will not suggest learn from any Big Institute. They advertisement more, they run behind moeny.

#158 sandy

Since Testing has become saturated at present
Why dont people get into Datawarehousing which at present is HOT in the market.

#159 preeti

hiii, i am agraduate from ignou(bca) & pursuing pgdca from du. i want to make my career in software testing.which course is suitable for me and from where i can do that in delhi and ncr. and also how it will help me?????? i am in very big confusion. plzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!

#160 Rakhesh

Hello Rajul,

Did you get any information about vivek sir online classes. how good is he in teaching, and have you joined the course in any institute. please share the information, it would be helpful. thanks in advance

#161 Muskan

The best institute that one can enroll the course for software testing is Innate Labs. They provide the best course + the best training. One can visit thier website

#162 Priyanka

Pls any one guide me best software testing class in chennai.

#163 Mehak

Muskan, I too Agree with you that Innate Labs has the best teaching standards with good trainers to train us.

One should definately join innatelabs without hesitation, if they really wish to make thier career in testing.

#164 Mehak

Priyanka why don’t you opt for Innate Labs Online training, It is the best one! this will also help you to fetch a job as well.

#165 Mayasen

@ Priyanka (#170)

Hi there are lot of institutes in chennai. But from there you can gain only the basic idea about testing. Knowledge from exp. person will help u lot to know the live scenario.

Based on your location you can find the centre near to you.

#166 Mahek/Muskan

Hi.. both of u.. can you pls tell me breifly @ innatelab.. where it located..?from where u have done the course.. tell me more about course deytail on my email thanks in advance for u r help.. Rajul

#167 Raj

hi any one have aexperience about vivek sir’s classess..? send me feedback..pleeeeese.. asap.. thanks

#168 Raj

my email address id

#169 Raj

hi .. manish/any one
if u have any ideal .. pleeese send me details of the person who is conducting software testing classess personally ( who is experienced facvulty with real time projects and give proper training..) also if any body have experience about innatelab..pls let me know/share expirience..Thanks
Raj .. my email address is all r welcome for suggessions/ informations

#170 Raj

hi Rakhesh.. not yet.still try to find out good one.. if u have got any one ..pls let me know on

#171 Raj

hi rakhesh.. email add is thanks,

#172 Raj

Hi Monalica das, send me software testing documents and other info. .. to my email address i will be highly appreciated..

#173 Raj

Hi Nandan.. will u pls help me out.. guide me for any good real time instructor for course..? Thanks
Rajul ..

#174 Raj

Hi Lavanya..did you joined any institute..? pls share u r exp with

#175 shweta

hey plz suggest me good institute for s/w testing in terms of placement, in pune,mumbai.plzzzzz

#176 shilpa

Hi am looking for institutes which offer software testing course with placements.. am considering seed as an option. please help. am a 2008 passed out

#177 ravi kumar

hi,this is ravi ,,
actualy i wannt a software tester, but the problem is which way i have 2 go for this,which langauge i have 2 read,

make sure the things i m wating ur respons…

#178 AbhishekG

Hi All,

Please suggest me a good institute to complete a S/W Testing course & placement in Nagpur??

#179 shwetha

Hi All,
Qspiders is the best institute in bangalore

#180 Mohan PSK


We take the challenges faced by our students seriously (either trained by us or thru our Authorised Education Partners). We would like to understand the complete context and see how can we support you going forward. Can you please visit our office at the following address for a dicussion or write to us at We tried to get the information from the master student list but could not get your details. Can you please help us with your batch details and the complete name.

Our address is:
Edista Testing Institute
#19 5th Floor KMJ ASCEND
JNC Road 17th C Main
5th Block Koramangala
Bangalore, Karnataka INDIA

We look forward to hear from you.

Mohan PSK
Edista Testing

#181 shonali

Seed is a good option in pune but as u r a 2008 passed out,there are only few opporunities(intrvw calls) for u in seed.b’coz now a days seed provides max calls for 09/10 batch.So my suggestion is first of all u enquire all those thing abt placements thn only join.

#182 Vaishali Jain

@ Shilpa ,

I have done course from Seed infotech. They teach nothing & doing time pass. I & other many student still not got job. They make fool students by lot of advisement for job. There are more student in batch what one can learn. Seed all about business not for teaching.

It is better to learn course from any working employee they can teach better than seed. You will not get cheated & regret. Will not recommend seed Infotech

#183 sudha

pls send me software testing material to my email…
pls send me as quick as possible

#184 sudha

pls send me testing material as quick as id is

#185 Trupti

Will suggest who are cheated by any Institute.

Please post your details here & you could get justice.

I will not refer Seed Infotech to any friends.They will not cheated in future.

#186 cherry

@ Nithin

i am selected for CTS ..they give a conditional offer letter in that i have to completed the testing course in EDISTA TESTING .after that they conduct the online test based on testing once i clear that they give a offer letter ….

please give me u suggestion is EDISTA is Good institute or not

please give me reply

#187 shonali

First of all plz answer my questions thn only will let u knw more abt the institute:
1.who conducted ur interview:CTS or edista much u need to pay for this course
3.who is ur trainer over there…b’coz only few faculty is good in tht institute.
4.And last thing,ask in edista institute tht how many peoples are selected for this trainng and requirement of CTS from these peoples.

#188 Kumar D

Can Any one suggest best institutes for Automation tools and Testing in Mobile domain

#189 Anitha

I m a graduate in B.Tech.IT(2010). can anyone please guide me which course i have to take and which institute. I m so confused please help me. Now i m in Chennai so please suggest me a good institute in chennaiand also eligibility course.

#190 Pratap

Hello Friends,

I m looking a software testing institute in Punjab spl in Ludhiana or Chandigarh. can anyone suggest me any kind of institute or a exp person in testing which can learn me automation testing..

Thank You,

#191 cherry


my technical and hr rounds are conducted by CTS in CTS(hyderabad).

i need to pay 25000/-

i dont know the trainer name but the training at bangalore…

#192 adhil


I am just looking for good testing institute in chennai can u all pls help me out am in big confusion to join which institute. me its urgent .. my mail id is

#193 vaibhav soni

@ kumar,

Dont waste your time to learn from any Institute.

Learn from working employee who give training on Automation tools.I already cheated by Seed Infotech Institute,pune & SQTL

#194 vaibhav soni

share with friends

How Seed Infoterch cheat to students

#195 vini


I hv done B.Tech CSE. passed out in 2005. currently i’m looking for s/w testing jobs. Hv ISTQB certificate foundation level. but i dont hv exp in software field. can any body tel me wat r my chances to get a s/w tester job?


#196 Tarun Verma

Hi Dear friends

Do u have any idea about EDISTA training institute in NCR/Delhi. They are organising training program for software testing & charging 30k for 1 month and after successful completion of program they will place the candidates in Headstrong. After taking a written test by the institute and further processes like GD, Technical and HR have been conducted by the Headstrong, Noida itself at its center. And before training a conditional offer letter will be given. Condition is that after completion of training a test would be taken by Headstrong and the candidates who clear the test will b given final joining letter by the company. Kindly reply if u have any idea about it.

Tarun Verma

#197 Tarun Verma

kindly get in touch with me at

#198 ragu


#199 Abhishek Kulkarni

hello frndzz,
How to study for a CSI exam?????

#200 nisha

hi frnz ,
every one suggested seed is good for testing ,apart from teaching ive heard institues like seed provide placement facilities ,but since im a 2008 pass out will they provide placementts and is it worth joining

#201 Suman

Hi Nisha,

First of all where are you form, tell me. Then i will suggest according to that which instiute will be good.


#202 jayshree gupt


i am 2009 cs passout. due to medical reasons i was not able to join any IT company. now there are very less openings for 2009 batch . i am interested in testing wht course i should pursue .

#203 deepshikha

Hi.. All
I did M.Sc.(C.S.) in 2007. after that i have a long gap due to some personal reasons. Now i want to start my career in S/W testing. shud i do DST from seed infotech(pune).
Will it do for me.

#204 vasavi

Hi friends
I dis M.Sc(Cs) in 2003.I have a long gap due to family.I know testing fundamentals .Now i want to start career in testing.i’m in confusion to learn manual testing or QTP.shall i join any institute for this?or is it possible to learn myself.i tried to download qtp software but i’m not getting it.How is vivek sir conducting classes? I want to gain real time project experience to start plz guide me.

#205 anushka

dont ever join qspiders, its fraud the placement officer pradhyumna is good for nothin!!!

#206 deepshikha

hii all..
i passed out M.Sc.(C.S.) in 2007, after a long time(due to some personal problems) i m now reading again Java and DBMS(at home) in the hope of getting job,which seems to be quit difficult. can anyone suggest be anything in my favour. shud i choose s/w testing (from seed infotech). will it do for me. plzzzzzzz help me.

#207 deepshikha

i m in pune.

#208 Bhanu prakash

Dont ever join QSPIDERS, its fraud PLACE!!!!!!!

#209 sheen

i am BE(2009) am working as a web designer past from one yr.i am planning to change my domain to software testing.can anyone suggest me good institute in Bangalore.what certification should i take up. please help me

#210 Sachin Narayanan

I have done Software Testing Course from Seed Infotech Bangalore Branch in September 2009. Still I haven’t got a job from their side.

#211 Mukesh Jalwal

This seems like a fraud. The regular fees as per edista testing website the fees is $200 meaning Rs 9000/-
This means that headstrong is doing business of Rs 21,000 for each selected candidate. We should definitly stop this fraud. Guys never ever think of paying Rs 30,000/-
This show that headstrong is not confident enough on their interviewing skills and thats why they have given this conditional offer. They have taken test/GD and interview and still they are dependent on the result of test conducted by edista testing.

None of the corporate office recruite the way headstrong has choosen. It clearly shows the business between edista testing and headstrong.

headstrong should be ashamed of their strategy and we should oppose it to the maximus so that no one else can play with emotions of freasher.

I wish you all a good luck.

#212 vaibhav soni

@ Sachin Narayanan

There thousand of students get cheated from Seed in pune & Mumbai.

make awareness Seed Infotech & other cheating to all your friends. So, atlet , They not get cheated by this all Institute

#213 Rajiv

I have found that, this offer is based on various conditions which are not guaranteed to meet.

First you have to have to pay 30,000/- then you have to clear the test conducted by Edista, and then again there will be another technical round by Headstrong. So the probablity of employement is very less.

I don’t advise to go with this offer.

#214 Jay Patel

Do not enroll at InnateLabs. Its fake institute for software testing

#215 Jay Patel

Hi! “” Pls don’t go for “InnateLabs” especially for the software testing. Its entirely worse. Do not think about it further. I’d my own experieance.

#216 Arun

Hi,This is arun pls suggest the best software training institute in chennai…..plssssss other than STC….

#217 Arun Reddy

Hi,This is arun pls suggest the best software training institute in chennai..its is a turning pint in my life pls suggest,,,,

#218 mahesh

hey frnds any one plz tell me vijay sir classes in mumbai or any best institute for sw testing bcoz i want to join this course so plz reply soon

#219 mahesh

i go in seed info tech for inquiry bt ur opinion of this site seed info tech is a fraud institute so tell me which is best institute in mumbai for sw testing plz reply soon

#220 Harsh Talele

if u want to do career in testing dont go for any institute as many of them are fraud
frends i hav completed my course from seed but no one is asking to seed infotech
if u really want to make career then try to use internet forum and some of the best and basic
books like SOftware Testing by Ron patton.and after completing the these books try to prepared for
certifications like ISTQB..once u r istqb cleared with gud academic record u will 101% get job
then after that u can appear for advance level.once u get experience u can cleared certifications like
QTP,Load Runner,CSQA and CSTE
soon i will post the book link
if any query contact me

#221 Harsh Talele
u can also visit this site this guy is best in testing till now and he will guide u surely i do not knw him personally but whatever material he has post i hav read and i hav got the job on the basis of that
agian if u want any information regarding interview question i will surely try to help u r queries

#222 shikha

Hi All,

I am 100% agree with Manish.Please don’t waste your time in Institute . They teach only & bookish & theoretical stuff. Even i have also taken training from Pure Training Noida.Many times faculty not worked on any Projects & done any certification.They dont have Project & process experience. Just running PPTs anybody can teach anything. What student are getting in hand & knowledge or learn thing can’t help in job and future. What we expect from Institue faculty . They take huge fees for course. At the end of the day, student’ can’t get job or practical knowledge

They claim 100 % job placement . 95 % people can’t get job or not related testing or good company as Big institute claim. Faculty won’t help after course complete

I will suggest learn sw testing from any working Professional Who had worked on different Projects, company /domain. He can better to guide you & explain with real time example.

please don’t waste time as well money also..I think each and everything is available at Google so read from there and i am sure U guys will definitely gain knowledge and as well clear the ISTQB certification.

#223 Reddy

LiveTech is bet institute for Testing Tools Project

#224 Suresh krishnan

I am interested in software testing,i need a good institude in pune,is mind script institude is good,anybody know about mind script in pune,Please reply me immediately,if they will provide a 100% placement security,please reply me urgently



i have done B.E(civil) & have exp. in civil but i want to go in software testing field , i have done course in it but there has been gap .so can u suggest me any institue with projects in mysore who will teach me in one month . pls reply me

#226 RAvichandra

Who looking for software testing course better u join software professionals … I know Mr.Prabhakar Gudi working in THOMSON REATERS in Bangalore, 6+ years of exp in SOFTWARE TESTING better to contact him

#227 RAvichandra

Mr.Prabhakar Gudi
Expert in Software Testing
U learn QTP,Manual Testing,VBScript,SQL…. even SHELL SCRIPT

#228 Sachin Narayanan

Iam Sachin. I have still not got a job in Software Testing after having done course from seed infotech bangalore branch in september 2009. seed had promised me that they will provide placement assistance but since iam 2004 passout i have not received that many calls. I also dont have any project experience. What should i do to get a job in testing. Please guide me.

#229 Sachin

@Monalisa Das

Did you get job from Seed Infotech after doing IBM Seed Course

#230 trainging


We provide:

Online Testing Training: Online Training on Software Testing
Online Testing Tools Training: Online Training on Software Testing Tools
Online QTP Training: Online Training on Quick Test Professional
Online TestComplete Training
Online Loadrunner Training
Online QC Training
Online VBScript Training

Online Training on Manual Testing, QTP, VBscript, Loadrunner, Quality Center, TestComplete
Course Aim:

In the class: Interview Questions discussions and full practical examples for each topic
After the class: You will be more confident in atteneding interviews, doing automation work at office

Please contact me ( ) for course content and other details.

Thanks & Regards,

#231 PAVI


#232 syed

i am very new to s/w testing, i have joined institute, thy r charging 7.5 2months course weekly 5dys 3hours per day , in my batch only 2 are ther, faculty has teaching exprnc from past 2yrs, well from her explantion im satisfied dat she has capability of teaching and explaining, but i dunno how she wil go throu practica… sylbus includes: manual, silk, qtp, winnrunner, load runner, vss, qc and demo for project,automation finally thy wil assist placmen, develop n helpin intrvw skills & resume etc.. but i wann to knw and want to gain knowledge from working guys….. is any one ther to teach me for s/w testing for free.. any week day.. any time pls pls pls.. pls tell me mail me to

#233 syed

@ RAvichandra

hw much Mr.Prabhakar charge ???

#234 RAvichandra


they charge only 5000….. in that you learn Manual ,Automation ,SQL, UNIX Commands, Shell SCript, VBScript….. and also they provide Live Project if you want to search on Exp , If you join there within 2 months they complete ,then you can search as fresher as well as Exp Candidate

#235 RAvichandra


Outside no one teach u Shell Script …… if u update ur Resume u know shell Script then ur Resume Shortlisted within short period of time….. for 100 testing engineer only one person know shell script , ratio like that and also u will be prefered if u know shell script

#236 RAvichandra


who not get job till ….. means someone 2009/08/07/06/05/04/, passout still hunting job better to contact Mr.Prabhakar Gudi he guide you in better way , and also for seeking job based on exp you better to contact him

All the best

#237 syed

well thanks ravi, can u gimme his address… actually i have joined some institute but even though i wil go to him to get more knowledge, pls dont mind i want to ask u something about mr. prabhakar.. did u took classes from him??and how come u knw him??? if u have taken classes from then how was ur exprnc with him?? pls mention his available timings so dat i wil meet him by dis week…
thanks & regards

#238 syed

mention me d address.. just mention his area, contac numbr..

#239 syed


or mail me address n contact number to my id

#240 Raja

Hi All,

One of my friend is providing Software testing training in his home itself. I have attended his training and now am working as a Test Analyst in MNC comp.

right now he is providing software testing training for peoples like me and if you need any details abt his training plz mail me –

He will give you the clear idea about to clear the testing technical interviews.

Best Wishes,

#241 syed


whr is he from?? whr he giving coaching for testing?

#242 vinod

can anybody please guide me…. i am very new to software testing…. and i am in a need of good institute in hyderabad along with placements after traing…. can any 1 guide me please

vinod kumar(

#243 shiva

how is software testing labs in Bangalore kormangala??can anybody give me details about their training and placements..i m planning to join..whether its worth or not??what is the fee structure…pls reply me its really urgent

#244 RAvichandra


Mr.Prabhakar Gudi

Contact him ….. guide u

#245 Sachin Narayanan

@vaibhav soni

Did you get job from seed infotech

#246 Sachin Narayanan

@vaibhav Soni

Did u do any live projects in testing.

#247 radhika

please tell me good institute in pune for manual and automation course.and it should provide gud placement also.

please if any1 professioanal or having well knowledge is there help me out.

mail id

Thank You In Advance.

#248 Dipal Patel

I am 2010 passout and still not able to get any job. I have 6 months experience in testing but my background is not software testing. So i want to learn automatic and manual testing. I am good at shell, perl and linux. So which institute or person should i go for , to learn testing in bangalore ( near koramangla)? my id is: Please provide suggestion.

#249 Dev

Hi frnds,
Plz send Software testing materials 2 my id..
Thank u..

#250 RAvichandra

my sugestion is to contact

Mr.Prabhakar Gudi Sr.Software Test Engineer
Contact No :9886032977

Guide U in Better way

#251 rajeshwari

how si SQTL in Pune for S/W Testing?Pl.reply soon.

#252 Sharat

I am 2010 ( E&C ) passout. plz any1 suggest me a very good testing institute in bangalore which provides placement and a vgood training.

#253 Naresh

I am Naresh working with SIEMENS as s/w engg. I am having 7+ years of experiance in Software Testing which includes both Manual and Automation Testing. I have done the projects both Onsite and Offshore projects.

I do provide the supporting activities on their projects who are already working.

In Automation I have worked on tools like Quick Test Professional, WinRunner, Load Runner and Quality Center.

I am providing training on both Manual and Automation Testing. I am going to take the training based on real time scenarios and a detailed material will be provided on each tool along with the software.

Please reply me back on with your contact number if you are interested.

#254 Monali

Can anyone suggest me a good institute for software testing in Gujarat which can also help me to fetch a job in the same field.

#255 sudha

hi this is sudha, i did dotnet i searched jobs in dotnet, there is lot of compitition, so that i choosed software testing. 2 days back i joined in stc chennai.i joined only manual,qtp
but is it k or if i want to join more plz suggest me and one more thing im facing lot of problems with un employment plz if is there any openings plz tel me my id is

#256 Manjunath

can any one Suggest me a best training center for .NET(c#)/java and also for my project work in bangalore?can i joinInfics solution(IIBC) for this?

#257 deivanai

i would like to join training class in software testing in Testing Science in chennai-amjikarai. is it really worth to join there i have 3 yr gap, and also so far i didn’t have any experience in development side, i worked as a corporate Trainer for 2 1/2 years on the whole. do they give placement assurance. pls let me know this immediately. they charge 7000 for course and 3500 for project.
If u know any other institute in chennai (since i am residing in vadapalani i want to know the nearby location) pls let me know that too with their contact info.
pls help me ASAP, i would like to join in testing science on28 Feb 2011

#258 A.jagetheesh

hai i am MCA final year student . i have planned to join software testing courses in BANGALORE .so plz help me which software testing institute is best in BANGALORE with placements .urgent plz help me

#259 vandana gupta

hello.. i m pursuing with IT. This time i am in 3rd year ,6th semester of my graduation and i want to get some training or any course in software testing in my upcoming summer vacations so that i would be able to get placement on the basis of testing instead of programming. So please suggest me some suitable course for testing, its best institute in near delhi which gives placements after completion of course.

#260 vandana gupta

hello.. there’s one more thing which i want to ask, i want some institute for software testing in delhi which can help me in preparing any live or dummy project in software testing which i can use for my summer training project and the institute provides best testing knowledge and experience along with the placement options also.

#261 Anirtej


Im graduated in Bachelor in Arts, i wanted to go for Manual Testing course. can any body suggest me that my qualification is eligible for this course ? shall i get job with Testing in IT companies? pl. help me…
any suggestion personally pl donn hesitate to call me @7569855705/

#262 Pooja

Hello All,

I am a BE Comp Science 2003 passout. Had been working in a Software Company as a Software developer from 2004 till 2006. After that I had taken a maternity break. Now I want to pursue my software career. Can anybody tell me whether any testing courses can be taken and thus can i get into software back? If yes, which are the good training institutes in Bangalore, which are the courses that had to be taken? Also pls let me know about the approx fees for course. Thank you.


#263 Amit

Hello, I like to join Software Testing Course , which one is better Please let me know .

Mob :- 7879647292, 9575433944

#264 dylan

i want to be a video game tester

#265 dylan

i want to be a video game tester!

#266 Kumar

Qspiders teaching is not bad but placement is not at all good. I got trained in Rajajinagar branch of Qspiders, and I have not got a single interview call. The only calls they will have is mock interview and those of us who do well in mock interview will also not get a call. Just to be on the safer side, each faculty will say the students should prepare well or else they won’t be placed. I spent more than 4 months in this institute dedicating all my time for learning was utter waste of time and money.

They will have 200 to 250 students in a batch and they have 3 branches in bangalore, so this comes up to 750 people in one go. Sometimes they have 2 batches in one branch of around 450 to 500 students. Out of these many students, they may place around 50 people and slightly more provided they get requirements and u r lucky. This comes to roughly only 10% of students who in turn will refer other students and spoil their career.

In short, it is not worth the money what you pay for this course and even otherwise the supply outperforms the demand for testing. There are many institutes who have trained their students on manual, QTP, etc… One vacancy will have hundreds of applications and sometimes even 1000.

#267 Ravichandra

its 200% right… From Q spiders only around 800 students output from one batch in all 3 branches from Q spiders , wre they go in testing recruitement avg 2 testers for 6 developers , its huge testers compared to developers

#268 Anup

dear sir i am a 2010 pass out from computer sci branch.i want to do a software testing please kindly guide me to get a good software testing institute at banglore that also give placement assistance.

#269 Kumar

Hi Anup: You can join any testing institutes in bangalore consulting some of your friends, but don’t pay too high fees because placement is not a guarantee. If you have scored above 65%, you stand a better chance as a fresher.

#270 Kumar

Hi Anup: You can join any testing institutes in bangalore consulting some of your friends, but don’t pay too high fees because placement is not a guarantee. If you have scored above 65% and a 2010 passout, you stand a better chance as a fresher irrespective of which institute you get trained.

#271 Mustafa

Can anyone please suggest some genuine institute for software testing in Bangalore or pune,Actually i am from indore & ready to relocate.

#272 BALA


#273 Rama


I have taken training from him and his training is excellent and got job as soon as we finished course. Training is excellent and providing real time scenarios along with framework implementation with real time projects. you can contact him at


#274 C Y T H E R

Hello All,
Guys please clear the ISTQB certification with good marks only then,you will have chance.These institutes are useless they are just giving ASSISTANCE NOT GURANTY.

#275 Kumar


I am kumar a commerce graduate. I want to pursue a career in software testing. I would like to know whether a person needs to know programming languages before joining any testing course, My friend told me that i should know c, c++, VB and Sql in order to do well in testing field.

Pls i seek your advise on the above issue.



#276 titoo

I am looking for software testing course,can any body suggest me good institute providing placement.

#277 Bhavani Balaji

I have 4+ years experience in Banking domain operational as well as technical. I need to shift my carrier from IT to testing, since i need to take care of my kid. My preferrable work timings in 10.00 to 05:00. I need saturday and sunday off. Can anyone please tell us good software testing training centres in chennai. so that i will join and learn. I have 6 months experience in manual testing also. Pls pls suggest.

Bhavani –

#278 Priyanka

Can any one plz send me Software testing materials to my email address

Thanks in advance

#279 Harshal

Dear Friends,
I m sharing my experience

Seed Infotech Institute make fool students

Seed Infotech,pune is worst Institute. They make fool students by lots of advertisement for jobs. .Dont give job and teach nothing.

I will not recommend Seed Infotech to anybody.

Its better to learn from any working person who teach testing course not Seed Infotech & SQTL

Institute cheating
Seed & SQTL make fool students by lots of advertisement. Dont give job and teach nothing. I will not recommend Seed Infotech to anybody. Many student in one batch… what we can learn.. Its better to learn from any working person who teach testing course rather Seed Infotech
seed Infotech teach nothing . Many Companies black listed seed infotech

#280 titoo


#281 Its me

ha ha ha ha…………

#282 Chethan

Hi Frnds,

Going through all your comments i got perfect things to be followed but some confussion is there please everyone clear it off with your good reverts.

1) Is Joining for Q-Spiders can provide me good knowledge on testing as well as can they provide placement service?

2) what about Qualitree Pvt Solutions is it true can they provide good knowledge on testing as well as they can repay us 5000/PM?

3) What all the necessary things to be conditionally learnt as a Software Tester?

4) ISTQB Certification can be finished of in any institute or can we take it as exam and clear it off where we can take this exam?

Please frnds I am totally committed to get a job as software tester so please help me with your suggestion’s please guide me. My mail id is – I am currently pursuing MCA(Correspondence) but finished BSc IT through Correspondence with Aggregate 63%./

#283 Ovais

Hi ,

I need suggestion from you guys . I am presently working in BPO and want to do software testing course .I have done .Can you please suggest me the good institute in bangalore from where i can do testing course and get placed also and which course will be best for me as i dont have technical knowlege. Please suggest .



#284 Padma Priya

I would also like to know the best institute with placement for the software testing course in Bangalore.. Please suggest

#285 Ovais

Hi Padma did you got to know about the best institute for software testing . If yes then you can ping me on

#286 Avinash

Hi evrybody,

I’m new here. I’m seriously considering stepping into the QA automation Testing field. I worked as a manual tester for 5 years.
I’m thinking to get certified in QA testing but I’m a totally newbie
in this area (despite my manual testing experience). I did some research
and I discovered some QA Testing certification available on the market
but I don’t want to spend my time and money with the wrong one. I’m
focusing the current job market and I’m asking your assistance to help me choose the right certification in QA testing field.
Please share your opinions about my doubt, or tell me any
additional source of information like books, links, etc.

It would be appreaciated if you please let me know about the following-

1. Which testing tool is best for testing web based applications.

2. I don’t like scripting language which has a VB flavour. Like in QTP we use VB script but in IBM Rational Robot we use SQA basics. For me SQA basics is looking good over VB Script as it is much similar as C language. Although disparaged by many testers for being outdated, SQA Basics is still the most widely used scripting language. Can QTP support a scripting language other than VB script?

3. Can you name a few good training centers in Bangalore which provide training and certification on IBM RFT/Rational Robot or HP QTP?

4. How much hours should one put in a day to complete any of the above tool within a month time?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Senior Software Test Engineer, New Delhi


Please tell me which is the best software testing institute in chennai,who will give job me

#288 Santosh Pal

Really Seed Infotech is Fake and even they conduct fake Interview, so don’t go for Seed Infotech.

#289 Ovais

Hi Guys ,

I had asked question but nobody has replied.I am really in need of the answer .Plz reply

#290 Ashok

hai can u plz suggest me the best software testing centre in chennai ?

#291 R.Bala

Im graduated in Bachelor in 1997, i wanted to go for online Testing course or doing in chennai. can any body suggest me that my age is eligible for this course ? shall i get job with Testing in IT companies? pl. help me…

#292 R.Bala

Im graduated in Bachelor in 1997, i wanted to go for online Testing course or doing in chennai. can any body suggest me that my age is eligible for this course ? shall i get job with Testing in IT companies? me

#293 sudharsan

Guyz i m from chennai , and i m graduated in BCA in 2009.currently i m doing sw testing course in one of the leading institute in chennai.but i dont hope they give a 100% wats my question is? is it easy(openings) to grab a job in chennai itself for based on my graduation? plz guide me guyz

#294 Rehman

sudharsan please tell me you are doing testing course in which institute in chennai ???

#295 dinesh

TESTING SCIENCE chennai, or HTC chennai…

#296 harsh

friends plz tell me among edista and q-spider which is the best one so i can join the institute for software testing

#297 Jalaja Rao

Can someone tell me about Qualitree course in Testing? How they take students for them to get trained?

#298 shilpa

pls suggest me the best software testing institute in banglore, i just completed my pg course MCA, im interested to start my career in software testing. is dat helps me to get job.

#299 suhasini

pls suggest me best .net & s/w testing institutes in vijaynagar/rajajinagar of banglore

#300 Pradeep

Hi ,I am pradeep from Chennai, i did IT )-2011 and i would like to join Software Testing Training with 100% placements assurance and to become a s/w testing engineer .Can you suggest me the best insitutes in chennai and bangalore, i m very much confused to find out the good institute..all the institute have some complaints there about its faculties,placements and its infrastructure,In recent ,i heard about Mentor-k testing training institute in Banglore,can anyone know about this institute? Replies must from all dudes!!!

#301 shikha

hie everyone

can nebdy tell me best testing institutes in DELHI/NCR.

#302 Harshal

Seed Infotech. SQTL worst Institute in mumbai & pune

teaching is worst by faculty , totally time waste

#303 gopi

I want to do diploma in software testing can anyone tell me which institute is best in hyderabad

#304 Sathish kumar

Whish is the best (Honest) Software Training Institute in Chennai ?

It has to sufficient to students in placement level
It has to sufficient training to students

#305 dpk

heya ¤
First of al thanks 4 feedback bout al fucking fraud institute bcs i m also planing to get training in testing 4m seed pune,
Lem me introduce my self m btech cs jobles want to make carer testing bcs i dnt hav any option . I put up at delhi pls tel me whch are d best institute in delhe and in ncr(gurgaon) if u knw. And also tel me cn i prepare it at home itself if yes den hw cud i prepare 4 testing and 4 dt exam . And if u knW NY testing profesinal who provide class at delhi dn u r most welcm,
Thnks 4 ur ans in advance
Regards dpk

#306 shalini

M luking 4aute gud training itstitute in software testing with placements too.i enquired in qspider,banglore.can any1 tel me more abt qspider or ny other gud training centre with placemnts in software testing in bnglore only.
thanks..waiting 4 replies

#307 Varshan

@ Shalini

QSpider & Seed Infotech is worst Institute ,
dnt give job & teach nothing. Mangment just keen for students individual attention by faculty

#308 preethi

i am b’com graduate, if i pursue software testing course,vl i get a job, is QSpider is good institue, kindly suggest (i do not have any software knowledge) except MS-office

#309 Gulam Sarwar

Which is the best (Honest) Software Training Institute in Mumbai ?

#310 Pratap

Hi All

I m looking for Software Testing institute in Noida or Delhi..

Can anybody help me on this?



#311 Ayesha

I am ayesha, i have completed BE in ISE in 2011, i want to know is BIIT institute near raheja arcade koramangala,Bangalore is good institute?
or is JAVA LEARNING CENTER s gud ? i want to do java/j2ee course , please guide me which institute would be good for course with good placements services…
my email id s

#312 Bharath

look guys every1 speaks from their perspective.. whichever institute u go they’ll teach u good. It depends on how much u work or practice the concepts which will yield u results. As a Soft. Tester myself, the best institute is Q-Spiders in Bangalore. They have honest,highly qualified,more experienced faculties in all the dept. Choose that institute and work hard on the concepts they teach. Nowhere in the world they’ll sign on a bond paper tat rite after ur training completion they’ll get u placed ok. It depends on a lot of bloody factors. Accept tat first. If you get good knowledge on Testing Concepts i don’t think cracking an interview is such a big deal. Q-Spiders will provide you a path to do exactly that

#313 Bharath

@Preethi- you don’t need to have any prior software knowledge to jump into testing field. All it requires is an honest learner and little creative thinking persons. So just go for it. N yes, Q-Spiders is a very good institute. Trust me on tat.Good Luck!!!!

#314 shipra

i want to know about innatelabs intitute .its is good for software me .

#315 Sheba

contact: 9382959805

#316 mithuna

Softsmith Infotech in koramangla bangalore is good.Softsmith is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, offering a broad range of development solutions and testing services under one roof. Training sessions are conducted by accomplished professionals who are experts with rich experience in testing.
All the trainings will be conducted by real-time testers. The mentors will be having on the job experience on the tools that they teach you.

#317 mukesh

hi this is mukesh and i m looking for software testing institute in delhi ncr. plz give me some idea abt that.


Hi ……………
iwant to know best s/w testing institute & avg fees in pune,mumbai ,delhi plz guide me

#319 s jyotsna

act i want to undergo a technical writer,i just wanted to know which institute provides best training with 100% placement

#320 kshama

Can any one please tell me which software testing institute is better for study and placement in pune..
is the mindscript is good institute..

#321 Manasa

hi.. nandan

please let me know about the free classes for S testing

#322 Priyanka

hi frndz,
i m very confuse plz help to select s/w testing insititute in banglore. Q-spinder aur Qualitree which1 i want to join as quick as..
plz help me.

#323 Priyanka


In pune SQTLplacement procedure is too bad. they send mail concerned with vacancy and give number of contact person of SQTL to get info of job,when you call the other person is busy ,so u make call again and again. When the person on other hand gets available they talk rudely that do dont fell to call again. Other thing if you donot attend there call they will talk more badly /rudely.
HR people there are to bade in talking and helping.

All the best for testing !!!

#324 Priyanka


In pune SQTLplacement procedure is too bad. they send mail concerned with vacancy and give number of contact person of SQTL to get info of job,when you call the other person is busy ,so u make call again and again. When the person on other hand gets available they talk rudely that do dont fell to call again. Other thing if you donot attend there call they will talk more badly /rudely.
HR people there are too bad in talking (manners less) and helping.

All the best for testing !!!

#325 Priyanka

SQTL is total fraudd…..

#326 aswin

hi frnds, am Aswin.. I just cmplt’d my BE (2011)in ECE, I totally confused which course should i study for better scope for my profile… NIIT’s 99 days course which includes of JAVA,J2EE and ORACLE 10g.. (or) Software Testing course..
and pls send me some best institutions for S/W testing .

#327 aswin

hi frnds, am Aswin.. I just cmplt’d my BE (2011)in ECE, I totally confused which course should i study for better scope for my profile… NIIT’s 99 days course which includes of JAVA,J2EE and ORACLE 10g.. (or) Software Testing course..
and pls send me some best institutions for S/W testing in chennai

#328 yaswita

hello friends,
if we get job in company,they give project.whatwe have to do in project,if we learn testing course.without project knowlege how can we do

#329 swathi

hello all,
after reading all the above comments, i amreally confused as to which institute i should choose…….
incase anybody has had some really good experience with any of the institutes, do let us know of it….please!!

#330 lohitha

I have done M.B.A with marketing & Finance specilizatin 2010 passed out, i want to go for software side, i am intrested in software testing can any one let me know which is the best institue for testing at Bangalore can any one mail me the details to my mail id

#331 Uma

Hi folks,
I have done software testing course 2 yrs ago as well i completed my postgraduation in 2003.After my studies i haven’t work but now i am planning to work as tester but i would like to have hands on testing also i would like to have some practical testing exp to face interviews confidently as well to show some exp.i am residing in Chennai
If any one would reply to me queries i would be glad.


hi friends,

i m a 2011 passout btech aggr. of 70%……
i m planing to do software testing course/training
so i want to know abt the



Manual Testing
Automation tool- QTP
Performance Testing- Load Runner
Quality Center (QC)

Selenium NOT QTP………


WHAT TO DO …. HELP ME OUT,,,,,,,,,,

#333 Mohit

Hello Everyone,

I know about a good s/w testing institute in Delhi Whiztech they have faculty from IT industry, every faculty have atleast 8-9 years experience.

They have batch size of 5-10 students at a time. Even I am ex-student of Whiztech placed in a MNC in noida. one my batch mate is placed in big MNC. still they are providing mentorship to us.
They have only weekend classes as faculty is from IT industry only.

Whiztech contact no is 9971385454, 9818171046

#334 Karthick

Hi dears,
This is Karthick frm chennai & i cmpted BE at 2011,nw i m working as Quality assurance in E-learning domain,but i have a desire to move on software testing,bcz i can show QA as a pls suggest me which is best institution in chennai for ST course and placements too…plz let me knw frnds, by the way of your guidance,i’ll proceed myself!!!

let me

With regards,

#335 Karthick

@all my folks,those who searching s/w training institute in Chennai at present,if u feel this is the best institute for training cum placement means & u gng to be join..plz share it frnds…it is helpful for everyone!!

#336 Nilesh

Shipra, Innate Labs is the best institute for software testing, i had studied out there 3 months back and they placed me in a good company with Rs. 13,000 starting package, even many of my friends got placed from that institute. They have excellent faculties and good material as well as 70% course has practical knowledge so that it clears your fundamentals.

#337 chethana

institute not going to give us a job.. firsrt we have to learn by our own ,join in any institute but u have to researc so that u can learn

#338 Karthick

@Nilesh: Hi, Where is that institute?

#339 Taposhi

I have done Msc in Computer Sc with71% in 2011 only. Now I want to start my with testing only. I am really confused which institute to join by the above posts. can anyone plz guide me which institute should i join in delhi NCR. Or is there anyone who can provide training??
plzz reply..

#340 Nilesh

Karthick, It is there in Vadodara(Baroda), Gujarat

#341 Sowmya

I want to join Sw teating, pls suggest me institute in bangalore with good teaching and good placements.

mail me details @

help me in geeting job as well pls, BE cs 2011 passed out 70%

#342 Sowmya

@ nandan pls give details of free teaching

#343 meenu

Hi, I want to give ISTQB exam , if anyone prior given this exam then please give me tips for preparing for this exam.

#344 kishore

Hi guys,

I am a 2010 BE (CSE) pass out with 55%. I am currently working in BPO and I have undergone testing course recently for manual and continuing with QTP. Till now I have not got any interview call for the manual testing.

Please let me know if there are any opportunities available for me in the market as testing Engineer.


Hi All,

last week also capegemini (chennai) had interview for software testing.

#346 vimal kumar

i m presuing it in 7th sem and next sem i want to join a institute for software testing six month industrial training in delhi or please suggest me for bst institute for s/w testing.nd fees structures.

#347 Sunil M

can anyone please suggest me gud training institute for QTP (basic & advanced) from Pune. Plese mail me on my mail ID.

#348 Sunil M


#349 syed waseem

NEVER join the KAMMAVARI technology (KAM-TECH) insitute in bangalore………i did a big mistake in my life by joining tht institute

#350 madhushree

Hi frnds,i am a Bca graduate and i want to do software testing course..could u plz guide me which is good institute……i heard that IIBC is good institute……do u have any idea abt it?????
plz reply urgently

#351 divya

i want to do etl testing in bangalore .ean u suggest me which testing institute id better.

#352 Baskar

hi , i want to join software testing course in chennai . please tell which institution is best ….please guide me

#353 Madhuri

Hi, i did am an 2010 passout of b.Tech of cse branch. i want to do Software testing coure in chennai. plz suggest me a good institute in chennai with placements. plz mail me to my id asap.

#354 Madhuri

i need all details about soft ware testing and suggest me the module i hav to selct also. plz rely me asap.

#355 Ismail

hi i am ismail i completed b.e 2010 passout. workd in call centre. now am looking to mov in softwr field. i am interested to do course in testing. so can u suggest me which institute is best for testing at banglore. i need wit placement.

#356 sujit

Hi friends,
I am BA passout 2011 (63%) but i want a job in testing because IT job is my dream job friends please tell me with ba background its possible or not presently i am doing a testing training course in banglore and i am good in subject but i am worrried about my background. please friends give me good guidence.

#357 rupesh kumar

hi guys i am going to join one force institute in jayanagar for software testing course. so if anyone of u hav any idea about this institute then plz reply asap.:)

#358 Swapna

I did my course in “Software testing Labs” in Bangalore Koramangala. trainers are well experienced i got a job also. I sent few of my friends also to join there.
I think its good institute.

#359 lakshmi

Pls can any one suggest me good software testing training cum placement in chennai….its urgent..sum of dem saying stc, amity etc ..i was confused

#360 Software Performance Testing

Thanks for this post and it will definitely help students to join software testing institute.

#361 Shreya

i am shreya, i want to join testing training institute in noida dat provide job placement ,so can u plz sugest which 1 is the best and give some suggestion abt joining NIIT for the same course.


#362 bhupal

hi friends i am interested to join testing institute in banglore pls inform which is good institute .i know qspider and iibc which is good

#363 maha in chennai..i completed my B.E in 2010..pls suggest me good software testing training institute with mail me

#364 Pavan

Hi Guys,
Chennai Specially

I am a Software Testing Trainer in Chennai working Right now in Cognizant . I did a course in A institute from where i got place..

U get to learn
1) manual Testing
4.Load Runner
6.Silk Test
7.Test Director

Plus you get loads of other information of IT market…

I know you people are not interested in whatever the contents are.. U r just LOOKING FOR JOB..
Ya its obvious
They are The Best Testing Institute in Chennai and all over India…
Superb Contacts With MNC’s

Drop me a mail for testing Candidates specially looking for job..

I’l surely Guide you for job..

I know the situation of a jobless student…………….

#365 Jabesh

Hi am 1 Year experienced in Manual testing, i have done testing in both web app and windows app. i don’t have any certification am not getting any interview calls.
what should i do. should i go for Testing certification. if so tell me a good institute and fee structure.. :)

#366 Jabesh

Hi friends, each one of u have mentioned (don’t std the, don’t std here) then where should i.

#367 jay

Hi Shreya ,

U can go for Crestech , Noida .
Crestech is a Software Company as well as Training Center.
After doing course from their , they will try to deploy u in client side .
If u have any query regarding this . u can send me mail on my id


hi all,

LST chennai offers training cum placement assistance in testing, java & .net.

location : Temple Tower, Nandanum,chennai

#369 Faisal

I am faisal, completed B-Tech Degree from Govt Engineering College Idukki under M.G University Kottayam with 64.07% of marks. I worked in Sutherland Cochin for 6months as technical support for Symantec AntiVirus.Later I did a course of 6 month duration in ASP.NET from NIIT at Cochin.But I realized that I cannot apply much logics or ideas in my works.But I have some analytical ability and I am very interested in Mathematics. So I decided to switch my career to the field of Software Testing and I am sure I can prove my talent in the same field.Can anyone guide me to get a training of software testing under a working professional in banglore? Please help me…………

#370 Faisal

I am faisal, completed B-Tech in 2009.I decided to switch my career to the field of Software Testing and I am sure I can prove my talent in the same field.Can anyone guide me to get a training of software testing under a working professional in banglore? Please help me…………
mail ID:
phone NO:09496363216

#371 Dinesh Blaggam

how is System Domain (Bangalore, Jayanagar) for testing?? is the placement is good?

#372 sunil kumar

i want to join Software testing course can any body guide me best institue in Chandigarh

#373 Aarush

Myself and myfriends visited Texsas technologies in Bangalore, HAL 3rd stage,Indiranagar. All of us got trained as per our interest in different it skillset (Mainframe,Java/J2ee,.net,testing,C/C++,SAP now we are placed in MNC companies). The training was very satisfactory and we got interviews within 10days.

#374 Aarush

I have recommended my friends to visit Texsas, they also arrange campus at their institute during the training.

#375 Harshal

Do not join Seed Infotech & SQTL in mumbai and Pune.

I already done course IBM seed paid 30000 & learn nothing.

#376 Sanoj V

Myself Sanoj V, previous year i completed my gradution in Bsc Computer Science… now i’m searching job. i would like to work with any MNC.. now decide to Learn Software testing..

please tell me Scope of in this field.. can you help me for get a job…

#377 viji

@ nandan pls give details of free teaching

#378 Savita

Hello Everyone,

I am a Software Test Lead in Polaris Software Lab. I am having 8 years of experience in software testing field.
I just went through the comments on the post. I felt that please do not look for “Job Guarantee” institutes. Do not compare if X institute is giving job guarantee than Y then join X.
I would suggest you should compare or check the syllabus, what is course content? how much is practice sessions? What techniques, skills, methods are teaching? Is there support once course gets over? Do they help you to understand current software testing trends? Do they help you to write your own program to create your own testing tool? Do they create excitement or enthusiasm in student to opt for software testing?
You will find a job. The point is are you really going to enjoy your work?
Testing requires skills. It requires practice….

All the best guys… for your bright future in testing :-)

Take Care

#379 Dev

Please let me know if anyone interested to join software testing course at 1k only, Demo class is free.
Course Manual + QC+ QTP ( basics) with real time experience. This is just to help needy people who can’t afford costly institutes. Please send an email @

#380 viji

@ nandan pls give details of free teaching to



#382 nitin yadav

plz suggest me good software testing institute in noida.what about qa campus?

#383 Nilesh

Sanoj V, Software Testing has a great future. Now I am working as a Software Tester ( with help of Innate Labs), therefore I can completly say that testing has good prospect.

You to can join Innate Labs, their syllabus is vast and good practical exposure is given to the student. Enrolling into Innate Labs gained me lot of knowledge and now it is also helping me in my job. All my friends have got job. Approx thier salary starts from 10k to 18k.

#384 Karthik

when you are searching for an institute in bangalore, then its better if you choose Q-Spiders…. faculties are the best in there.

#385 deepti

i want to do software testing from my own city. do you know any good option for it. AS i live in amritsar(punjab)…

#386 Mahesh

I want to share with u all Qspiders is not a good institute because they tell that we give chance to attend interview but unfortunately they wont come and the contrary bring experience letter from companies then only we can place u. If we have experience in company then why should we join this institute. Pls dont go there freshers and experience they get coaching in Qspiders and then afterwards they repent and admin staff is not worth at all. They are always behind money. They use to send message abt the classes when that part of the batch is over then they vl forget everything abt the student.

#387 Bharati

I want join Q-spider for Testing. Please let me know the branch near to Electronic city. And also the next batch information.

#388 Dev

I bet you can’t get better than this training anywhere on real time experience

Software Testing Course in Mahadevpura, Marathahlli Outer Ring Road, Bangalore

Course Duration : 1 Month, On weekends ( Saturday and Sunday) only, 4 Hours each day, Total # 40 Hours

Demo class free of cost

Audience : BE/ MCA/BCA 2010, 2011 or who wants to start their career in Software Testing field.

Course content – Manual Testing with Real Time web /Window based application + ISTQB Foundation Level Preparation with 2 Test + HP Quality Center ( Defect Mgmt tool)

Faculty: Having more than 6 years of exp in software testing and working with World’s top MNC company.

Course fee: 3k only

Full Interview assistance will be provided during the course.

After 1st successful batch , we are going to Launch 2nd Batch on 26th Jan 2012, Thursday in Mahadevpura, Bangalore.

Please send your updated profile @ “ ” for registration.

Registration will close on 24th Jan 2012.

This is applicable only for candidates who are currently in Bangalore.

#389 Dev

Followed to above post:
I have 7 years of exp in software industry and currently working with world’s Top MNC company. I am a advance ISTQB certified and have already finished my 1st batch.
The demo class will happen on 26th Jan at 10:00 AM.

#390 megha

Seed infotech do not give job
They do lot of advertisement to misguide students & students can not get job & whatever they learn from Seed faculty wont help while working Projects.
Still, many waste time & money in seed Infotech then frustrated .

U must tell other friends and create awareness not to go Seed for SW Testing course. so, other people are not cheated.

#391 Shivani

Hi Iam Shivani…I’am a BA Graduate have worked n BPO industr for &yrs..wanna switch to software field..tell me iam totally new to it…wanna try my hands in manual testing as a fresher sumone told me i shuld start wid manual testing..tell me good institute in Pune which provide training in it.And will help me understand what exactly it is…Will there jobs iam totally a fresher in it..??Please sumone reply n suggest me a gud institute sumone said thta Seed is not gud..

#392 Shivani

Hi can sumone send me a clear picture abt Manual Traning…what all is required in the course…what all topics need to be covered.anyone if have any information or material plz mail me on it wuld realy help any case studies or anything…please send me. And plz help me in choosing the right institute..Please if sumone is from Pune then plz help. And plz can u send me that data.

#393 RAO

The only SAP certified Testing Trainer in India….. and the Best

#394 nazia

i m pursing mca final year i want to know she courses i iwll be best so dat i can get job…

#395 waseem

hi nazia it all depends on your intrest mail me your cv will guide u my mail id is

#396 Samatha

Can anyone suggest me which is the best training institute in Bangalore for learning automation tools. Irrespective of the placements which institute can provide better knowledge.

#397 Abhishek

hiiiii frnz myself is abhishek and hav done manual testing course in Qspdrs…Trying only with manual testing ill help me in getting d job……?any1 rply pls…..most of my frnz suggestd me not 2 take sooooooo serious abt “Qtp”as in d company der ill b no openings for freshers …so until and unless u get XPERIENCE dey wnt take for QTP??????…..???????????For interview purpose having Knowledge on QTP is very much necessary…….??????pls help me frns……..

#398 swetha

I am CSE student,2009 pass out.I wasted 2 yrs after completion of my studies because of some problems.Present i am planning to do testing course to get a job.Can anyone suggest me which tool is best one and in which institiute?.In vizag do we have any best institutes for tetsing?.

Thank you,

#399 kalpana

I am Working in one of the top MNC as a test Engineer, Friends my great request to u all is NOT TO JOIN IIBC(Indian Institute of Bright Career). I completed my Testing course from that institute on sept 2010and my friend on june 2011 batch, they promised that they ll offer minimum of 10 company calls, but still not even a single company call.. by gods grace i got job… IIBC center they dont have clients still they provide fake updates… Please do not choose that “DSR sir is a big cheater who is the manager of that institute” Like me u guys dont make mistake..

Thank you,

#400 Samatha

Thanq anusha will surely contact them… may i know the trainers name so that I can join in her batch…

#401 venkatesh

can anyone suggest me, which institute is better for a software testing course?
I stay near E-city bangalore……….

#402 Anusha

@samatha the trainer who was training me was Suha please contact them they will guide you..

#403 Sonu

hi frnz…
is it true that Qualitree solution pvt ltd will take 20000/- for software testing for 4 months n in that 3 months they will be giving 3000/- as salary???

#404 Sonu

i have completed my BE in ECE ,2011 passout..n my % is 58.5..i want to join software testing course…can u suggest whc institute is good n will they give me placement also???as i have less %…

#405 Sonu

@Anusha…thank you…

#406 Sonu

@Anusha…will they provide placement also??? as i mention before that i have lee %…

#407 Anusha

@Sonu ..Please contact they will give you the details about placements…They had sent me for 4 -6 interviews through their reference ….Its upon us how we perform ..But yes they do assist for placement …You can give a try.

#408 marati

Please do not join “Dallas Technologies” based out in Indiranagar, bangalore. It is a fake company. specially dont go for Informatica course.

#409 Amar v.p

can any one plz send s/w testing documents to my email id..

#410 Anusha

@ Thats really good with whom u had a discussion and who is trainer ??

#411 sumit

can anybudy tell me ,,abt the online study of software testing institutes,

#412 ram

After my education I was searching fo a job, some one suggested me to join in Peridot system for testing course. After I did the course under a real time professional I got the job in 2 months thanks to peridot faculty.

I personally suggest I some one wants to do testing Peridot systems is the best institute in chennai

#413 sudhir

Hey guys , i wanna know the basics i should work upon before going to some institute for testing course. and a good institute for the purpose in NCR. (if anyone can guide me ; here or on my mail

#414 Sai naath

I am Sai Naath, I am 25 years old still struggling to get a software job because of low percentage.

Can anybody send software testing materials and can any body contact me regarding placement , I have some saved some Rs 20000. which I want to use for doing some decent course.

#415 jagadeesh

i have completed my masters degree in chemistry now i want to do software testing course is it suggestable and after completion of the course what is the career?

#416 Baskar

Hi, Suggest Best Software Testing institute in Bangalore… Mail me the details : Regds, Baskar

#417 kavi

Hi guys,
I am very interested in starting my carrier with s/w testing. I have done my Bsc ( with 62% passed out 2011. Please let me know if you know any experienced working professionals providing the best training and knowledge of software testing with placement in Bangalore. Please provide me their email and contact number.
My Emai id

#418 sajeev thomas

Plz send me sum Testing materials

#419 sajeev thomas

Plz send me sum Testing materials.this is my id

#420 Anusha

@Kavi.I have droped you a mail will go through it and reply me .

#421 Anusha

@Kavi I have droped you a mail please go through it and reply me .

#422 prasanthi

hi friends, i am a electrical engineer. but i want to learn software testing. can anybody tell me whether it is correct to go in to this field & suggest me the best institute for testing in chennai.

#423 shalini tamar

i have done BE graduation i chemical but wanted to join IT companties so did 4 months software testing and quality assurances diploma certification in NIIT and now recently working in MNC company but m not satisfy with it.. i want to work in all big big IT companies lik IBM,INfosys or MNC.. now what i should do to make my successfull career in IT… should go for any other courses in testing or can i go for any post graduation in computers lik MCA?

#424 Anusha

@shalini : First u improve ur communication then u can easily get into in Level 5 based MNC’s.
Good luck.

#425 Ramya

Hi Guys,

Near by BTM one very good Software Testing institute,



#426 Ramya

Institute Name : Asti relaince shop

Before joining pls check with the mgmt for realtime faculty.

#427 Rahul

hi guys my name is rahul and i am a 2010 passout BE computer science. I’m working in a BPO. Is it too late to join a course and get a software job??

email :

#428 Anusha


I need your advise. in which institute i should join for 100% placement in testing platform.

#429 keerthi

hai i m going to finish my BE(CSE) i want to join software testing course in bangalore can any 1 hlp me plz

#430 thulasi

I m going to finish my BE and i m intrested to join in software testing course in chennai. can any 1 tell me the institute that provide good knowledge and placement.

#431 rahul y

hi @everyone
i passed out engineering in 2011 and have an aggregate of 60.03 % i know its late but i want to do a course now.. is there any way that this is going to help me get a good job?? Please reply @ anyone

#432 shravz

m working as testing trainee….after seeing al ur comments….i wanna share my opinion wid u….if u know any working professional ask him to teach..becoz ppl who has worked on live project knw better than ur training institue dis s the first n best option to learn testing…other wise join Qspider ,Banglore..dey will give 6months training…but dont hope for 100% placement….dey allow each student to attend 2 s in ur hand to clear r not…….there r so many fake institute…dont join for those …..before getting job i hv joind one institue dey took 14k for both manual n automation…but dey tat only manual..dey didnt even get one walkin interveiw to attend……so plz before joining any institute ask any one who has completed der course in dat institute….don waste ur time n money……

#433 mitra


I have done B.TECH in Electronics and Communication.and interested in joining software testing course.Can any1 help me out by providing information about the best software testing institute in” MUMBAI” which also have placement assistance?Is SQUAD INFOTECH PVT Ltd gud??? pls reply to dis….

#434 mitra

Hiiiii to all…….

I have done B.TECH in Electronics and Communication.and interested in joining software testing course.Can any1 help me out by providing information about the best software testing institute in” MUMBAI” which also have placement assistance?Is SQUAD INFOTECH PVT Ltd gud??? pls reply to dis…

#435 Suresh

Dear Friends,

Can any suggest me, Is Ascent Software Training Institute good for Testing course [Manual + Automation]…??? please help me with your inputs.

But pls don’t suggest about Qspider or IIBC or STAG or Shine Softwares, These are all just for name sake but i have experienced with their demos and verified with many feed backs not good. ohh my god in one bacth they are 100+ students…no chance to ask Q’s…oofs..

Suresh Babu

#436 Laxmi Gupta

@Suresh –
Your right, But I don’t have any idea about “Ascent Software Training Institute ” but It’s true that the institutes you have mentioned are blenars.just sake of name people joinig and finally at the end they realising why they have choosen that.

What i can suggest as per my knowledge…Join in such institute where you have less amount of students at max(10 to 15 members) in a batch so that will get to chance to learn more. & Faculty emsure that he/she should be real time working professional in testing.


#437 Subhro

Could anybody please help me out informing the best institutes for automation tools and testing training in bangalore. I am having 3+ years of manual testing experience and working in a MNC, but wanna move to automation.
How is SOftware Testing LAbs/One force?Any suggestions are welcome.

#438 Subhro

Thanks Shweta,I will visit there and find it out. Do they provide any course materials?


hi all in chennai there are lots of institutes offering testing course, but in STG, offer training and placement.

#440 Mukeshlokre

Hi Vivek Joglekar,

I am Mukesh, wanted to know where in mumbai do you conduct software testing classes.

Thanks Please do let me know at

#441 Shri

Hi is anyone aware about Android Testing /Development training best institute in Bangalore ?? Please suggest me I am confused between Android and software testing ..!!

#442 amey

who can apply for software testing course?

#443 amey

hiiiiiiiiii :)

would it be possible to anyone to guide me about game testing?
which institutes are good in mumbai & Pune?

#444 vijeyata

Hello ppl,
Could anyone please suggest me a good institute in mumbai/thane location for software testing? I have done Msc International business from UK,but want to do a testing course with good certification which would be useful to find a good job.Thanks. please fwd details on


#445 Riya

Hi All,

I’ve done B.Sc Electronics 54% from DU in 2001. Presently working as an HR . I am going to be 32 now and want to change my field from HR to SQT . Will it be possible at this age? My XII percentage is 54% and X-60%. I always wanted to get into Tech field but due to some circumstances I couldn’t but now I a thinking over.
Do IT industry welcome people at this age? which would be a good institute in delhi? I need your suggestion …plz help!!


Hey guys,

please please suggest me any good testing institute in PUNE ……I m BE(ELEX)FRESHER 2011.

WANA JOIN asap……..


#447 Shweta

@Subro,Yes they provide course materials ..

#448 Kavitha

Hi All,

I am very glad to say that R.V.Coaching classes is the best Software Testing Institute in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
7 great team of faculties working in CMMI 5 companies.

Rami sir is the best out of the best fauclties.

#449 Pawan

Yes Kavitha, I Agree with you. He is a wonderful faculty
teaching life lessions, how to improve English along with software testing. Rami sir is my favourate too…….

R.V.Coaching Classes-9008965433

#450 Sandya

Rami sir, Reetesh sir are very good in teaching Automation testing tools. Vinod sir and Ashok sir are experts in selenium… I love their teaching

Sandya rani

#451 Rajesh

i did SELENIUM in R.V. Coaching Classes, Bangalore

Sowmya Faculty from SATYAM company is also good faculty

Thaks to all faculties for their wonderful teaching………… God bless them!!!!!!!!

#452 Vikranth

Hello Everyone, I am Vikrant Sharma. I did BE from Bangalore in 2011 and since then I was hunting for a job for continuously then one of my friend suggested to take up software testing training in ONE FORCE solutions in Jayanagar. I went there and took training and within a month I got placed in Good company. Before i was not getting any job and Later after doing my course from this institute I was asked to work for a good salary. My experience was really good thanks to my faculty and my counselor in that institute. :-)

#453 Digvijay

Hi guys… I want to switch to software testing n looking for a good institute which vl teach professionally n vl assist me in finding job as well. How is seed? is it really that useless? And most importantly can u suggest me any other institute/professional whom i can turn to? Thanks in advance… you can mail me at

#454 Digvijay

i live in Pune.

#455 Neelesh

I want your suggestion or advice about taking up software testing course.

I’ve completed my B.Tech (ECE) in 2008 with 58.78%. Started working in November 25, 2010 and recently promoted as a senior Customer service Associate in April 15, 2011. My age is 27 Currently. Would you advice to take up software testing course with a gap of around 1 1/2 year during the recession period.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.

Please advice.

Thanking you,

#456 Neelesh

My Email address is

You can also mail if you have any suggestions.

Your help is really appreciated.

#457 Digvijay

Hi I want to switch to Software Testing and want to join a class. can anybody suggest me a good institute in Pune which has good faculty and who provide a good placement assistance?

#458 Karthik.m.b

hai pavan sir i trust u like anything pls make me software testing profession… i’m staying in chennai i did 2010 B.Tech IT ….pls help me sir i beg u lot…i worked as sales man to arrange for course package…..pls sir its not my teas its blood i droped for ten months…pls reply…friends pls we join together to oppose this fraud inst…pls sir reply me …con no:9843170653

#459 venkatesh

Hi Friends,

I am looking for a Software Testing Training Institue in Bangalore

I wanted to know which imparts a genuine and good training which gives value for the money

Any information can you please Email

#460 srushti


I am B.E fresher and i completed my course in SOFTWARE TESTING LABS. training is really good one of my friend is working in HP through his reference i attended the interview and cleared for first attempt only. am very thank ful to Sostware testing labs trainers for helping me in interview preparation.

#461 Dhanasekhar

Dear Friends,
Just writing my views & experience on learning software testing.
I am an MCA graduate and fortunately i got job 2 months back, after a hard struggle of 1 year.
I listed the points below which will make your learning software testing easy

1. Go to different institutes & collect the data. like durations, fees etc
2. Ask about the faculty. Give top priority to the institute whose faculty is working currently in an organisation.
3. Look at their placement history ( Do not go with just assurances)

I have done my course in a institute called TechSoochika which is in BTM layout. Trainers are really good with 4-8 years of industry experience. Best thing out of all is that they have their own software company as well.
I am not a salesperson of techsoochika so just search in Google or Facebook to reach them out.

Hope it helps a bit … All The Best Freinds :)

#462 vikas

hey, I want to know minimum qualification req. to do s/w testing course and which is the best institute to do………


#463 Murli

Dear all we provided all concepts related to Testing. That contains Manual Testing, Automation Testing, VB Script and Oracle. We provided all these concepts in and around one month and also all the printed study materials are provided.For more details contact 8123988582.

#464 Arvind

hi.. friend i say to u join any institutes dont see 100% placement .. just focus on the teaching quality practical knowledge and live project practice…

all the hv a bright future…

#465 Mohan

Hi all,

Don’t belive on anyone …………….
belive yourself……………….
you will see the sucess……….

Good Luck Guys…….

#466 Bhavya sree

hii friends,
just now am cmplted my graduation
am intrested in s/w,tel me which institution is best in hyd

#467 vardhan

Seed infotech do not give job
They do lot of advertisement to misguide students & students can not get job & whatever they learn from Seed Infotech faculty wont help while working Projects.
Still, many waste time & money in seed Infotech then frustrated .

U must tell other friends and create awareness seed infotech cheating for SW Testing course. so, other people are not cheated.

#468 vinay

dear sir,

i have finished my engg now in 2012 but i have backlogs i am to do software testing course from MZOS kothrud pune could you please guide me with the same . i have already lost 3 years in engg and not in any position to mess up with a wrong institute . and also please let me know weather or not i am even eligible for any IT companies plz plz plz let me know the details

thank you

#469 AKB

Hi, Which is the best software Training Institute in chennai. Thanks & Regds AKB

#470 ADITI

Please suggest me best software testing institute/consultancy in pune .I am planning to join GSN TECHNOLOGIES or MINDSCRIPT as they are saying they have guaranteed placement.But i am not convinced by their words.If anybody having any information please do reply soon……

#471 sujatharao

hi all plz tell me the best software testing institute in chennai.

#472 rs

Hi All,

Can you please tell which software testing institute in Pune should I join, heard lot of about Seed Infotech, Pune offering Diploma in Software Testing. So please help me…….

#473 SUJI


#474 reshu

hey hiii all there :):)
This is reshma from chennai :) i have completed my BE 2012passout :)i came blank inside this site, but nw i have lot of info in my mind :) the sad thing is you have suggesed more of institute in bang :( but am in chennai :( i saw very helping brothers and sisters honorable seniors :)i studied bio group so no know in lang :( i wish to know if i can really make out my future in this :) is this also difficult lik prog developing and i am planning to goin in tespro chennai , if any one suggest that its gud i ll join .then plz help me to contacy vivek sir :)
thanks by reshu,,,,

#475 reshu

or mail about currently working testers cum trainers in chennai to my mail plz send true information ,if you have gained knowlgd frm them plz :)

#476 reshu

morail about currently working testers cum trainers in chennai to my mail plz send true information ,if you have gained knowlgd frm them plz :)

#477 Aravinth

IIBC in chennai is a good institute for learning software testing??? Help me friends!!!

#478 Akib

please provide me the testing materials on my email Id
and also suggest good institutes which provides testing courses in bangalore and Delhi/NCR

#479 Ranitha

Job Opportunity for BE, B.Tech, MCA of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Fresh graduates in Chennai in Software Testing through training come employment program (STEP). Take the offer letter on the first day when you enroll for STEP Program with Us.
Selection Process: Aptitude, Personal Interview

Cost of Training should be bear by the candidates
First Come First Serve.
Hurry up openings only till 30th July

Program Starts August 24

For further details Call 044-42143469

#480 premi

hi friends

i hav completed my tis yr..and looking for good institute for software testing ..iam very confused in choosing them.. some institution says ” we provide 100% placement ,,but tey fail to do that……so help me out friends please


#481 premi

send me some important documents about testing friends
my id

#482 abhisheik

Any one please mail me software testing documents and suggest me some good e learning web sites,
Email id:

#483 shweta

Hi friends

i stay in bangalore,previously working with bpo (networking process) n after that 2 years of break n now looking for good institute for software testing so that i can start my carrier again IT Industry. PLZ plz plz help me n guide me to find a good institute which provide PLACEMENT also.If anybody have study material of testing, hope u can provide me.Plz help me guys…….

#484 shweta

My Email id:

If u have any suggestion plz do mail me.
Your help is really appreciated.

#485 Sneha maheshwari

Can anyone tell me mindscript institute pune is good for testing certification???
bcz i want to do testing course in pune n suggest me which testing certification is in demand so that i can join.
plz acknowledge.

#486 aman

i want to know thw best institue of software testing and software devloper in banglore…..plz give me advise

#487 Sejal

We (a group of IT professionals having more than 7 years of experience – known as WHIZDOM TRAININGS) specialize in
QA trainings, Manual software testing and automation testing (Selenium, QTP and LOADRUNNER) field.

We have global presence for more than 3 years, more than 1000 students already enrolled with us…

Some of the courses we offer are –

1. Manual Software Testing
2. ISTQB Preparation
3. Performance testing with Loadrunner
4. Selenium (Open source Functional Testing tool)
5. QTP (Licensed Functional Testing tool)

Learn Manual Testing, ISTQB Preparation, Performance Testing tool LoadRunner from experienced IT Professionals
Our Instructors have more than 7 years IT Experience, learn directly from them


visit website: ,

You can learn at your own convenience and availability of time.
We have excellent video tutorial series on LoadRunner Selenium and QTP , duration of videos – 34+ hours.

All videos are hands-on based, with lots of exercises and real time examples, no power point presentations used.

There are some videos available for free for trial purpose, on the given websites, check out!!!

Gmail ids :

Call sejal +91-9673180442

#488 Geetha

Hi friends

I’ve completed my BE in computer science stream in 2012. Now i’m planning to join for software testing course.
After reading all the queries I’m very confused in selecting the s/w testing institutes and also ‘m not aware of which all are the subjects and the scope that they have in s/w testing. I request to pls pls guide me.

Thank you

#489 divyangna

please can anyone tell me which institute is best for s/w training in noida pure testing or qa campus ….?
please help me asap

#490 divyangna

please can anyone tell me which institute is best for s/w teasting training in noida ,pure testing or QA campus ….?
please help me asap

#491 divyangna

please can anyone tell me which institute is best for s/w testing training in noida ,pure testing or QA campus ….?
please help me asap

#492 R.Harshavarthan

Hii to all. Im 2012 passdout goin to study s/w testing course in Bangalore..i searched more than 2 months in Bangalore i find qspiders, they conduct 2 day for demo class, im goin t attend on 30th aug…i like to share one exp.PLS DONT JOIN IN NIIT,CEGONSOFT THEY WONT GIVE GOOD TEACHING,MY FRIENDS JOINED THEY.


#493 Priyanka

If you are looking out for software Testing course in Mumbai switch to SQUAD Infotech in Navi Mumbai.
It is the best training center i would say as i got the training from there and got placed in a reputed MNC. The Best part is your money for the training will not be wasted as it provide you the guaranteed placement. I am having the contact no. also. its 8108174001

#494 vardhan

Seed infotech do not give job
They do lot of advertisement to misguide students & students can not get job & whatever they learn from Seed Infotech and Mind script faculty wont help while working Projects.
Still, many waste time & money in seed Infotech then frustrated .

U must tell other friends and create awareness seed infotech cheating for SW Testing course. so, other people are not cheated.

#495 mitu

I have complete my in 2012.I want to join testing institute in Bangalore . Can anyone help me to find out good institute.Plz Plz Plz help me……

#496 nandini

hi am an ece student can i join for testing tools course ?as am hard ware student,,,

#497 Vicky

i think Q-spider is better

#498 atul kumar tiwari

Hello sir i want to join testing course .my frend suggest me seed infotech they provide 100 % gurranted job. Plz suggest me is better or not.

#499 surya

could u pls tell me,,, which is the best institute for software testing in bangalore….i am a fresher…

#500 Rajesh


I have come from sydney and here for a few weeks. I would like to know if there is any fast track course in software testing. Can this course be taught from home. just email me with details – Thanks Raj

#501 rohit

hi frnds,

am looking for QA training with placements.. can you suggest me the right place where i can get trainined with plcements.

#502 Mike Mpofu

What are the requirements for me to be able to do Software Testing Courses?????

#503 abhi


the basic requirement for the testing training is graduation. Actually there are lot of openings for the candidates who have done with the testing program. kindly get trained in best institute so that you can build your career in testing in well known company….

#504 surya

hi frnds….
i am a btech graduate in electronics and communication.,.since 6 months i dint got placed …planning to do a software testing course in a gud institute at bangalore…. pls someone suggest me any gud institute at bangalore…..

#505 payal

hey frnds,,,, could anyone pls tell me any best software testing institute at bangalore……

#506 harshad Gutka

hello friends,can any 1 suggest me good institute to learn QTP in mumbai…
my email

#507 nisha

hey guys….

can you suggest a best training institute in jayanagar or J.P nagar????

#508 sunakshi sharma

hey…i m pursuing my btech right now…nd m in 7th sem…next sem , i have to join some institute for 6mnth training…plzz suggest me some good software testing institutes in delhi/ncr…that provide placement as well.

#509 archana

hi, got no clue about institutes around delhi but my cousin had undergone online training from One Force Solutions for software testing and he had mentioned that their services were impeccable.

#510 Harsha

Hi guys,
Can anyone help us out 1 of my cousin,he is a BE fresher of 2012 he is aware of java skills & looking for the best institute for selenium training along with the real time project implementation should also support him with the placements in gud company for fresher level…
Plzzzzzzzz can anyone refer us with the best institute…

#511 ved prakash

How can I prepare myself for s/w testing interviews . I haven’t done any course in s/w testing. Plz help..

#512 Anshu

Hi Guys,….i would suggest you people with best program with the reliable cost which gives us the complete idea about the Testing with the real time experience along with project work is Tester Square ,,,which is the best Corporate Training company to get trained….
Im suggesting you people because My friends got trained from there & working in Cusat Technologies and Zeal Encore Technologies , with in two months they got placed

Contact them: 9611122248

#513 Shubha

Hi, I’m MCA 2002 passed out and would like to build my career in testing. I have learnt QTP automation tool on my own and have done a testing course as well. But, every company ask for 2009/2010/2011 passed out.

Please suggest me the consultancies which can give me an opportunity to achieve my aim.

#514 Shubha

My Email id is
Please send any suggestions to the above email address

#515 pavani sinha

As per my knowledge shubha,without any project explosure getting job is truely tough in IT,so as soo many guys has refered with some institutes above just refer any one of those & get project explosures…
so that you will get some good knowledge with working on projects lively,which helps you lot while facing the interviews,,..All the best for your carrier…

#516 raveena

Which is the honest S/W training institute in Pune?Is Mindscript Technology a good one?I was going to join Seed,but after referring to all of your comments,i dont think that i should join!!!

#517 Neehar

i would strongly recommend One Force Solutions, Bangalore for their excellent services as a training center for Software Testing, imbibed with well-equipped labs & qualified professionals.

#518 Sujay

Which is good Testing class in pune ? i want placement also

#519 sivakumar

Tell me,Which is best software testing institute in Chennai…

#520 Bharath Vm

Hai ,
i said ,which is Real Time Software Testing Training institute in Besant Technologies Chennai..Besant Technologies Trainers Coming from MNCs and Experience Leaner.

#521 vishal


i am planning to learn SAP Fico Training.. can you suggest me the good institute in bangalore???

#522 Monisha

Hi ,

Can any one suggest which is the best software testing training institute with good placement in chennai???

#523 nicole

My cousin had undergone the online sessions of Software Testing Training program provided by One Force Solutions. Their services were excellent with a thorough enhancement of skillsets in this domain. She was particularly impressed with the consultant’s expertise & co-operation.

#524 deepak

any one tell me the best institute in delhi or noida for software testing course. plzzzzz yrrrrr

my email id

#525 Saurav

Hi guys,Im working as a manual tester from past 3.2yrs now im looking for QTP & selenium training institute which offers with the best quality of training on these 2 programs,,,
can anyone guide me with the Best institute in & near to Jaynagar..

#526 vino

Where can i take software testing training course with good placement in and around tambaram?

#527 nolan

I am a recent pass out from One Force Solutions, had taken up their Selenium training program. I must admit that it was a very enriching experience with excellent lab facilities.

#528 Anjali

Hi all im looking for the best training institute on QTP & LR can anyone of you suggest me with the best place to get trained on this with the certification.

#529 Sirat Soni

Hi Anjali, I would like to suggest you to try out One Force Solutions at Jayanagar 4th Block since My Training duration at One Force Solutions was exceptionally satisfying. I was already working in Software Testing domain so I had taken up their Android Testing Training program in order to further enhance my testing skills in the Mobile Technologies. Their sessions were very interactive & practical based which thoroughly assisted me in better grasping of the concepts.

#530 keerti

Hello im having 3.5 yrs experience in manual now im planning to enhance in carrier in recent technology which is having more trend in the IT sector like Android testing or with Iphone,
can anyone guide me with the best institute???? wr the training need to be excellent!!! which helps me to get the complete exposure on the techn…

#531 raju r b

i want to join software testing cource tell me best institute in indiranagar ,bangalore

#532 Sonal

Im planning for doing the complete Software testing training in & near to J.P nagar!!!!!

can anyone guide me with best institute which helps me to gain the certification based program like ISTQB,QuickTest Professional 9.0 CPC exam.

#533 Allwin

hi frnd
pls suggest me in best s/w testing in blore. . . how is system domain institute thr located in jayanagar 4th block. . . feb 1st week i’ll jng s/w testing course. . .tel soon dudes

#534 nolan

Hi ,
@sonal- you could try out OneForce Solutions, Jayanagar 4th block. When i had enrolled, their training program was primarily based on industry aspects but they also provide certificate based training for selective candidates.
@Allwin-you should take up a demo session 1st at both these places, that should definitely help you decide on the better option @ jayanagar 4th block.

#535 Lavanya Desai

Myself having 4 yrs experience as a Tester,now planning for the Best institute which can give the hand on training on selenium.where i can make my carrier in an Open Source tool,

If anyone knows with tht kindly get back to me on my id i.e

#536 Anannya

Hey, just dropped in to take some suggestions on the Software Testing domain. This is for my sister who has 1.2 yrs experience in Manual testing. She wants to get into automation now so I would like to know which tool should she opt for first?

#537 Linu

Can anybody please guide me…. i am very new to software testing…. and i am in a need of good institute in hyderabad …. can anyone guide me please


#538 Pooja

Join CR Bridge. They provide 100% Job Guarantee and refund the whole fee if job not given. Starting salary is also excellent.

#539 Kayal

i had 1.8 yrs of experience in Manual testing ERP projects. i wants to get into automation now,so I would like to learn QTP,where can i join for good teaching&placement in chennai.just suggest me which institute is best for training & placement for testing in chennai.

#540 Harish

I have 2.3 YRS experience in MANUAL,now Im in search of the better place to go with QTP & even with SELENIUM program,…
can anyone guide me where they provide the Industrial based training in and near to BTM..

#541 Sooraj Rathi

With the current hype in the Mobile technologies, I was looking out for an entry into this industry but having worked as a test engineer for most of my working years, I was doubtful about my approach. On further consultation, One Force Solutions offered me to opt for their Android Testing Training Program. Now post my training I am pretty content with the offers i have landed.

#542 archana

looking for the ONLINE sessions on Software testing in banglore from industrial people,so can anyone reach me with the place were i can move forward for take up this training.
you guys can reach me on with your replys

#543 vinod kumar baghel

can any one plz send s/w testing documents to my email id..

#544 deep singh

hi frnd…
plz suggest me in best software testing in delhi. how is IITP Infotech institute thr located in new ashok nagar,delhi. .. its will provide a 6000/- pm stippend till the job. but fee is 48000. so frndz..frm march 1st week i’ll joing s/w testing course. ……..tell soon

#545 Riya

Hi guys .Dis is Riya frm Pune.I m 2005 passed out (Mcs) and worked in institute as teacher. I had a break of 4 yrs. I want to work in IT as a Testing professional .So is dis the gd option for me .Where I can get gd Coachng n is it really helps me for placement.Plz suggest….

#546 Daisy Jaiswal

My appreciation goes out for One Force for giving me an immensely enriching experience in the Android Testing platform. Their implementation Project exposure post the training program was an excellent add on. And their efforts in providing opportunities for freshers in indeed very commendable.

#547 Maria

Hello everyone i am the BE graduate & i have the experience into BPO,, i want to do the job which on my profile…….
i came across that in the IT market there is much demand for Testing platform now im planning to switch onto this!!!!
Can anyone guide me the right place in & near to Kormangla

#548 TSManassah

Hi ,
My brother is doing AMIE,he also completed his auto cad,pro-e, NX–CAD,GD&T,but he is not complete his mechanical engineering.but he has diplomo. this is the story.Please tell me which course better for his placements after this.

thanking u

#549 bhavika

hi, i m in final year IT B.E…..i want to go for software testing at nagpur……which institute i should join SEED or NIIT…….plz reply fast…….

#550 arpit

i want start for software testing course at vadodara(gujarat)……which institute i should join …….
plz reply fast…….

#551 manjushree

Can anyone guide me to get the place where i can get trained on Selenium!!! As the present demand in the market is more upon selenium im planning to go with tht.

im 4yrs experience in manual planning will it be best for my profile enhancement?

#552 rose

I am rose ,living in UK and i would like to get a job ,with good salary , so i select Software Testing course .
but my problem is , can i complete that course ? can i learn that course ? Is it a programming course ?.
i have a doubt , is this course is hard to learn or can i complete . And i have no idea about this course.

I am finished Bsc maths and MCA .

I am pass out the MCA in 2010 . So i am almost forgot about the programming.

and last 3 years i was not in the IT field.

So could u please tell me about the course , Is it hard or not.
And do u have any other course for recommend me?
So please tell me a solution as soon s u possible.


#553 archanayadav

Hi Rose, I too had a similar dilemma a while back since my educational backgroud is Arts but due to the immensely huge openings in the testing field I thought of taking up the training on testing. Through some reference i ended up taking up the Online sessions provided by One Force Solutions and I am currently working on a project from their end. And I must add that this program is perfectly suitable for people like us who arent strong on their programming skills. You can directly approach them for more clarifications.

#554 Vikash Rana

My sincere gratitude to One Force for not only extensively training me in the Android Platform but for also converting me into a proficient Android Testing professional who is all set to work in the current competitive IT Industry with oodles of confidence.

#555 carolinario

Hi i had 1.3 years experience in SEO field now i want to learn testing after the completion of course do i be treated as fresher or experince… or if there any software testing institute for experienced persons in different field?

#556 manasa

being a fresher from BCA background!!!! which training suits me a lot in getting job easily…
can anyone suggest me the wright place? where i can get the training as well as the placements.

#557 anjali

i have completed in ece in 2012 with 72%.and now i want to join software testing.
which is d best centre in delhi/noida for software testing which provide good placement after this course…

#558 sarath

Apart from training, need interview preparation skills to get a job, Testing Sciences doing interview preparation skills and training.I do not assure 100% job. But they assist and interview preparations are good.We are worth able for our pay on Testing.It located at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

#559 sujal

I am from Rajasthan a BTech holder from IT , looking for the online classes under expert guidance can anyone suggest me with the best place through which i can step my carrier in Testing profession.

#560 dilip

i am a graduate & also have learned c# ,
looking for a software testing course ,please guid me .would this course be a good option for me .

#561 Abhijat

Hi…I visited your website and found to be useful for me. I have finished my MCA in 2007 and I am in IT industry since 5 years. My profile was basically critical to understand as far as for me. I was indulged in all sort of tasks such as software development, Manual testing, client interaction (major and included on-site deputations within India), business development and analysis, R&D ,training and documentation on products, QA process and other training modules. However I was never be able to fetch much from my employer i.e. 3LPA after 5 years of experience. So for monetary reasons as well as for career growth and stability reasons I want to switch to Software Testing which I think was the major part of my profiles. Can you please guide that to which institute (possibly bets in Delhi NCR) I may approach and what course I should opt for which may help me in achieving my objective. As responsibilities are increasing and salary is stagnant from last 4 years.

#562 gowtham

hi, i’m a fresher and i would like to puruse my carrier in software testing.I would like to know the best software testing institutes in bangalore.

#563 preethi

Hello friends,
Can anyone help me to choose the best institute to learn Software Testing and also good placement in chennai

#564 Kajol Behera

Hello sir , after completed I wants to do software testing course from Hydrabad… pls give me the good software testing course offering institute in hydrabad with placement…….
my mail id is

#565 shanthini.N

hi plzzzz tell me which institute is the best in teaching for software testing in bangalore with placements……… am basically from lower middle class so plzz suggest me the best institute…… thank u…… mail id is

#566 Raman

This is ramandeep kaur,i have done MCA (2011),now i wanted to course in software testing can anyone tell me the best institute for it in ludhiana,

#567 ckr

I have 2 years of exp in manual testing and as of now I am unemployed, I mean career break of 6 months how do I get back to workforce? Is it better to upgrade skills, please suggest

#568 Vaishali Kaul

I was immensely satisfied with their online sessions for Android Testing Training. They exibit Excellent training technique along with utmost cooperation from the technical consultant’s end.

#569 Abhishek kumar

hi Any guy who is working in software testing industry, guide me in manual testing ? in Delhi & ncr,
pls mail me
or any best institute for testing in delhi ncr ?

#570 varsha

Being experince in manual where i can step in my carrier,
Should i go with Automation like QTP or else with Selenium any one guide me with either of these option where i can plan into??????

If so suggest me wit the institute where i can do the training on this program.

#571 anitha

Fulfill Technologies, Rajajinagar Bangalore for Software Testing, QTP, Six Sigma and ISTQP. Its good

#572 anitha

rami sir will teach very nice………… in Fulfill Technologies Pvt Ltd


#573 santhosh

Hi friends one of the best institute is there @ KPHB there they will teach only Testing like manual,QTP,Loadrunner,selenium,i heard vicepresident from TOP MNC is teaching there on Loadrunner11.0 with Advance that institute name is ts technologies, really it is good

#574 sonu khandelwal

please some one guide me for sowtware testing institute in ncr or delhi. please mail me

#575 Jeeva

i planned to do software testing course can any one of u guide me . in bangalore which center is good with placement as well as teaching :)

#576 Sandhya

Myself Sandhya i have around 4yrs exp in Manual & DB testing i want to learn some thing like QTP and Selenium can any professional people can guide me which will be the best program for my exp???????
and even refer me wit any best institute where they can support me in getting the entire key skills in Domain.

#577 Sandhya

Myself sandhya i am having around 4yrs exp in Manual & DB testing, now im interested in planning to work on QTP or selenium so can any professional people can you just guide me wit the best option which i can opt too !!!!
and even the best the best place where i get the entire key skills about the domain.

#578 siby mary sam

hi friends,
I want to join a certified Software testing course. But i’m so confused to choose the best course for me. Because i need practical knowledge of Software testing. Please help me out from this.

#579 karthik

hi friends.. i am planning to join software testing course with practical knowledge.. which is one of the best center in chennai.. please help me out.. am fresher through this course only i have to sign my career..


#580 Ruth

I am in search for the Institute which is best for getting trained on Selenium i am a manual tester wit some knowledge on frameworks in QTP!!
now i am more interested in selenium can any one suggest me wit the where we can learn the program from the scratch to the end level wit different tools.
mail me at

#581 Manish

Hi All,

Please help me to choose best software testing institute for certification and course in Delhi NCR.
Would appreciate if someone help me in the same.

#582 shivakumar

In chennai which institute is the best to study software testing and good in placement plz tell me.


hi……,pls anyone help to final year interested in testing side job.what i will be prepare in basic testing.which s the best institute for testing in chennai,madurai area.

#584 Raman

I am bit confused in chossing the program???? currently my profile is experience into manual now planning to upgrade my profile in Mobile technology or Automation. I have exposure towards Java also,

geniune people having the keen experience into it can anyone guide me with the best part of training which suits my current profile.


#585 rikita agarwal

I have completed B.E in electronics and communication field. Im 2012 passout but couldn’t find job yet. I have wasted my 1 year without any course now im thinking to join software testing job which give 100% palcement and if possible can give 1 year experience certificate.
Is it a right decision or should i do something else??
plz help me

#586 Sridhar

Please any one tell good institution for software testing course in chennai

#587 Sridhar

Please tell the certification names on software testing which is most of companies expecting from us

#588 mohammed Faiyaz

is NIIT best for software programming?

#589 Rami

For Manual Testing, QTP & Selenium Trainings: Please contact 9739995556

#590 Arjun

I want to do software testing course please tell which is best institute who can provide calls for Interview and i know rest is upto us…But reference is needed now every where so please tell which is Best place to do course banglore and which institute we should join please its urgent..i already in banglore
Email id;

#591 Arjun

Even please tell me whether GCIIT and lot who provide testing course id they are genuine or fake??
fraud people who ask some fees?? but still they say its free course you see der adds on olx,quikr
plz reply if any one know i need your guidlines

#592 sarath

guide me to best training center for software testing at salem.,.,(tamil nadu)…,., 8754811463

#593 kamalesh

guide me to best institute for testing in JAIPUR or AHMADABAD

#594 rishikha

All I am basically a fresher!! planning to do the training on QA need to include manual Automation?? also i need to do with my certification.
Can anyone can help me where i can get the support to do with my training.

#595 surya

i want to do software testing in banglore but can any ane tell abt the best institute as per course and placements……..

#596 dipesh patel

Hi All, I have completed my MCA in 2012. I have got experience of 7 months in tech support then I left that job and since November 2012 I am jobless. So I came to Bangalore from Pune for doing some good course in testing or .Net or Informatica. So I visited many institutes in Bangalore. But I m so confused abt joining any institute(s). So can anyone help me out with this. I came all the way from Pune to get job in some good IT company in Bangalore. I m not interested in testing I am more interested in data warehousing but everyone is telling that no one hires fresher for DW (i.e. informatica, etc.). So I am thinking of doing some testing course to get a job at least. Can anyone genuinely suggest me any good institute or any real time trainer who can at least don’t give me fake promises and gives good knowledge as well as helps from heart to get a job.

Thanks in Advance,
Dipesh Patel

My email id :
mob: 8884601555

#597 Abdul Basith

please tell me the best software testing videos on internet

#598 kruthi

guide me with the institute to get trained on selenium tool as i have experience into manual for 4 yrs.
I want to switch on to recent tool selenium which is more into demand in the Top MNC’s.

#599 Dipti

Being a BE fresher?? is the software testing is the best option for getting training and wil i get job!!

can anyone guide me the best place to get trained.

#600 Gulzar

I want to learn IDS Software which is used in hotels from where in delhi i can learn this software.

#601 shanawaz


My self shanawaz , B com graduate age 29 and have 6 years work experience in non IT field , I want to do software testing course , can any one suggest me if can go for it or not

I am planing to do from Seed info

Please do suggest me


#602 Alok khatri

can any one plz send s/w testing documents to my email id..

#603 Bikram

Hello Friend,
Is there any Software company who gives training as well as jobs in mumbai.


#604 srihari

hi i need to do automated testing course in bangalore and i want to have 100% job garantued insitition, can any one help me over ?

#605 Prabhakaran

hi i finist my UG degre Bsc electronic in 2009 & joined in Healthcare field in 2010. Now i wish to change my professional into testing line. Whether it is possible for me to learn the testing course & change my career in that line? I need your assistance

#606 Vijay

Check more details about best online software testing course on below page:


[All details on this page – course content, free demo, pricing, and FAQs]


#607 juhi

i want to know about best training institute for software testing in banglore which provides best training with a well qualified trainer.and that have placement also.

if any one has good experience for that please give me response.

#608 syed aftab

i have completed my BE in IT in 2008.after that i joined my family business,due to not getting a job in IT company now i want to come back my own field.I want to do software testing course from Bangalore to came back in IT sector.kindly suggest me which institute can i join, which is the best to study software testing and also provide 100% placement.
my no 9886108275

#609 DIVYA

i did my btech and passed out in 2012.please suggest me the good institute with job placements in hyderabad only and even the placements in hyderabad only.please suggest me as soon as possible about the institutes and that carrer growth in this feild

#610 revathi

i am a BE(ECE) gratuate 2012 passout…. i have woked 2 month in php trainee…first of all i am not good for programme…now i am interesting to join testing line.. help me how to learn this testing or any other good training institute their Bangalore or chennai…pls help all my frnds…

#611 revathi

i am a BE(ECE) gratuate 2012 passout…. i have worked for 2 month in php trainee…first of all i am not good for programme…now i am interesting to join testing line.. help me how to learn this testing or any other good training institute their Bangalore or chennai…pls help all my frnds…

#612 revathi

pls send testing material frnds..

#613 kuldeep

plzz tell me the best institute of software testing course in delhi ?????????????????????????????????????

#614 miss deblina nath

i am interested in doing software testing course in hyderabad.kindly help me in getting correct course & institution

#615 aarohi

after reading all the comments now m totallly burst out but for the freshers as me its really tough to take decision which one is best and m going to join that institute which satisfied me and hope so i will get the positive result

#616 mevash

hi frnds im new to banglore i did btech with 69% in 2012 ,can any one tel me about aptech institute,arcus institue i want to take training plshelp me

#617 Yochana

Hi, I have completed my Btech ECE in 2008. worked 3yrs as US technical Recruiter. I am willing to move my career into software specially into testing field. Could somebody help me out in finding out a best institue in hyderabad where placements are also been offered..
Eagerly waiting for somebody to respond me back as soon as possible…. Thank you..

#618 Mala

Hi, Please don’t do training in any training center. Find experience person who is currently working in software industry then get training from him. You will get real time knowledge fro him and you will get job easily.

#619 Sumathi

Revathi you can contact VIJAY Sir for testing. For sure you will get job easily in tesing. We all got job with the help of him.

#620 Sandhya

Please suggest good software testing institutes near old airport rd,Indiranagar and marathalli with 100% J

#621 arpita

anyone working on database testing here?

#622 Priyanka

Hi i am working as a functional tester i am a fresher i have completed my BSC-IT.So will you please suggest me about which testing course should i go for?Do any onw know about ITIL certification..
PLease guide me..

#623 Varsha

Hi, I am working as a Manual Tester. I want to do a Automation testing course or seperataly for Selenium, QTP, and QC,so I need your guidance which institute I should join in Pune? I am preferring the institute offering placement after completion of course

#624 Pragna

Being experienced to Manual through functionality & Acceptance Testing willing to go with the growing demand tool Selenium, Is it the right option where i can step on to the current Industry in Automation.

I need the guidance from the anyone of you!!! who can suggest me the best place to get trained near to Silkboard,BTM and Jaynagar.

#625 Meenakshi Sharma

Heloo frnds,
I want to attend some software testing training sessions in a software company in Hyderabad as a fresher. Please suggest me a good company which provide the training. Thanks in advance.

#626 Likitha

I’m a 2013 passed out B.E(CSE) student.I’m in search of a job,meanwhile one of my friend told me to take up this software testing course.but I myself dont have much idea about a fresher are there chances of gettin job easily through this certification.Has anyone got thru such?If so please do reply me friends.after havin a look at the comments on which is the better in stitute in bangalore I found top 2 one was Q-spiders and the other was One force.If I decide to take up which do i take up out of these 2.pls do reply frnds…

#627 Likitha

Ya and which of these 2 teach well and provide job assistance .

#628 Shrey

Is there any one who who can guide me to choose the best institute in Indore (Madhya Pradesh) to learn Automation testing in Selenium Webdriver. I have already an experience of 1.5 years in Manual Testing. Please help me ..

#629 Saurav

I want to know which institute is best(faculty,placement etc) in new delhi or ncr??

#630 Saurav

Can anyone tell which course is in demand now a days of software testing like QTP,Selenium,load runner,QC/ALM?
pls reply must..

#631 Likitha

would they help u in job asssistance,and is there a chance of working on real time projects….

#632 Likitha

would they help u in job asssistance,and is there a chance of working on real time projects….
Can u pls tell me the process they take up…

#633 Rajesh

can anyone suggest me , i did visual communication .I want to buildup my carrer in IT ,which course is better for my future .I have a experience in different domain.

#634 Rahul Tyagi

Hi All ,

i am Rahul. i want to join a software testing institute.currently i have completed MCA 2013 batch and also working as a IT Engineer. where i am working, is a software development company. i want to become software testing engineer. can anyone help me in finding out a good testing institute in DELHI/NCR/GURGAON.

#635 Tamil

Sumathi ,

How can i contact vijay sir? pls let me know through mail,
my mail id is:-

Vijay sir,

I want to get train in testing from you. pls contact me if possible !!!

#636 mark

getting a job in manual testing for freshets is like scaling mount everest.,even in Mumbai its difficult to find a job in manual testing. its clear companies are not getting enough projects to recruit all the 5 lac engineers that graduate every year. its high time that the Indian govt puts pressure on these it companies to recruit as many it engineers as possible.

#637 Savita


I have completed BBA. I wanted to do testing and get a job in the field of testing. So i wanted to know weather i can do testing? Which will be the best institute in Pune?

#638 sumaya farzana

Can any one suggest some good testing training institutes which train the candidates on BFSI /Telecom Domain in Chennai?

#639 Radhika

.I attended a course on software testing at an institute in .Chennai. I 35 years.Is it possible for me to get a job. I am interested in doing this testing course elsewhere as I am not satisfied with the teaching there. In that case please advice where I can join in Chennai…

#640 engineer2009

Anyone can suggest software testing institutes in delhi/ncr?
I am having 3 yrs of experience in telecom domain testing & now looking to move into software testing..please help…

#641 gangasaini

Sir wanna know about the fee of the course, basic startup ,

#642 sandyphysics2013

Sir, I am M.Sc Physics 2013 pass out. Can I start my career in software testing? do i need to get certified courses to join?

#643 yakanna

Best realtime training institute in hyderabad……

#644 Rajak

Why we need to join a institute?Why can’t we learn our self in home?Software testing is too difficult to go to institute?

#645 Amrath

whats the ryt time to switch to automation testing part.?

#646 jyothi

which tool is better in present market?

#647 Sandhya

Can anyone suggest me which is the best institute for Database Testing in hyderabad(Ameerpet).I am from non-IT background so looking for a trainer who gives me good knowledge on SQL

#648 Sandhya

Can anyone suggest me which is the best institute for Database Testing in hyderabad(Ameerpet).I am from non-IT background so looking for a trainer who gives me good knowledge on SQL

#649 RonaldKt

My name is Ronald. Am new here. Am getting a lot of help from this forum.

#650 Ankush Pandey

My name is Ankush Pandey from Indore. I want to move ahead in Testing. I already done manual testing from Pune, and now want to do automation testing tool QTP from Indore. Please help me out in that about any good institute.

#651 Ram

Pls suggest some software training institutes near Madhapur, Hyderabad

#652 Shashi

I have 6years exp in Account & Finance dept. (MBA in finance) now i wanted to change work domain to IT by taking Oracle Apps consultant training… i worked in Accounts payable dept for 5years with Oracle AP ERP end user. (i know SQL also)
i just wanted to know my plan of doing Oracle course and changing job profile will work out ? any suggestion

#653 Kartik

Hi Friends,

I’m Kartik from Lucknow and have done BIT from IGNOU in 2008 and currently living in Pune since sep-2013 for the purpose of Software Testing Course and have joined MindScripts Technology (from Sep 2013 to Oct 2013) near Ranka Jewllers, karve Road, Pune.

They will provide job openings in Pune and Mumbai but eligibility criteria you can’t match, like you have must 1 to 4 years of experience, 2012-2013 pass out only, should have 65% in academics and so on.

Till now I ‘m not placed in any company and have start searching jobs on different portals.

From the seniors in testing field I want to know that If I qualify ISTQB certification than can i get job in pune or from the testing perspective which is better city for getting job for fresher in software testing Banglore or Hyderabad?

I know that Software Testing is not easy and no anyone can do this.

Please guide me, Thanks in advance.


#654 Archana

hello sir,
I would like to join a software testing coaching center in bangalore where there is a guarantee of placement after course so suggest me the best coaching center.
Thank you.

#655 dispareil

hello sir,
i m looking for software testing institute in Pune which have good placement records. Pls suggest one.


#656 Venkat

I am just looking for good testing institute in chennai can u all pls help me out am in big confusion to join which institute. me its urgent .. my mail id is

#657 sagar elwande

Software Testing Jobs in Mumbai and pune

Must read fraud Institute feedback shared by friends :- 2.

Share with your friends above URL.

Never join Seed infotech, Mind script Institute. they will spoil your career, money and time

#658 Deesh

chootiyapa hai sab, Am 6+ years od experienec in Software Testing. Simpally i learned from the process followed in my team.
Standards are followed in every project otherwise it will not be certified.
Just dig it out in your project instaed of spending money in Institutes

#659 Shwetha

don’t ever join Qspider

#660 bhawana

can any one suggest me about testing training institute with 100 % placement gurrantee in banglore

#661 Minnu

Please any one suggest some good institutes for QTP in Hyderabad…

#662 kumar

My self kumar iam planning to do software testing course which institute is best in b,lore. and how much it will cost to do the course. manual,Qtp,load Runner.

#663 durga

hi friends…… i am very confusing in selecting institute for software testing.can anybody suggest me the best institute in hydrabad with good faculty member.

#664 Dileep joshi

HI ..

#665 savita

hello frnds
i want to do .net course but i am not getting which one is good institute &they want to provide good placement also if any idea please reply me

#666 ravindra

I want to do a software testing course so I need your guidance which institute I join in ameerpet hyderabad. I have shortlisted three institute that is MindQ , Qedge , Srredy testing Tool ..suggest me which one is best.

#667 bubbles


can you please please please suggest the best software testing training institute in bangalore with the best coaching and job assistance. it should be a genuine one.I want to join as soon as possible.

Thank You!

#668 charu

can u plz tell either software testing is better or software development.Also suggest me the best software testing/Software development institute with the best coaching & 100% job assistance.I want to join as early as possible….Hey friends reply me…


#669 charu

can u plz tell either software testing is better or software development.Also suggest me the best software testing/Software development institute in PUNE with the best coaching & 100% job assistance.I want to join as early as possible….Hey friends reply me…



Can u pls tell which institute is better for software testing courses in Chennai


MIND Q Systems – I joined mindq systems for database testing for a weekend training program in 2013-14. They charged 2000 i guess and taught nothing to be honest.

There were around 10 students and all the trainer taught in the 2 day (Sat and Sunday) (from 10-5)program was just some basics of SQL like DDL, DML, TCL statements..and triggers etc … There was nothing covered on DATABASE TESTING. I just wasted my money going there.

I think the trainer himself has never worked on database testing.. he just knows concepts of ORACLE which he covered that too in brief.

Atleast the trainer should have taken some pain to find out what are the database testing tools used and how to use them to perform database testing.

When i asked if you will not cover TOAD, he said i dint use it.

Whats the point in attending the DB testing training then , if it covers just Oracle basics ??

1st day is 10-5 but they will start at 11 and 1hour break and he will leave us early like 4.30

next day start at 10.30 and 1 hour break and he will finish it off by max 3.30 or 4..

hardly 5-6 hours he will cover in 2 days (sat and sun) thats all..

its waste of time and money.. instead i could have gone for ORACLE training(SQL,PLSQL) in some other institute for 2000.

DONT RECOMMEND MINDQ for DB testing at all..

#672 Swati

Suggest me the best institute for S/W Testing in Delhi Ncr . Which also provide placement after completing the course .

#673 Nitesh Harit


I want to know that which institute is good for to take online training for selenium tool in Hyderabad..

#674 rahul parad

Hi…friends…i complited my graduation….now i am interested to do a softwere testing course…anyone tell which institude is better in mumbai

#675 pushplata bhattacharjee

which one coaching is best for software testing in Hyderabad plssssssssssss tell me .thanks.

#676 pushplata

hello sir,
I would like to join a software testing coaching center in Hyderabad where there is a guarantee of placement after course so suggest me the best coaching center.
Thank you.

#677 kabbu!!

which is the best institute for testing in Delhi where we can get 100%placment gurantee..i am 2011 year passout & now i want to pursue career in Software..Can u pls guide

#678 padma

Am looking for good institutes in chchennai for manual and qtp. Ppl can u pls help me out

#679 sandhya

Hi ,

Can anyone tell where I can get the best training for Selenium( either online or in Ameerpet,Hyderabad).

#680 Jayati Saxena

hello sir,
I would like to join a software testing coaching center in Jaipur where there is a guarantee of placement after course so suggest me the best coaching center.
Thank you.

#681 dilip

can any one send me software testing materials/manuals.

many thanks

#682 dilip

my email

#683 suman

hi i want to join any company who is taking fresher and give internship for software testing,or any certification courses which provide 100% placement in delhi

#684 Rohit kumar

hi…i want to join software testing course with placement in hyderabad…..please suggest me the best institute for s/w testing in hyderabad….how about ARCUS INFOTECH …please let me know about this institute also.

#685 bhavani

Hii.i have some doubts about testing institutes.can u pls tell me which institute is better for manual,automation,selenium testings using QTP. i am seeing this institutes in hyderabad.pls send the reply to my doubt.thnq

#686 Lakshmi

Quality Thought Technologies is best institute in hyderabad to learn Testing tools with indepth knowledge and projects.All faculty are realtime and experienced.Thaey cover all topics with examples

#687 deepa

can anybody tell me best institution in coimbatore for software testing that offers placement

#688 satish

hi i have 6 years gap after mca plz help me how to enter into software as testing engineer.9640821339

#689 keerthi

hai i completed my mca in 2014 now iam join the testing in hyderabad which institute is the best .it is good for feature

#690 Mahendra

I am Mahendra with 15 years of experience in IT Industry and played role of Project Manager, Program Manager, Delivery Manager for Big organizations and Large Projects. I am teaching at SQTL Viman Nagar – Pune.


#691 Suchithra

hi I want to join for cloud testing course…please suggest me good institute in Bangalore which supports placements as well..


“I want to do a software testing course so I need your guidance which institute I join? I am preferring the institute offering placement after completion of course”

#693 shailendra

hello sir,i have poor knowledge of computer languages ,,and passed out b-tech with cse branch in plz suggest me to joining the software testing training would be profitable or not?if this is profitable and getting help to make a good job,,so which would be joing the software traing .

#694 Ashok

can u please suggest me best training institute for software testing course, which provides placements too
in Hyderabad

#695 Divya

Friends,can u please suggest me best training institute for software testing course, which provides placements too
in Hyderabad

#696 sandeep tomar

how is mindQ in bangalore fr testing . they provide 35 days for live project training and 35 days for manual testing. for me live project training is important . can nyone suggest live projects trainings in bangalore .

#697 rajeev

dosto.. if i say frankly..
Squad is master..
they resolve my career issue.. vry fst..

#698 Tamilselvi

Hi have u joined course fr testing. Can u suggest me which institution is gud d n whch institution u r doing course.

#699 Tamilselvi

Hi can I tell me any professional taking class for testing n bangalore.

#700 Tamilselvi

Can you tell me location d contact details

#701 neha

Can anybody please suggest me which is the best institute for Testing in delhi in terms of placement also…..

#702 Shaheen

hi this is shaheen. i have done M.Sc . Computer Science in Dec 2007 with 60.30%. i had joined DAC in CDAC, ACTS, Aundh, Pune. They only provide few calls and after selecting in Polaris as java developer they said to me the vacancy is not available. then i talked to Placement officer of CDAC he said to me he cannot do anything and said to me to go back to your home as no job is available for you. After that i went to my home as his rude behaviour. they are just fraud companies. they do not provide job rather than collecting money from students.

I would suggest to all my friends not to join DAC in CDAC, Aundh, Pune. its complete waste of time and money. They are cheaters not to trust on them. The HR department is worst, no coordination. after completion they will not provide interview calls. i think there is some setting is done. they discriminate according to religion, culture. so donot join CDAC.

#703 Singh

Hi Friends,

I am interested in software testing and i am tired finding a genuine training center in delhi and delhi Ncr.

I ws confused where to join due to maximum fake training institutes in delhi and delhi NCR. So i have decided not join any institute. I will do it by my own.

But if there are working professionals who can guide on the real time practice and scenarios thn it will be a great help.

I would like to take the guidance from the corporate working professionals.

Please help me to get a genuine reference and contact me on

Thank you all.


Please help me out with the reference who can train me for the better career opportunity.

#704 Benny

Please suggest me which is the best institute for testing in Chennai.urgent for me because i done my btech in 2013 ECE with 68%.

#705 Benny

Please suggest me which is the best institute for testing in Chennai.urgent for me because i done my btech in 2013 ECE with 68%.i wasted 2 yrs.please help me to join good institute.Mail id:

#706 ReddyPriya

Hai ,
Tech Vision is the best “LOADRUNNER” training institute in Bangalore, provides you real-time training with six important protocols along with six monitoring and profiling tools.
Our practical, real time LOADRUNNER project scenarios training helps to work on LOADRUNNER projects. Also provides free LOADRUNNER training materials of soft copy and hard copy to enhance your skills and practice by yourself.
Our LOADRUNNER training program helps every student to achieve their goal in LOADRUNNER career.
Contact Us:
Tech Vision
3rd Floor, ramanjaneya complex,
Tulasi theatre road, Marathahalli,
Land line:080-42067117,

#707 Dinesh

Please suggest me which is the best institute for testing in mumbai

#708 Rekha

hi Am Rekha.i have completed MSc.(IT). 2010 passed out.and no am in Coimbatore, tamilnadu.i want to study S/W Testing.which institute is best in coimbatore.plz pour ur suggesstions

#709 shuku

after completion of manual testing course, which one is best? QTP or Selenium

#710 rekha


#711 Yatin

Abhishek Asks:
“I want to do a software testing course so I need your guidance which institute I join? I am preferring the institute offering placement after completion of course”

#712 rasmi ranjan

If I Join what u provided me. just whatsupp me 8984544224

#713 Preetam

I have recently completed my btech now i want to do software testing can you tell me the institute where i can join and get a good placement after the course

#714 shrikant khare

Hiii nandan sir…..
I want to do testing course with real time project… i m in banglore so can u plz provide me some details about yur frnds who are conducting classes

#715 sharon

i want to do the job for testing but many of the companies are charging fees for the training of 3 months while for the other jobs company itself are training their employess without a single pie.then why is it in the case of testing only.can i get a company where i could be trained by them itself and the later on i can work for them.

#716 Rahul Reddy

Tech vision is a best load runner(performnce testing) institute in bangalore(marathahalli) which provides real time experience along with we also provide experience on atleast six profiling and montoring tools..
Contact us:Tech vision,Ramanjan complex,Besides thulasi theater,Marathahalli,Bglr.

#717 Maha

Who is best in teaching s/w testing in hyderabad?
One of my US friend right now he is working there suggested me to for Ranga Reddy sir class. I went for all the institutes demo’s in hyderabad, but again i came back and joined Ranga Reddy sir class. He teaches us like what we want …in our way. i was so impressed by his teaching.

#718 manjupriya

Hi I want do a testing course ..pls refer any gud institute in chennai and I completed MCA

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