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Mallik asks:

What type of database (SQL) questions asked in interviews for test engineer position (not for database tester)?

Database Testing Interview Questions:

This depends on many factors whether these questions are for testing positions at entry level or for experienced testing professionals. The depth of database interview questions depends on the experience of the candidate.

Irrespective of the position, the candidate should always be clear and confident about the database concepts. For most software testing positions you need to have database knowledge to perform some database checks. Almost all applications need an interaction with a database.

Let’s consider the database interview questions for entry-level software testing positions. For entry-level testing positions generally following questions can be asked in interviews:

1) Basic and to some extent nested SQL queries to fetch data from database tables.

2) Examples of database statements for Create Database, Create table and Drop Table.

3) Concept of “Primary Key”, “Foreign Key” and DB index

4) Examples of Select, Insert, Delete, Alter and Update SQL statements.

5) SQL joins (Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join and Full join) with examples.

Practice SQL join queries on dummy tables and see results.

For experienced level software testing positions, database interview questions depend on the job requirement. For such positions, interviewers expect detailed database knowledge from candidates.

One more important point – If you get questions on database SQL queries, never say that “You get all query statements to be executed from developers”. It’s ok to say that you get help from developers to write complex SQL queries, but finally, you manage by your own.

Shariff asks:

What is Test Strategy?

In simple words – Test strategy means “How you are going to test the application?” You need to mention the exact process/strategy that you are going to follow when you will get the application for testing.

I see many companies follow test strategy template very strictly. Even without any standard template, you can keep this test strategy document simple but still effective.

Simple Tips to Write Test Strategy Document:

1) Include product background in test strategy document. In the first paragraph of your test strategy document answer – Why stakeholders want to develop this project? This will help to understand and prioritize things quickly.

2) List all important features you are going to test. If you think some features are not part of this release then mention those features under “Features not to be tested” label.

3) Write down the test approach for your project. Clearly, mention what types of testing you are going to conduct?

I.e. Functional testing, UI testing, Integration testing, Load/Stress testing, Security testing etc.

4) Answer questions like How you are going to perform functional testing? Manual or automation testing? Are you going to execute all test cases from your test management tool?

5) Which bug tracking tool you are going to use? What will be the process when you will find a new bug?

6) What are your test entry and exit criteria?

7) How will you track your testing progress? What metrics are you going to use for tracking test completion?

8 ) Task distribution – Define roles and responsibilities of each team member.

9) What documents will you produce during and after testing phase?

10) What all risk you see in test completion?

If you answer all these questions, I think your test strategy document should be ready!

Ayyappang asks:

I want some more ISTQB questions and papers. Please send me these papers as it will be very helpful for my study

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I hope this will be helpful for you ISTQB exam preparation.

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