Web Testing, Example Test cases


While testing a web application you need to consider following Cases:

• Functionality Testing

• Performance Testing

• Usability Testing

• Server Side Interface

• Client Side Compatibility

• Security


In testing the functionality of the websites the following should be tested:

• Links

i. Internal Links

ii. External Links

iii. Mail Links

iv. Broken Links

• Forms

i. Field validation

ii. Error message for wrong input

iii. Optional and Mandatory fields

• Database

* Testing will be done on the database integrity.

• Cookies

* Testing will be done on the client system side, on the temporary Internet files.

Performance :

Performance testing can be applied to understand the web site’s scalability or to benchmark the performance in the environment of third-party products such as servers and middleware for potential purchase.

• Connection Speed:

Tested on various networks like Dial-Up, ISDN etc

• Load:

i. What is the no. of users per time?

ii. Check for peak loads and how the system behaves

iii. Large amount of data accessed by user

• Stress:

i. Continuous Load

ii. Performance of memory, CPU, file handling etc..


Usability testing is the process by which the human-computer interaction characteristics of a system are measured, and weaknesses are identified for correction.

• Ease of learning

• Navigation

• Subjective user satisfaction

• General appearance

Server Side Interface:

In web testing, the server side interface should be tested. This is done by verifying that communication is done properly. Compatibility of the server with software, hardware, network, and the database should be tested.

Client Side Compatibility:

The client-side compatibility is also tested on various platforms, using various browsers etc.


The primary reason for testing the security of a web is to identify potential vulnerabilities and subsequently repair them.

• Network Scanning

• Vulnerability Scanning

• Password Cracking

• Log Review

• Integrity Checkers

• Virus Detection