Web Terminologies: Useful for web application testers

This article will help you to learn basic web terminologies. While testing web applications it’s very necessary to know all web technologies. This will increase the test coverage and also the capabilities of web application tester.

This web terminology article is compiled by Meenakshi M. She is working as a Test Engineer and having 3+yrs of experience in Manual and Automation (QTP) testing.

This article basically covers following terminologies:

What is: Internet, www, TCP/IP, HTTP protocol, SSL (Secure socket layer), HTTPS, HTML, Web servers, Web client, Proxy server, Caching, Cookies, Application server, Thin client, Thick client, Daemon, Client-side scripting, Server-side scripting, CGI, Dynamic web pages, Digital certificates and list of HTTP status codes.

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Web terminologies: Useful for web testers

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