QTP Tutorial #10 – Writing Loop and Conditional Statements – VB Script Basics Part 2

VB Scripting Basics – Writing Loop and Conditional Statements for Building the Programming Logic.

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In the last VB Scripting article, we saw some of the basic features of VB script. We are going to learn a few more programming concepts before we conclude our introduction series.  Continue reading →

QTP Tutorial #9 – VBScript Basics You Should Know to Write Robust QTP Tests – Part 1

Today we will take a look at the basic VBScripting concepts. VBScript is the language that QTP uses for its tests. While QTP is quite a user-friendly tool, it is very important for the tester to be able to have a basic programming skill using VB Script to be able to effectively create, maintain and execute QTP tests.

=> Also read the complete free VBScripting Tutorial series here

It should be noted that this article is not an exhaustive list of all the VB Script features. Consider this as a place that will introduce you to certain key concepts to guide you while you attempt to self-learn the language.   Continue reading →