Key to Successful Unit Testing – How Developers Test Their Own Code?

Purpose of the Article
Black box testers don’t care about unit testing. Their main goal is to validate the application against the requirements without going into the implementation details. But as a curiosity or out of the box thinking, have you ever wondered how developers test their own code? What method do they use to test before releasing code for testing? How is dev-testing important in an agile process? The answer to all this is unit testing. I want to educate you on the importance of unit testing so that development and testing teams can work more collaboratively to design, test and release an excellent application.

Who knows in the future some of you may even switch to white box testing and use these code validation and improvement techniques!

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing is not a new concept. It’s been there since the early days of the programming. Usually, developers and sometimes white box testers write unit Continue reading →